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u/bienvenumyriel · 4 pointsr/zerocarb

Ha =) well this diet will test your will power that's for sure. But it gets a lot easier as you learn what works for you.

I am glad you made it here. Most IBDers don't think they can only eat meat and survive and therefore never try. I have only anecdotal evidence but from what I have seen lots of them would benefit from it.

Few tips to start off:

  1. You will poop a lot less. Most of the meat and fat we eat gets utilized by the body.

  2. I would get some sort of snack to help you wean off your "carb snacking" ways. I used pork rinds a lot when I first started off.


  3. You will eventually want to move away from plant based fats. Lard, Tallow, and Duck Fat work great for me. Here is where I buy them:


  4. There will be a transition period. Salt really helped me with this, however don't get overly involved with all the Electrolyte drama that goes on over at r/keto.

  5. Your body will need a lot of fat, but will not be able to handle a lot at first. It might give you diarrhea. Work up your fat tolerance up slowly.

  6. Different people have different cooking techniques. Do what's easiest for you. I sous vide everything which allows me to go shopping once a month - which I love.

  7. Watch Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant. That's you.
u/laterdayze · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well, actually, the chips I like are from Ireland - so awesome and yes they have Salt & Vinegar!

These chips are from the UK and they are AWESOME!

Also, love these! They are crispy hoops in several flavors. Love them all :D

Yes, add all the chocolate to your wishlist!! I've received several of the packs, including this one. It's amazingly good!

These cookies, are SO good! and so are these!

u/cia1120 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What about some Gluten Free and vegan Gummy Bunnies? My mom always used to skip the candy all together and fill our baskets with little trinkets and things like nail polish (this is vegan and not tested on animals), and flower crowns and garden stuff. This enchanted garden is adorable.

Sorry, I strayed away from the candy theme. Lol. Hope some of this helps though. Good Luck shopping for your kiddo!

These bobbypins with pads would be helpful.

Thanks for the contest!

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

I get this brand.

It's like a popcorn bag except the pork rinds don't exactly "pop" but they expand. Good way to store them without taking up too much space like a regular ready-to-eat pork rinds in a large bag.

The spicy ones are delicious and super filling. Very low calories per serving and per bag (60 calories per serving, or 210 for the entire bag). Good if you're doing some kind of low-carb diet like keto. Probably not good for replacing a meal but as a snack, it's a saviour.

You can get creative with them :P I microwave them in the bag, smash them into little pieces, and use it as "breading" for fish, beef, or more pork, and then bake it. It cuts the amount of calories from usual breading by at least 50%.

u/coocooforcoconut · 3 pointsr/diabetes_t1

My son is the T1 but my husband and I are Keto also. Here are some fav snacks/foods:

Lowrey’s Microwave Pork Rinds: 0 net carbs. I hate bagged pork rinds but love these. We eat them with cheddar dip or guacamole usually. One bag makes about the same as the regular pre-bagged kind.

Mission Low Carb Tortillas: 4 net carbs. You can make your own low carb chips by brushing with oil and baking in the oven. Or make some wraps with your favorite meats and cheeses.

Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds: 3 net carbs (about 14 almonds) We love the wasabi, bbq, and chocolate.

Schmidt 647 Bread: 6 net carbs per slice. It’s indistinguishable from regular sandwich bread. We like the Italian the best.

Lily’s Chocolate: 4 net carbs for 1/2 bar. For when you have a sweet tooth.

Popcorn: 11 net carbs for 1/3 of a large microwave bag (about 4 cups) We use this instead of chips in my son’s lunch. I’ve read that it can spike some people so YMMV.

Veggies and dip: blue cheese, ranch, and Italian dressings are usually low carb.

Strawberries: about 2 net carbs per berry.

Lunch meats and cheeses, bacon, boiled eggs: <2 net carbs

u/Divergent99 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So my daughter is only 9 months old and I'm still going to do the whole easter thing with her even though she won't really understand what's happening. I'm not all about giving tons of candy to her so what I ended up doing was 1- stuffed animals and little toys that appropriate for her, and 2- I filled her easter eggs with little snacks she can eat and then coins to put in her piggy bank. Anyway- just a few suggestions that I thought might help.

Here are some possibilities for you. This seems really appropriate, but damn kind of expensive and I think these might work for you too Bunny fruit snacks. Good luck and thanks for the contest! Please just surprise me if I win! :)

u/sassyma · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Woohoo it's not a party without some [puppy chow/muddy buddies] (http://www.amazon.com/Chex-Snack-Muddy-Buddies-Ounce/dp/B005EKIFDK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1397318205&sr=8-1&keywords=chex+mix+muddy+buddies). I love this stuff.

Favorite party story...well IDK if it means this was a good party or not. But when I was in college I once ended up in a field. With some random guy who was thankfully a gentleman. He left me there to go get a blanket and I was pretty sure I was going to sleep there cause it was to far back to my house to walk. (20 feet). Luckily my friends had been searching for me and found me so I spent the night in the bathtub instead. ;)

u/DolphT · 1 pointr/xxketo

Like someone mentioned, the only person beating yourself up about this is you :). Maybe order some quest bars? Walmart/GNC's have them, but with your schedule I think Amazon may be your friend. I like the new cookies and cream ones. The new ones have less sugar alcohols too. Depending where you live, if it's cold enough just toss some salami and cheese into a lunch box and leave it in the car. Unopened they're incredibly shelf stable, even at room temp. Moon cheese is also 100% shelf stable. I also like pork rinds for shelf stable keto snacks. Good on you for trying through this tough time.


Dehydrated Cheese-

u/thebigkayso · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

I don't mind pork rinds myself, but I can see why some people (like my husband) don't like the taste of the typical brands like Bakenets and Mission. I recently tried the Lowreys brand ones that you pop yourself in the microwave thanks to recs from this subreddit, and I agree that they taste a lot better! They actually taste a bit popcorn-y imo! Husband approved as well :) maybe try these? Lowrey's Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds (Chicharrones), Hot & Spicy, 1.75 Ounce (Pack of 18) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UP8QQ0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uVL9Ab1AA2GQC

u/sassytaters · 4 pointsr/keto

I love those little summer sausage bites: http://www.johnsonville.com/products/beef-deli-bites.html

Got this recently at Kroger and it was great, but it's already been discontinued at my store: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Z21YDQ4

Lily's Chocolate Bars are really good, but pricey: http://smile.amazon.com/LILYS-Chocolate-Variety-Coconut-Original/dp/B00PHMC9L4

Microwave Pork Rinds: http://smile.amazon.com/Lowreys-microwave-chicharrones-original-1-75-Ounce/dp/B000UPFWW6

Other than that, maybe individual sized packs of nuts, string cheeses, little sample jars of fancy nut butters (or like those squeeze packs of Justin's Almond Butter).

