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u/SeafoodDuder · 1 pointr/Advice

If I had to give some advice on this then I would recommend:

  • Focus on your needs before your wants.

    Just because you make that much doesn't mean you should spend that much. Be kind to yourself and to your wallet. Everyone wants nice things but you should be nice to yourself first.

  • Focus on Happiness itself.

    You already do what you love. So, why not focus on what makes you happy outside of that. Life is about happiness. This is different to everyone so it's hard for me to talk about. If you love snowboarding and bike riding and they make you feel great then awesome. Shop around first.

  • Credit Cards are your worst enemy.

    We need them for some bigger purchases but Credit Cards are your enemy. Always remember that those companies make it seem like it's just some plastic card but it's not. You're not handing over that money, that's not money in your hand, you're handing over a plastic card. Would you still be as willing to do it if you were holding $500 in cash? what about $2,500? Don't nickel and dime yourself over these quick fast food purchases. Please never, ever just say to yourself, "YOLO" and impulse buy. Buyer's Remorse from Impulse Buying, yeah it really upsets me.

  • Be in the business of saving money.

    I won't go into details about myself but, I'm 30 from California and I'm very happy and I love saving money. I love jogging / running, riding my bike and being a huge computer nerd. Anyways, I save money by:

    A) Thrift Stores. They are an absolute gold mine, I just got some pants, jogging pants/shirt and my Sandwich Maker for $21 the other day. Talk about a lucky find. :)

    B) I don't eat out a lot, and I drink water/eat before I go grocery shopping because it makes me buy less junk food. I buy lots of 'filler' foods like fruits/vegetables, things with fiber (granola bars <3), Rice, etc. Go to the 99 cent store!

    C) I rent from a place that's below my means because I save money. I don't like the town I live in but I can't do much about that right now.

    D) I don't drive both because I have a fear of driving and some problems with my depth perception. If I did drive, then I definitely would never buy a brand new car/truck. So, I save money by working on my health and having a bus pass.

    E) I don't have a smart phone and I don't have any desires to have the internet on my phone when I have it right in front of me. There is no way I'm paying like $40 / month for some stupid smart phone plan (IMO).

  • Take a visit on over to /r/personalfinance

    Because it's a pretty sweet subreddit, don't be intimidated.
u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

A lot of the answer depends on you. If you don't like it then you aren't gonna do it. So the answer is going to depend a lot on your personal preferences -- maybe you hate soup, only tolerate cheese, love sandwiches, think beans are awful, want to gain or lose weight, crave variety in meals, want to spend more time cooking, or whatever. The answer that works for you has to fit in with your preferences.

Have you thought about getting other appliances? For versatility and ease most people recommend a slow cooker and/or a rice cooker. Also, google "[appliance] [healthy and/or cheap] recipe" and you will find more recipes than you could ever use.

I have a rice cooker that's similar to this one. I've used the main bowl to make all sorts of things: couscous, quinoa, dried beans pulled pork, chicken thighs, whatever. And the steamer basket means that you can steam anything too: potatoes, carrots, asparagus, drumsticks, spinach, whatever. Depending on what you're cooking it can take awhile, but you basically just set it and leave it.

Slow cookers are really great too! You can throw all sorts of stuff in there in there and let it go all day. It magically transforms really cheap tough cuts of meat into delicious cuts. Then you can come home to it being ready and you can also freeze it for later.

If you are super into sandwiches then you might get a sandwich toaster. Or you could get a panini press.

You could pick up an indoor "fat-reducing" grill like this one. Heads up: that one is $130, I got one for $5 from Goodwill.

You could use a toaster oven.

You could consider cooking bulk meals and freezing them. It will obviously take awhile, but reheating them doesn't take long. Besides, you're going to be remarkably hard pressed to beat fast food as far as time goes.

For example, I really enjoy making a bunch of burritos and freezing them. You can fill them with all sorts of things: eggs, chicken, beef, tofu, TVP, potatoes, beans, etc, and you can add cheese or different spices or cilantro or whatever else. You can end up with a freezer full of a bunch of different varieties of burritos.

You can also make "scrambled" eggs in the microwave. You crack however many into a bowl or a mug and nuke it. The only trick is to make sure to pull it out and stir it every 15-30 seconds or so (more frequently near to the end).

