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u/Bradderall420 · 1 pointr/QuittingTianeptine

Of course! Here ya go

Agmatine Sulfate -
-1-1.5 grams once in the morning and once at night.

Kratom (Try and get a Red Bali strain) -

  • Take 7-30 grams as needed. I would just use the 'toss and wash' method, where I'd just take a giant spoonful or two of the powder, pour it in the back of my mouth, then rinse it down as quickly as possible with something to drink. It doesn't really taste bad, it was just difficult because my stomach was in knots from withdrawing.

    Phenibut -
  • The dosage of this is difficult. I took about 4 grams at a time. It's quite similar to xanax, so be careful. It also takes awhile to kick in, so take it before your withdrawals start if possible. Also, don't make the mistake I did and think that it's not working after a couple hours, it honestly takes like 5-7 hours to really start working, but it will absolutely fuck you sideways if you take too much, no joke. I straight blacked out like I had just eaten 20mg of Xanax.

    Most Importantly(Besides Gabapentin or Lyrica)
    Loperamide (Immodium) - Science lesson everyone! Loperamide, or more commonly known as Immodium which is an diarreah drug, is an Opiate you can buy over the counter! Now, the reason it's OTC is because you have an enzyme in your liver that metabolises and sweeps up Loperamide from your blood stream before it ever has an opportunity to cross the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier). If it can't pass the BBB, then it can't stimulate and bind to your Opiod receptors. However, there's a way around this!! I don't know if you've ever noticed or heard before on some drug commercials they'll say "do not take with grapefruit juice". That's because grapefruit juice inhibits a metabolizing enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4). CYP3A4 is a metabolizing enzyme for almost 50% of drugs, and is found in the liver and small intestinal epithelial cells. You can take 400mg of Loperamide and it won't do shit to help you, but you take 60mg. with some grapefruit juice and you can legitimately get high. Seriously, google it if you like. There are plenty of people on forums all over talking about having done this. Now, none of you will get high from taking this Loperamide, but that's only because your tolerance to Opioids is through the roof right now because of Tia usage. However, it will IMMENSLY help your withdrawals. If done correctly, this alone can take away between 65-90% of your withdrawals. Once I learned this trick, I had 'detoxed' / withdrawn several times using just this method. Of course, I'd always fall back into using it, because I'd be waiting for an order I had already ordered and when it finally arrives on around day 2 or 3 of withdrawing, I'm still way too weak to just throw that shit away lol, so I'd dive right back in. Anyway, seriously, the Loperamide method is absolutely legitimate, WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. There are instructions on how / when to take certain things to optimize it's ability to pass the BBB. If any of you have Gabapentin as well, you can seriously use just the Loperamide method with the Gaba and you will be 99-100% free of withdrawals (apart from a little possible depression / dysphoria depending on how long you've used Tia). If you do have both Gaba and plan to use the Loperamide method, I still highly recommend getting the other things, it'll just insure that you're free of withdrawals on the off chance that you don't react the same way to one of the other things the way most people do. Anyway, there are 3 things you'll need to buy for the Loperamide method and all 3 of them can be bought at Walmart for $20, give or take $5. Here are the 3 things you'll want to buy, then I'll give you the instructions.

    *Loperamide -
    • Make sure you get the gel tabs and you get the one with 120 of them!!
      *Grapefruit Juice -
    • This is the only grapefruit juice that Walmart sells that's NOT from concentrate, and that's important!! So make sure you get this exact brand. Maybe get 2 of them.
      *Tagamet / Acid Reducer - or
    • This is really only to help your stomach not hurt when you take large doses of Loperamide. I've done it several times without this, and only once or twice had some discomfort, nothing too bad, but I'd get it just to be sure anyway. Just make sure the active ingredient is Cimetidine

      Okay, first off one of the most important things to know about this is that for whatever reason this method doesn't work nearly as well if your withdrawals have already set in. So you must start this an hour or so after your last dose of Tia. I have no idea why this is, but I've encountered the issue a handful of times!! Okay that being said, say you have all 3 of the items. First, take 600mg (should be 3 pills) of the tagamet (the anti acid) with the grapefruit juice. For the next 45 minutes, continue sipping the grapefruit juice ever 3-5 minutes. At the 45 minute mark, take anywhere from 40-100mg of Loperamide with grapefruit juice. Continue to sip the grapefruit juice for the next 15-30 minutes after that as well. It's gonna seem sketchy taking that much Loperamide, trust me. I was really nervous to shove that many pills in my mouth, even though I've tried nearly every mainstream drug out there as well as several RC's lol. It's sketchy because the Loperamide gel tabs are only 2mg a piece, so if you're going to take 40-100mg, that's 20-50 pills lol. If you feel uneasy about it I encourage you to google it, you'll see dozens of reports of others doing this just to get high lol. This should hold you off for 6-10 hours, and you really only need to do this for the first 2-3 days. It's also great, because it'll help with the diarreah you get when you withdraw lol.

      I'll also just make mention of Vitamin C. It never really worked for me, but there's a ton of evidence that "mega doses" of Vitamin C helps inhibit Opioid receptors. Something like 5 grams 3 or 4 times a day. I've tried it, didn't really help, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

      If any of you can get your hands on any Blood pressure medication or beta blockers such as clonidine, this will help immensly too! Just be careful to not take too much, you don't want your BP to drop too low.

      If any of you need instructions on the Gabapentin, just let me know, but really you just start taking 2.5-5g of it as soon as you have withdrawals, and continue to take that much whenever they start to creep up again.

