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Rear mounted D-ring for easy hang up and storage - not for safety attachmentAdjustable chest strapConway buckle for secure adjustmentLeather loops included for secure attachment to your tool beltOne size fits most; Made in USA

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u/partisan98 · 3 pointsr/Tools

Here is my attempt to answer a super open ended question in case someone is searching. Someone let me know if i missed anything.

Affordable/Tough/5 Year Warranty

For cheaper versions i will mainly recommend Husky they are decent and they fall under a 5 year warranty which is usually easy to have honored.

Personally if i am doing something quick at home i like waist aprons instead of belts. You can get them for real cheap like under $1. There are the super basic ones like these from menards that cost 84¢ and have 3 pockets. but my favorite is this one which has 13 pockets and two hammer loops.

If you are just doing stuff at home or just need a handful of tools at hand then small pouches are your best bet. Something like this 9 pocket pouch from Husky can hold a surprising amount of stuff for only $10 you can upgrade to a larger single pouch for $20. All These black tool aprons/tool belts come with a 5 year warranty from husky.

For carrying lots of crap and actual work you should get the suspender set up. The Husky does have some ok stuff such as the 13 pouch electricians belt and the 17 pouch carpenters belt. Make sure you move the hammer holder to the side or jogging down the stairs will make your hammers handle hit you in the balls.

Fancy/Real Leather/2 Year defect lifetime stitching/rivet warranty

Occidental Leather Work makes some awesome Made in America Leather tool belts. They have a two year manufacturers defect warranty but will replace burst stitching or rivets for lifetime of the belt.You can find these at local supply stores but they are not carried in big box stores. You can use their website to locate a local supplier. I will be using Amazon Links for these because prices at local supply stores will be all over the damm place also it lets you see reviews but check your supplier it will probably be cheaper local. Remember these are natural leather products so you will have to maintain them. You can follow the links to check reviews but they all seem to run around 4.5/5 stars or better. Get a size bigger than they recommend its a common complaint

These tend not to come with the suspenders so you will have to buy them separate. They go for around $110 online.

The tool bags themselves vary a lot in size. You can also buy bags separate so you can customize it to a certain extent and they tend to for between $250-$300. The large electrician belt set goes for $285 and the framers belt set goes for $288.

The separate pouches go for between $80-$110 such as the Drywall pouch for $84 and the Fatlip tool pouch that runs about $110

Fancy/Modular/Painfully expensive/ Lifetime defect warranty.

Diamondback Toolbelts is a Made in America of 1000D Nylon in 3 layers so its very durable. They have a lifetime warranty from defects of any kind. Much like Occidental Leather they are not sold in big box stores. They do have their own online site but you can also look for local sellers using this but there are not many.

These ones as well tend not to come with the Suspenders which cost between $40-$115

So the neatest thing is that you can build your own tool-belt on their website. It allows you to pick whatever various pouches you want.

They also have trade specific toolbelts. Such as Drywaller belt for $425.00, Master Finsher Carpenter for $420.00, Ultimate Framer for $440.00, and the Electrician for $430.


A very good idea is getting suspenders. You can use brand specific ones or just grab some cheap ones from Home Depot or Menards just check reviews. The padded ones though will save you some shoulder strain if you are a punk ass bitch who wants working shoulders at 50 like me.

I also highly suggest getting a drill holster. Its exactly what it sounds like and makes life so much freaking easier. These generic ones cost $10, they are ok and color match Husky brands but the clips kinda hard to work. They also have brand name ones like this Dewalt one for $15, they also have Occidental Leather ones for $42.00 and Diamonback drill holsters for $65.00