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Reddit reviews on SEM 15013 Landau Black Color Coat - 12 oz.

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COLOR COAT - Landau Black

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u/BlackBessCharger · 1 pointr/carporn

Thanks dude, they were fucking expensive though... i sold my 68 headrest seats to buy them :( I was gonna leave my back seats out too, but i thought it would look funky without them. Cheers for the link too! i'm planning on putting a discrete roll cage behind the front seats too, its kinda necessary if you're gonna race them.

I just noticed your door pads too, that was my project this week, mine were really similar to yours condition wise. I dont have pics right now, but this is what you need:
http://www.amazon.com/SEM-Paints-SEM15013-Color-Coat/dp/B00B3HXS8A (Has to be 'Landau Black')
It comes out great, but you need to make sure the pads are REALLY FUCKING CLEAN!!! seriously... if theres any dirt or oil they will look horrible. Use this before hand:

As far as the door medallions go, i just used some polish and some steel wool. Then i sanded the old red paint out and reapplied it with a tiny paint brush. It looks pretty decent if you spend some time on it.

That's too true, theres nothing wrong with the Camaro's and the Mustangs that you see a lot, but it would be nice to see more mean big block Mopars driving around.