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u/sophiasinclairbooks · 10 pointsr/RomanceBooks

OK, first-time poster here. Hi, everybody. I've been writing the Small-Town Secrets series, and this is for the fourth book.

I wanted a protagonist who just happened to be plus-sized, but not to focus the entire plot around her weight. The main plot is just two young people who make a bad first impression on each other but, when forced to spend an evening together, quickly revise their views. The book includes a lot of secondary themes and by the end you'll know how to deliver a baby, identify drug use in a relative and bake an apple pie. :)

The name of the book is Perfect Fit:

Julie Simmons is exhausted. Between studying to become a certified midwife and attending births, she's constantly on the go. Add to that, she's helping her jilted sister care for four children. Nick Hoffman is the brother of one of Julie's clients. She writes him off as a jerk after he questions her professionalism during his sister's delivery. But a few days later, he calls her in a panic. His sister has been rushed back to the hospital, and he's left caring for her newborn and toddler, when he doesn't have a clue how to do so. Julie comes to help and they bond over a night of caring for two sleepless little ones. Nick loves kids and can’t wait to settle down and have some of his own. Julie has decided she’d rather stick to helping other women have babies than have any of her own. What happens when you want each other, but you don’t want the same future?

It's on Kindle Unlimited: amzn.com/dp/B07Z6M1T88