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Suede ankle boot with embroidered-floral design and fringe trimFull-length instep zipperChunky heel

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u/sugarplumcow · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Hi, everyone! big wave. I am very thankful I have found this sub. I love fashion, and admittedly do not know a lot about it. I have always loved looking at outfits online and finally decided now was the time to put myself together!! However, for me, it is the worst time to do this. We are currently on a tight budget, so it has been difficult. I am just focusing on picking up a few staple pieces for the time being and making drool-worthy Pinterest pages for future shopping sprees. :)

I am currently looking for a pair of ankle boots. I would prefer they be around (or below!) a $50 price point. Maybe $60 if they are amazing. I was looking through the ankle boot thread on here with the recommendations and was blown away with the beauty of the boots as well as the price tags. Can anyone recommend a brand that would have quality ankle boots at that price point? Preferably a brand I could find on Amazon, as I have a gift card from Christmas loaded and ready to be spent! I found a pair of White Mountain ankle boots in TJ Maxx on clearance for $22. I know nothing about this brand, though. Are they quality? Fashionable? I have not worn them yet and can return them if I find something else. Also, do I need to cuff my skinny jeans above my ankle boots? I don't wear a lot of leggings or jeggings. Mostly skinny jeans. What is the proper way to wear them? I have been staring at women's feet while I have been out lately and I truly hope I haven't bothered anyone by doing so. I figured it was better to take my questions online than to be a creeper, haha!

I am usually a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, but have really been trying to shift my style to more feminine, flirty, vintage/boho, romantic and whimsical. I really like pink, pastels, and florals and just want to try and dress more girly. I'm looking for ankle boots in brown or black. I have fallen in love with these (in the brown), but, yeah, it's not gonna happen right now!


They don't have to be so embellished, though, for what I am looking for right now. I don't know if there are any ankle boots that fit the description of the style I am looking to wear, but if there are, I would love to hear them! While I'm on the topic, can anyone suggest any stores that may have (affordable) clothes in the style I am seeking? I'm looking to start building a wardrobe more in the spring when the spring/summer outfits are out but want to start researching where I can shop and how to most effectively spend my money.

Thank you in advance for your help. I really appreciate it as I start my budget-conscious fashion journey! :) Thank you for making it through my long post!