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Reddit reviews on Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass in Compact Design | Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems

Sentiment score: 78
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We found 145 Reddit mentions of Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass in Compact Design | Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems. Here are the top ones.

POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA BASS & PUNCH – A 10-inch dynamic balance woofer & a uniquely configured directed port provides accurate bass with added depth that brings your music and movies alive. A perfect solution for your small-to-mid size roomLOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT HIGH VOLUME – Enjoy a thrilling yet balanced music experience with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies. Blends easily with any speaker and plays the most demanding nodes effortlessly without any distortionDouble the amplifier power to 100 watts of dynamic power with its in-built 50-watt RMS amp. Sophisticated engineering with best in class resonance-free driver materials make this sub highly durable and fit for extended useEASY TO INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS – Hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your music sound instantly. Features continuously variable 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-160 Hz (-3dB) frequency responseA sleek detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs as well as speaker-level outputs on the back, and a phase toggle switch for multiple subwoofers, make this sub cohesive and complete

Found 145 comments on Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass in Compact Design | Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems:

u/Unspoken_Myth · 14 pointsr/buildapc

Couldn't really find what I was looking for specifically, so I scoured a few subs and saw numerous suggestions. Ended up purchasing the following items:

Dayton Speakers

Lepy Amp


Polk Subwoofer

Speaker Wire

Super happy with these purchases. All in all it costed just about 200 bucks. For me, it's all I will ever need. Crisp sounds and heavy bass when I want it. Would consider shelling out for a better amp, but the amp provided should be sufficient if you aren't blasting your music.

Additionally, if you do plan on doing an audio set up of this nature, use this image to guide you. Also note that the DAC in the image would be your RCA to AUX if you were to use the set up I posted. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

u/GramboLazarus · 10 pointsr/realdubstep

IMHO: A subwoofer isn't optional when it comes to dubstep. You'll be missing all the low-end (which let's be honest, is why we're all here) if you omit a decent sub from you set up. As far as amps (I call these receivers) go, you'd probably be best off visiting your local pawn shop or anywhere you can get pre-owned electronics and picking something up. I got mine for under $100CAD and it has power to spare. For ease of set-up I'd suggest finding something with dedicated subwoofer outputs on the back. As for speakers, these or these will do right by you. Personally I use this subwoofer, and it has the juice to have my entire house shaking. Wires are pretty much standard in my experience as long as you're talking about a simple home listening system. These wires would do fine for your needs. If you want a proper listening experience dont use bluetooth speakers, and dont skimp on a subwoofer.

Hope that helps, my dude!

u/TheCheshireCody · 6 pointsr/hometheater

Onkyo TX-NR676 - $339.00.

Polk T30 center channel - $89.99

Polk PSW10 10" subwoofer - $99.99

Polk T50 towers for the front speakers - $89.99 x2 = $179.98

Polk T15 Bookshelf speakers for the rear surrounds - $59.00 x2 = $118.00

Total: $824.98. Throw in ~$70 for sales tax and another $30-40 for audio cable and $5 for an HDMI cord. You can save $60 by switching the front towers for T15s.

The Onkyo can be expanded to 5.1.2 for Atmos, and supports DTS:X as well. 4K passthrough and it supports every audio format up through Atmos. It's a fantastic AVR, especially at that price.

EDIT: fixed link for T50 towers.

u/ThatsRightWeBad · 5 pointsr/audiophile

The internet fully prepared me to be blown away by Magnepan MMGs, until I auditioned them in a dealer's dedicated listening room with nice NAD components. The bass (their one acknowledged shortcoming) actually exceeded my expectations, but everything else fell short. They sounded fine for the price and everything, but it wasn't a revelation. And while they did have that great open, airy quality when playing stripped-bare low-effort "audiophile" tracks, complex music sounded pretty lifeless.

But the MMGs weren't bad. Unlike the Amazon-reviewed king of budget subwoofers, the Polk PSW10. I bought one on sale to see what the hype was about. Below about 50Hz the port turbulence is actually louder than the bass it fails to produce. It is a shockingly bad sub.

u/000Destruct0 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

I'm not terribly familiar with the Canadian market being a yank and all but based on what I can find with a quick search I'd do this:

Receiver $330: https://www.amazon.ca/Yamaha-RX-V379BL-5-1-Channel-Receiver-Bluetooth/dp/B00XL2702K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463418043&sr=8-1&keywords=surround+receiver

L/R speakers $179: https://www.amazon.ca/Fluance-SX6-BK-Definition-Bookshelf-Loudspeakers-Black/dp/B00IEDL8EM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1463418420&sr=8-4&keywords=fluance+speakers

Center channel $105: https://www.amazon.ca/Fluance-Definition-Two-way-Surround-Systems-Black/dp/B00Y34U4D2/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8&qid=1463418420&sr=8-21&keywords=fluance+speakers

Subwoofer $170: https://www.amazon.ca/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Monitor-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1463418520&sr=1-3&keywords=subwoofer

Normally I don't recommend Polk subwoofers but your pricing up there is so mangled this would appear to be the best budget option. You might be able to save a few bucks by going directly to Fluance since they are a Canadian company, either way they come with a lifetime warranty and are excellent budget options - better than the Pioneer Andrew Jones lineup.

u/DanP999 · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I'd get more info on the speakers but seems like an okay deal at best to me.

The sub brand new is $100 right now - http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA

The receiver was an MRSP of only $250 brand new too.

Maybe look at this too : https://www.reddit.com/r/hometheater/comments/3uxgx9/help_building_a_budget_speaker_setup_300/

u/Uninterested_Viewer · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Case in point: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0002KVQBA

Look at the star rating on that. I bought one back in 2012 based on the reviews and it was utterly terrible. It got loud enough (mostly chuffing/port noise) and nothing else- just the sloppiest, distorted, worst sounding bass I've ever heard.. to this day it blows my mind that it has such a good rating on Amazon. Serves as a perfect warning about why Amazon reviews are worthless for audio products.

u/Buck_j · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Yes, you will need a phono preamp with an Orbit Plus and your receiver. I recommend this one. It is very highly regarded in audiophile forums in its price range. I would not recommend going any cheaper.

That receiver and those speakers are perfectly adequate to get you started, both are considered good entry-level options. Pairing a subwoofer with those speakers will provide a marked increase in sound quality on the low-end. I would recommend doing so. I recommend this sub, as it is a fantastic value and will serve you very well.

Here is some information about hooking up a subwoofer to a stereo receiver that does not have a dedicated subwoofer output. Hint: just use speaker wire in the "B" terminals.

Looks like you have yourself a decent starter setup which should serve you well. Have fun.

EDIT: get your speakers off the damn floor. Either get some stands or a platform to isolate your turntable from vibrations caused by the speakers if you want to put them on top of your shelf (platform probably isn't terribly necessary with bookshelf speakers unless you play your music very loudly).

u/heytherecutiemcbooty · 4 pointsr/audiophile

I'm a noobie. The only speaker system I've had before is a [Logitech z623 Computer speakers] (https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/speaker-system-z623?crid=47) which was satisfactory until the subwoofer started rattling at high volumes and one of the speakers stopped working. I want to get a full set-up so I've been learning everything I can. I want a good set up for house parties, generally playing rap and electronic music. My budget is $250-500.
Willing to buy used, just always paranoid I'll buy something in bad shape.

These are the parts that I am currently contemplating buying:

Speakers -- I can't decide between tower or bookshelf. I have read that bookshelf speakers can be a better bang for your buck, so I would love some suggestions. Speakers are suppose to be the most important part of the set up so I've tried to pick out decent options, but very willing to go cheap if there are any good deals.

Bookshelf option:

u/MaximumEffortt · 4 pointsr/hometheater

If it were me and you really want to upgrade your sound now, but also want to have the ability for a full 5.1 sound later I'd check out craigslist. You can probably find an older 5.1 receiver for under $70. A quick look in my area brought up a few. A few months ago I sold a 12 year old Pioneer that still was great, but I wanted the ability to get music via my network/internet. I sold it for $60. Then I would look for 2 decent book shelf speakers that you would use for fronts now and later use them for rears. These are as low as they go according to camelizer https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-T15-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B002RJLHB8/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1510803743&sr=1-3&keywords=polk+bookshelf+speakers&dpID=31bhM1nV3tL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch Then I'd get a sub https://www.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1510803898&sr=1-3&keywords=polk+subwoofer&dpID=51JGYWW4N4L&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
That would get you started and would kick the shit out of any 2.1 soundbar. So you'd be looking at $140 for the 2 speakers and sub and then w/e you could find on craigslist for an a/v receiver. If you can stretch your budget to about $300 you could grab this which is certified refurbished https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrs510bt/denon-avr-s510bt-5.2-ch-x-70-watts-bluetooth-a/v-receiver/1.html
None of this is going to be wireless. IF you can stretch out to $400 you could get this receiver which I really like for the price: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx1300w/denon-avr-x1300w-7.2-ch-x-80-watts-networking-a/v-receiver/1.html

Keep in mind you'll have to buy some speaker wire and a crimping/cutting tool. But yeah about $400 will get you a decent setup like Mtown said.
The best way to go about buying home theater equipment is to buy stuff that you'll use later. So if you have a soundbar now, I'd just use it and save up until you have enough for a decent refurbed 5.1 av receiver ~$250 and some bookshelf speakers ~50-100.

