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u/toplessbooks · 3 pointsr/newjersey

I suggest you buy good quality winter gear over lots of winter gear.

my top favorites are my:

u/dweeb_plus_plus · 1 pointr/homeowners

It's not that hard to safely remove those asbestos tiles. I wet the floor with a wet mop and used a sidewalk scraper to get them up. Most of the tiles came right up very easily without cracking. Most municipalities in my area just ask that you double bag them before disposal.

Of course you'll want to wear a proper respirator, tape up any areas where dust may escape into the rest of the house (ventilation ducts, doorways, etc), and clean up all surfaces really well afterwards. People tend to treat asbestos like it's radioactive. The risk of exposure can be nulled by being careful and following basic safety precautions.

u/dmaclang · 31 pointsr/vancouver

Got it on amazon ca for forty bucks! I've recommend it to all my friends.

Garant EPSS24 Yukon Ergo 24-Inch Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel - Blue https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B001FD3HQU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_TE5Lyb4M7VXXS

While we're on Amazon recs, check out these ice Cleats. They're absolutely life saving for Vancouver post-snowfall conditions

BINGUO 12 Teeth Anti-Slip Traction Cleats Grips Crampon for Snow and Ice Safe Protect Shoes Boots https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0176EMAKA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_II5LybJJZNT31

u/newhampshite · 2 pointsr/newhampshire

Sleigh shovel - You don't lift it so it's big and can clear driveways well. Low effort for high volume clearing.

Blade shovel - Less versatile than sleigh shovel and best for repeated clearings of flat areas. Good for commercial needs.

Classic shovel - For walkways and doorways. Get a mini one for your vehicle. Ow my back!

PS. homeowners probably also want to get a roof rake.

u/Gee_Golly · 1 pointr/SaltLakeCity

I linked this in another comment, but this snow scraper/brush has been great for me the past 3 years. It has soft material on the wide end so it won't scratch your paint as you push the snow off the top, and has a telescoping handle.


u/jayman419 · 4 pointsr/canada

These ergonomic snow pushers are good all-rounders. (But they do make bigger ones and ones that have wheels.) Doesn't matter, you want a pusher. That's going to chew through all of your loose white fluffy and/or gray and wet snow. That's like half the winter at least, and the sooner you get out there after each snowfall the easier it'll be so you can even push into ice storm territory.

But up north you're going to want to get something like this or even one of these for when you've got to break up crusty stuff that the pusher's just skating over.

u/neuromonkey · 3 pointsr/DIY

It needs to be pretty flat, particularly if you're using thin flooring. Use a sidewalk scraper (looks like a hoe, but has a flat-edge,) and go over the floor. Unless you have a really aggressive adhesive like Mastic, you should be able to get it up.

Are you using the really thin flooring, or stuff that's thicker than 1/4"? You shouldn't have stuff sticking up from the floor that's more than around 1/16" in height. If you really, really can't get it up, consider pouring leveler to create a flat surface.

u/Zoso008 · 1 pointr/vancouver

https://www.amazon.com/Fixed-Non-folding-Commercial-Wheeled-Shovel/dp/B00SBUTZ3Y . Looks like you need this. Not personally endorsed but looks pretty bitchin.

u/fireduck · 6 pointsr/funny

You are absolutely correct. My preference is a medium shovel, a little wider and a little move curved than the one in the picture.

If the "snow" is heavy as hell slush, you can still move a bit. If it is light, it is no problem. If it is in between, which we call packing snow, it can curl it to produce a good log of snow that is easy to move.

This is the closest I can find:


There are better tools for specific situations, but that is a good single tool for most snow situations.

u/Tattertott · 29 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Power Dynamics 30 Inch Flip It SnoDozer Rolling Snow Shovel on Wheels - Made in USA Version By Vertex https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AR6FU42/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_Hw8Pwb5YV5ETV

u/skibunne · 1 pointr/BMW

You should get one of these, it's what I use on my E46. It has both a scraper end and a wide, sturdy, smooth foam brush end for sweeping snow off painted areas without scratching.


u/ReyRey5280 · 2 pointsr/Denver

For the metro area you want a wider 'pusher' with more plow like action, for high altitudes with more deep snow, you want more of a narrow 'scooper' with a shorter handle.

Metal blade shovels, wheeled pushers, plastic shovels with a metal blade for ice, (anything with a gimmick) ALL suck

Below are typically what commercial snow removal guys use and they are worth the money. Keep them out of direct sun because the plastic will get brittle if you leave them out for a summer. otherwise these are a 'man's man' shovel, no frills, gimmicks, long lasting, and does the job right.



u/AdmiralSkippy · 1 pointr/funny

And this is why I never bought a shovel like this. Not only would they be heavy and hard to push when full, you're begging for a gut shot multiple times while cleaning your driveway.

u/MsftWindows95 · 1 pointr/canada

The giant sleigh style with the big fuckoff scoop.

For when you absolutely positively want to get the hell back inside asap.

Catch: its shit on uneven surfaces.