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Reddit reviews on TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray for Hair 8 oz

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We found 4 Reddit mentions of TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray for Hair 8 oz. Here are the top ones.

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray stands up to flat irons and curling irons by guarding against heat and friction, leaving hair shiny and enviably softThis thermal hair protector is a heat protectant spray that enhances hair's flexibility to re-formThermal Creations heat protection spray for hair is heat-activated to help guard against harsh styling damage and hold your hair shapeProfessional, affordable salon-quality heat protectant hair spray without the salon price tagStyle per usual after use!

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Found 4 comments on TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray for Hair 8 oz:

u/captain_floss · 3 pointsr/malehairadvice

Thanks! I'm using a few products and I've been nopooing for a few months now.

Length - the longest in the front goes down to about the bridge of my nose. The sides aren't quite long enough to tuck behind my ears yet, but I blow-dry it down.

Pre-blow drying - When my hair is a little wet, I use a heat protective spray from TRESemme and a bit of Hanz de Fuko Quicksand.

Post-blow drying - I use Hanz de Fuko Claymation to get some more separation and hold. If I REALLY care, then I'll use some hairspray too.

At least for my hair, I've realized that the way I blow-dry my hair is WAY more crucial than the products I use or even the cut I have. I have typical super straight hair that grows out of my head perpendicular to my scalp.

u/BetrayedColt · 3 pointsr/malehairadvice

There's a way to towel dry without bringing in frizz. You just scrunch your hair in it on the softer side of the towel instead of rubbing back and forth. This is what I do so now I don't have to damage my hair with heat. If you still just like the outcome of blowdrying, then you might want to consider a heat protectant spray like [this one] (https://www.amazon.com/TRESemme-Thermal-Creations-Tamer-Protective/dp/B000H88QOM). It's what I used to use.

u/numbersaremygameyall · 2 pointsr/ask_transgender

You know what, I was very concerned about that before I started straightening too, but I totally forgot about it until you just mentioned it haha. Honestly, I don't use anything on my hair when I straighten it, but it is recommended that you use a spray heat protectant. I used this one for a long while and really liked it (probably gonna buy some now that you mentioned it - I've gotten lazy, and you're really right that it's not good for your hair). The most important thing to look for in a heat protectant for your type of hair is that it's not gonna make your hair too greasy - I used one from RedKen that made my hair super heavy and greasy, even after a cut. It was even "recommended" to me by a stylist, but I stopped using it after two uses. Terrible.

u/UndyingCactus · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I style my hair in the opposite direction as well. The best method to keep if from flopping is using hair/blow dryer. Hair tends to stay in the direction that it dries, so drying it on the opposite direction will make it stay that way.
Get damp hair and blow dry in the direction that you want it to flow. You don't need to use too much heat. Make sure you use some sort of heat protectant (eg. normal spray on heat protectant or two drops of a natural oils such as argon oil (Note: oils aren't as good if you tend to have oily hair)).
If you blow dry you won't have to use as much product afterwards, and your hair will stay that way for much longer. As /u/mr_kierz said it gets easier after doing it for a week or so.