If you absolutely need a 2.1 soundbar. I bought a refurbed lg sh4 2.1 for about $130 on amazon. I believe they are more now. It's enough for a small room. I use it for my office and it's decent.

You can probably get better advice about starting up a ht system by searching r/hometheater.

u/toddmpark · 3 pointsr/sonos

Sounds amazing, even a cheap sub will make the system sound much better. There are lots of options under $200 from Polk, Klipsch, and Monoprice. Just make sure there are speaker level inputs like these ones:

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function, For Studio And Home Theater https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009GUTJ34/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_yTLTDbKYN78MW

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at A Great Value | Easy Integration Home Theater Systems https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_zOLTDbPGCRA75

u/JoeRigg · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

I have one of these, got it on sale for $100 at a local store. It's powered, 100 watt (it's ample power for the driver, it rattles my windows) and 10 inch.

Excellent value IMO, but if you're looking for an audiophile level sub I'd look at more expensive stuff. It gets a little muddy in it's higher frequencies, and just worse in general if you really turn it up. You can use the built in low-pass filter to get rid of some of those higher frequencies if you want though. I turn the knob about halfway, but my bookshelf speakers have large woofers, so you may want turn it less (like 1/3).

u/grey_sky · 3 pointsr/Music

JBL Active Monitor - $150 Amazon Price

Read up on how powerful these budget speakers are. It's insane the quality that these suckers perform at! That said, you'd have to look into getting a subwoofer down the line but they can perform without one. A nice budget subwoofer is Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch - $101 Amazon which is a steal at that price point. Polk's have built a solid reputation in the audiophila world and are quite the reliable little beasts.

u/Idoiocracy · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I do not use a separate subwoofer with the T0 and find the bass to be quite satisfactory. I mostly listen to pop and hip hop music, and the bass is noticeable and tight. Part of this is due to the passive radiators featured on the Vanatoo speakers. Many reviews of the Vanatoo echo this sentiment that a subwoofer is not necessary.

If you do decide to get a subwoofer, some recommended subwoofer choices are the following:

  • RSL Speedwoofer 10S for $400
  • SVS SB-1000 for $500
  • Rythmik L12 for $539.

    Vanatoo have used the RSL Speedwoofer 10S at audio shows and praised it.

    EDIT: After reading the subwoofer guide that sharkamino linked, I have removed the $90 Polk PSW10 from the list.
u/techmattr · 3 pointsr/hometheater

This: https://www.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA is a perfect example as to why Polk is hated in HT and Audiophile communities.

This subwoofer is incapable of producing sound that doesn't detract from a home theater experience. Any type of sound during a movie that reaches below 60Hz is just turned into something that can only be described as someone slapping two pieces of wet cardboard together really fast.

You would literally have a better experience just using your built in TV speakers. Yet.... look at the reviews.

The same can be seen on a lot of Polk's cheaper speakers/subs. They are just trash and for some reason have rave reviews on mass market sites. Some of Polk's higher end speakers are OK but much better can be had for the prices. Some of their vintage gear can be OK.

u/jvorn · 3 pointsr/hometheater

The reason I hesitate to recommend this is because I like to present people with a clear upgrade path (i.e. you don't throw everything away when you upgrade, you take your small fronts and make them the surrounds when you buy bigger fronts for example), but at this low of a budget so many compromises are being made that you might feel like upgrade means swapping everything (eventually).

That being said, tons people have no problem with these items and think they are amazing, so your mileage may vary. These are great, well received speakers. If you are set on 2.1, here's what I got.

Option 1:

2x Jamo S 803 ($160 for pair)

1x AVR-S540BT 5.2-Ch x 70 Watts A/V Receiver from Accessories4Less @ $200

1x Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer @ $130

Total: $490

Stretches the budget a bit, but will sound great. Receiver does actually support 4k, but does lack room correction. Overall this is a nice system and the Jamo's are bang-for-buck kings (and they actually look decent, come in several finishes).

Option 2:

2x Fluance Signature Series HiFi ($200 for pair)

1x AVR-S540BT 5.2-Ch x 70 Watts A/V Receiver from Accessories4Less @ $200

1x Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer @ $130

Total: $530

Same idea, just different speakers. Also highly regarded/well reviewed.

Option 3: Forgoes subwoofer for clearer upgrade path

2x ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers @ $300 (comes in a pair)

1x AVR-S540BT 5.2-Ch x 70 Watts A/V Receiver from Accessories4Less @ $200

Total: $500

IMO, Elac Debut 2.0s crush everything else at this price point by a significant margin and is worth missing the sub (temporarily). The upgrade path down the road is clear here: first get a sub (huge fan of the Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer @ $300 or the RSL Speedwoofer 10s (sold out until Oct) @ $400)), then get the rest of the Elac Debut 2.0 speakers (center channel, surrounds - they even offer on walls), and finally way down the road you upgrade your receiver to something that can deliver more power, which will make you Elacs sound even better/go louder.

Let me know if you have any questions!

u/blok31092 · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Hi all. I'm looking to enhance my audio setup for my bedroom. I currently own the following :

Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver

Klipsch B20 Bookshelf speakers (Frequency Response 62Hz-23KHz ± 3dB)

Based on this setup, what would be your recommendations for enhancing my sound? I was thinking of buying this subwoofer but I'm not sure if it will make a huge difference based on the Klipsch frequencies.


Let me know, thanks!

u/DeHumbugger · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Hey there, the sub is the PS-W10 and I looks like they are running the T-50’s a bit cheaper on amazon, only $74/each. As for the receiver I can tell you I’ve had Sony before this that was just fine but this Denon really brought out the life in these. I really don’t have a definitive recommendation in that area. But I am certain you will love this setup for the price, enjoy!

u/Retardditard · 2 pointsr/hardware

Polk Audio PSW 10" powered sub for $99 on Amazon.com

Newegg.com is sold out([email protected]"was: $249.99" when Amazon has it for $99), also hundreds of great reviews. You can take a look at what they have in stock.

Converting analog audio cables to different terminators is fairly straight forward... try Newegg.com. I'm sure Monoprice.com has some, too.

u/BSUWolf · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I went with Polk Audio setup. T15 bookshelf speakers, PSW10 sub (thing is a beast), throw in a Lepy LP-2020A-3A amplifier, and a AUX switch to go back and forth between the speakers and headphones and BAM that is the audio setup.

u/Austy · 2 pointsr/dubstep

dude... i'm in the same boat. i've been eyeing this one for a while now, specifically because it's cheap (90$), supposed to be good quality (Polk is a respectable brand), and I can hook it up with my existing bookshelf speakers.

that said, I haven't heard it yet so I can't vouch.. but, soon!

u/The-Confused · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I have a pair of M-Audio AV40s and a Polk Audio PSW10 for my setup and they sound great as long as the room isn't enormous and you aren't planning on using them to fill an entire room with sound (speakers seem to be more directional). I managed to snag both sets of speakers for less than $100 each. Neither of them require an amplifier, so it makes them more convenient for a computer setup.

u/ThirdFromTheSun · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I would say the Denon 1612, but it only has 4 HDMI inputs. If you think you can get by with this many go for it. This is the receiver I personally have, and I think it is absolutely great. The setup is as simple as possible, really hard to mess up. If you really NEED more inputs, I would take a look at the Marantz NR1403. Both of these have auto setup and can be expanded up to 5.1.

As for speakers, we would need to know a bit more about your room, such as how large it is and how far you will be sitting from the tv. If it is a bigger room, I would probably suggest these Polks, or if you go with the Denon I linked, Magnepan MMGs. If it is a smaller room, I would go with a pair of PSB Image B4s. I absolutely love how those little guys sound.

I would not recommend a subwoofer at this price point, UNLESS you go with the Denon and PSBs. In that case I would probably just go for something like this simple Polk model.

As for the dialogue being clear, most receivers will have presets to increase dialogue volumes. Any other questions and we'll be happy to help.

u/Colonel_of_Wisdom · 2 pointsr/audiophile

The system gets plenty loud to feel the walls vibrate and fill up the house if I so desire, but I rarely push it. It's great for movies. Edit: forgot to mention that everything comes from my Laptop -> receiver via HDMI.

Fronts: $40

Center: $30

Sub: $80

Rears: $50


Total: $240.

My main fronts are Bose Model 31's from the mid 90's. They are front ported with 8" drivers and 3" tweeters. They were absolutely falling apart when my uncle gave em to me so I replaced the woofers with some newer rubber surround ones. They sound surprisingly good for what they are, but the crossover doesn't match the woofer exactly. I've had these things for a long time. $40 for replacement speakers.