Congrats on the whole family getting on board. That's great.

u/itsme_eloise · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

$12 bucks for a 6 pack on Amazon, each pack contains two portions at 30 calories each (but you'll eat them both). [Edit: They're $0.99 in-store] Someone commented this on the Amazon product page:

> What everyone who loves these needs to know is that if you have a Trader Joe's in the neighborhood and they don't stock this, or stock it intermittently, they will be quite happy to order a supply for you. That's what one of the helpful crew members at our local TJs told me, and it is definitely true. Now I have enough for a month or two (30 packages, purchased at the TJ price of $.99 each) and when I run out, I can order more

I wonder if these could be made at home, and if that would be cost effective?

u/hannahjoy33 · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

Does your family have a Costco membership? They sell Kirkland brand protein bars there that are pretty tasty (they've improved them a lot over the last 2 years; they used to be super gross). You can buy them for a higher price on Amazon.

Maybe even just pick up a bag of protein powder. It's not necessarily a cheap option, but it is an easy way to get more protein.

Could you make/have your family make some bean-based meals? It could be a simple pinto bean meal, or try out some different chickpea dishes (I love curry chickpeas).

I also just like munching on fried tofu as a snack (dried, pressed, salted, covered in garlic powder, fried in sesame oil).

u/large_thin · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

There's science behind the issue with the protein quality being poor and including the warning is an FDA requirement (see below).

I've never actually seen the label in person. Here's an example.

> When the protein in foods represented or purported to be for adults and children 4 or more years of age has a protein quality value that is a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score of less than 20 expressed as a percent, or when the protein in a food represented or purported to be for children greater than 1 but less than 4 years of age has a protein quality value that is a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score of less than 40 expressed as a percent, either of the following shall be placed adjacent to the declaration of protein content by weight: The statement "not a significant source of protein," or a listing aligned under the column headed "Percent Daily Value" of the corrected amount of protein per serving, as determined in paragraph (c)(7)(ii) of this section, calculated as a percentage of the Daily Reference Value (DRV) or Reference Daily Intake (RDI), as appropriate, for protein and expressed as a Percent of Daily Value. When the protein quality in a food as measured by the Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) is less than 40 percent of the reference standard (casein) for a food represented or purported to be specifically for infants through 12 months, the statement "not a significant source of protein" shall be placed adjacent to the declaration of protein content. Protein content may be calculated on the basis of the factor 6.25 times the nitrogen content of the food as determined by the appropriate method of analysis as given in the "Official Methods of Analysis of the AOAC International," except when official AOAC procedures described in this paragraph (c)(7) require a specific factor other than 6.25, that specific factor shall be used.
> https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=101.9

u/paulrulez742 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Chex Mix !!!

It's one of those things that people tend to forget about. Finding a recipe should be easy and it's a really easy process. Everyone's recipe is a little different. Some people like more Worcestershire sauce, some don't like the peanuts. I always add some Gardettos.

Or another super easy and enjoyable gift idea would be to make roasted pecans

u/sciencechick · 1 pointr/xxketo

I have yet to find a low carb brownie recipe that is actually close enough to the real thing to make it worthwhile. However, I do love make chocolate whipped cream. Just add coco powder to heavy whipping cream with your favorite artificial sweetener and blend until fluffy. You can also add cream cheese to make it more of a cheesecake type of thing. If I add cream cheese I usually also add natural peanut butter to make a [mousse] (http://www.yummly.com/recipe/5-Minute-Peanut-Butter-Mousse-Low-Carb-and-Gluten-Free-540020?columns=5&position=3%2F13). Definitely helps with the PMS cravings.

My favorite chip replacement is pork rinds. They are so good with sour cream or just on their own. I get this kind.

u/Teslok · 1 pointr/keto

I get the great big huge barrels of Utz from Costco. The ingredients, "pork rinds, salt" and are generally OK. I sometimes have them with cream cheese or nacho cheese/queso.

Sometimes you get the perfect crisp, sometimes you get the slightly harder-to-bite, sometimes you get the weird little puffs, but I haven't gotten any of the tooth-cracking chunks I've found in other brands, so generally Utz has been my go-to.

Amazon carries them as well - Link - I can't remember Costco's price, but I'm pretty sure it's cheaper.

u/justmyrealself · 2 pointsr/keto

These don't have the same macros (more protein than fat) but they are good in a pinch.


Also, I usually try to even out the macros and dip in mayo or throw some butter over them and treat them like popcorn.

Either way... they're delicious.

u/TheBoldManLaughsOnce · 2 pointsr/loseit

I had the same issue with Doritos. But I learned to knock off their recipe for myself. I now make a Dorito style dip with greek yogurt. I'll have it on carrot sticks or radish slices. Or even pork rinds. It's not as easy as burying your face in a bag... but when you have control of all the knobs on the machine you end up a winner.

The hardest part about Dorito's is that a large ingredient is actually tomato powder. But Amazon can help.


they have smaller sizes too.

Also: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002O5QWD8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

they're crunchy, bacony, sugar free and actually have 9g of protein for a serving.

u/taniapdx · 2 pointsr/keto

Try these microwave pork rinds instead. They are so much better when fresh.

Also, I think pork rinds on their own are pretty gross, but as a vehicle for dip they are amazing! Jalapeño artichoke or spinach dip, guacamole, and basically any kind of cheesy dip are keto friendly and pork rinds are the perfect delivery device.

u/UnlikeSpace3858 · 3 pointsr/keto

Microwavable pork rinds, fresh every time. Cheese drying to make cheesy puff crackery bites that taste like cheezits. Sugar free jello mousse: 4oz softened cream cheese, 1/4c cream, 2Tbsp powdered sweetener, 2-1/4tsp sugar free jello powder blended, divide into 2 to 4 portions and refrigerate. Try raspberry with unsweetened coconut and slivered almonds or dark cherry blended with a few lily's chocolate chips, or orange flavor and cocoa powder, etc. Good for a special occasion dessert.

u/Cleeeeek · 9 pointsr/ketotrees

Get the kind you make fresh in the microwave.
Just look on amazon, you can buy in big bulk bags or single serving bags like popcorn. Eat them immediately after making when they’re still popping and cracking. They get less delicious as they sit and get stale.

