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u/Mako18 · 8 pointsr/running

I'm not a fan of compression liners in running shorts specifically, but definitely running shorts are great. Running shorts tend to be super lightweight, and the generally have a liner (if you're a dude), so you don't need to wear compression shorts or something underneath. I like shorts that hit mid-thigh most of the time, but if you're feeling fast some 1in inseam split shorts can be great too.

The big thing with running shorts is that good ones tend not to rub or chafe like a generic pair of workout shorts might, and like I said before, they're really lightweight – even compared to a standard pair of mesh shorts.

Here's a couple examples:

u/Shebags84 · 1 pointr/running

Naviskin Men's 5" Quick Dry Running Shorts Workout Athletic Outdoor Shorts Zip Pocket Black Size M https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0797RZ4CY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_XpxiDbNX38M7C

Saw these on a running site. I don't have a pair but they have great reviews and are super cheap.

Another Option are from Super Target - Champion C9 5 inch running shorts - they are $20 and very nice. I've had a pair for several years and they are as good as new.

u/sugarman19 · 1 pointr/running

If you're in a hot and humid climate like me, I'm in FL. I like the Under Armour Heat Gear, ~$30 each for a shirt and shorts, shorts aren't too long or too short for a new runner. They're very light weight and very breathable. The shirt is sort of mesh on the back.
The shirts I use, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FLFJR16/ref=twister_B01FWVNMAQ?th=1
The shorts I use, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01594P89O/ref=twister_B016APPPUS?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Good luck and be sure to read the side bar, order of operations, etc. Try not to take things too fast, ease into things to stay energized and injury free.

Good Luck!

u/draconnery · 4 pointsr/running

I happen to have both shorts (mine are a little bit less showy, but the same idea) and a handheld bottle holder that are super-convenient for exactly this use case. The pocket in the back of the shorts is centered, so it's not incredibly annoying to keep stuff in it; both pockets are zippered and are the perfect size for carrying a credit card, car key fob, and/or one ~standard gel.

I say "I happen to have" because if I didn't happen to have these items, I might have looked for a brilliant technique like the one serge_mamian has described. I may start using the pin technique anyway!

u/mmcgrat6 · 1 pointr/orangetheory

Also these on Amazon are my number two go-to. They cost $23 right now but are equally amazing.

LAPASA Active - 5" Quick-Dry Men's Shorts, with Zipper (x1) and Meshed Pockets (x2). Great for Running, Fitness M27 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074DXMM9Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Yab8BbA3S9E5W

u/joey_miglio · 4 pointsr/streetwear

How I would do the Pyrex Aesthetic On a Budget

  1. Leggings. You already have the leggings to that's a plus we can cross that off!

  2. Shorts. Pyrex prints their clothes on Champion so a pair of cheap champion shorts could work in place of pyrex ones. But if you wanted to go above and beyond and save up you can get the ones made by Off-White which is deigned by the same guy as Pyrex and shares very similar designs.

  3. Shirt. Pyrex Shirts don't go for too much, but a good alternative could be a plain black or white Gildan hoodie or shirt or the Stussy x Pyrex Vision Shirt.

  4. Shoes. Can't go wrong with some Mid Top Air Force One's!

  5. Bomber Jacket (Maybe). I feel that a good way to elevate this fit to over 9000 would be a black plain bomber jacket!
u/HempHouse · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you hello-everything for the contest & spreading the love!

These shorts would be an awesome gift for my boyfriend. He only has three pairs of shorts he wears again and again and his main pair just split down the crotch. Since they were really cheap this deodorant would help him out too. Most deodorants have the metal aluminum in them which is terrible for your body & doesn't agree with his skin. Thank you again!

Goodbye Eleven

u/stripvanwinkle · 1 pointr/running

Check these out. Affordable and just about the perfect running shorts. I fit 28/29 waist in most pants and shorts and these arw perfect in small. Good luck in the 10k!


u/jchrysostom · 1 pointr/running

New Balance M1500's. I have been running in the M1400 since V1 and made the change after 5 pairs; they feel great, but the soles are showing serious wear after less than 100 miles.