The center is this Sony model I picked up from a cousin of mine for $30 when he upgraded. It matches the fronts better than I thought it would, much better than my old center.

I picked up a Cheap Polk Sub last year and it's the only purchase I regret, looking for a replacement. $80.

My rears are Micca MB42's I picked up from Amazon, pretty solid little bookshelf speakers. I spent about $50 on them.

The Receiver is a Denon Avr-791 I got from the same cousin for $40. He was going to just give it to me but he needed the money. One of the HDMI inputs went bad on him and he replaced it with a newer model, this one was collecting dust and now it works perfect for me (minus one input).

I do most of my serious music listening with my Philips shp9500 or Logitech UE6000 headphones.

u/epo916 · 2 pointsr/audio

Considering your other gear, Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_V.6EwbRZA2XX1

u/rustylikeafox · 2 pointsr/vinyl

After several months and hundreds of dollars I think I'm complete!

Kenwood KD-40R. One day I asked my dad if he had a turntable and this is what started it all. We found it in the attic, original box and in great shape. Replaced the needle and I was good to go. (Minus not having anything else, of course)


u/DZCreeper · 2 pointsr/buildapc

1, 2, 3, and 4 - http://pcpartpicker.com/product/Gj6BD3/corsair-speakers-casp211na

They are worse than a set of studio monitors and a dedicated subwoofer, but if you don't want to put in the 2 minutes of effort they still sound good.

As for number 5 on your list, THX certification is pretty much pointless. Speakers can either cover a certain frequency and keep a fairly flat response or not.



https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-YRA-104-Dual-RCAF-Y-Cable/dp/B000068O4Y x2


If you reconsider the DIY method, you can purchase that stuff along with 2 standard RCA cables and be done in minutes.

u/ALPHAPUSSYGOD420 · 2 pointsr/dxm

Nevermind, I can post several links obviously

Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen,... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F1VLRZ6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

J-Tech Digital Ultra HD 4K HDMI to HDMI + Audio (Spdif + RCA Stereo) Audio Extractor Converter(Support Apple TV 4 Gen) Premium Quality https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YHS5E6Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_G8ZdIxDbFbxhh

VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Projector with 3600 Lux, Video Projector with 200" Projection Size, Support 1080P HDMI VGA AV USB with Free HDMI Cable and Carrying Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G2Y5LX9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_MxYBCbDMFNHW7

Jeteven Polyester Hanging... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075WWRRZV?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

AUKEY Table Lamp, Touch Sensor... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AJ7F14I?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Mini Dj Disco Ball Party Stage... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074RKPSDK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Sennheiser HD 579 Open Back... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L1IIF1K?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Flash Furniture High Back Black... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012JJ2EEY?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

P3 P4330 Kill A Watt Ps 10 Surge... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004OG94VW?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

LG 29WK600-W 29" UltraWide 21:9... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078GL93KG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Onkyo TX-SR373 5.2 Channel A/V Receiver with Bluetooth https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XVGCBZ4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_kCYBCbJTN8QJ1

Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Premium Sound at a Great Value | Dolby and DTS Surround | Wall-Mountable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002RJLHB8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_OCYBCbX2TX5XM

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at a Great Value | Easy integration Home Theater Systems https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_mDYBCbWN7VD6T

TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV (2018) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DK5PZFY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3DYBCbZ7TGJ9X

Plus an Asus rog laptop gtx 1060 16gb ram, two ps3s, Corsair hs60 headphones, vmoda Crossfade wireless, a Google chromecast

u/John2Nhoj · 2 pointsr/audiophile

This one should be ok.


I hate that they don't show the back side, but I found you a pic of it and it has two ways of connecting it. Yours will be the RCA method I mentioned earlier.


u/netinept · 2 pointsr/amazonecho

Exactly. A proper stereo is the solution here. Use a decent amp and speakers for the audio and pair it with an Echo Dot to control it, using the line out jack on the Dot to connect it to the amp.

If /u/Treas0n is looking for a good budget option, I'd highly recommend the Lepai amp + Dayton speaker setup. This setup is the go-to budget kit on /r/audiophile and would be plenty loud with really good sound quality. It's about $90 for the whole kit (+$30-$50 for an Echo Dot):

Lepai LP-2020TI Texas Instruments TPA3118 Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Mini Amplifier with Power Supply https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FJF4FF/ (don't go for this one anymore, grab a tripath version)

Kinter K2020A+ Limited Edition ORIGINAL Tripath TA2020-020 Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Mini Amplifier with 12V 5A Power Supply Black https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077Z7DBRT

Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with AMT Tweeter Pair https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NOA58RS/

AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 50 Feet https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006LW0WDQ/

Monoprice 105597 3-Feet Premium Stereo Male to 2RCA Male 22AWG Cable - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094A1F3S/

If the OP wants even bigger sound then add a powered sub for $100 more (you may want to double up on your 16ga speaker wire for connecting the subwoofer between the stereo speakers and the amp)

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_IEFWBbD0GFQVW

u/puppetmaster2501 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

For beginning, I always just recommend an entry-level Denon AVR and 2 Polk speakers. It's good enough that it will be a million miles ahead of a truly cheap setup, and if you ever want to upgrade to nicer thing you'll have no problems just swapping things out. Polk is pretty mainstream and budget friendly, and Denon is also pretty mainstream and has a nice room-correction/calibration thing that they do called Audyssey.

AVR could be anything basically like this: https://www.amazon.com/Denon-AVRS530BT-Channel-Ultra-Receiver/dp/B06XYD1RZ3

And for speakers: https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-TSi200-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B0018QROCC/

And for subwoofer: https://www.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA

For an AVR you'll be spending around or just north of $200. And for a pair of front speakers, I think you'd spend around or just north of $200 for the pair, too. You can also get some kind of really cheap nightstand tables to hold the speakers up, or go more expensive and get taller floor standing speakers. Just like how you want a TV to be roughly eye level, it's good to heave the tweeters of your speakers at roughly ear level.

You can go WAY nicer than all of this, but I am assuming you're pretty budget conscious and would rather just get something that sounds massively great compared to just using TV speakers or a soundbar, and you're not ready to spend a grand or more on audio to approach the really fancy levels.

u/Only4TheShow · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I’m looking to upgrade from this Polk Sub, would this be a nice upgrade or about the same

I currently have the Klipsch R26 towers with R25 center

my Sub

u/lasttycoon · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Lepai LP-168HA 2.1 2 x 40-Watt Amplifier and 1x68W Sub Output https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0070Z87YO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_6qmgzbWC487DC amp to power the speakers and easy to transport. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-b652-air-6-1-2-2-way-bookshelf-speaker-with-amt-tweeter-pair--300-651?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pla affordable speakers that punch above their price. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_5rmgzbW2A60XF and an affordable subwoofer. Run speaker wire to connect speakers to amp. Not sure what your media source is though.

u/rnienke · 2 pointsr/vinyl

So this is the current state of my listening setup, it's definitely not the usual around here so I figured I'd take a minute to do a little gear overview and review.

  • Receiver: Yamaha R-S500bl. I got this receiver well before I was planning on buying a TT. It's an absolutely solid receiver that can put out up to 75w/ch and can be had for good deals if you watch. These are retailing for $349, I only paid $267 for mine (warehouse deals) and then ended up getting $50 refunded as the remote was damaged when I got it. The sound quality is fantastic and clean, but possibly a little harsh compared to some of the older receivers you could get in that price range.

  • Speakers: JBL ES20. These ran a whole $113 for the pair (again, warehouse deals) and have been fantastic. I bought these with the intention of upgrading when I have a house, but in all honesty I don't think I'll need to. The sound is tight and clean, exactly as I expected it to be. They aren't horribly efficient, but I can drive them pretty hard with 75 watts. Aesthetically they are great for my style, very modern and clean.

  • Subwoofer: Polk PSW10. This sub is just what I needed to fill in the lows that the bookshelf speakers couldn't quite hit. I needed something highly adjustable as my receiver has no adjustments for sub output. I picked this up for $100 on sale, and it was worth every penny. I've been blown away by how well this reacts to different music, it can be loose and boomy for rap, but tight and clean for rock or electronic. Worth the cost to fill out the system.

  • Turntable: Technics SL-D2 that I found used for $50. It is in perfect condition, even the dust cover is beautiful. I have no issues with it at all and only added another cartridge later because I felt like it.

  • Cartridge 1: AT Pro14s. This was included with the TT and come to find out it is brilliant. It runs a nude shibata stylus and is very clean sounding. It can be a bit soft, but the clarity makes up for it IMHO.

  • Cartridge 2: Shure M97xe. I picked this up on recommendation from everyone here. I tripped over one for $50 and couldn't pass it up. The clarity doesn't quite match that of the AT cartridge, but it makes up for it with being loud and heavy. Great for harder rock.

