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u/taybot · 2 pointsr/teaching

Hey friend! Don't stress about the content for the time-being, this kid will pick up on your enthusiasm for the subject and that's important.

What you need to do figure out what topics/events you are going to cover. I am new to teaching US history as well, but have designed my year using a text book (this one, specifically). I will be teaching from the early explorers to the 1960s. You might want to consider picking up a textbook or finding a pdf of one online- not even to have your student use - but for your own guidance.

Next create a chart of your sessions. What topics will you cover for those lessons? What activities would you like to do? Something similar to this (but not nearly as detailed, just a few bullet points for your own information) just to keep you on track. I'm not from the States so I am not familiar with your state's standards or the Common Core. If you can find out information from the student's mother or online just to ensure the student is meeting his standards.

Look up techniques for home-schooling. You are probably able to get a lot done with him because it's all one-on-one and you're not running around a classroom to make sure everyone else is on task. Take the first couple of sessions with him to figure our what he's capable of, what his pace of learning is, and what ways of learning he responds to most.

Best of luck!