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Reddit reviews on OLFA 9166 KB4-F/5 Chisel Art Blade, 5-Pack

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of OLFA 9166 KB4-F/5 Chisel Art Blade, 5-Pack. Here are the top ones.

Good for model making and general craftsCarbon tool steel bladeFits the OLFA Rubber Grip Precision Art Knife (AK-4)Tool-free blade changeIncludes 5 spare OLFA chisel carving art blades

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Found 1 comment on OLFA 9166 KB4-F/5 Chisel Art Blade, 5-Pack:

u/NvBlaze ยท 1 pointr/Gunpla

Pretty much all the Olfa blades that fit hobby knifes are V grind. That includes the Tamiya hobby knife ones, as they're also made by Olfa. The only one sided blade I can think of is KB4-F/5 for AK-4 knife (or Tamiya Modeller's Pro, they're exactly same thing).