  • Stand and speaker stands: I made these myself awhile back as I couldn't find anything I preferred for a reasonable price. The surfaces are slats so I get great ventilation on this and my receiver rarely gets very warm.

    So overall there you have it, I built this entire setup for $530 or so with a bit of patience and some work on my end. I use it mostly for listening to either vinyl or digital. Right now it's almost 100% vinyl, but it also works great for watching TV or movies.

    I definitely suggest a similar setup for anyone looking to get into the hobby for a reasonable price but without needing to upgrade after just a year of use. It's capable of everything I've thrown at it from listening to gaming, and never skips a beat.

    I will likely upgrade the speakers and eliminate the sub at some point in the future, but for the time being this is a fantastic setup for the space that I have.

    Ask any questions you may have and I'll see what I can do to fill you in.
u/moopos · 2 pointsr/hometheater

3d, five hdmi inputs, $249.99. this is as cheap as I would go for the AVR. it has Audyssey, an automatic speaker calibration system - which you'll find very impressive down the line.

If I were you, I'd invest in one nice center channel speaker and a halfway decent powered woofer (center and woofer do a vast portion of the heavy lifting apparently).

Klipsch RC-62 II Center Speaker
you wont need to upgrade from this for a very long time.
if you want to save $50 bucks, you can go with the RC-52 instead of the rc-62.

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer
Price: $101.98
a powered subwoofer keeps your AVR from having to work its ass off.

then I'd try to find some cheap surround and left/right speakers from goodwill or something that I wouldn't mind throwing away as more money becomes available and you decide to uprgrade.

u/agray20938 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Ok here's what you should buy right now. Like Zeos said, This gives you a good option to upgrade in the future (just buy more speakers).

Receiver: Denon Refurbished

Subtotal: $238.00

Speakers: Pioneer FS-52 (2 of them)

Subtotal: $410.00

Subwoofer: Polk Audio PSW10

Subtotal: $520.00

Cables: Monoprice.com

Subtotal: $560.00

That leaves you $440.00 for a TV. I understand that this probably isnt enough to get you what you want. It's alright to spend a little bit more money, since beyond the TV, everything else here will last quite a while. Audio equipment doesn't go obsolete in 4 years like TV's do, so it's a wise decision to spend at least 50% of your budget on all that. So, if you stick with these couple things, you could get them, and then buy a refurbished 50" TV for $600 or so, and you wouldnt be much over your budget. But, I can promise you and I think most people here would agree, that a decent $500 TV with a 2.1 audio setup is going to give you a better home theater experience than a $1500 TV and no seperate speakers.

u/1369ic · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Not sure why you would want the l/r and the center, other than it's a good deal. Are you hoping to fill it out to 5.1 eventually?

I've never heard Fluance, but the go-to recommendations around here are one of these two Pioneer speakers, or the Miccas. Search this sub to look for reviews (and double check the model numbers if you're interested. I'm doing this from memory). If you get the Pioneers you should be able to afford the subwoofer that goes with it. Also, you can usually find a Polk sub like this one on sale.

There are better options, I'm sure, but these get a lot of recommendations for budget systems. I have a brother in law with the Pioneers and no sub and he's pretty happy.

As for hooking it up, you just need a 3.5mm to RCA jack cable like this one. Also, if your receiver has an s/pdif input you could go from the sound card to the receiver that way. If you use the first cable, the sound card will be decoding the digital into analog. If you use the s/pdif cable, your receiver will do the decoding. Depending on the DACs in the card and receiver, one might be better than the other.

u/meepsi · 2 pointsr/hometheater

So I am an up-and-coming Home Theater installer and recently got myself my first decent home theater setup. This is leaps and bounds better that what I had before (a 32" and a soundbar), which is now my bedroom setup. I am very happy with this setup and enjoy it almost daily.

My current configuration includes the following:
92" Pull Down Screen
Epson 2030 1080p 3D Projector (ISF Calibrated)
Polk Audio TL250 + Polk Audio PSW10 Sub
Yamaha RX-V477
Samsung BD-F5900

With some vendor deals and discounts, I was able to get this entire setup for just shy of $1500.

So my question is, how did I do? Could I have done better within this budget? Are there any components to this system that stand out as poor choices? Are there any cost effective ways to help control the levels of light in the room? When I move into a house in about 5 years, which components should I upgrade?

Thanks in advance for your input.

u/zachsilvey · 2 pointsr/audiophile

It depends on room size mostly. Something as simple and inexpensive as
would work for a bedroom. It has less power than the S8 but enough to match the A5+.

u/L8sho · 2 pointsr/audio

You need a sub with a speaker level input. I think you already know this, but that system is so weak that you don't want to get "too much" sub. Unless you are interested in audio and want to upgrade to a better system later, this is as far as I would go. I feel that if you went with a bigger sub, you would forget the rest of the system is there.

If it were me, I would look for a new receiver before I would worry about a sub. You will always be limited to a subpar experience with what you have.

u/ranzLbsgiS · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Here's what I would do to get a great sound system that will work for your ipod. This is much better than any ipod dock, but is not very portable.

  1. power amplifier 50W/ch $103

  2. bookshelf speakers $129

  3. subwoofer $107

  4. mini-jack to RCA converter to plug your ipod or any other device to the amp $3

  5. speaker wire

    The total is over $300 but will be much better than the bose system. You could find cheaper bookshelf speakers that will work too.
u/thug_lyfe69 · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Budget around $600

Type 5.1 surround sound

Setup Desktop PC

Uses gaming, watching movies, or listening to music

Room dimensions not quite sure. About 10' by 12'

Idea #1
Center speaker: Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Designed Center Channel Speaker

Front/Rear speakers: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Subwoofer: Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer

Idea #2

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System

My mother board: MSI Z87-G43
My graphics card: EVGA gtx760
Running windows 7 home premium


  • What is the best system for my pc?

  • What kind of receiver will I need?

  • Will I need a soundcard?

  • What kind of speaker wire will I need?

  • What kind of issues do I face?

    What I would like:

  • true 5.1 surround sound when playing games and movies

  • surround sound when playing music (stereo from the front speakers and rear speakers mimic the front speakers)

    edit: formatting
u/coherent-rambling · 2 pointsr/diysound

I looked up the specs on the Philips website, and am 99% sure you can do exactly what you suggest to get the speakers working. However, the subwoofer will be a problem, since it's a passive model (meaning it doesn't use an internal amplifier, instead relying on one built into the receiver). High-quality separate components expect the subwoofer to be self-amplified, so there won't be any way to plug that into a new receiver.

There are a few ways around this. You could add an external amp to the subwoofer - either a car audio amp, or a subwoofer plate amplifier (which could even be built into the existing box, if you're handy). But the easiest is to just buy a different sub. The Philips sub is an 8" model that only goes down to 40 Hz - essentially the bare minimum you can call a subwoofer without laughing yourself to death. You can buy a better sub for less money than you can get that one working:

As a bare minimum, the Polk PSW10 will work in a normal home theater setup and will be at least an equal to what you have. All of the reviews of this sub are pretty negative, but the main complaint against it is a lot of wind noise through the port at higher volume - this can be corrected in two minutes with a screwdriver. Just take the amp off the back, remove a little stamped steel grill from the inside end of the port, and put the amp back. With that change it becomes an incredibly good value for a basic system.

For a tiny bit more money, the Dayton SUB1000 has a better reputation and is supposed to reach a bit lower. I've never heard one, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra over the Polk, because you'd be better off saving up for...

The BIC America H-100II is a tremendous step up over either of those two. It's still cheap for a subwoofer (if you do some research you'll quickly find this is one of those "off the deep end" things, and you can spend used-car money on subs), but it's somewhat more powerful and covers a much wider range than anything cheaper.

Now, if you feel like dropping some money into home theater stuff and want to get seriously good equipment, I'd be tempted to offer some additional suggestions. But if you just want to get back up and running without spending a ton of money, and maybe get a bit of an upgrade along the way, those three are good options.

u/cerialphreak · 1 pointr/audiophile

I picked up the Polk PSW10 a few years back for one of my setups and I'm very happy with it.

u/sadhappyd · 1 pointr/Zeos

Hi Zeos,

Setting up my first 5.1 system in my family room. I am on a limited budget. I wonder if you have a preference over the Yamaha RX-V379BL or the Denon AVR-S510BT receivers? Also I noticed this Polk sub-woofer wasn't listed, is it something to stay clear of? Right now I can get all of that for $420, does that seem like a good budget setup?

u/Hatch- · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

here is what I was looking at

Polk Sub

SMSL Sanskrit Dac


Micca bookshelfs

Am I overspending for any of those components unreasonably? I come from the PC world, so I want to make sure I'm not putting a top end part among middle tier stuff and making the top end part a little pointless in doing so.

u/fixeverythingtwo · 1 pointr/audioengineering

Ok.. fairly good news. Here's my concern. By the time you get an amp and some cables to hook it up, even if you score something great from Craigslist or Kijiji, you may just be better off selling that sub and buying a used home audio sub.