The spicy flavor of these is the best I’ve had so far:

Lowrey's Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds (Chicharrones), Original, 1.75 Ounce (Pack of 18) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8AnXBbWJ3ZAZP

u/NinjaMcGee · 1 pointr/keto

Please tell me you got Lowrey’s Microwavable Spicy Pork Curls! They’re THEE best. But, FYI, like 1-in-8 bags will just burn and not pop at all. Still worth fresh pork rinds!

u/thindjinn · 10 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

seaweed chips!

>Seaweed (and specifically nori, the kind usually used for seaweed snacks) is a cocktail of nutrients, including high levels of vitamins A and C, and calcium. Vegans can rejoice in the fact that it's one of the only natural, non-animal sources of vitamin B-12, which is essential for many cognitive and bodily functions. In addition, sea vegetables tout particularly high amounts of iodine, potassium, selenium, iron, and magnesium—unrivaled by land vegetables, as these minerals are especially concentrated in seawater. Better yet, all of this comes in a very low-calorie package: For example, one bag of SeaSnax's classic Olive Oil flavor has 16 percent and 8 percent of our daily recommended value of vitamins A and C, respectively, at a cost of just 50 calories. And that's for two servings.


It goes on to explain that you need to watch for added salt + other added ingredients. Look for one with a short list of ingredients.

u/gneiss_k · 2 pointsr/glutenfree

GF PB crackers (just like Ritz Bitz) are super good, the cheese crackers are really good too!

I also like Lays Stax- but be careful, because Pringles are NOT GF.

One of my favorite snacks is jalapeño potato chips and Top the Tator- I'm from the midwest, so if you don't have Top the Tator than fuck you.

  • edit to add THESE are good too
u/musigalglo · 4 pointsr/keto

[This soup] (http://fluffychixcook.com/low-carb-keto-italian-sausage-soup-guest-post-from-soren-schreiber-katz/)

[These freaking wonderful noodles] (https://www.amazon.com/Explore-Cuisine-Organic-Spaghetti-Certified/dp/B01MREZJC8/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1518256904&sr=8-1&keywords=explore%2Bcuisine%2Bsoybean%2Bpasta&dpID=61TO9MhqTiL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch&th=1) with Rao's Marina and lots of cheese

[This keto pizza] (https://www.ruled.me/low-carb-pepperoni-pizza/)

[This cheese spread] (http://bluemooseofboulder.com/project/green-chile-cheddar-spread/) with some grape tomatoes and low carb tortilla

Tuna salad made with lots of mayo, some mustard, and chopped up sugar free sweet pickles in a low carb wrap

Snacks: Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ almonds, [these pork rinds] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UP8QQ0/ref=twister_B008AZE7K6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) or cheddar cheese shredded and microwaved on wax paper (a la homemade whisps) with guacamole, some salsa, and sour cream.

Ocean spray diet cranberry grape juice.

Halo top ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough) or Lucerne "watch'n carbs" [sic] chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bar if I'm really hankering for a sweet treat.

u/Tintinabulation · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

I'm in South Florida, so I NEED to find a store that does them fresh. I know they're here somewhere! I've also considered getting the ones you pop yourself, like these guys.

I find if you use enough guacamole, even sub-par pork rinds are pretty good. =)

u/Momtigerspadawan · 1 pointr/keto

Cacao nibs, almond flour, and Planters Pistachio mix (Almonds, cashews, and pistachios), though I'm still working on the frequency. I wish the electrolyte capsules I use were eligible for Subscribe and save, but I haven't found any that are. If you use any sweeteners like Swerve, Truvia, or plain erythritol, stevia, or xylitol you could probably find those for subscription. Also some folks like the Quest bars.

Beef snack sticks might be good too, especially with cheese sticks from the grocery store:
Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks, Beef, 26 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007K687HA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_NVoGzbJAF1BTT

u/kinnder44 · 1 pointr/keto

I never thought about pumpkin seeds. That's a good one, too! I also agree that nothing really can replace popcorn, and popcorn was a frequent snack. However, I've been buying these microwavable pork rinds from Amazon, and it's the closest thing you're going to get to popcorn, and they're really good because they're nice and warm and crunchy, similar to popcorn.


u/bigroblee · 1 pointr/pics

Judges? We also would have accepted microwaved pork rinds. These are delicious. When I first tried them my friend asked me how they were, I said they were the best microwaved pork rinds I had ever tasted.

u/MsGump · 1 pointr/canada

Rofl. I lived in the US for 10 years; ketchup chips and alphaghetti were staples in care packages. Now back in Canada I am getting care packages from my family in the US. We want what we want. :0)

I’m not sure if this is real.. lol


u/--e · -2 pointsr/Parenting

2yr-old girls are like puppies. If you chase them, they'll run away. If you have a treat, they'll forget they don't like you.

Put My Little Ponies, Sofia the First, etc on a tablet and go sit on her couch with Pirates Booty and Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies. Let her know she's welcome to join you if she wants. Have lots of fun. She'll join you. Just be chill.


u/Legasia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Alright, so if I understood right than here we go!

$0-5: Panda Decal because everyone loves pandas!

$5-10: Colored pencils, for grown-ups who love to color (or those with kids)!

$10-20: Puppy chow

$20-50: Bad-Ass Grill

u/killwhiteyy · 1 pointr/keto

man, if you can get these pork rinds, one bag is 210 cals, 7g fat, 4g carb, and 35g protein. that'll help you hit your goal pretty easily. they're also DELICIOUS.

u/Sarah_135 · 3 pointsr/1200isplenty

Check out GG Crispbreads. I buy them at Whole Foods. Each cracker has 20 calories and 4g of fiber. I typically eat 6-8 a day. You can top them with pretty much anything and they are easy to travel with. Throw peanut butter or laughing cow in your bag to top them, no fridge needed.


u/cwhite1026 · 3 pointsr/xxketo

People’s choice! They have carb free beef jerky. I should caveat that the ingredients include herbs and garlic, so it’s not truly carb free but it’s better than any other jerky I’ve found. A little pricey for me to keep it as a staple, but it’s great for hiking or traveling.

u/cavemannnn · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Most of their stuff is good, but for the love of all that is good in this world, stay away from the queso

u/knuckle-sandwich · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ohhhh Bacon Jerky!!

The only thing better than jerky is bacon. It's like they've made a delicious love child.

here's Maxie Stinky Booty

u/srhgrc · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love these things and this so she can have a milk less bunny shaped chocolate!

I want this little dude. :] Thanks for the contest!

u/heyredridinghood · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is made from fruit juice, not actual berries... I dont know if this counts but these bunnies are some of my favorites, maybe your match would like them too!

