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Power 1/4 HP40 AccessoriesMax 22,000 RPM5/32" chuckBlow mold case

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u/Zerhackermann · 2 pointsr/minipainting

One problem I would see is control. Power tools have a learning curve and tend to "run away" particularly if you are doing something delicate. So any time I am removing material, I would prefer to do it by hand to avoid that situation. Caveat: this experience is not based on work with miniatures, but in other areas.

What I have used for years is a flexible shaft grinder. The big name is Foredom. But those are spendy. I have a harbor freight knock off that has served me well for years. The foot pedal speed control alone is worth it. The dremel you link to is variable speed, but its a wheel control on the tool. I dont care for having to stop to adjust the speed

As an example (there are heaps of them out there. relabled versions of the same knock off):