Because that sub, and other subs like it were designed for shallow mounting applications (eg: behind the seat of a pickup truck), their performance as a true subwoofer always suffers to some degree.

Hey sub is, as it should be, designed for a small sealed enclosure. That design works well in a car or truck because the small airspace of the vehicle cabin accentuates low frequency performance. We call that the 'transfer function' of the vehicle.

If you put that same enclosure in a medium size room, well, it will be kinda boring. Sure, you'll get more bass than a set of small desktop speakers, but compared to even a modest true subwoofer, I can't honestly say it's worth the investment.

Basically, this would work much much better, and likely cost you less than just finding the right amp.


If you want to use the MB Quart sub, and I totally 'get' using what you have, then this amp would work:


u/yodandy13 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Damn thanks for this! Definitely adding most of this to my wishlist/to-do list. I definitely want to ditch the frame.

Oops! Forgot to include my mediocre subwoofer which DEFINITELY helped when I snagged it a few years ago.

The couch is nice but losing padding every year, Ashley stuff isn't the best furniture but it's big and comfy for a smaller budget and is perfect for the space: Link

I also want to add a 'behind the couch' slim bar for some more seating.

u/explosivo563 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I got the pionneer andrew Jones sub for $100 at Best Buy. Looks amazing, sounds great for music and makes my room absolutely shake when watching movies. It can BANG.


The polk sub is well reviewed as well and might go a bit lower IIRC at 10 inches. But an 8 incher is all I think I needed. The pioneer rattles the house as it is.


I've found my sub can REALLY over power the miccas if you don't get the volume and freq just right, but that is to be expected with speakers.

u/Not_Hulk_Hogan · 1 pointr/audiophile

Alright, was looking at a subwoofer that has speaker level output and speaker level input


where does the 3.5mm to RCA cable go? Still to the amp, or to the subwoofer?

u/Folthanos · 1 pointr/audio

What's your budget? The Polk Audio PSW10 is about the cheapest decent subwoofer you can get ($100 new).

Edit: Ok I found this on kijiji, I can assure you that many people are satisfied with these for hi-fi applications. But yeah as readwiteandblu said, if you wanna make it work with your other speaker pair then it'd be a good learning experience.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/edmproduction

I use this. Works great for listening, obviously not production-quality but if you master with headphones it doesn't really matter. For $100 I love this sub though

u/DGtheAlmighty · 1 pointr/audiophile

Do you have any information to back that up? It has an overall of 4.6/5 on Amazon from over 1000 reviews.
On Newegg it has a 5 star rating from 450 reviewers.
So I have not seen anyone give it a horrible review or anyone who hates it.

u/wildnux · 1 pointr/hometheater

I was expecting some boom when i tested (with the receiver's setup, also some test videos). Before this i had samsung sound bar with the subwoofer and I could hear the boom. Do you think this subwoofer is not working?
Do you think this: https://smile.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=subwoofer&qid=1555085388&s=electronics&sr=1-3 is better than the one I have? I am wondering if I should replace the current one (since it feels like it is not working) with either the one from the craigslist or this one from amazon.

u/einmalistkeinmal · 1 pointr/audiophile

CEntrance Masterclass 2504s - $350

Maverick Tubemagic D1 DAC - $199

Maverick Tubemagic A1 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier (w/ upgraded tubes) - $239

Polk PSW10 Powered Subwoofer - $129

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset - $120

Brainwaivz Memory Foam earpads - $22

100ft wire w/ banana plugs - $27

Total = $1086

u/weazalbee · 1 pointr/audiophile

Hello everyone. I just wanted to get a cheap subwoofer (maybe around 100-150, but it's flexible) to round out my sound system (Micca MB42X, EMPtek towers, B&W CC-6 center, Marantz NR1506 receiver) which I use for vinyl/music, games, and movies. I was hoping someone may be able to help point me in the right direction.

I found these two online and were wondering if they were worth my investment: JBL S10 and Polk PSW10

If anyone has any other suggestions I'd be more than happy to consider them, I just need a sub and can't believe I've gone so long without one.

u/Skeeter_206 · 1 pointr/hometheater

I got these at NewEgg for more than half off.

Klipsch Quintet V 5.0

I paired those with a Polk 10" Subwoofer at Amazon for nearly 2/3rds off.

There are receiver deals out there too, but that is more up to the user to choose which fits your needs best.

u/ABUSlVE · 1 pointr/audiophile

Hello I have a POLK PSW10 Subwoofer, along with two Polk TSI100 bookshelf speakers. I was told I would need an amp to power this system, so I was needing help figuring out what amp I should purchase. I do not have much money to spend ~ $100.

Links to what I have:

[TSI100 Bookshelf speakers](https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-TSi100-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B00192KF12)

[PSW10 Subwoofer](https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-PSW10-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=pd_bxgy_23_img_3/140-6661619-8896241?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0002KVQBA&pd_rd_r=9f5ca9c7-d3db-4fea-baae-272fadfa5aa7&pd_rd_w=QHypg&pd_rd_wg=KYjo1&pf_rd_p=09627863-9889-4290-b90a-5e9f86682449&pf_rd_r=8YR47SERGPAK8V63FEWB&psc=1&refRID=8YR47SERGPAK8V63FEWB)


Thank you

u/ChTat · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile


fk, I give up. I will buy V50 + SW8MKS($180)/Polk Audio PSW10($150) + BS 22. However, how to step those things up? like I want to connect to my computer. Do I need to buy things like Cable or low pass filter? Or just buy these three? Is V50 strong enough to support these guys?


u/MrTorres · 1 pointr/hometheater

Looks like that soundbar has inputs for RCA, 1 optical, 1 digital coaxial and 3.5mm plus Bluetooth. And that TV only has optical audio out... so not a lot of options there. If it had RCA output like some other TVs it'd be easier.

What you COULD do is buy an optical to RCA converter such as this one www.amazon.com/dp/B005K2TXMO/ and use splitters to split it between your sound bar RCA input and the RCA input of a subwoofer. I recommend this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/

The whole shabang would cost you about 120 plus tax and would sound pretty decent.

EDIT: I just noticed the fiio converter has RCA AND 3.5mm line out. So maybe you don't even need a splitter! You could just have the soundbar connected via 3.5mm to 3.5mm aux and have the RCA going to the subwoofer. That would be less clutter and you won't have to worry about losing signal power from using splitters :)

u/beyonddevnull · 1 pointr/audiophile

That makes sense, thanks for breaking it down. Would there be a way to handle control of the volume with that? For example, would there be a device I could put between the PC and the sub that would control the overall volume? Or is it the case where each speaker/sub has their own volume control that I present on the device, then I use the software volume on the computer to control it?


So It would be:

  • PC (3.5mm->RCA) -> Sub -> RCA to 1/4" TRS -> LSR305's

    so is it possible somewhere is there to put a volume knob to control everything or is it best to regulate that from the PC?

    That build takes the price to around $600 ish probably after the cables.

    I have heard of a build that used something like the Polk Audio PSW10 + Micca's. Is that a viable build I could do for less, or would the price of what connects the two bring the total cost of the system into a similar price bracket?

    Also do the JBL's have both a sub and tweeter in them each already? Is a separate sub just needed for very specific use cases? If that is the case, I may just be fine with that already. Thanks again?
u/goldswimmerb · 1 pointr/buildapc

All those units are honestly crap.

If I were you id go with:
Subwoofer (Go with the Amazon warehouse deals offer for $63, thats an absolute steal on this sub)


Bookshelf Speakers

This setup will be much better than any "Computer" speaker system, as all of those are crap.

This requires a bit more setup than those, and this list is a bit more complicated than the one with the Mackie speakers, but its worth it because these are better speakers imho.

What motherboard do you have because many newer ones have great onboard audio (Also in order to help you Ill need to know how the audio plugs are for that board)

u/betoqp · 1 pointr/audiophile

My dad wants to set up the following pieces:

u/aredcup · 1 pointr/vinyl

Yeah they should. It's just standard speaker wire and connections. Nope, they require separate sub purchase. What is included is what is linked, a pair of the bookshelf speakers.

The Pioneer set has a full 7.1 purchasable, just click on the different speaker types (i.e. bookshelves, standing and center + the sub). There would be a sub-woofer there. Read below on the disclaimer for my sub-advice, but if you want one I would recommend the one from that Pioneer set, or this one: http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1426305241&sr=8-4&keywords=sony+subwoofer

I've seen that Polk one linked quite a few times and I plan to buy it eventually.

I haven't done much researching on a sub because my setup doesn't allow one without some finagling, and even then it degrades speaker audio on the vintage receiver from what I've read. Not to mention, once you start getting into tower speakers, a lot of them have the full package. For instance, I missed out on a pair of these by a day or two on the local CL for 100 bucks. They're easily worth double that.