Also, really nice inexpensive shorts from an Amazon brand called TSLA. They're just as nice as anything I have ever spent $40 on at a name brand store. I have 3 pairs now and am much less likely to do laundry solely for clean running shorts.


u/AlwaysHuangry · 2 pointsr/running

get the new ones from 5" distance shorts from asics. I have 2 pairs and I love the easy access pockets that house dog treats. Also, has those stupid hoops for my shirt when the weather gets really warm. Also, many people have said the patagonia duckbill, and I splurged and got a white and black one from REI. best $30 hat I have ever bought. Extremely breathable, easy to wash after a run, and stick into the laundry with the rest of my running stuff at the end of the week.

u/Lenify · 3 pointsr/runninglifestyle

Speaking from experience of buying about 4 or 5 difference cheap (sub $20 pairs on Amazon w/ great reviews), it's just not worth it. The materials are sub-par and will likely hurt like hell on any run over 3 miles. Even using Body Glide, my legs still rubbed with the cheap materials.

Best recommendation - try to find an outlet store for a major brand name. Personally, I go to a Nike outlet about 1 hour drive away. Their running shorts run about $30-40 per pair, and if you're lucky, run occasional clearance for $15. I've seen this twice and picked up about 3 pairs each time.

Other option is to try compression shorts. Those you can get without the same concerns of rubbing (from my experience at least).

Links for fun.

My favorite pair (have 4 of them) and
Compression shorts

u/markmartel · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I've done 4 Spartan races - all sprints - but in a variety of temperatures and conditions.

I'm not about showing my junk either, so I go for a "superhero" style layering approach. Here's my go to gear:

u/zorkmids · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

It's hard to find running shorts with pockets. These are my favorites:
New Balance Men's 5-Inch Go 2 Shorts. They make a 7-inch version too.

Zebralight is great (I have the H52w). Highly recommended.

Pertex Shield is a good fabric for UL rain jackets. I like the Outdoor Research Helium 2. Except it doesn't have pit zips. The successor model (Outdoor Research Helium HD) does have pit zips and an improved hood, but it's a lot heavier.

For shelter I recommend the Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis pyramid tarp. It's fully enclosed, with perimeter bug netting, so it has a very tent-like feel, but it's very light and compact. And it's only $175.

u/SugarCoatedDiabetic · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Hello fellow short friend,

I’m 5’7 and these shorts are a goddamn delight. They end about one inch above my knee and fit perfectly and have pockets.

Duuluup Men 7" Running Shorts with... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQMQSVL?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

u/_Dihydrogen_Monoxide · 6 pointsr/running

I just got these Baleaf 5" Shorts for $17 and I love them. They’re so light and soft. Excellent value. I have an older UA pair that are very similar and those cost twice as much.

u/theChaparral · 3 pointsr/running

I just recently bought a couple pair of short shorts (2-3 in inseam) both brands in the $15 dollar range.

The Time to Run Pace, and the Baleaf Pace I liked them both after a single wearing. The Time to Run is sewn a bit better and you have to size up according to their sizing chart, but the fabric of the Baleaf is softer. So far I like them both.

Game Gear has some nice made in the USA shorts, but the short short versions are nylon, and I don't like how they stretch out when it's raining or when your really sweating up a storm.

I caught some Soffee "Ranger Panties" on sale once, $10 for an orange pair... and they are Errr... Hooters girl shorts for guys. I still have a couple fucks to give before I wear those in public (but nice summer PJ's)

u/suddenlyian · 2 pointsr/running

Baleaf makes some solid pairs and you can find them on Amazon for cheap. I ran a marathon in them a few years back and loved them. They are definitely my go to shorts.


u/posthumous · 2 pointsr/fitness30plus

I personally just wear running shorts. The length depends on what you like, go 7” or 9”.

My favorite are Patagonia but have a bunch of different pairs ranging from cheap C9 from Target to expensive Nike shorts.

Amazon has some ok shorts from a brand called Baleaf, they are cheap but decent enough. Give them a try?

Baleaf Men's 7" Quick Dry Workout Running Shorts Mesh Liner Zip Pockets Navy Size M https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZRRB6Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_IrMCAb0XDK76B

u/roadnottaken · 3 pointsr/running

these new balance shorts are my favs. I have a few pairs and they're perfect: normal pockets and light and airy. Not too expensive, either.

u/ButterSlider · 7 pointsr/running

Baleaf is the most often recommended Amazon brand for price and quality.

u/CleverMorion · 2 pointsr/running
  • Baleaf, available at Amazon. I have a couple pairs of the 7" quick dry and one of the "Pace" 3" quick dry.
  • Old Navy, but only when they're on sale. I saw a couple 2-day 50%-off sales on Activewear in the past few months, but I wouldn't count on one before your race.