You would also be surprised at just how much you can make in a microwave. For example, you can cook fish in one and it comes out surprisingly well -- just be aware that the smell will linger for awhile. Google can show you millions of recipes.

You could buy a blender or a juicer. That wouldn't be a substitute (IMO) for all meals, but it could easily and helpfully supplement your meals. You could boil some eggs and then eat them throughout the week. You could make beans in a saucepan; it would take awhile but as long as you don't let them boil over then it's extremely straightforward and hands-off.

Finally, don't underestimate how good raw fruit or raw vegetables can be. It can take some getting used to but they are surprisingly good once you're used to them. Plus dipping them in stuff helps (but that can totally ruin the "healthy" aspect). I'm not suggesting that you go full raw vegan, but don't rule out those sorts of foods either.

u/nothingtoseehere28 · 2 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

Instead of a big spiralizer I got a Vagetti - it's got fewer options, but it's small and quick and easy to use. It's nice to be able to have noodly things again. Zuchiini noodles fried in butter and a couple tablespoons of salsa is fantastic, and my kids love it too!

My husband got a breakfast sandwich maker for Christmas, and I've discovered it's a quick and easy way to make eggs. I just use the top well section, lay in a slice of ham on the bottom and crack a couple of eggs into it, close and walk away. It's quicker and easier than getting out the frying pan and takes 2 seconds to clean.

A lot of my meals are meat of some sort + veg of some sort + fat (dressing, butter, cheese), so it's easy to get the right serving sizes just by putting my plate on the scale and zerioing it out after I put each thing on. Measuring out soups and such is a lot harder, but I figure if I'm accurate 80% of the time then the 20% I might be off isn't a huge deal. When in doubt, over estimate ;)

u/the_doughboy · 7 pointsr/seriouseats

I know people laugh at them but the dedicated Breakfast Sandwhich makers do a fantastic job, the muffin is toasted perfectly, the cheese melts all over the meat and the egg doneness can be adjusted pretty easily in a 1 minute window. 4 minutes for a bit runny and 5 minutes for fully cooked (like McDonalds)

u/Ewing_Klipspringer · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for running this contest, /u/Sp3cia1K !

Here's my list of 5, and I can guarantee that the first item I have listed is unbelievably useful for anyone with a car.

  1. Car jump starter - http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-J5C09-Starter-Built-Compressor/dp/B002X6VXL4 - You just plug this is in at home to have it charged, and it can jump start your car whenever your battery may be dead. It also has a built-in air compressor to help with a low/flat tire as well as USB and 12v power ports to charging any devices you have with you. My car battery has been having issues, and this could've really saved my ass.

  2. Mechanical V8 engine model kit - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GJYE0S4 - I had one of these as a kid and absolutely loved building the thing. It has every moving part in an engine along with electric starter, LED spark plugs, and transparent valve covers (so you can see some of the movement). If you have the patience to build one, you'll adore it.

  3. Tech tool kit - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AIGUU9C - Ever want to do your own repairs on your computer or other electronics but you didn't have the proper tools? Look no further.

  4. Breakfast sandwhich maker - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XO6NJSW - This sweet thing lets you cook your egg, heat your meat, and toast your breat all at once with one appliance to have delicious breakfast on the fly.

  5. Daft Punk wall art - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NZFPJYO - If you love the robotic duo as much as I do, this thing would look stupendous on your wall.
u/deltakiral · 1 pointr/Cooking

I use one of these Pretty awesome and easy perfect for when everyone is recovery from a long night or if you'd rather not go to McDonald's everyday. I buy a carton of eggs, some frozen sausage patties/frozen bacon, cook everything up in 4 minutes or so and go on my merry way.

u/MCubb · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey hey congrats! You should totally get a Sandwich Maker! They open up the sandwich possibilities x10! And they're super easy to use/clean up.

