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Reddit reviews on Timken 510063 Wheel Bearing

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Designed to allow car wheels spin smoothly and quietlyHelps maintain proper oil clearanceReduces the friction between two partsOffers long-term reliabilityImproves performance and increases tire life

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u/SqBlkRndHole · 1 pointr/autorepair

I linked to a National Bearing. Bearings generally use the same part number for every brand. Link to Timken below, be sure it fits your car, don't trust my search. Not sure why you would need a new axle nut, I could be wrong and can't give you a educated answer. There may be some stretching or locking mech that would make a new nut safer. I didn't watch the video, I skimmed it for to be sure it would be the help you needed. I'm sure someone made a video in English. Try A1Auto, they're a parts dealer that makes there own self help videos. For sure get it pressed in, hammering it in will likely damage the bearing or not seat properly. https://www.amazon.com/Timken-510063-Wheel-Bearing/dp/B000BZ6YRM