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|name|A Tribe Called Red|
|about artist|A Tribe Called Red are a Canadian electronic music group, who blend instrumental hip hop, reggae, moombahton and dubstep-influenced dance music with elements of First Nations music, particularly vocal chanting and drumming. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the group consists of three DJs, Ian "DJ NDN" Campeau, Dan "DJ Shub" General and Bear Witness, and describes its music as "powwow-step", a style of contemporary powwow music for urban First Nations in the dance club scene. ([more on last.fm](http://www.last.fm/music/A Tribe Called Red))|
|album|Nation II Nation, released May 2013|
|images|artist image|
|links|wikipedia, soundcloud, twitter, mp3 on amazon, album on amazon|
|tags|nativeamerican, dubstep, womex, canadian, electro, firstnations|
|similar|Spindrift, Zaki Ibrahim, Whitehorse, A Tribe Called Red & Das Racist, YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN, Cadence Weapon|
|found in|r/RepublicOfMusic, r/listentothis|
|metrics|lastfm listeners: 12,233, lastfm plays: 157,546, youtube plays: 264,321, radd.it score: 7.33|

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