Good luck on your own!

you're a big girl now!

u/VSindhicate · 1 pointr/Cooking

I'm a sucker for the type I grew up with - grilled cheese India style. Don't want to get into any kind of contest here, but I'll post the formula since I doubt most readers will be familiar:

  1. Use shredded cheese (not sliced) on any kind of sandwich bread
  2. Mix cheese with finely diced coriander (cilantro) and green chili pepper according to taste.
  3. Prepare in an equity maker with butter. This cooks the sandwich in tight triangles that are super crunchy on the edges and gooey deliciousness on the inside.
  4. If you want to go all-out, dip the sandwich (the equity triangles are perfect for dipping) in a spicy ketchup, such as Maggi Sweet n' Hot.
u/sjthree · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I do a better job at eating healthy at the office compared to my work from home days. When I WFH, I am able to graze all day and truly cave when the afternoon munchies strike. At work, I can only eat what I pack. I focus on protein since it is filling and keeps me from getting too hungry.

I stock up on Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals when they are one sale. Not the healthiest choice, but decent calorie control and many of them have 20g+ of protein. Works great when you are in a pinch. And even though they are supposed to be frozen, they survive quite well in the fridge or insulated lunch bag from morning until lunch time.

I buy large packs of chicken breast, grill it, divide it into 4 oz quantities and freeze. Pull out a bag, mix with salad greens and a little bit of dressing, and I have a salad for lunch. I use a Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Salad Container.

I also have a lot of Greek yogurt, string cheese (6g of protein for 70 calories), and baby carrots.

I also bring my breakfast to work and eat it while checking my morning emails (and Reddit haha). For breakfast I will make an omelet (using this or a breakfast sandwich with this

u/Bizarrmenian · 8 pointsr/grilledcheese

The crust on my photo is still there but I used a smaller sized toast. When you use larger sized toasts, you can easily pull the crusts off because of the sealing aspect of the machine.

The one I have seems to be discontinued, but I'm sure you can find more modern ones in the disney store or google.


This also looks pretty promising. similar to mine but not disney

u/PantalonesPantalones · 8 pointsr/xxfitness

I pulled a PR yesterday with 2 reps at 185#.


I started taking Magnesium twice a day a couple of weeks ago and I really feel like it's helping my sleep quality and my soreness. Ironically, I have lower back DOMS today, which I'm actually quite proud of.


I have been so excited about my midmorning snack this week. It's an everything Smart Bagel with neufchatel (like cream cheese but better macros), turkey bacon and an egg and I make it in this at work so it's fresh and delicious.

u/AAParker94 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Try one of these McMuffin Makers: https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-25475A-Breakfast-Sandwich/dp/B00EI7DPOO

I have one, super easy to use and clean. Takes two minutes, just toss in the ingredients, cook, open up the separater and enjoy!

u/originalredditor · 3 pointsr/food

Another discovery I should note...a friend goaded me into buying a Cuisinart Griddler (Panini Press). It's seen a tremendous amount of use, and only costs $45. Even a guy like me with no skills in the kitchen can whip up one of the best grilled ham and cheese sandwiches around. Awesome gadget.

u/lightningbee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon



Okay, seriously, I vouch for getting her a sandwich maker.
They're inexpensive and will provide a hot meal whenever she's hungry and the cafeteria is closed (or she overslept, heh). They're generally accepted in the dorms, all they have is a plug. Bear in mind hot plates/crock pots are often off limits and can be confiscated upon room inspections.

Have a big stash of food/snacks in a container under her bed. It'll allow her to have control over her food without luring in any sneak roommates. I mean, better safe than sorry, y'know?

Oh, and water bottles. Definitely water bottles.

u/BaconCanada · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have two things:

  1. Letterman. This badass is durable (25 year warranty), compact(fits on your keychain) and is host to 6 or more tools (there are two variants in that range which i could show you, but my personal preference is the CS) and you can get it past the TSA to boot. Reccomended by /r/buyitforlife

  2. Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Gray. One look at this and you'll know exactly why it's on my wishlist. Make a perfect Mcmuffin yourself, at home. For $20.http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-25475-Breakfast-Sandwich/dp/B00BTIUYOO

    Personally I'd like the leatherman CS
u/fcman · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

I bought my girlfriend [this] (http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-25490A-Breakfast-Sandwich/dp/B00N3L2DMG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1452792735&sr=8-2&keywords=hamilton+beach+sandwich+maker) for christmas and it's been awesome so far. Takes 30 seconds to preheat and then 4-5 minutes to cook the eggs. I was surprised at how perfect the sandwiches come out every time.

