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Reddit reviews on Sexflesh Devilish Darren 7.5 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

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Durable with a realistic feelSoft & sensual for optimal pleasureEasy to use and cleanSafe to use with lubricant

Found 1 comment on Sexflesh Devilish Darren 7.5 Inch Suction Cup Dildo:

u/WildBeards · 7 pointsr/ftm

jockstrap style harnesses. such as the aslan commando they also have a vegan, rayon version on another site somewhere.

as for the piece itself, pretty much anything off the amazon site in the realistic section lol. Ive got a collection of them from there in different sizes and styles.
this was the most realistic texture and looks wise. however this particular model is pretty big around. Like 2 inches, when most run about 1.5 inches.

The doc johnson ones look very realistic but still have a plasticy feel to them. And dont give(squish) like the other does. So, to those who arnt really size queens, could feel bigger than the other.

I just bought this one. But havent used it in action yet. Has that kind of plasticy feel to it, and the shape is kind of weird.

I should honestly start a tumblr blog dedicated to sex toy reviews and such lol. I have had so many. Im a penis conniseur, if you will lol.