Sorry for the ramble, just not comfortable with my sub advice and was explaining why and hopefully giving you some insight on them if you were unsure.

u/hrvstr0fsorow · 1 pointr/audiophile

I've had this sub for a few months now and I've been very pleased. I have a pair of Magnepan MC-12's and despite what everyone says about needing a 400 dollar plus sub to go with them the Polk has performed wonderfully. As far as i can hear it preforms well outside of its price range, and it really does add that extra omph for movies, games, and music

u/AKiDNamedNuGGy · 1 pointr/Zeos

Thanks for this guide /u/ZeosPantera !

I do have a question however since I am having a hard time finding the answer. I am looking for a receiver that can handle 4k HDR passthrough as well as ARC with 5.1 channels. Is there anything you would reccomend from Sony? I am open to other brands, but am not trying to spend more than 300$ I have a xbr800d and a ps4 pro.

For speakers I have these pioneer bookshelf speakers and a polkaudio psw10 powered by this yamaha s201 receiver.

For the center channel, I was looking at this klipsch KC-25 . Currently my set up is in my bedroom which isnt too big, maybe a 10x15 foot room. I'll probably end up picking the surround speakers sometime later.

u/blakxzep · 1 pointr/vinyl

What kind of subwoofer should I get for my current set up?

So I'm using a project debut carbon

with this receiver

and these speakers

And I'm also using an Art DJ with a slight modification.

I've been contemplating getting a subwoofer for a while and I know it'll help with my sound and get me more of an impact and since this is a 2 channel stereo receiver, what cables and subwoofer do I need to get?

here are some subwoofers I found but I figure I'd get an audiophile's recommendation first.




And for those curious on what I'm going to play on there, here's my record collection.

u/TAG_X-Acto · 1 pointr/hometheater

Buy a new sub. That is a sketchy looking setup you go there. Only costs $120 for a decent sub I guarantee will be a nice upgrade over that Sony crap.


u/cdawzrd · 1 pointr/audio

Sub: Polk PSW10

Mains amp: TA2020

Mains: Dayton b652

Should be under budget, even if you need to buy some cables. Use a RCA pair to connect the sub and main amp in parallel, or use the speaker-level inputs on the sub to crossover the mains as well.

u/mowgli1313 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Looking to get an entry level setup for listening to music, don't have a huge budget or much expertise with speakers. Would the following setup work together? Receiver, 2xFloorstanding, and Sub The two questions I have is can I plug all 3 (specifically the sub) of those into that receiver and does that receiver have a high enough wattage output for the T70's? Or would I be better off spending a little more money and getting this
Thanks for the help!

u/Juan1971 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Thanks a lot Xiddish!
Let me see if I understand, since I am somehow a newbie.
This is the cable that the AD18 manual refer to as necessary to connect the sub-woofer:
It is basically a 3.5mm Stereo Plug/2 RCA Plug Cable.
In the manual they show how the 3.5mm end is connected to the AD18. But there is two outputs on the other side of the cable: red and white. The manual say that only the red is the one that needs to be used for the subwoofer.
Now, lets look at the sobwoofer that I am interested:

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)


As you see, at the back of the subwoofer there is a number of options.
Based on what you say, I should be able to connect my red RCA into one of the "LINE IN" inputs? (not one of the "SPEAKER LEVEL INPUT", correct?),

Did I understand correctly?

Thanks a lot!

u/s4rwatch · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

It will work....but you have to adjust the bass volume every time you want to change the volume on your setup. I do not lik ereaching under the desk every 10 mins.


^ this one has teh required connections

u/serotonintuna · 1 pointr/audiophile

Best subwoofer (preferably $100 or thereabouts) for the Miccas + SMSL SA-60?

I was looking at this one, but it seems to have problems under 50hz, dunno how big of an issue that would actually be though

u/WilkyRay · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like the next step is a sub.

Here are my options based on comments and a little searching around.

Harmony - Infinity Primus 410

I'm a little bit afraid of this because of some Crutchfield reviewers saying that theirs died within 18 months.


Amazon - Polk PSW10

4800 reviews 4.5 average, might be a safe bet.


Amazon - Acoustic Audio PSW-10

Most compact, tempted to go this route.

Can I place the sub behind the TV stand? Otherwise I will run the wire under the fireplace to set it next to the couch.

The speakers are 42MBx speakers. I have a top of TV stand coming for the center. I don't know if I would be able to fit speaker stands on either side of the TV stand but I'll look into it. I might think about lifting the TV with a riser so that I can just place the LR speakers on top of the TV stand. If my wife would let me, I'd buy a mount and put the TV on the wall. She doesn't like the idea of putting holes in the wall.

u/-iNfluence · 1 pointr/Zeos

Hey Zeos,

I'm thinking of investing ~$250 into a 2.1 setup. How would you recommend allocating that money? I'm looking for good bookshelf speakers that don't take up too much space, this subwoofer, and i don't really know what I'm talking about with the amp.

I toyed with putting together powered monitors and a sub, but if I understand you correctly, a true 2.1 setup with an amp and passive speakers will outperform this setup.

I'm just not sure whether I should buy really nice bookshelves and the lepai amp, or a nice amp and decent speakers. And from there, I'm not sure what products would qualify as which categories.

u/benjimonsterous · 1 pointr/audiophile

After further research I was looking at the Edifier R1700BT speakers and they look pretty great, decent price, bluetooth is cool, and the reviews look good. I was also thinking about adding a subwoofer because ya know bass lol. Any thoughts??

u/Brakkio · 1 pointr/Zeos

What's your opinion on the Polk Audio PSW10 ?

u/BlueLaserCommander · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'm planning on getting this sub here. I already have 2 bookshelf speakers and a small amp. My question is what is the best relatively cheap amp/receiver that I can buy to support this sub and the two bookshelf speakers I already have? I'm using these speakers for my computer. These are the bookshelf speakers here Thanks!

u/holyswissbatman · 1 pointr/audiophile

So I am looking at some gear here and am having a lot trouble deciding where to on putting it all together.

So here's the stuff amps first:

SMSL amp

Denon receiver

yamaha receiver

now the speakers:



Polk sub

I play a large variety of music from jazz to EDM. I throw house parties as well where, at there largest, I need a set up that can fill up a house and drown out ~100 people.

I guess I'm really curious as to what all of your opinions are on this equipment and what I need it for.

u/Hipp013 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'm moving into a frat house this fall and would like any recommendations for a decent music setup. My budget is $300-400.

I have little experience with home theater setups besides my own research. Some have recommended I take a look at the [PSW10](Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_JGwzzb700ABBJ), and the Amazon reviews are mostly 5 stars, however the reviews I see on reddit beg to differ; I've seen recommendations for BIC or Dayton subwoofers over the PSW10. I also am unsure what the best speakers would be to pair with the sub.

My room next year is definitely a small room; I'd estimate dimensions are about 12'x12', and I'd mainly use the setup for music but sometimes movies as well.

Thanks for any recommendations!

u/CatPillar · 1 pointr/audiophile

Hi, I currently have a pair of Overnight Sensations that are connected to a Lepy 2024A+ amp connected to a fiio e10k connected to my computer. I would like to add a subwoofer to my setup, but I have a question about connecting it. The subwoofer only has RCA input, while the lepy amp only has speaker output. Should I use a Y splitter to split the input from the fiio e10k to the amp and the subwoofer? Or should I remove the amp and connect the speakers to the sub using the speaker out of the subwoofer?

Here are the cables I'm looking at:



And this is the sub:


u/rpcarney4 · 1 pointr/audiophile

The thing is the current speakers I have now work fine. i am open to buying a new subwoofer if I need to thought. That actually is the particular receiver I was looking into buying. If i were to buy a powered subwoofer could i connect it directly to the pre out jack on the receiver. For instance, this is the subwoofer I would probably get https://www.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1551132006&sr=1-3&keywords=subwoofer
Could I just run audio cables from the line in jacks on the subwoofer straight to the pre out jacks on the receiver.

Note: This is just for a college apartment setup I am not looking for anything of super high quality at the moment.

u/bbbtttiii · 1 pointr/audioengineering

I have a pair of powered studio monitors hooked up to an audio interface via (balanced) TRS cables. I'm trying to add a subwoofer into the equation which only has RCA inputs, and can't figure out for the life of me how to reconfigure the wiring. Thoughts?

Presonus Eris E5
Scarlett 2i2 Interface
Polk Audio Subwoofer

u/GbMaxSE · 1 pointr/hometheater

>Floor standing speakers (Link): Cheap and well reviewed
>subwoofer (Link): Again cheap and well reviewed.

Well reviewed... ON AMAZON.


Never. Trust. Electronics. Reviews. On. Amazon. It's borderline amazing those fucking mouthbreathers can operate a keyboard and mouse, they certainly are not qualified to leave audio equipment reviews.

The Polk T50 towers are... Livable, if you literally MUST have towers and have NO money to spend.