Claire you're mental

:P jk, you're lovely.

u/Valor0us · 2 pointsr/trees

For people who can't buy them in stores, you can get them on amazon! :D http://www.amazon.com/Dunkaroos-Cinnamon-Vanilla-Frosting-Sprinkles/dp/B000EMOCL2

Buying in bulk is definitely the best option haha

u/anyideas · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

Oh man, I'm the same way. A few of my go-tos:

  • kale chips, super easy to make, go crazy with the spices and stuff you put on it
  • seaweed snacks
  • easy soup I call "ramen without the ramen": heat up two or so cups of chicken broth, add some frozen veggies of your choice in there (I usually just go with the green beans/peas/carrots combo), then when it's hot, stir in one or two pre-beaten eggs. Easy, cheap, delicious, takes a long time to eat, low cal, filling
  • and this isn't particularly low-cal, but when I'm having an insatiable day, I find that whipping up a keto mug cake makes me feel full and surprisingly satisfied

    You said you're not into raw foods, but another couple ones that I think are worth mentioning:

  • I found yogurt-based salad dressing at the grocery store which is WAY lower cal than regular fat-based dressing (like 40 cal per 2 tbsp vs 140 or more), so I'll whip up a humongous salad with any veggies I happen to have in the fridge and slather it with low cal deliciousness
  • sliced cucumbers with a little bit of salt gives me the salty and crunchy for a tasty snack. Could also dip those in the low cal dressing, too.
u/Divine2012 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • My favorite birthday is when I went to a yummy buffet place and ended up with a pile of gifts. Actually that's most of my B-days! LOL!


    Happy Birthday!
u/OneFatWench · 1 pointr/keto

If you have enough time, Amazon has the best beef jerky that's 0 carb by People's Choice. I ordered the 1lb bag of the original and it was fantastic.


u/greginnj · 2 pointsr/keto

Low carb crackers ... I feel you, brother.

Ritz has 2 gm. carbs per cracker ...

Dare Grainsfirst are also 2 gm. per cracker ... but they're larger.

Ryvita Crispbread is another option ... it comes out to 5 gm. net carbs per piece, but each piece is larger than 3 Ritz crackers (at least, I'm estimating). If the taste works for you - this is a good option. I often do a cheese course with dinner, and I never need more than one of these per meal, so they might work for your carb budget.

Let me also mention the "Scandinavian Bran Crispbread" which comes out at 2 gm. net carbs per piece, and they're almost as large as the Ryvita pieces. But the taste didn't do much for me - dry and dusty, and not much
flavor, nor did they work with cheese for me. (I'm guessing they'd work better under smoked salmon ...). I found them on netrition.com, which is a great resource for many other low-carb items.

u/moxiousmissy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh how I love all things sugary. Especially chex mix muddy buddies!!! I can't stop eating it...

I haven't had Kinder chocolate in YEARS, best stuff EVER!

u/Anusman_ · 28 pointsr/running

I'm trying to minimize fast food and other garbage, and lose a few pounds as I work towards my 1/2 goal of 1:30. I've been eating these protein bars with lots of fiber and lots of protein, and imo they're pretty tasty. But now i'm eating way too many of them, and I want to try some meal prep to mix things up. I'm thinking kale and some crushed nuts--anyone have a bulk meal prep kale recipe that'd they'd recommend?

Edit: You guys are amazing, thanks :)

u/Hominine · 0 pointsr/keto

Have you tried the microwave variety? The portion size is much better and warm chicharrones are an honest to goodness Martha Stewart moment.

u/synfin80 · 2 pointsr/jerky

People's Choice is by far the best commercial jerky I've had. It doesn't have that weird translucent and rubber texture, just simple well cured/seasoned meat. Not all that weird, but great stuff.

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u/TheUsualChaos · 9 pointsr/keto

If you don't already have a food scale for your kitchen, it's definitely a good practice to get into (not only for keto but for general calorie management).

Sometimes you can find these sugar-free additives by DaVinci which are great for coffees.

u/JK_DONT_PM_ME · 4 pointsr/keto

Pork rinds are an acquired taste. I'm a big fan of chili lime flavored and salt and vinegar (and a store near me sells sriracha flavored which are pretty great). I like to crush up the BBQ or spicy flavored and use them to shake and bake chicken. And the Lowrey's microwavable pork rinds are great popcorn replacement

u/Andy-J · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Apparently you can buy them on amazon if you aren't a member: Protein Bar Kirkland Signature delicious energy variety (total 20 pack: 10 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 10 Chocolate Brownie) Gluten Free, Real Chocolate, 15g of Fiber 2.12 oz bars https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GSL9KAU/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_4sgYxbD8MXFET

u/pickblast · 6 pointsr/zerocarb

Utz Pork Rinds are great value and pretty filling. They come in massive jugs.

u/meowmi7 · 1 pointr/keto

These are the best pork rinds. Since they're warm they're satisfying on their own: https://www.amazon.com/Lowreys-Bacon-Microwave-Chicharrones-Original/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=

For coffee, I mix protein powder with unsweetened almond milk and add some MCT oil and that's my breakfast.

u/fwargh · 1 pointr/keto

This is going to vary quite a lot from person to person:

u/c_topherl · 6 pointsr/bodybuilding

Omg this is exactly what I needed to hear. Was close to the tipping point of buying a few boxes of Quests. Thanks brah

Edit: for those of you who ain't part of that Costco club like myself, free shipping from Amazon.


u/bublz · 1 pointr/keto

I'm kinda late to the party, but I wanted to give you my 2 cents. I absolutely hated pork rinds, even after trying a bunch of different flavors. The texture and flavor was just disgusting to me. But I looked around on this sub and found this: Lowrey's Pork Rinds. They are "fried" right in your own microwave. They come out hot and absolutely delicious. They're salted pretty well, maybe even a bit too much, depending on your tastes (I think they're perfect for a snack).

Before you give up on pork rinds, try Lowrey's. For real. You really won't regret it. It's a bit of a big purchase if you're worried you'll hate them, but I'm pretty happy I took the risk. These are gonna be a staple snack for me on keto.

u/ashelia · 5 pointsr/keto

Had such a nice easter, my mom gave me a basket with a bunch of keto snacks. I wanted to post it but saw everyone else's so I'll post it here XD

u/mochana · 2 pointsr/xxketo

Well, I love bacon with an undying passion, but at least I try to get creative with it sometimes :)

Typical breakfasts: leftovers, if there are no leftovers then cook bacon, if no time for cooking then see snack section

Smoothie which also makes a good breakfast: 1/2 avocado + 1 cup almond milk + 1 cup spinach/mild greens + handful of ice cubes + stevia to sweeten + whatever you want to flavor it with (vanilla, cinnamon, etc) ===> blend hardcore

Typical lunch (at the salad bar in the cafeteria at work): DIY guacamole by mashing an avocado and sprinkling in salt, serve over various salady things such as lettuce, cucumber, pile of olives, etc.