u/loonybhatia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This kept me eating healthier than normal
and if I win a giftcard woudl be sweet.
Would you like a falafel with that?

u/terragreyling · 1 pointr/videos

My toaster oven usually takes too long for complete sandwiches. So we purchased a panini press. We love it! If we are just having grilled cheese, this thing is amazing. Turns your sandwiches into little hot pockets.

u/tempehbacon · 1 pointr/veganrecipes

I have a panini grill similar to this one

It opens up flat so you'd have 2 cooking surfaces like a griddle, and if you use foil, cleaning isn't needed (unless you poke a hole through the foil). When using it like a press I just sandwich the food in foil to cover top and bottom. Occasionally in needs to be wiped clean with a damp rag.

I've made veggie burgers on this, gardein chicken tenders or beef tips, "quesadillas" (daiya cheese), falafel patties (the telma brand mix is "just add water"), garlic toast... you could probably grill veggies or tofu also.

u/wontstoptalking · 7 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

No. No, no no. Hold on. Hold the goddamned phone.

I bought that EXACT model a few weeks ago. Supposedly it cooks the sandwich and then somehow presses the bread together at the edges so that it's all encased in bread, or something.

That shit don't work. Unless I'm mistaken and you have a much better model than I did, it was awful. I had to return it. It didn't even get hot enough to melt cheese thoroughly.

No, my friend... THIS is what you need. I give to you the greatest kitchen appliance since the spatula.

This shit will change your life. There were times when I was really hungry, but I wouldn't eat, because eating requires putting a meal together and that can be hard work. This invention changed that. Sure, it does require some work, but holy crap is the outcome amazing.


2 slices of bread

your choice of sliced cheese

a slice of ham, turkey, whatever you want

some anti-stick spray (vegetable oil spray, etc)

dijon mustard (optional but REQUIRED)

First, plug that shit in. You can't start until the light is green. Unless I have it backwards, and it has to be red. Whatever. Whatever the light ISN'T when you first turn it on, that's what it has to be. The indicator light that tells you it's hot, that is.

  • Spread the mustard on the inside of the top loaf of bread.

  • Put the meat on top of the spread mustard

  • Put the cheese on the meat

  • Close it together for a sandwhich

  • Spray each side with the oil

  • If the light is telling you it's hot, put it on the press. You should hear a delicious sizzle. But the best part hasn't come yet. CLOSE IT. Press that hot top upon the greased upper bread slice. Listen to that sizzle!

    Now wait. About five minutes or more, depending on if you're a sissy and you don't like the bread very dark, or if you're an incredible beast of a man who can handle almost-black.

    That's it.
u/MadameMaxime · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm gonna guess you need:
this cool breakfast sandwich maker for DIY egg mcmuffins: https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-25477-Breakfast-Electric/dp/B00C95O3DY/


This cute, squishy adipose: https://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Who-Adipose-Stress-Toy/dp/B003X2W2US/


one of these funny fiesty pets that go from cute to grumpy in seconds: https://www.amazon.com/William-Mark-Feisty-Pets-Suckerpunch/dp/B01H7Q0Q8K/

u/bpostal · 1 pointr/sweden

I've got one of those and it's awesome! A quick google search says you can get a similar one via Amazon.


u/lavender_ · 2 pointsr/1200isplenty

I used to take a small flour tortilla, put in some pizza sauce, mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni. Then I'd put it in my sandwich maker. Filling, delicious, and solved pizza cravings for less than 300 calories. :)

u/MrDTD · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

I bought one www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-25408-Proctor-Sandwich/dp/B001YI459O/ these at a garage sale for five bucks, good grilled cheese and perfectly sliced.

u/Jenjenmi · 1 pointr/loseit

Breakfast sandwiches are a staple in my house, but I love our gadget:


It will make me a tasty sandwich for 350 calories:

(disregard the applesauce, that's not IN my sandwich)

It cooks the egg in 5 minutes after preheating. I add in a frozen English muffin, frozen bacon, and cheese--and yum!