The PSW10 subwoofer is one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in a subwoofer. STraight hot garbage that does next-to-nothing well.

u/moar_distractions · 1 pointr/ToolBand

It depends how you want to listen to it. That's a surround sound receiver and unless he sets it for Stereo, he's playing it a way it's not really recorded for. Some people prefer bigger front speakers with their own subs and will play music with just those for more of a "true" sound. I think surround sound and subwoofers are amazing and would 100% recommend it. The best seller on Amazon is actually a great starter speaker for a ridiculously low price ($90).


u/rnplyr1985 · 1 pointr/audiophile

So I'm by no means a hobbyist. In fact, as of today I just purchased my first pair of ELAC bookshelf speakers. Over at r/buildapcsales, people were raving over these speakers for the price. So I bit! The problem is I know next to nothing about how to set these things up.


I know I need Banna plugs, speaker wire and an amp (and a sub ^(ill probably buy a) ^(Polk) ^(later)). I will be using these with my new PC I'm building currently. I'd also like to be able to run my echo do (mainly for Alexa functions and streaming music) through this system.


I have a few amps in my cart atm via Amazon.


  • Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT 100W Class D 2.1 Amplifier with Bluetooth and Power Supply $88.75
  • SMSL SA50 50Wx2 TDA7492 Class D Amplifier + Power Adapter $66
  • BT20A Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Audio 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver Mini Hi-Fi Class D $76.98
  • Lepy LP-2020A Hi-Fi Digital Amplifier $24.39
  • SMSL AD18HiFi Audio Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth 4.2 Supports Apt-X, USB DSP Full Digital Power Amplifier 2.1 $130.49

    So if I'm planning on sync devices via the echo I don't technically need Bluetooth receiver in my amp, right? What about if I have a Bluetooth in my motherboard? I'm not sure if there's a difference between devices like keyboards and audio devices with Bluetooth.


    Thanks for the Help Experts,

u/DashingSpecialAgent · 1 pointr/AskBattlestations

Alright, $250 I can work with ;)

You should definitely listen to a few different things to get an idea of what you want as different speakers are designed with different things in mind and that will change the way they sound. I like a flatter setup from my speakers themselves compared to the "smiley eq" most complete systems have. I'm running just a pair of Polk Audio Monitor 30's with a Pyle PTA4 amplifier for my desktop setup. The Monitor 30's are no longer in production but I've heard these are very comparable: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_107R150/Polk-Audio-R150.html?tp=186

The Pyle amp can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Pyle-PTA4-2x120-Stereo-Amplifier/dp/B003NVN1PY I personally got mine for about $30 on woot.com one day, you may be able to find them cheaper than this, or build out something slightly different. Again I recommend doing a little research. You can also setup with a home theater receiver/amp for your system. That's what I started with and then moved the receiver to my home theater when I actually bought a decent TV and speakers for it (Polk Audio Monitor 70's). A receiver/amp will be more than the Pyle and honestly I think it's a little overpriced but it was a good deal at $30. You just need a 2 channel amp.

I don't run a subwoofer on my desktop, I generally don't want to be too loud at my desk and the bookshelf speakers are capable of putting out more than enough bass for me. I run a Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer on my TV setup. You could hook it in with these no problem and if you want more bass this thing will provide. http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1413525800&sr=1-1&keywords=polk+audio+subwoofer, the sub will hook straight into the PC so no need to worry about the amp being compatible, you can always add it later.

We're also closing on Christmas/Thanksgiving. I picked up most of my sound equipment during those sales 2 years ago. A pair of Monitor 70's for $150 each, the PSW10 for $80, and a CS10 for $100. Paying attention to slickdeals.com can save you a lot of money if you're willing to wait a little to get setup.

It does cost a good bit more for speakers like this but you get a lot more speaker for your money. I rarely turn my desktop volume higher than 25% and almost never over 50%, I always used to turn my little 2.1 complete system way up trying to get more loudness out of it. It's also generally best to keep your speakers to the same manufacturer and preferably the same speaker line as they're likely designed together so the ranges each covers will complement each other better. That's why I have a ton of Polk and nothing else.

If you're set on a complete system: I hear Klipsch is good but I avoid complete systems ever since I started buying speakers and amps myself and heard how good they sound so I can't really help much with those.

u/brunchhard · 1 pointr/barstoolsports

Super basic Audio technica. I gradually built the system over time, but started with this stereo (used) and these speakers. Later I added some small surround speakers (system doubles as my tv speakers, too) as well as this sub. Granted I don't have a super trained ear, but all together it does sound awesome.

My recommendation is to not go cheap on the stereo side of things. Definitely don't get a record player with speakers built in. If it sounds shitty, you'll never end up using it. If you do want to start cheap with the record player, have it sound decent, but not have to get all the bells and whistles, Audio Technica sells this bundle that has the turntable and two speakers. If you start with that, eventually you can add the stereo receiver, better speakers, sub, etc.

u/majorscheiskopf · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Well, first things first. Your speakers can already take RCA inputs, so you should just be able to plug in the record player (if it has a preamp built in), your CD player, or your iPod into the RCA input. If you don't want to plug and unplug the RCA every time, get something like this, which also lets you do centralized volume control.

Get a sub like this, and hook up an RCA splitter like this or this so that your source (whether it's the SYS above or something else) is running into both the subwoofer and the speakers.

Note: you don't want to wire it so that the subwoofer and the source are running into the speakers. That means your subwoofer won't be doing anything. The "one" end goes to your source, the "two" end goes to subwoofer and speakers.

Those speakers are fine, and it's almost always better to have one good setup than two mediocre setups.

Final proposed setup: your sources --> Schiit SYS ($50) --> splitter ($10)--> PSW10 ($100) + Resolv A5.

u/dashcob · 1 pointr/vinyl

There are powered ones. Check this one out. Its the cheapest new i know of.

u/ChonkyCarrot · 1 pointr/audiophile

New dude here, been thinking about upgrading my Pc speakers.
This is what I've come up with so far
Micca PB42X + Polk Audio PSW10 + ASUS Xonar DX 7.1

Whadda ya all think?

u/TheSuperChronics · 1 pointr/vinyl

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_F901wbN76NRRK

I have this polk sub and I like it. Like the top comment says, I like to have it just barely on to feel that extra dimension. The back of the sub has two knobs for adjusting it, and can go from barely noticing it, to the sub really bumpin.

u/itsmrstealyogirl · 1 pointr/audiophile

Oh and after some searching I found some polk audio subs on Amazon for like $100.


Is this better or worse than the subs you reccomended?

u/kkktookmypandaaway · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'm looking to enhance my desktop audio setup, which as it stands is currently just a pair of Audioengine A2+ speakers & a Polk Audio PSW10 10" subwoofer.

I know that I need to raise the speakers a bit, and was looking into the Audioengine DS1 Stand as a starting point.

I've also heard that I should be getting an external DAC like the FiiO E10K or the more expensive Scarlett 2i2. I know that the A2+'s have a DAC built in, what are the advantages of using an external one, if any? I've seen mixed reviews as to whether this is worth it or not...

And, while this is outside the realm of this sub, I also want this setup to work nicely with my headphones (which are currently Audio Technica M50-X's)

u/fuzzeenavel · 1 pointr/audiophile

Looking for a compatible sub for my Mackie CR3 speakers.
Specifically, how could I connect the following to my Mackies using an Eskin bluetooth adapter? What splitter/connector cables would I need?

u/NotSureWhyIAsked · 1 pointr/hometheater

I think your best bet is to go with a 2011 Onkyo receiver like the TX-SR309, or the TX-NR509 (has network capabilities, too), and buy the speakers separate. I made my budget system for about $450, and I love it. I'm using it in a dorm room right now, so there's really no room for from speaker towers, so i just have four bookshelf speakers and a center channel, with a subwoofer of course. Look at the Onkyo or Pioneer receivers and some bookshelf speakers; I know a lot of people suggest these that you could use for surround or even the front speakers, too. The subwoofer I got was the Polk Audio PSW10 and its more than enough for what I need.

u/Heyheyohno · 1 pointr/hometheater

The sub is a Polk Audio PSW10 and the AVR is a Yamaha RX-V379BL.

