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Reddit reviews on QuadHands Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Tool | 4 Flexible Metal Arms Are Easy to Position | Rotating Stainless Steel Clamps | Made in USA - Professional Grade

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We found 13 Reddit mentions of QuadHands Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Tool | 4 Flexible Metal Arms Are Easy to Position | Rotating Stainless Steel Clamps | Made in USA - Professional Grade. Here are the top ones.

Third hand? How about four extra helping hands with extra strong and flexible arms? With QuadHands you get 4 adjustable metal gooseneck arms with industrial strength, stainless steel, precision alligator clamps.8 inch by 8 inch (8" x 8") powder coated steel base is heavy and extremely sturdy to ensure your workstation doesn't tip over or move an inch. Rubber lines the feet of the steel base to provide more stability and to protect your work space's surfaces from scratching and scuffing.The ultimate work bench vise for any professional or hobbyist who relies on perfect precision and stability - from engineers to artists. Use for any electronic, soldering, crafting, painting, replica, figurine and hobby work - or any precision project that requires extreme accuracy.QuadHands started as a necessity for our own in-house USA based manufacturing and engineering efforts. We're an American company, owned and operated right here in Charleston, South CarolinaQuadHands rig now includes additional removable silicone coverings for extra protection while working on delicate objects such as microchips and other electronics.

Found 13 comments on QuadHands Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Tool | 4 Flexible Metal Arms Are Easy to Position | Rotating Stainless Steel Clamps | Made in USA - Professional Grade:

u/Dking2204 · 2 pointsr/fpv

quad hands there are probly better versions but I grabbed this one to be quick about it.

u/explodeder · 2 pointsr/DIY

I've used those, and they're kind of garbage. Once you've used this type, there is no going back.

Here is a comparable one, and OPs is definitely cheaper.

u/c0mad0r · 2 pointsr/sandiego

These types of things are generally considered hobbyist level and in all honestly, you are best doing this yourself with a good Weller Soldering Iron, a 56 SMD Desk Magnafier and some helping hands.

If that is out of the question though, I'd recommend checking out Fab Lab. It is a non-profit community space that has all the equipment available to anyone who dabbles in everything from Raspberry Pi to all things electronics. You may be able to consign someone or do it yourself there.Their address is 847 14th Street, San Diego 92101

Hope this helps and good luck!

u/wylie7878 · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

This one is really good:
Shows out of stock on Amazon right now though.

u/ttreit · 1 pointr/livesound

My business partner and I just started making our own cables in December. We use Switchcraft connectors (personal preference) and Canare Star Quad cable. It hasn't been too hard to learn on star quad. We use a Weller WES51 which is around $85.

Also recommend a brass sponge and this helping hands tool if you have the budget for it.

EDIT: Neither one of us had really soldered much before, but we did have someone showing us how to do it. So Quad-Core might be tough if you're totally trying to teach yourself.

u/VynlRulz_8008_7 · 1 pointr/vintageaudio

Haha, completely self taught through trial and error, thanks! Having the right kind of paste flux and magnification helps. I’ve also purchased one of these to help keep things steady with this and future jobs.

QuadHands Helping Hands Third Hand Soldering Tool and Vise

u/ElCabrito · 1 pointr/minipainting

I used to have one of those. The magnifying glass (plastic) broke off almost immediately.

I'd like to get this, but it is way more expensive...

u/factoid_ · 1 pointr/DIY

I have a very similar vise in my workshop. Works great and I love it, but third-hands are amazing if you get a good one. I tried this one out after seeing the amazing reviews on Amazon and was not let down. Having 4 clamps instead of 2, and having them be able to lock down makes a world of difference.

I also have one like this, only not quite as expensive: