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Reddit reviews on Vincent PHO 8 Phono Stage MM/MC Outboard Power Supply Black

Sentiment score: 3
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We found 5 Reddit mentions of Vincent PHO 8 Phono Stage MM/MC Outboard Power Supply Black. Here are the top ones.

Front panel mm/mc switchSeparate chassis for power supply and phono stageOne pair of rca inputs plus a groundOne pair of rca outputs

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Found 5 comments on Vincent PHO 8 Phono Stage MM/MC Outboard Power Supply Black:

u/thesneakywalrus · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I haven't heard the Rega Fono, but I have heard the Cambridge.

I'd certainly take the Cambridge between the two of them, especially considering how stupid cheap a reconditioned one is on Accesories4Less right now.

IMO, the best phono preamp that can be had in that price range is the Vincent PHO-8. Fully isolated power supply in its own chassis and MC/MM support. It punches way above it's weight, I haven't heard a preamp under $1000 that sounds as good (though I'm sure they are out there).

u/PrinsFoo · 1 pointr/vinyl

Hello fine people of /r/vinyl!

I'm looking for general thoughts on this setup for my large-ish bedroom. Any pro/cons on amps I haven't thought of? Any general warnings on choosing a preamp? I'm not trying to go too much more expensive unless there is a good argument to do so. Also, any cable advice would be great!

  • Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit (DC)

  • Phono Preamp: ART DJPRE II seems well reviewed? This is the second time I've seen the Vincent - PHO-8 recommended (once in a review and once in the comments below) but it seems like it might be somewhat overkill with the setup I have planned. Would this amp/speakers actually get any benefit from the upgrade?

  • Amp: Arcam A19 or Peachtree nova220se unless you all have a better suggestion. I don't use headphones. Arcam has a good phono preamp which Peachtree is lacking. Peachtree has an integrated DAC which will be great... until it is outdated. The Arcam will be a pain to get my hands on so I was leaning towards the Peachtree 125se which is, of course, out of stock. So I'm looking at the nova220se instead. But then I need a phono preamp... bleh.

  • Speakers: KEF LS50

    Thanks! (ps. If the 'no stupid questions' thread restarts tomorrow, I may repost this there.)
u/adayinalife · 1 pointr/vinyl

Not quite within your guidelines, but I would consider the PHO8 https://www.amazon.com/Vincent-PHO-8-Phono-Outboard-Supply/dp/B003BFYHDC

u/TravlRaider · 1 pointr/audiophile

It's a little over your budget ($299 from Amazon) but I recently purchased the Vincent Audio PHO-8 and I love it. I have it paired with a Denon DL-103R. Very detailed soundstage, I think the bass is very clean, and beautiful build quality.

u/Cantstandyuh · 1 pointr/vinyl

In my opinion this is the best preamp for the money