I tried to connect them via a single RCA cable and I even did a single to a Y-splitting cable to see if it helped, but nothing. Any settings I try on the receiver and the sub don't seem to work at all. There's no output. Nothing.

u/Asylumsix · 1 pointr/amazonecho

These speakers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016P9HJIA

This Sub: https://www.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA/

This Headphone Splitter (goes into your echo aux/external speaker connector). https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Splitter-Extension-Earphone-Compatible/dp/B00LM0ZGK6/

2 of these 3.5mm to RCA cables, one of them goes from the echo to the speaker inputs and the other goes from the echo into the subwoofer inputs. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-3-5mm-2-Male-Adapter-Cable/dp/B01D5H8KO2/

That sub will be a bit overpowered for those speakers, the speakers will be much louder than the echo as well and you won't even have to run the sub at full to have plenty of extra bass.

u/meltmyface · 1 pointr/dubstep

I have two of these


and the 10" sub that goes with them


And I have an Onkyo 300watt receiver. It's underpowered for those speakers, but the sub has its own amp so it bumps. Can rattle my whole house, I love it.

u/willardthor · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Subwoofers I have been considering:

u/Yoyodyne_Propulsion_ · 1 pointr/hometheater

It all depends on what your commitment to this "hobby" is going to be $$$ wise. If you want real quality in the long run or you just want to blast some movies right now. I am at 3.1 personally, and I'm into it for about $1400. And that's only because I bought a refurbished receiver, discontinued(half price) bookshelf speakers, a pre-owned center channel speaker, and a budget subwoofer.
Another person I just replied to was looking for an alternative to a htib, and I parted this for him to show him some options. I'm not sure how it would compare to the set you listed, as it is nicer than most htib:

"This comes in at $415 and would probably sound considerably better than most htib:

Reciever: http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/onktxsr343/onkyo-tx-sr343-5.1-ch-x-65-watts-bluetooth-a/v-receiver/1.html

Center channel: https://www.amazon.com/Micca-MB42-C-Channel-Speaker-Tweeter/dp/B00HH2GINM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1472958351&sr=8-2&keywords=micca+center

Speakers, 2 pair: https://www.amazon.com/Micca-MB42-Bookshelf-Speakers-Tweeter/dp/B009IUIV4A/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1472958258&sr=8-3&keywords=mica

Subwoofer: https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1472958408&sr=1-1&keywords=subwoofer"

u/AverageJoeAudiophile · 1 pointr/AVdeals

The Dayton Sub-1000 would be a good starting point.

The Polk PSW10 is currently on sale on Frys and Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

u/bagheera74 · 1 pointr/vinyl

> Gemtume SMSL SA 50 Amp <--- sorry I did not realize that this is your receiver. Here is the sub: http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1464735924&sr=8-2&keywords=powered+sub

there are different levels of it on amazon. You would take your speaker wire from the gemtune and put it into the left/right channel of the sub and then you connect your 201s to the sub. I keep my sub at pretty low levels. This Polk is nice because you can control the amount of bass.

u/thegreenbee · 1 pointr/dubstep

In my room I rock a pretty decent setup; two Polk Audio Bookshelf speakers with a great Polk Audio 10" Sub. Then I have two Pioneer 12" subs in my car along with two Pioneer 6x9 speakers all powered by a Pioneer 1200watt amp. As far as headphones go I typically use SkullCandy earbuds, I hate SkullCandy as a brand but fuck me if they don't make a great set of 15$ headphones, I rarely use headphones however more a workplace thing.

u/skylarmb · 1 pointr/battlestations

Right now my setup is a UCA202 DAC running to one of these for the amp, then to my sub which does a low pass and then outputs directly to the speakers with the remaining signal.

I'm getting a real receiver in the near future, but still doing my research. Any suggestions?

u/WhosListening · 1 pointr/Zeos

Hi Zeos,

I found a Polk Audio PSW10 on sale for 89.99 on Amazon. The reviews indicate that this is a good unit (4.5 stars, 1500+ reviews).

Is there anything terrible about this unit that I should be aware of?


Also, on a somewhat unrelated topic - How do I thank you for all this free advice? I saw the Paypal link (and donated some $), but if you prefer getting a cool postcard from a distant land or something like that, let me know.

u/Friendofmusic · 1 pointr/audiophile

Craigslist is your best bet. You can get new but the subwoofer form factor and technology has not changed a ton and your sub doesn't need to match your other speakers. LIve and breath Craigslist. Look up what they are selling by reviews and then buy the best one that you can. I am sure there are a few newer subs out there like this one that are cheap.. http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1465051113&sr=1-1&keywords=polk+subwoofer

u/duki512 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Looking to get the Micca MB42X and an Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer. Can someone help me figure out what is a budget amp that will let me connect these and what aditional cables I would need to connect this to my pc, and how I will be connecting these together.


u/spicedpumpkins · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Thanks OP!

Bought a pair for a computer build. Added the Polk sub that Amazon suggested. Crossing fingers that the sub is decent.

u/mistershifter · 1 pointr/realdubstep

You can get a Polk Subwoofer pretty cheap on Amazon, eBay, etc. I use one in my studio for music listening, and it's more than capable of helping out with what bookshelf speakers can't deliver.

Something like either of these would be fine:



Also, it might be easier just going with some powered speakers, rather than dealing with an amp/receiver.

u/dvereber · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Get a pair of mackie CR3 monitors and a subwoofer. Will kick the pants off the LSR350s.



It's a killer setup because the 3" drivers on the CR3's physically can't produce low frequencies and the PSW10 has a built in low pass filter, so the whole setup can end up beautifully balanced.

Also, when it's nighttime, you can just turn off the sub and not bother your neighbors as much.

Throw in a chromecast or bluetooth receiver, and you are the winner.

u/tldnradhd · 1 pointr/popheads

DAC: Schiit Modi

Crossover/DSP: Mini DSP 2x4

Powered Speakers: Emotiva Airmotiv 6S

Subwoofer: Polk PSW10

Headphones, open/inside: Sennheiser HD650

Headphones, bassy/portable: V-Moda M100

Headphones, IEM: Echobox Finder X1

Portable headphone amp: Fiio E07K

Bedroom speakers: Emotiva Airmotiv 4S (6S was the upgrade for the main setup)

If you're wondering what a DAC is, it's the processor that converts the digital music to waveform before it gets to the amp. Your sound card usually does this job, but you can spend $30-2300 on getting better sound - Behringer UCA202 for improvement over on-board sound to Schiit Yggdrasil for deep pockets.

Edit: Car: Audison bit.ten, Alpine PDX amps, Hertz HSK 165XL component speakers (4x100w), Image Dynamics IDMax12 subwoofer(1x1200w)

u/dezrez · 0 pointsr/audiophile

I have the A2's and I have used the Polk PSW10 which I found on Amazon for $99.00 shipped. You can find a link to it below. Hope this helps. FYI I love the sound from the A2's and the nice low end the Sub adds.


u/DrMussintouchit · 0 pointsr/hometheater

Whats your budget?

So I have BIC F12 and its a monster. Its kind of sloppy, kind of muddy but holy hell does it rattle the walls. Best bang for your buck for that theater experience.

Lower budget this polk is pretty good.

u/ImaginaryCheetah · 0 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

powered speakers - https://www.fluance.com/powered-2-0-bluetooth-active-6-inch-bookshelf-speakers-white-walnut

powered sub - https://www.fluance.com/fluance-db10-10-inch-low-frequency-powered-subwoofer

$500us = £385 :(((




powered studio monitors - https://www.amazon.com/PreSonus-Eris-E4-5-Powered-Monitors/dp/B00GP56OYA/

powered sub - https://www.amazon.com/Polk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single/dp/B0002KVQBA/

~$350 = £270 :((


i have fluance floor speakers and like them a lot, and have seen lots of folks recommend their powered bookshelf speakers. not sure about availability in the UK. i have the Eris 4.5's and they are outstanding, although a little bright (having a sub would round out the sound IMO) they're good for 220v application as long as you buy a local cord. again, i'm not sure of availability in the UK.


what about a really nice 2.1 computer speaker set? not exactly upgradable, but i'm sure you could get some really nice sounds for a £200 budget.

u/snapdragon187 · 0 pointsr/malelivingspace

dont get a fucking sound bar man might as well have a tube tv from the 90's


get a good receiver on ebay, then order some good stuff with silk domes.




same receiver I have used to cost over 1200 msrp when made and no HDMI but coax or SPDIF is better than HDMI! just do optical out from tv to the optical in on the receiver dude this thing is better than most amps out there today going a grand+ for amp quality alone, fuck all that HDMI bullshit.






start with that stuff upgrade to sub later yo




then just buy another pair of the micca's for rears and you'll have hifi surround sound. better than some shitty sound bar yo!

u/keepingitrealsince20 · -1 pointsr/hometheater

You can run two subs. You can also use a Y adapter and add other subs as well if you want. Look into powered subs like this polk audio https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1480004968&sr=1-1&keywords=polk+audio+subwoofer

$77 is a phenomenal price. if I didn't already own two I would get another.

u/edubiton · -1 pointsr/buildmeapc

I don't know about "under $50" but I listed the parts I used below and it's an amazing sound that can /will rumble the floor if I need it to.

You'll also need the standard speaker wire and connectors but this is a good price for the results. That last bit (the Amp) is the important part to this.

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at a Great Value | Easy integration Home Theater Systems https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Al1ACbH3SJ7RX

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E7H8GG2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-l1ACbF5GWJRY

SMSL SA50 50Wx2 TDA7492 Class D Amplifier + Power Adapter (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F0H8TOC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3m1ACbWVAMEAT

u/olafmetal2 · -3 pointsr/audiophile

This is the one I recommend to everyone looking for a subwoofer since its the most affordable and it sounds great. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002KVQBA/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_T40rxbKX6Q5FZ