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Mid-calf boot with twin adjustable buckle straps and full-length side zipperSpider Rubber outsole for traction and durability

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u/magelanz · 8 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I'm looking for boots now too. I think my standards are similar to yours: able to stand up to the El Nino rains coming up, able to walk at least 2 miles without getting uncomfortable, and I want something cute, not too formal - something I can wear grocery shopping and back and forth to the gym.

These are the 4 I was looking at, I was going to check out REI tomorrow to see if I can try them out. If anyone has any feedback on mine, feel free to share!

Keen Bern Boots

Merrell Captiva Buckel-Down Boots

Born Jorah Boots

Teva De La Vina Boots

Out of the 4, I think I like the look of the Merrell and Teva the best, but I want to try them on and see them in person before I make any decisions.

EDIT: I have a 13" calf circumference, any ideas if these or other brands might be suited for a narrower calf?

SECOND EDIT: I tried on the 4 at REI today (although they didn't have the Merrell Buckle Down, they had another Captiva) and of them I thought the Teva De La Vina had the best fit and look for me. No major gap in the calf. They didn't carry the black though, so I ended up ordering them on Amazon for $137 and free shipping.

u/krallfish · 2 pointsr/FrugalFemaleFashion

I absolutely ADORE my pair of Teva De La Vina Low boots in bison! They are incredibly comfortable, durable and versatile. I wear them out on the town, but also at the ranch, and even for hiking. They are legitimately waterproof - I walked through ~6in of water in them while crossing a creek and my feet stayed dry.

They also come in a tall version. I would gladly buy my pair over and over again. I plan on buying black and tall versions eventually. :)