Typical dinners: fatty cut of meat such as ribeye, or fatty ground meat if I'm lazy, with some greens sauteed in my accumulated bacon grease, and crumbled bacon sprinkled in

Morning and/or afternoon and/or evening tea: make 2/3 cup of herbal tea and fill the rest with almond milk

Snacks I always keep on hand: canned olives, macadamia nuts, celery sticks+almond butter or guacamole, salami or sausages such as these "snack sticks", more bacon

Typical (only) dessert: coconut milk ice cream, made by pouring a can of coconut milk and a few drops of stevia into my magical ice cream maker. Have not tried it with bacon yet but that's always a possibility

u/ShadedSpaces · 3 pointsr/xxketo

I might have to try that extra-thin kind! New texture/thinness to try. Awesome.

For anyone in the keto-friendly jerky market, I'll add I'm a rabid fan of People's Choice Beef Jerky.

Several of their kinds are sugar-free (Old Fashioned Peppered, Old Fashioned Hot & Spicy, and Carne Seca Limon con Chile) and keto friendly with minimal ingredients. For example, the Old Fashioned Peppered is "Ingredients: Beef, Water, Seasoning (Sea Salt, Spices, Garlic)."

I LOATHE all commercial beef jerky, but this stuff is insanely good. I've introduced a couple people to it, who were skeptical due to their own dislike of commercial beef jerky, and now they're requesting it constantly.

It looks like cheapest option for 16 oz of the Cattaneo Brothers is $29 before shipping. (The thin-cut and cowboy cut seem significantly more expensive). People's Choice is 16 oz for $27 including shipping for one-time purchases, but you can get People's Choice as low as like $25-ish if you set up a recurring order which... uh... I admit I might do because I am crazy-in-love with it.

(SIDE NOTE: You can also get People's Choice on Amazon, but you'll pay $2 more, so it's $29 including shipping there, but Amazon is convenient for many people and I often buy it there because I have a giftcard balance on Amazon so it's FREE MEAT OMG.)

u/Bakadan · 4 pointsr/food

Were amazing, or are amazing?

u/jibbersforpresident · 2 pointsr/keto

I love chicken salad piled high on one of these Scandinavian bran crackers: GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread, 3.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 5) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003G1ZRTY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_J1DYBbPCFSFYT

They have them at whole foods if you have one nearby, otherwise I'm sure you can get them a bunch of places online. They don't have a strong flavor, but they give that nice crunchy texture.

u/SheWlksMnyMiles · 2 pointsr/ketorecipes

There's r/snackexchange ....in the US we can get bags of "un-puffed" (idk how else to describe lol) pork skins that you microwave for $1 usd, they're just like making microwave popcorn! Maybe you can see if someone is willing to send you some? Not sure if they're available this way on amazon for you, idk how that works, just trying to be helpful :)

EDIT: link for said pork rinds

u/nijoli · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think the Annie's Bunnies would be cute since they are, you know, bunnies? I buy these for myself at Earth Fare and love them anyway but for easter they would be special, I think.

u/chunkyrants · 3 pointsr/xxketo

Sort of, yes. Mail-order but worth it. Microwave Bacon Curls AKA pork rinds but way better- here's the Amazon link.

u/ZipperNoodle · 1 pointr/keto

Have you tried Flackers? One net carb for 6 crackers, and pretty awesome with sardines.


u/cknap · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've never heard of that flavor of Pocky before, but it sounds delicious! And ever since I've heard of green tea kit kats, I've been dying to try them! Omnomnom

Have you ever had Pirates Booty or Warheads?

u/chuystewy · 1 pointr/Fitness

These are my go to quick snack/sweet tooth killer-thingy. They have no sugar and are pretty tasty, especially when warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds. Quest bars are good too and have more variety, but are a bit more expensive. Raw veggies and fruits are another good choice.

u/wholelottasure · 8 pointsr/keto

Are you referring to Lowrey’s? Lowry’s is the season salt company.

Anyway, I’m a huge chicharrone lover but have never come across a variety that you microwave. I’ll have to check these out, thanks.

u/sunnymarieee · 2 pointsr/keto

At least you're snacking on Keto foods! Is it possible to adjust your daytime eating down a little bit to allow for a nighttime snack? Or try IF. I find it a lot easier to control my intake if I'm doing IF and therefore aren't eating until later in the day. Also try and remember that it'll all average out. There will be days you'll eat below your limit, and days you'll go over, but as long as the scale is trending down and you're eating the right foods, don't stress yourself too much.

Oh, and if you haven't already discovered microwavable pork rinds (think Keto popcorn), get thee to Amazon (assuming you like pork rinds).

u/Calmiche · 10 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

These things are AWESOME! The spicy ones are a little to hot for me. I've got a box of the regular ones on my auto order list from Amazon. I go through a 2 boxes a year.


u/jaskmackey · 1 pointr/pics

12 bags, only thing on my Amazon Wish List.

Or you can find them in gas stations. Mix them up with some Flavor Blasted Goldfish. Trust me.

u/Mutjny · 1 pointr/keto

If you like pork rinds you're going to love microwave instant pork rinds


u/ajking981 · 2 pointsr/keto
  • Pork Chops, Avacado, Almonds
  • Cheese Sticks, Almonds
  • Sliced Summer Sausage, Cheese
  • Leftovers - What I mean by this is I cook every night for dinner. You almost have to unless you want to go insane eating the same thing every night. Make up enough for another serving the next day. If you have a microwave that is all that you need.
  • Almond Bun Deli Sandwich - Search CavemanKeto.com for bun recipie
  • Hard Boiled Eggs, Bacon, Cheese Slices
  • Taco Salad (Avacado, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese, Cooked Spicy Sausage, Lettuce, Olives, Jalapenos. Prep everything the night before and put the wet stuff in separate containers. Lunch time, nuke your sausage and combine for amazing tasting filling lunch.)
  • Flackers with cream cheese and some almonds
  • Leftover Keto Pizza from the night prior
  • Leftover spaghetti squash + fresh grated mozzarella cheese
  • Tuna melt on almond bun
  • Tuna + Mayo + Celery and side of almonds
  • HWC + Sugar Free Pudding for a fat bomb type dessert (can normally only eat 4tbsp max on my current calorie restriction)
  • Leftover keto chili

    I really feel like there are endless choices. You just have to get creative. I am also in an open floor plan, and never once had anyone complain about any of the above items.
u/ImNotSara · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

If you like seaweed, I have found that sheets of seaweed are a good snack. It's really a specific taste, though .. Soynuts and roasted chickpeas are also really good, if you want a break from nuts.

u/Funk_Dr_Spock · 2 pointsr/keto

I ordered these and they're pretty good. I also started brushing low carb tortillas with olive oil, cutting them into chips and baking them until they crisp up. Depending on the brand the carbs can add up but they're pretty filling with cheese and pepperoni so I don't wind up eating too many.

u/--ShineyHiney-- · 2 pointsr/funny

If nothing else, check out the Amazon reviews for their Salsa. If I can find the link, I'll post it, but they're amazing.

