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Shoot with Confidence Using in-App Video StabilizationRecord videos with the resolution of [email protected] fps, [email protected] fps and [email protected] fps. Records as MP4 with H.264 encoder for enhanced image quality.Take DNG and JPG photos at 18 MP resolution. Giving you the ability to professionally edit your photos after taking them, to achieve whatever result you desire.With the touch of a button, the Vuze XR goes from a 360 camera to VR 180°, giving you unique ways to explore more -- and tell your story bigger and better. Change the perspective and adjust it to your audience.Easily create out-of-this-world content, ready to be shared live or edited to be enjoyed later. Control the camera via WiFi through a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS. Edit, add voice-over and effects. Reframe your video using Directors Cut tools.

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u/MuVR · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

I am really interested in VR photography and video. I currently use Google Cardboard Camera on vacations and stuff. I like how it brings in some 3D stereo, and I like that it combines it with the audio. However I am looking to get a 360/3d180 camera. To take on vacations and even use it more and more whenever I think something is interesting.