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Reddit reviews on USB 2.0 to IDE & SATA cable

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u/Professor_ZombieKill · 1 pointr/IAmA

Haha, yeah people working in major electronics stores never seem to know anything about the stuff they are selling (it's the same here in the Netherlands).

I'm not quite sure what you're looking for. I found these two USB 2.0 to IDE SATA adapters. The first one is cheap but has a bunch of negative reviews with it to go. The other one seems higher quality (no reviews though).



However, you are probably looking for something to plug your USB into that it going to end in a SATA/IDE cable. This looks promising to me:
http://www.icidu.com/index.php/interface-card/usb-to-ide-sata-adapter.html. But I can't make out whether that is a proper connection. Most adapters are actually SATA to USB (so you can connect a harddrive without mounting it. It's probably best to look for a computer specialized place and explain what you need. They'll be able to give you a proper adapter. Also, don't cheap out too much. If the difference is 5 - 10 dollars for a crappy barely functional thing or an actual quality adapter, I'd say go with the latter.