Edit: Found it - https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004V6A9SC/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8

u/Jacquestrap12 · 10 pointsr/ketogains

People's Choice Beef Jerky - Old Fashioned - Original - Peppered - Sugar-Free, Carb-Free, Keto-Friendly - 1 Pound, 1 Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0176REM9E?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
This stuff is the best.

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

my daughter has food allergies as well and I have a feeling that our children's easter baskets are going to be similar. I didn't even think about vegan chocolate so thanks for reminding me cause now im adding them to my list.

you could try:

-these bunnies

-these eggs

-you could get her this book or this one

-safety scissors

-we get our daughter these fruit snacks

-we've had good experiences with the brand earth balance

my stuff

u/RomusLupos · 1 pointr/keto

I have enjoyed Oberto Bacon Jerky. Almost no carbs, and delicious!

I have found this at Meijer and Target Stores.


u/teenMom86 · 1 pointr/loseit

The ones I buy don't drop crumbs. They're little pellets that you microwave and they puff up like popcorn, and the flavor is neutral/salty so they're great for dips. [This little bag lasts like 2 months. ](Carolina Gold Nuggets Microwave Pork Puffies Bake-N-Puffs, Original, 16 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002O5QWD8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_j84kzbA5J2NR7)

u/Brown_stone · 1 pointr/keto

I've bought http://www.amazon.com/Lowreys-microwave-chicharrones-original-1-75-Ounce/dp/B000UPFWW6 Lowreys brand before. Not bad taste, but when those stay hard they will break your teeth.

I been meaning to try something like www.amazon.com/Carolina-Gold-Nuggets-Microwave-Original/dp/B003EFJTS2 Like a 5 lb bulk back, but I dunno.

u/they_see_us_coming · 1 pointr/keto

we have them in most the stores where i live but none of them sell the plain ones that don't have spices or MSG. but they are on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001YJ2VOO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1

and then there are these - the kind you bake off yourself: https://www.etsy.com/listing/177691085/carolina-gold-nuggets-5lb-value-bag?ref=shop_home_active_6

between the two, the finished product is exactly the same. maybe the Etsy ones are a little bit more lively as they are just popped.

u/I_hart_Sqwerls · 2 pointsr/pics

I fucking LOVE DunkAroos.

I'll just leave this here.

Buy Dunkaroos Here

u/atomstore · 9 pointsr/sandiego

While some people judge me for buying food off Amazon, it's the best place to find rare items:


u/HowInTheF · 1 pointr/keto

I havent until now. They seem to run about 3.50 on amazon. A bit cheaper. Surprisingly I just found these on these too though
Maybe I should check out Costco's brand :)

u/xauron · 1 pointr/keto

These are great.

But be careful they can be addicting and go almost too quickly. Only 2 ingredients, prok rinds and salt.

u/El_poopa_cabra · 1 pointr/ketogains

Lowrys makes some microwavable pork rinds (think like microwave popcorn) Really good as snack at work.



u/barking-chicken · 2 pointsr/keto

Has anyone tried the Just the Cheese Mini Round Snacks? They look great and come in 7 different flavors, but I can't find a way to not have to order 16 bags of them. It would be totally worth it, though, if I could get an assorted pack.

u/Lowercase_Q · 1 pointr/AskReddit

50 dollars worth of Dunkaroos would make anyone happy

u/HooahKeslie · 0 pointsr/keto

Got you fam. Trust me.

Lowrey's Original Bacon Curls, Microwave Pork Rinds (Chicharrones), 1.75 Ounce Package, (Pack of 18) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_9yRHybCANW93P

u/boweruk · 2 pointsr/videos

You can't really go wrong with Walkers brand. It's the most popular brand for a reason, I suppose.

Here they are on Amazon (US).

u/rekstout · 2 pointsr/keto

They're a great chip substitite when you want something crunchy.

I have a bunch of of flavor powders like these so I can make then taste however I want as they tend to come come in plain, spicy and sometimes BBQ



A lot of people use them crushed up as a breadcrumb substitute too.

u/an_m_8ed · 2 pointsr/xxketo

Microwave Pork Rinds soaked in German butter with a little Cholula dripped in there. This is especially great when we don't have time to cook or I feel cravings coming on.

u/rightfootedglove · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/sug98765 · 2 pointsr/keto

They may go stale fairly fast. I buy these and love them.

u/foxymoron · 3 pointsr/keto

I love GG Brancrisp12 cal and 2 net carbs per cracker.

u/Soupeschlegs · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

The best thing about Newman's Own is the amazon reviews for their salsa con queso

u/redditrandomness · 4 pointsr/keto

I order my groceries through FreshDirect so technically I get 90% of my stuff online :).

That being said...the stuff I get outside of that site are:

  1. Japanese Mayo to make the spicy mayo that you get at sushi restaurants (just mix in Siracha).

  2. Emergen-C Electro Mix for my electrolytes kick.

  3. Erythritol cause....sugar.

  4. Stevia for a different sweetener used in mostly drinks/liquids where it's more difficult to dissolve the Erythritol.

  5. [Liquid Smoke] (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0005Z8NCM/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)


  7. Maple flavor

  8. Awesome awesome peanut butter

  9. Kerrygold unsalted butter. My grocery store doesn't carry it :(

  10. Vitamins from various places...Vitamin D-3, Magnesium, Daily Multi-vitamin, Cod Fish Oil, etc.

    EDIT: Formatting.
u/peteypabs267 · -2 pointsr/keto


This might be what you're looking for. Single serve packs in popcorn pouches. The hot and spicy ones are great

u/dr_zira · 1 pointr/keto

I just got some microwaveable ones. Surprisingly good chip substitute. I've eaten them with cream cheese, sour cream, guac, and spinach artichoke dip.


u/crushsteffy · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you're looking for salty, try seaweed or nori "chips." They're little sheets of salted seaweed, and they make different flavors. They are extremely low cal and absolutely delicious, especially if you crave salty.

Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Trader-Joes-Roasted-Seaweed-Snack/dp/B003VG0MYY

Sorry about formatting, on my phone.

u/PlutoniumX · 1 pointr/keto

I recommend these: Lowreys

You microwave them like popcorn.

u/dblue236 · 1 pointr/Wishlist

I have these delicious cheese and onion chips in my Food/Snacks wishlist... they're the most addictive thing ever!

u/zax9 · 1 pointr/keto

I don't really cook, so this is right up my alley.

Packaged Items (unrefrigerated)

  • Smarte Carb bars (1-2g net carbs)
  • Quest Nutrition protein bars (3-7g net carbs)
  • Quest Nutrition Cravings Peanut Butter Cups (4g net carbs)
  • Just The Cheese Mini Rounds (1g net carbs)
  • Flackers flax seed crackers (about 1g net carbs per serving)
  • Some brands of beef jerky (0-3 carbs; read those labels!)
  • Mission brand Carb Balance Tortillas (spread lightly with some kind of nut butter)
  • Pecans (1.1g carbs per oz)

    Others (refrigerated)

  • Cheese, aged at least 1 year; aging reduces lactose sugar content (<1 carb)
  • String Cheese (<1 carb)
  • Lunchmeat
  • Pre-packaged salads (skip the dressing or use your own low-carb vinaigrette)

    One of my favorite snacks is to take 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter (about 4-5g net carbs), mix in 2 tablespoons (or so) of hemp hearts (0g carbs), 2 tablespoons (or so) of flax seeds (0.5g carbs) and mix it all together with a fork until it's a homogenous mixture, then eat it with the same fork. I generally do the prep and consumption in a large mug. I imagine these could probably be turned into little balls and refrigerated for later consumption, too, but I've never tried it.

    Something between a snack and a meal can be achieved with lunchmeat, aged cheese, and one of those mission tortillas (3-7 total net carbs); make a little burrito or roll-up with it all. Sometimes I'll even heat them up in the microwave (usually need toothpicks to hold it together until the cheese melts) and eat slowly with a fork and knife.
u/VWEEEEDUB · 3 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Newman's Own queso cheese tastes and smells like vomit. Not even joking. Go to Amazon and read the reviews on it. They are hilarious.

u/keepinithamsta · 10 pointsr/food

84 with vanilla frosting, $35.77.
24 pack variety vanilla and chocolate, $19.44 Buy two for free shipping, or toss in a cheap movie/basic essentials. Or buy this.

u/The_0racle · 1 pointr/pics

Wow, I totally forgot about those things. I wonder if they still make 'em.



u/BobbyMcWho · 1 pointr/keto

Order these the spicy variety, they're delicious and cheaper per bag than any puffed brand I've bought

u/firebat707 · 3 pointsr/jerky

I like this brand a lot, it's made with smiple ingredents and family made. They have a lot a different flavors but I can only vouch for the original.

u/Kalistar · 1 pointr/keto

I actually really like these even more than the bacon curls. I find that the microwave bags don't cook them as evenly and there's always too many for me to eat in one sitting. Throw a few of the loose nuggets on a paper plate and you're good to go!

u/DepressMode · 6 pointsr/keto

Awesome tip!

Perhaps in our emails we should include some low carb products that they already carry to make the "browse path" appear more necessary/useful.

Some possible examples..

Lowrey's Bacon Curls, microwave Pork Rinds

Just the Cheese Mini Round Snacks

u/RedheadBanshee · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Pork Rinds. Cheap and tasty, but some people don't like the flavor. I sometimes put a few handfuls in a plastic bag and shake in some BBQ rub. Delicious!


u/schemmey · 2 pointsr/ketorecipes

Have you tried [Lowrey's] (http://www.amazon.com/Lowreys-microwave-chicharrones-original-1-75-Ounce/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409055637&sr=8-1&keywords=pork+rinds)? They're salty enough that I use them as my main salt component in nachos and stuff, but I do like them enough. Maybe you'll find they're less salty than your brands.

u/vitoma · 1 pointr/keto

The Carolina nuggets on Amazon are way way way better. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002O5QWD8

u/kimchigimchee · 3 pointsr/Paleo

I've actually made bacon jerky. It was made with extra thick cut bacon. I don't think it would last as long as regular jerky, but it's gone so fast that it doesn't really matter.

Edit: Also this stuff is pretty decent.

u/dnrya001 · 2 pointsr/WTF

Of course. One day I ate a huge bag of this (i was the fat kid). I proceded to shit my brains out (in my pants). The smell was rancid. Our teacher made us put all of our lunches on one side of the room and had us stand on the other, to see if someone had something rotten. The look on her face when she realized the stench was coming from us was golden. The smell lingered into other classrooms on the floor so at this point, it was clear that no learning was going to happen until they solved this shitty mystery. Being the fat kid, everyone naturally looked at me first, so I had to think fast. We were all standing in the hallway at this point so I slipped into the bathroom to check the situation. It was like like someone had poured a huge pot of brown soup into my underwear. It was not the kind of shit that you could hide in your lunchbox. What I should have done was thrown my underwear out and ran to the nurses office. I was too deep in this now. I put my underwear and pants back on and slipped back into the hallway. When everyone started pointing fingers at me, I pointed at the next most logical choice for a pants-shitter, the extremely weird kid. There was about an hour left in the day and the smell was so putrid that they decided to bring us outside and gave us another recess. I kept my distance from everyone since there was still a ten foot shit aroma around me. The buses came, and luckily the weird kid who I'd been blaming was on my bus as well (smart pick, but I'm going to hell). So, I said, "see it was him!" and the majority of people latched on to that story. The other agreed with my older brother who was pointing at me, laughing and saying, "It was Dan! He shits himself all the time!" I got off the bus and took my backpack off. I don't know how this is physically possible but the shit had leaked all the way up the back of my white uniform shirt. I escaped the shituation with most people believing it was someone else. I had to beg my brother not to tell anyone. I haven't gone near pirates booty since.

TL;DR I ate too much Pirate's booty, had explosive diarrhea, they evacuated the school, I had shit all over my shirt.

u/LightnLar · 1 pointr/pics

I have tried them, if you like pork rinds you will like these.
Two minutes in the microwave and you have hot rinds.
They do not pop like popcorn so adjust your cooking time accordingly.


u/persp73 · 1 pointr/carnivore

Carolina Gold Nuggets. I like having warm pork rinds just 2 minutes away.

u/zeroThreeSix · 2 pointsr/pics

I'm surprised nobody has linked to amazon yet...

