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|about artist|Leila Arab, musician, producer, recording artist, moved to London after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. She started recording for Rephlex Records her own style of heavily IDM-influenced soul/ambient music. Described by DJ Gilles Peterson as 'the best of what Britain has to offer in the cutting edge of music', composer/producer Leila has collaborated and toured live with Bjork, been featured on Plaid 's Not For Threes debut, and remixed the likes of Acacia under her experimental Gramatix alter-ego. (more on last.fm)|
|similar to|Mira Calix, Global Goon, Plaid, Clark, Pinch and Shackleton|
|album|Blood Looms and Blooms, released Jul 2008|
|track|Time To Blow|
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|tags|ambient, electronic, idm, triphop, electronica|
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|metrics|lastfm listeners: 47,264, lastfm plays: 717,102, youtube plays: 301, radd.it score: 13.25|

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