u/Speedking2281 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

A panini press (https://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-GR-1-Griddler-Panini-Sandwich/dp/B000CPZXGO) revolutionized the lunch food of my wife and me. We got this a year ago, and still use it all the time. It's pretty amazing, and ALL sandwiches are now so much better.

u/monkeymonkey35 · 7 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

This breakfast sandwich maker changed my life, and incidentally makes a great gift.

u/AverageMerica · 1 pointr/Futurology

Let me be the first to say that these lazy takers will be coming to the us, the makers, with their hands out. These people have never contributed anything to society and are lazy idiots for not getting a STEM degree. Those entitled parasites deserve to be homeless and destitute in one of the richest nations in the world. Poverty is just how you can tell the economy works. yup.

Nothing to change here except perhaps lowering the tax rate on our famished billionaires. Stop persecuting our profitable international corporations who obviously have the best interests in mind for society. TAXES ARE THEFT! By the way, why did you stop giving us bailout money? Also, when can you attack Syria with your publicly funded army so I can build a pipeline through it and hide the profits over seas to avoid taxes. Because I'm a true patriot, and patriots never pay taxes. Remember how TAXES ARE THEFT?

Truckers and taxi drivers situation has been caused by their moral failings. If only they were not such lazy moochers their jobs wouldn't have been automated. They will die in the streets as god intended. This is progress people, and if you don't like it then you can giiiiiiiit out. God only rewards the righteous with absurd amounts of wealth and power. TAXES ARE THEFT Praise Cheesus.

u/Nolegrl · 14 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I highly recommend this...Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25490) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N3L2DMG/.

I make myself a two egg and cheese sandwich every weekday morning with one. I put the English muffin in the toaster, crack one egg in each compartment of the maker and set a timer for 2 min 30 sec. The English muffin finishes at the same time as the eggs and then I just butter the muffin, put the egg on, cheese and then wrap in tin foil to melt the cheese. For spices I use salt, black pepper and everything bagel seasoning. Very yummy and fast.

u/quint21 · 16 pointsr/pics

You can cook something pretty similar to this in about 5 minutes by using a cheap sandwich grill.

  • Heat up the grill
  • spray with cooking spray
  • lay bacon/hash etc into the bottom of each of the 4 bottom triangular "pockets"
  • crack one egg onto each side (2 total), make sure you get half of each egg into each triangle.
  • lay a piece of bread over each side.
  • shut the lid, cook for about 5 mins until done (you'll quickly learn what works for your grill/ingredients)
  • remove sandwiches, and top with herbs, cheese, or just salt and pepper.
u/mellofello808 · 1 pointr/amazonecho

Pretty sure you are trolling. Putting aside the food safety, and burning your house down aspects.


I would do one of these, or perhaps a even lower tech electric griddle that had manual control. Then put it on a WeMo switch. I intend to automate my coffee in a similar fashion.

u/Real_Supernova · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

You should look into getting this. They also make a duel version that works just as good. Cleanup is really easy too.

u/JBees19 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

You might be interested in this cooker

Hamilton Beach 25476 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker, Red https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C95O3HK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_05nmDb6E1TG8Z

I got one for my brother and he loves it

Edit: cooker not cooler lol

u/AlwaysDisposable · 1 pointr/FoodPorn

Oooh I love these! I make them in one of those little sandwich makers.

Damn...now I want some...

u/Purplekaem · 1 pointr/askwomenadvice

As long as you’re not buying a gift card and the gift shows that you know something about him (his favorite things, etc.) I think you’ll be fine. Does he complain about cold feet? Fuzzy socks with his favorite superhero on them. Complains about spending too much money on breakfast? Get a breakfast maker!

u/wordsineversaid · 3 pointsr/ProductPorn

I bought one of these recently and just used it for the first time. It works surprisingly well and it isn’t that hard to clean because the metal pieces in between the two heaters are removable.


u/lulzmachine · 1 pointr/AskEurope

What's the catch? I have a "toast maker" like https://www.amazon.com/Proctor-Silex-25401P-Proctor-Silex-Sandwich/dp/B002SB8LLE and a toaster like https://www.hamiltonbeach.com/media/products/22911-01.jpg . Could I replace them both with this and get meat grilling functionality with no catch? I'm guessing it's gonna take a while to warm up at least?

u/Falwell · 2 pointsr/Flyers

Perhaps grilled cheese, Oh Captain my Captain style. Two at a time for double-fisted-grilled-cheese power. Raise slightly above head with arms outstretched in front of you before dining for best results.


u/geniabeme · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this is so cool!

