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Reddit reviews on Wii Classic Controller Pro - White (Japanese Version)

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Size: 100.5mm (L) x 146mm (W) x 55mm (D)Uses the communication function of the Wii Remote ControlButtons: A, B, X, Y, L, R, ZR, ZL (ZR/ZL analog)Two Analog Sticks: L, RExtra Buttons: - (Minus) / Select, Home, + (Plus) / Start

Found 7 comments on Wii Classic Controller Pro - White (Japanese Version):

u/frank_n_bean · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Try going for the Japanese one from Amazon. It's literally the exact same as the US version (and OEM), except the packaging is in Japanese. I got mine the other day and it works like a charm.

u/sur_surly · 2 pointsr/minines

I use the US version of these. Same plug and all.

u/billybobiswatching · 1 pointr/wii

If you don't like the Wii Remote and prefer more traditional controls then the Wii Classic Controller Pro is for you.

Edit: Link to buy them on eBay.

u/Joegotbored · 1 pointr/wiiu
  • You will need an external hard drive.

  • Gamepad battery range is short, battery sucks. Invest in an extra charge cable to use while playing, or one of the extra battery attachments. Range can't be helped.

  • The best controller option, in my opinion, is to NOT go with the Wii U pro controllers, but with Wii Remotes, along with the Nun-Chuck and Classic Controller Pro Controller. This will get you the best variety of support, and is not too expensive if you do it correctly. Go through the Nintendo refurbished store for the $25 Wii Motion Plus Remote + Nunchuck deal. Purchase Nintendo Brand Wii Classic Controller Pro attachments; the Japanese version from Amazon are the best, they are compatible, $20-$25.
u/SenordrummeR2 · 1 pointr/wiiu

Wii classic controller, might be the pro version actually. Like this.


One of the Hori or PDP fight pads that were recently released would work the same.

MM was included as a bonus disc with one of the games, and my brother played it all the time on the Wii with a Gamecube controller. That's why I'm assuming you'll need the classic controller or fight pad.