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SyntheticImportedShaft measures approximately 3.5 from archPlatform measures approximately 2Heel Height~5 / Platform Height~2 / Shaft Height~3.5

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u/alittlekink · 37 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I shop on Amazon because I get gift cards for work (camgirl). I'll list whatever I find in my order history - Apologies if it includes anything discontinued. I shop on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca as I am Canadian, so I'll include finds from both.


Bombsheller octopus leggings - They don't carry these on Amazon anymore, but last I checked, they do allow you to pay via Amazon on their website. The size chart was off when I first ordered them so I exchanged them for a size up, and the company was very accomodating. The leggings are comfy and sturdy.

Jellyfish socks - Adorable and well made. Definitely plan to purchase more designs from this seller.

Snowpants - I don't wear these a lot since I'm more the summer outdoorsy type, but they were excellent for walking my ex's dog in the winter and I still occasionally wear them for running errands on foot when it's really cold out.

Burned velvet leggings - I bought these in "blurple" and adore them. They're slightly sheer, so I wear other leggings underneath (these ones from eBay do the trick).

Anna-Kaci search result link - Anna-Kaci is an awesome vendor with well priced attire. I listed the vendor since the specific items I purchased are no longer available.

Thigh high socks - I have found these cheaper on amazon.ca, but this was the first pair I bought. Cute and sturdy! I now have 3 more pairs on their way!

Zebra print scarf - I was impressed by the quality of this one. I did donate it when I was gifted a similar scarf in black/gray as I try not to keep duplicates of non-essentials, but I would still have it otherwise.

Timberland knee high boots - Bought these in black, and they are probably one of my favorite Amazon purchases ever. If I were to ever re-buy these, I'd go a half size up, as I had to get them professionally stretched once they arrived, but holy fuck I love these boots. Waterproof, and fantastic quality. They're my go-to boots and I wear them more than any other piece of footwear I own.

Underbust belt - I'm not huge on the price tag, only because I once bought a nearly identical one on clearance pre-breast-augmentation. I'm glad I was able to buy this one post-op since the old one stopped fitting though. Will buy in more colors if they ever go on sale.

Booties - Pleasantly surprised by the quality! Will definitely consider buying more if I ever want/need them in different colors. Comfier for longer wear than most of my other heels, too.

Suspender Skirt - I love this thing so much, I bought two more on eBay after buying this one in black. This one's definitely better quality than the other two, though. I'd recommend wearing them with a shorts slip since there's not a lot of length to them. I'm actually really sad that they don't ship this to Canada anymore, otherwise I'd buy a couple more colors.

Beechfield beanie - This is definitely more my style when it comes to fit, but isn't as warm as the cable knits. Definitely one of my go-to hats.


Wet look batwing top - Surprised by the fit/quality for the price. Fabric looks/feels a bit cheap but overall the piece is well made.

Chunky cable knit beanies - I ordered this hat in olive, mustard, and teal. They're comfy, warm, and feel well made. I find them to be a little too bulky for my head, so I'm trying to stretch them out/break them in a bit. Definitely personal preference though, and not a quality issue.

Glitter loafers with spikes - They're gorgeous, but not high quality. I'd put them under "meh" for lifespan, but I did love them up until they started falling apart.

Holo creepers - I really need to wear these more, but my day-to-day fashion is much more casual and I don't party like I used to. Working my way towards wearing them more. The quality is decent but I don't think they'll last forever.

JollyChic search result link - JollyChic is great for cheap-ish stuff. I've bought from them a number of times and rarely been disappointed. Some of their synthetic stuff smells chemically at first (shiny leggings being one) but the smell dissipates after a couple washes. Their customer service is also stellar. Shared the search results since the specific items I ordered are no longer listed.

Iron Fist sweater - Bought in a size small, fits more like a medium. Will be shrinking it.

Waist belt - Great quality for the price (~$13CAD if I recall correctly). Fit is a little stiff, so it can look a little boxy with some outfits as it isn't flexible around curves, but overall still nice.


Faux fur vest #1 - Not the worst quality, but definitely felt cheaper than a couple other vests I own. Ended up selling it since the size chart was off and I didn't love it enough to exchange it for the right size.

Faux fur vest #2 - Slightly lower quality than #1, but same deal - Size chart was inaccurate, but not worth exchanging so I sold it.

Thermal leggings - Smelled awful at first, but it went away overtime. They are still pretty warm even after washing/wearing them for a couple years now, but they pill, so they're not the most aesthetically pleasing. Great for layering, but would not buy again.

Skull cardigan - It's cute and cozy. I wear it around the house more than out, since I noticed after washing it that the bottom corners started curling up a bit due to shrinkage. Also wish it was a tad bit longer.

Spiked slouch beret - The creases are a little harder than I wanted/expected, so I'm trying to stretch it out/break it in a bit. I have other hats that I like more though, so this one doesn't get a lot of love and might just end up being donated.

Leg warmers - Quality-wise, they should be in the "loves" section, but I bought these back when I was on a wild spree to better prepare myself for winter, and while I do love how warm they are, the patterns/colors just aren't my style.

Digital print tanks - The quality is about what I expected for the material, but I found the fit to be off on most of them (especially in the armpit area). I modified a few for a better fit, but mostly I wear them as slips now. The material is perfect for layering under sweaters that normally "grab" onto cotton camis. They can definitely be found cheaper elsewhere, though.

Fleece lined leggings - I bought these in damask, which I guess is no longer available. They're completely matted on the inside now, and not what I'd call "fleece lined" anymore. Still pretty on the outside, but definitely no good for warmth.

Downright Awful

OURS vendor search results - Seriously, don't buy anything from OURS. Their photos are stolen from other brands and the quality of their clothes are laughably poor. I threw them away rather than donate them because I knew that they would never be rebought, even at thrift store prices. They were the worst. Woooorst.

Bikini - The shittiest shit that ever shitted. Everything about it was just awful.