I PM'ed you my answers.

Very fun contest!

u/C0mmun1ty · -2 pointsr/Frugal

I agree, the people downvoting must be the idiots who buy specialty items like this.

u/RedditiBarelyKnowit · 5 pointsr/funny

Pair it with this and you can make some heavenly grilled cheese.

The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press by www.omrgoods.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DD0P0TK/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_jj0itb1WAQMYF

u/RootsVerdes · 5 pointsr/Denver

I used to go to Deli Zone in Boulder when I was a student there and always got the Kong breakfast sandwich. It was damn fine. Looks like they have a DU location and a Tech Center location here in Denver.

Also, I have been using this thing of beauty on the weekends and it's hard to beat if you're willing to use an English muffin instead of bagel

u/ContentWithOurDecay · 1 pointr/Cooking

Microwaved egg? No thanks, that sounds completely awful. Just get yourself one of these. It does a pretty good job actually.

u/Available_User_ID · 3 pointsr/ATBGE

That’s the perfect way to prepare cheese for my Grilled Cheesus

u/VROF · -20 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I don't know how much foodsaver bags cost but the Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker makes a sandwich in 5 minutes. Seems easier than storing sandwiches in the freezer then spending 5 minutes reheating them in a toaster oven

u/Not-the-One · 54 pointsr/LifeProTips

Save $5 if you get it at Amazon

Edit: only if you have prime, otherwise shipping is $8

u/AlfLives · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

If you're not into prepping, a breakfast sandwhich maker is really easy to use.

u/TheRealKaila · 8 pointsr/1200isplenty

This breakfast sandwich maker is one of my all time favorite purchases. I make a sausage mcmuffin for 295 calories with cheese or 250 without. (100 calories - Thomas light multigrain muffin, 90 calories - Walmart brand Turkey sausage patty, 60 calories - egg, and 45 calories for Kraft reduced fat 2% american cheese)

u/timebecomes · 19 pointsr/food

My wife and I just bought one of these - It's actually a lot of fund to use and you can make it as healthy as you want by varying the ingredients.


u/Cerbiekins · 3 pointsr/xboxone

I got her this: http://www.amazon.com/Breville-BSG520XL-Panini-1500-Watt-Nonstick/dp/B002PY6X1E/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1419560352&sr=8-6&keywords=panini+press

She loves stuff like that, and she's never really had an up to date kitchen, so I'm working on updating it one appliance at a time. My uncle actually remodeled it a bit earlier this year. I'm in between jobs at the moment, but as soon as I can find work I want to pay off her bills for the next year.

u/jiffener · 4 pointsr/Weakpots

Hey this might trigger you but I'm curious what your thoughts are on this not-quite-a-toaster thing a coworker told me about today

u/jaytrade21 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

They actually make these cheap 20 dollar machines and they are all about grilling the cheese. Here is a good 50 dollar one: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-GR-1-Griddler-Panini-Sandwich/dp/B000CPZXGO/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1324180609&sr=1-1

u/JavaMoose · 1 pointr/food

It get's even better if you have something like this guy...makes awesome pizza sandwiches.

u/GrtNPwrfulOz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This as ridiculous as it seems, will be life changing for me because I never have time for a healthy breakfast. This will allow me to eat in the morning while still have it be from scratch and not bad for me.

u/liltrombonegirl · 5 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

This is by far the easiest way to make a breakfast sandwich. It's the appliance i never knew i needed till my husband picked it up on a whim. Now it's mt go to wedding present.

Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C95O3DY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_P8lmDbAAGEQG0

u/qwertydvorak69 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

This is the lazy man's best friend

you can use it to make grilled cheese pockets with butter crust or without. you can use it to make pizza pockets with some spaghetti sauce, onion, and shredded mozzarella. hot pb and j. i used to live off of one of these. lunch in 5 minutes.

u/Monkeykinght67 · 5 pointsr/giantbomb

Or Dan could get this and make grilled cheese sandwiches with ease.

u/the_dude_imbibes · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

It's called a sandwich press.

