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Direct audio input to select 1992-1998 Honda/Acura factory radiosPerfect for iPod, MP3, video game, DVD, etc

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u/ramk13 · 1 pointr/AskEngineers

A few things: If the transmitter or music player is powered by the car you could have an unintentional ground loop. This can add a hum/buzz to the audio, but can be fixed with a ground loop isolator.

I've gone through many many iterations of connecting audio to my car over the years, and FM transmitters were always unreliable. If you live in a dense area it'll be hard to find a frequency that isn't occupied, and as you drive around you'll run into interference from stations that weren't there when you originally picked your frequency. I tried several commercial FM transmitters and even ordered a more powerful hobby fm transmitter, but it wasn't much better. (This was back in 2003).

I eventually found that my car (02 Civic) head unit had an input for a CD changer which you could connect to with an adapter. That gave me clean audio with no hassle. I'd look into your head unit and see what your options are. Here's the adapter I used: HON-AUX.

I know you don't want to replace your head unit either, but if time is more valuable to you than money I'd definitely look at your head unit options.