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u/nursewords · 3 pointsr/CRNA

haha I second the ultra fine tip sharpies!! They are essential! Some of the stuff I've gotten along the way were cute/funny badge holders (retractable), scrub hats, nice stethoscope (if she doesn't have one already)/steth holder - after using and hating many of the plastic ones I finally sprung for the leather batclip and I love it (as a student you always have to have your steth on you while walking around and you have to have your hands free)

This book was like gold to me doing peds cases.

For classroom, a lot of people in my class, including me, used these. They write really smooth and fine and all the colors are useful in notes - especially with things like anatomy. She'll need an endless supply of computer paper. I used a good many index cards (ruled).

Good luck to you! It's a very difficulty journey. Try your best to not take things too personally and prepare yourself for a lot less quality time together. It's very difficult to explain it to someone on the outside, but this program actually fundamentally changed me as a person. It hardens you. It's not a bad thing necessarily, but I often think that I'm not the same person that my husband fell in love with!! We stuck it out together and are as happy as ever, but there are definitely plenty of relationships and marriages that don't survive this - so be ready to fight for it!