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u/AltFMild · 5 pointsr/Supplements

Hi, so I’ll provide some insight from my n=1 experience with some body fat that was covering my abs. It appeared to have come about by trying to always eat at a surplus as well as extra fruit at night.
Note: I thought this was water retention until asking around Reddit. And this is at 10% bf!

But to make a long story short, the supplements I’m taking now daily is
> Decaf EGCGs with all or all-1 meals

(I have up caffeine back in 2016 due to adrenal fatigue)

> Coleus Forskolii 1x a day

> 2x l-carnitine furmarate inbetween meals

These have helped along with implementing carb cycling, IF, and some minor morning HIIT mainly with jump rope.

Here’s how I currently look now after these experiments from the past month, to today (greater Serratus visibility, 4pack looks “healthy”, and overall a lean but anabolic appearance)

Background: my diet is pretty bulletproof being a low carb, low FODMAP, AIP Paleo. I’m 29 and 5 8. I also run once a week at a distance of 9miles, but my job is someway sedentary. Before implementing these changes, I was under the belief that calories don’t matter at all when eating a whole food approach. Now I’ve revised that thinking to say they PARTLY matter, but really it’s moreso about your selections of Whole Foods, and not always opting for say, berries.

To get here, last month I started out by doing a 10 day Keto (was going to do 3, then 7, then made it to 10 before I said F-this I want to be able to do push-ups again, lol)... so definitely I found insanely difficult primarily from just having no workout strength. The Keto community will say that that is not long enough to see results, but I did, and I know I can be in ketosis in as little as 24h or less due to already beings fat adapted and low carb inherently due to intolerances (as shown by some Organic acid testing) The willpower of also only consuming greens as my carb source rather than say butternut squash was also starting to play games with me. Carb cycling (3 days off such as only greens with your fat and protein, 1 day with whole food carbs) is much better for us smaller body types, that don’t have THAT much fat already. Carb cycling was something that I heard Chelsea Axe (Dr Axe’s wife) talk about in something she implements and has excellent success with. I found this very interesting and have had past acute success with (as noted by the first image, thinking I was holding water but was actually small “smooth” body fat)

However right now I’m not even really doing carb cycle. In fact the opposite, whereby i like to carb backload since I workout in the evenings, but instead of fruit I instead opt for a organic rooty starch like Pumpkin or Butternut Squash, and I’m doing this nightly. I may have like 5 frozen strawberries and raspberries if desiring that sourness. This was never something I did before, thinking that rooty startchy vegetables where causing this “water retention”... which was actually bodyfat. So now doing these starches instead, nightly only, at 1 meal (idk if eating these earlier would have any difference in effect, I just like to carb backload again due to schedule, but also biological knowledge about being more insulin sensitive in the evening too), I’m noticing good results. So why perhaps?
Maybe I’m increasing thyroid output and overall metabolic rate, while NOT intaking a bunch of extra glucose.

I’ve determined that getting my 2014 Keto caffeine abs back isn’t too sustainable

Here I was in a very fatigued, catabolic, but low bf% state, whereby I killed off all of carbs, and really wasn’t eating enough raw material, despite building these blocky abs from them being my complete workout focus. However I was also doing a TON of yoga at the time, and too much running as well. I was also fully caffeine dependent using it like a biohacker that had gone mad where I’d have beside teabags “brewing” in water bottles for the morning wake up. Anyway...

Last thing... This article was also handy and my main takeaways from this was:

  • IF fast (which I can do easily)
  • do HIIT (mines more like jump rope, and some random higher acute cardio stuff)

    Final thoughts:
    If you want to abstain from caffeine for a week, you should note some greater effects when introducing it back in. This isn’t feasible for me, but I noticed this when forgetting that 90% cacao chocolate is loaded up with caffeine and seeing some crazy results. Personally I would go that route. Cut coffee and such. Then I member super dark chocolate 85%+ (not working about the fat or calories), and also Impelenbt matcha green tea powder to get loaded up on EGCGs.

    Otherwise, check out those 3 supplements, and do some IF. My fast simply is not eating until noon or 1p the following day after final meal is at 11p. If you haven’t already, switch to a high fat, high protein diet. I personally wouldn’t bother counting calories once your body setpoint is working and you can be easily satiated (and blood sugar stabilized with lots of fat) for hours with say, grass fed beef and ghee/refinded coconut oil.

    HMU if u have more Qs...

    [ Note: Probably typos in here, I wrote this on my phone after taking some CDP Choline; I want to see some upvotes on this dammit for the last 40min of life being fed into this post :P ]
u/bigbellyrudeb0ii · 1 pointr/Minoxbeards

Get this Minox:

Put 1.5g of this in the bottle of Minox:

Apply that to your face for 1-2 months and check back in. I will almost guarantee you will see some results. Be safe and good luck. I have had great results since May 26 with 12.5% and some other stuff in my routine. (PEO)

u/Tugguh · 4 pointsr/Minoxbeards

some people add pure L-Carnitine L-Tartrate powder to their minoxidil and nivea soft, as it's been shown to be beneficial to hair growth when used topically... so, it's assumed this is true for beard growth as well. it's alcohol soluble, so that's a requirement for adding it to something.

I've done this as well, because it was $10 for 100grams and you only need to add about 1/4th of a teaspoon. just remember it has to be pure LCLT powder. no capsules. I'm on my third week of minoxidil and don't have any non-LCLT minoxidil experience to contrast it to, so I can't speak from personal experience on this way.

some people also add peppermint oil to their beard oil, as its been shown to aid in hair growth:

just make sure you get Mentha Piperita (peppermint's scientific name) and not spearmint or some shit.
I make my own beard oil with half castor oil, half jojoba oil, and you wanna aim for about 5% peppermint oil.

hope this helps.

u/Vulpyne · 2 pointsr/vegan

> True. But I've never seen where carnitine supplements can be made without animals, though I'm open to hearing if anyone else knows.

"Both our taurine and L. carnitine are from 100% vegan sources." - V-Dog (vegan dog food)

In fact, all good quality vegan dog/cat foods include l-carnitine.

There are also a number of l-carnitine supplements on Amazon marked as vegan:



    I wasn't able to find out a lot about exactly how vegan l-carnitine is synthesized other than this (PDF) document on production by enzymatic reactions from 1980. I'd assume the technology has progressed since then.
u/Grammar_Buddy · 2 pointsr/keto

This question comes up enough that you'd think the answer would be easy to find. If it is, I'm just not very observant (or under-caffeinated). That said, here are the basic things we take:

Good multi-vitamin that also contains a mineral supplement (although you should be eating plenty of low-carb veggies, that doesn't always happen. Also, it's easy to get into a rut with the vegetables that you do eat. The mineral part of this helps make sure you aren't missing something important)

L-Carnitine (Helps your body transport fat - we buy this one)

An assortment of essential oils (fats). We do:
Flax Seed Oil
Borage Oil
Evening Primrose Oil

That's it.

u/Jurss · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well, if you want them to make them try harder and spike their motivation, you should help them shed some of excess weight, I know people usually get a lot of motivation when they look thiner after a while.
So, maybe some weight loss supplements like this.

u/ButteredGhost · 2 pointsr/Minoxbeards

Nutricost L-Carnitine Tartrate...

I mix about 1.8 grams into a full bottle of minox, with a couple drops of peppermint oil as it smells pretty fishy on its own. As for the effectiveness, It’s hard for me to say, I’m taking like 8 supplements plus dermarolling plus beard oil, but in the two weeks I’ve been using lclt nearly all my vellus hairs darkened, there’s hairs next to my eyelids lol