Here, I'll get started on your reply: "Ownly fagz like the Tampa Bay Lightnings. U prolly blow them 4 tix to the gaymes, rite?"

u/Chtorrr · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I would look at getting a sandwich toaster something like this you can put all kinds of ingredients inside. Lunch meat, cheese, pizza sauce. peanut butter, jam, anything.

u/douglasac10 · 2 pointsr/gaybros

You need a sandwich maker that seals the two pieces of bread together (like this), but you butter the outside of the slices bread, put one of the pieces in butter side down, dollop a spoon of creamed corn on the bread, add salt and pepper if desired, put the top piece of bread on and toast.

I have considered adding cheese or something but usually forget.

u/IrritatedOptimist · 88 pointsr/Cooking

I’ve had this on my wish list since 2016 and the price never drops. Please buy it so I can live through you. The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DD0P0TK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YlJWDbJ29Q37C

u/SlothasarusRex · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey u/nacho_cheezus, please tell me this is on your list somewhere.

u/Omnibobb · 12 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

For breakfast sandwiches, I use this:


I get up, take my shower, plug it in to heat it up while I walk my dog, build the sandwich, finish getting shit together and have a hot fresh sandwich easy peasy.

u/Edna_Mode_mood · 1 pointr/AskAnAmerican

Yeah, the peanut butter is warm and gooey. I have this sandwich maker appliance I got for Christmas one year, and it seals the edges of the bread so it doesn’t make a mess.

Proctor Silex 25408Y Sandwich Toaster https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001YI459O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ygpACb53CF6B3

u/ispeakcode · 1 pointr/budgetfood

I bought this a few month ago and it's freaking great and eery.

u/whenigetoutofhere · 13 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EI7DPOO/


u/puppiesandducks · 2 pointsr/1200isplenty

There's this one that isn't attached to a toaster. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EI7DPOO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_hO7kxbWT0H9EZ

u/Heratiki · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Ummm... Just the extra close and open steps.

Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002SB8LLE/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_zcTkub1AH8P7G

u/PretendHumanoid · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Get yourself one of these.

Hamilton Beach 25476 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker, Red https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C95O3HK/

u/sigma722 · 7 pointsr/grilledcheese


Seemingly someone is

u/PaulTheMerc · 2 pointsr/worldnews

Grew up in europe, living in Canada. In europe toast bread is the type that you stick in a toaster or to make toaster sandwiches like this

In Canada, that type of bread is the default "bread" and the other type is "European bread" when trying to distinguish.

u/n1elkyfan · 2 pointsr/assholetax

Heres what we have in the USA

Proctor Silex Sandwich Toaster, Omelet And Turnover Maker, White... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001YI459O/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_lYL1DbXT4CK2R

And I'm guessing this is what you are talking about.

Global Gourmet Sandwich Toaster/Toastie Maker - Deep Fill Non-... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HY37JZH/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_c3L1DbKH5GC9G

u/bluebledthesea · 21 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

(I would have assumed its a piece of junk but apparently the reviews are great.)

u/Canadian-shill-bot · 2 pointsr/GifRecipes

Alternatively you can just buy this it's pretty great I have one.

Edit: also the hate on the ketchup dipping is very insulting and confusing to canadians.

u/iwrestledasharkonce · 1 pointr/college

This thing looks really intriguing. I just can't bring myself to drop $24 on a one-use device. My go-to is usually instant grits.

u/mickmudd · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

u/nacho_cheezus I was looking at the Bob Ross Toaster and Waffle Iron and THIS Literally screamed your name LOLOL

u/SyfaVelnumdes · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

No idea why your response got downvoted... I like the idea of adding something to it, I'm incredibly uncreative when it comes to cooking, sadly - so thanks for the advice!So, I reckon you wouldn't recommend using it in a sandwich toaster then (as it won't really cool down in a sandwich toaster - I mean one of those: https://www.amazon.com/Proctor-Silex-25408Y-Sandwich-Toaster/dp/B001YI459O) as it would be heated, but rather, to toast the bread separately and make an ordinary sandwich?