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u/cropguy93 · 1 pointr/photography

Hope its OK to post this question I posed on r/analog, because I am desperate for answers :)

Been MANY years since I last had a film SLR, and I have just got a Canon Rebel 300 / 2000

(not from amazon, cheap 2nd hand from ebay!)

The questions - I currently have canon crop dslr gear, and specifically I am wanting to ask - I would just "Play about" but I dont want to damage any gear...:

1, Flash - will my canon 580exii work (in manual mode maybe) at all with this camera?

2, Will lenses work? I appreciate the ef-s crop lenses wont, but will "normal" lenses eg canon 70-200 f4l is work properly?

3, any other tips!

Many thanks for advice

u/Cmoorebutz · 2 pointsr/analog

Very recently did some film shots with the school camera and am in the process of getting them developed. We got them hung up in the dark room and spring break started the next day so I'm not too sure how they will look. However, I really enjoyed using the camera and I want to purchase one for myself.

I'm currently looking at the Olympus OM-1 35mm and wonder what you guys thought of this. Is it a good beginner camera? Another question I have is what film to use. I looked at the Kodak Ektar 100 on a whim and it looks nice.

Final question. I have no black room besides the one at school and I graduate in a few months and also have no idea how to do anything in there. I read that Walgreens does 35mm and wonder if this is true. Anyone know prices?

I really appreciate any help I get!

u/KallistiEngel · 6 pointsr/pics

>Rich hipsters use those no mirror lens cameras that are really over priced.

For what they are, the price is right on a lot of them ($300-500, unless you're looking at the really high end ones that go for like $1200). A low-level DSLR can run you $500-$600, a higher-end DSLR that's still not quite professional level can run you nearly $2k. Point-and-shoots can range from a bit under $100-$300. So those mirrorless cameras do fit a niche in between the two.


The truly rich hipster would be shooting with a 35mm film Leica.

u/BobbyDash · 1 pointr/photography

What school is this?

What is your overall budget? Subtract $200 from that because you will need it later obviously. Do you currently have a digital SLR? If so what mount system?

Sounds like you should get one of these:

You will also need a lens to start off with but that depends on what you want to shoot and your budget. Check your local craigslist as well. Just search for Elan 7. The 7, 7e, and 7n will all be perfect for your class and none of them should be on there for more than $100-$120. Here is one on my local CL:

Can't beat that price considering he's including the lens.

u/burning1rr · 1 pointr/Nikon

> Why? It's easy and convenient to control from the camera body.

The Nikon F6 is a $2300 body that you can still buy new today from Nikon. F6 users cannot control the Aperture of E-Type lenses from the body. If Nikon (and other MFG) added an aperture ring to the E-Type lenses, they could.

We're talking about something no more complex than the focus ring Nikon put on their cheap AF-P series lenses. I get that not everyone wants an aperture ring, but it's useful, and some people will appreciate it.

Sony adds aperture rings to a bunch of their high-end portraiture lenses, and they've never had a compatibility reason to do so.

u/eastLgc · 1 pointr/Cameras

Looks like a fairly common camera set-up; the lens appears to be the standard kit lens 28-80mm, the body appears to also be know as the elan-7e. Looks like [this is your basic setup](Canon EOS ELAN 7E 35mm SLR Camera Kit w/ 28-90mm Lens (Discontinued by Manufacturer), if I'm not mistaken. If I'm correct, this camera has a very special feature you don't see very often-- eye-controlled focus. Supposedly, the camera can track your eye movement to determine what you're looking at and focus to that spot. Modern cameras don't do this. To my knowledge, this is the only camera (at least consumer level) to even attempt this.

u/RickAstleyAwareness · 1 pointr/Cameras

Here's one on Amazon

This shows you what people are selling the same used camera and lens combo for. eBay could be good, Pawn shops usually just try to get the best deal for themself...

Edit: Added context

u/deadvax · 2 pointsr/filmphotography

The ProMaster 2500PK is a "clone" of the K1000 that was still manufactured until recently (or maybe still is, I can't tell). If you really want a new camera, this is probably your best bet, as there are lots of new-old-stock around.

u/NES_Gamer · 1 pointr/pics

I really like this one.

Although I also like my Afga Optima I, too.

u/thegingermullet · 1 pointr/StrangerThings

It looks like a basic 80s Canon camera (Canon AE-1). You get one similar to it at Goodwill/Savers/etc pretty cheap. I don't think anyone is going to call you out from not having the exact camera. The lens may be more difficult to find.

u/idapitbwidiuatabip · 15 pointsr/videos

It's a Nikon FE2. Little Easter Egg because that was the actual camera used to take the Tank Man photo.

You can tell by the distinct prism shape of the viewfinder.

But clearly, accuracy was not their goal. Because the Tank Man photo was also taken with this quite large 400mm lens

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Atlanta

You don't need a t3i if you're just looking to take stills. Sure, it's a good entry-level dSLR, but for basic intro-to-photography type stuff, even that can be too much. Get an older rebel (or something comparable), not necessarily one with video, and you could get yourself a decent body + a lens or two for around $500.

u/JustDoTheThing · 2 pointsr/Filmmakers

Looks like this camera

Edit: or an earlier version of it anyway

u/IphoneMiniUser · 1 pointr/Nikon

Double digits made sense actually. D50 was better than the D40, D70 was better then D50 and then the D90 was the best medium double digit camera slr at the time, even had HD video.

The problem was introducing more cameras like the Nikon D60 which was almost exactly the same model as the Nikon D40x but numbered larger than the D50. And confusion with older N or F film mount bodies.

Changing the name to 4 digits solved a lot of the problem with the more consumer/prosumer cams.

u/TThor · 1 pointr/photography

I google the number on the back of the camera ("FE 3003046 camera") and found this. It appears to be a 'Nikon FE SLR'

u/DmitryTheSheep · 2 pointsr/Cameras

Film cameras aren't really made new anymore.

u/twinr0va · 1 pointr/LSU

Is it the black and white photo course? If so, you'll need a fully manual 35-mm camera. I got this one when I took the course in 2012. The instructor should have a list of what you need and where to get it on the syllabus.

u/Chicityfilmmaker · 1 pointr/Filmmakers

Here's 2 options that'll have you shooting film in no time, well under your $1K budget!

Kern Paillard Bolex H16M 16mm Movie Camera

Pentax K1000 Camera with 50mm (f/2.0) Lens

u/IanTheRed420 · -5 pointsr/photography

You should get him a film camera and tell him if he can shoot on film he can shoot on anything.