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Reddit reviews on The Outlaw Bible of American Literature

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u/smilius · 5 pointsr/booksuggestions

What you really need is a good anthology. Those are good for people in your situation because they let you discover different writers you might want to read more of, they let you discover genres that you like, and if you don't like a story you can go onto the next one.

I'd actually recommend getting two anthologies, one of older stories and another of more modern stuff.

Based on your interest in FPS, I'd say go with something like The Big Book of Adventure Stories edited by Otto Penzler. It's mostly "classic" adventure stories, including well known ones like "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Leningen vs. The Ants", but also obscure things from the 20th century.

For the modern anthology, you might try The Outlaw Bible of American Literature. It contains a lot of avant-garde and literary writings, but also pulp, sci-fi, rap lyrics, humor and more. Some of it may be crap, but again, you can always just skip things that look silly. It's huge, and there's plenty of good stuff in it as well.

If these anthologies don't appeal to you, try looking for ones that do.

u/muffinbutt1027 · 2 pointsr/books

The Outlaw Bible of American Literature has a lot of the short stories that have already been recommended here.