You can buy them in bulk too!


u/thorium007 · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Seriously - the Lowery's microwavable pork rinds are fucking amazing.

That said, never EVER burn them. If you do, take them outside immediately or your surroundings may never smell the same again. Also, I'm not 100% sure they are gluten free, but gluten light at least

u/enoeletche · 2 pointsr/xxketo

I have 6 - and my youngest 3 are under 3. So I feel you!

We get this kind - they are so good and literally I can h ave one of these and 1 string cheese and thats all I seem to ever need for my lunch. lol - https://www.amazon.com/Old-Wisconsin-Snack-Sticks-Ounce/dp/B007K687HA/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1494423523&sr=1-2&keywords=beef+sticks

u/nonnativetexan · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Quest bars are my favorite, but I recently discovered these Costco knockoffs that only come in two varieties, but same macros for a fraction of the price of Quest bars. They are my go-to now. I order them on Amazon as I don't have a Costco near me.

u/thedarkhaze · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Gardetto's Roasted Garlic Rye Chips would like to have a word with you.

You can find them at Wal-mart, Amazon (12-pack), Costco (6 pack), etc. etc.

Made by General Mills

u/shyjenny · 1 pointr/keto

I order the ones that you puff up in the microwave from Amazon. That way they are fresh - I have plain & spicy ones.
[This is the brand.] (https://www.amazon.com/Lowreys-Bacon-Microwave-Chicharrones-Original/dp/B000UPFWW6)

u/Doub1eAA · 2 pointsr/Keto_Food

You can also get them on Amazon and sometimes you can stack a coupon with S&S.

Lowrey's Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds (Chicharrones), Original, 1.75 Ounce (Pack of 18) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_hwzVAbCN1Z9TN

u/omegaworks · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Seaweed crisps SO tasty. I'm doing keto and they satisfy my craving for potato chips.

u/dirtydave71 · 2 pointsr/Paleo

Bacon Jerky :)

Edit: Its usually a buck more, and over $6 at the local Albertsons.

u/dooley1 · 1 pointr/keto

When I make taco salad I was missing the crunch that corn chips used to provide. I started using these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EML7DS/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

In my opinion they don't taste good by themselves but they are crispy and make good croutons.

u/tinypill · 1 pointr/keto

Quest Bars, these things, fish jerky (Sea Bear makes a good salmon jerky, though it's a tad expensive).

u/wiserTyou · 1 pointr/keto

These, work for me. The hardest thing for me to give up was tomato sauce, it's just useful.

u/PlayerDeus · 1 pointr/keto

These are good, especially with some guacamole, and they are cheap...


u/natlach · 1 pointr/secretsanta

Low Carber here. Pork rinds, they have lots of bacon options these days including bacon jerky, wax covered cheese is usually ok, summer sausage, pepperoni, flavored almonds (if no nut allergy), seaweed snacks, dark chocolate, and sugar free candy.

Be careful with jerky, double check for added sugars with the flavoring.

u/Behemoko · 1 pointr/funny

These things are on my fucking wishlist on Amazon! Don't be fooled by the high price, there are 14 6 packs. :D


u/flippers4ophelia · 2 pointsr/keto

I am not too great at cooking meat, so my keto journey has become all about the lazy snack food. Amazon has a ton of things that are simultaneously low calorie and low carb - Here's some of my favorites:

u/KINetics112 · 1 pointr/keto

Carolina Gold Nuggets.
Microwavable Pork Rinds.
Per serving, 60 Cal, 2g Fat, 0 Carbs, 0 Sugars, 9g Protein.

I've got this stuff on Subsccribe and Save.

Chef Piggy Tail sells similar microwavable ones as well, but flavored if you're into that.

Microwave them on a paper plate rather than ceramic so that they fully puff up.

u/clarobert · 1 pointr/keto


They make store bought rinds taste like a crusty bath towel. Hot, crispy rinds with a dip made of sour cream base or even whipped cream cheese (yes, you can buy it pre-whipped at the store) cannot be beat.

u/littlebit84 · 2 pointsr/loseit

You can get it in the Asian food section of your grocery store, trader joe's, and if you have an Asian supermarket, that works too. Also, I can get it at my local co-op.

Also, online like this

u/lbvermillion · 1 pointr/keto

They were probably stale. Not a big market for them where you are. There is an online store for Utz you will have to contact them to see about Canada shipping. I hope they can help you. Also Amazon here, but these prices are steep for something you may not like. The Utz store sells by the case, but you can mix and match flavors.

u/Oranges13 · 1 pointr/100DaysofKeto

The only place I can find it is at starbucks and it's $4.99 for one of the little packs, but I have this stuff coming from Amazon this month so I'm excited to try it! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EML7DS

u/thirty7inarow · 3 pointsr/keto

They're Kirkland brand, but Kirkland is Costco's store brand and they're renowned for basically just repackaging top name brands so they could also be Quest bars.


These are them, so if they otherwise look similar, it could be the same product in two wrappers.

u/MouseTurds · 3 pointsr/pics

I am your God.
Also, I ordered some. I taste an ama

u/drebunny · 1 pointr/keto

I was so skeptical too, but i love these! when i had the Bakenets or whatever from the grocery store i thought they were pretty gross and almost gave up on the pork rinds idea, until someone in this sub suggested the Lowrey's! I keep any extra that i don't eat (like the small bits that aren't good for dipping) in a sealed container so that later i can crush them up and use them in recipes that replace bread crumbs with crushed pork rinds

u/annfro · 2 pointsr/Birmingham

Have you seen the microwavable ones? Dollar General has them is what I've been told. They are stupid good. Faux-tatoes are ok especially if you add bacon and cheese.

u/PassportSloth · 10 pointsr/FrugalKeto

I usually go with eggs. Lots of eggs. Eggs + HWC + veggies + cheese. Bake in the oven and boom. Quiche for days.

Chicken thighs are almost always on sale and you can do a lot with them. Broil with low cab BBQ sauce, slow cook a curry, bread with pork rinds and fry em up.

This barrel is HUGE and much cheaper than buying 1oz bags at the grocer.

I also buy a lot of ground beef because it's versatile. Tacos, chili, just seasoned over cauli rice, mixed into (you guessed it) eggs.

u/zarqghoti · 2 pointsr/keto

You need this. Nothing like fresh hot out of the microwave crackling pork rinds.

Lowrey's Original Bacon Curls, 1.75-Ounce (Pack of 18) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_C0kozbCP3MTP2