      LASTLY, there are 2 things that are still going to possibly plague you. Depression and a lack of energy / exhaustion. There is a very easy way to get / have speed at the same level of Adderall. If your lethargy or anything is that bad, message me again and I'll tell you how to get this. It's no shit, really really easy, but I don't like to encourage using it because it's very easy to switch addictions. And this stuff is quite addicting! I've always had trouble with speed myself (duh, see username), so I know it's potential for abuse.

      Anyway, I really really really wish you all the very best at overcomming this monster!! It's no fucking joke and I feel for you guys, but you're all closer than you realize right now at just finally being done. The misery is seriously very temporary. And if you're one of the fortunate ones who don't end up suffering from debilitating depression, then you'll honest to God have no problem. The above things should 100% rid you of the physical withdrawals, and those only last 3-7 days based on length of use and amount of daily use, and so once that's over, it's all over. If one of you are like me, just be prepared to have some depression / dysphoria. It really caught me off guard one of the first times I really got clean. This too is very temporary. I honestly don't think it lasted even a month, so just do your best to tough it out, you will NOT regret the decision to do so!
      Again, I wish you guys the best!! Take care and let me know how you all do!!! Also, if you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me anytime!!
u/BornEze · 3 pointsr/asktrp



A good morning routine, or any routine really is a great way to stay consistent and keep you on track. Granted, I haven't been 100% on track with mine, but I'm working on it! Currently ironing some shirts for work, but I thought I'd chime in lol.


My mornings I learned really set my day for me. Since I've gained 10 pounds and adjusted to eating some breakfast, if I DONT eat my 1000+ calorie breakfast to start off, I get headaches, and the rest of my day sucks cuz i didn't get my high protein, high fat, and calorie meal in to get the day going. I need to eat more otherwise my body will beat me up lol. All this from going to 155 from 145. Sucks but hey, gotta eat to get big! I'm a hard gainer so I need more calories (3,500 to 4,000+ a day). Hard to keep up with it right now since I'm starting back again and really trying to get on track. But i think once i stay consistent with my hard workouts my appetite with eventually catch up. Anywho...


Meditating, stretching, and taking care of my face/hair also helps me feel really good in the morning (recently bought some stuff to get a routine going, makes my face feel great!). Triming nails, cleaning ears, really just hygiene in general. Stretching loosens up the body. And meditating while smiling is amazing. You instantly feel great, motivated, and just fucking awesome!! Its hard for me to get the smile going at first, but once I do its easier to maintain the "damn i feel good vibe". I bought this waterfall Buddah thing from walmart (that lights up!) for $5 along with these oil burners too. Just sets the mood reeallly nice :D -


I started by making 3 distinct routines around my work schedule, color codes for each type of thing i was working on, timestamps for when to do it, how long, etc. I wanted to ensure each day i could make time for my top goals. That ended up just not working, due to it being overly complicated and the time frames always got fucked. I've since then combined it into a simple routine/checklist for each day. You can see it here:

VERY simple, compared to what I had before lol. Dry skin/lips is something I suffer from right now, so I'm trying out different cremes and products to see which works best for me (along with drinking more water too).


My main problem was after work, I'd be tired. So I do recommend you get some pre-workout or maybe caffeine pills, and get more sleep during the night to help with energy (something i need to focus more on lol). Also a good diet (meal prep every sunday!) I take them (one, not both lol) usually before i start heading home or as soon as i get home.

Caffine Pills im using -

Pre-workout I'm using -

The only thing about pre-workout i would advise is to split test the ones with beta alanine and the ones without it. This is the component that gives you the tingly feeling. Some pre-workout is mild with others being way more noticeable. Personally i hate the feeling as i mainly take it to get extra energy. This one my friend gave me and I only ever feel it tingle a bit in my hands and thats it. Feel free to experiment with whichever one works best for you.


I also made my own meal prep/budget file in excel. Where I customized it so I can easily see my macros when adjusting my meals for the days of the week. Including fruit and snacks. Very customizable, so much so that I can alter ingredients in the recipes and the macros follow through on the adjustments. Everything I tried out from the grocery store, liked, did research on, and decided to keep in my meal plan, I got the macros for. So there is a TON of food on one sheet with the Calories, Carbs, Protein, and Fat in individual cells that it calculates from. I just adjust the quantity and boom easy planning for the week. To supplement this i did research and jotted down a lot of different workouts for parts of the body, and assigned them to different days of the week.

Pictures of the excel file:


An eating schedule is also recommended too! I struggle with that now, so right after this I'm trying a tip I got for hard gainers from Athlean-X, to set alarms on my phone to remind me when to eat. And I spaced things out about 3 hours apart so I can have time to digest and not force myself too much. (trying to bulk while eating consistently is harder than I thought lol. been about 6 months, only gained 10 pounds)

Eating Schedule -


Part 2 in comments....

u/OPs_Mom_and_Dad · 20 pointsr/drumcorps

This is actually something I wish I'd thought about more when I marched. I got really into working out, nutrition and supplements a few years after marching. The three I'd consider bringing/taking would be creatine, protein powder and a preworkout.

The creatine will help water retain in your muscles, which will give them more mass. Be careful with this though, because that means you'll need to increase the amount of water you drink, which is already at a high amount during the drum corps summer. It'd be super easy to become dehydrated while taking creatine, even if you are drinking a gallon or more per day.

The protein will help you build muscle. In general, it doesn't take a ton of protein to build muscle, not nearly as much as we've been led to believe, but I really don't think drum corps provided enough food in general to really build muscle. You'll want to balance this with a little bit of carbohydrates (which won't be a big deal, drum corps nutritionists predominantly keep members on a glycogen-based nutrition plan, so you should be fine) which helps with the protein synthases. I wouldn't go with a whey though, they don't digest as easy. Look for a hemp protein powder, you'll have better luck with protein absorption.

Preworkouts, honestly, are a lie. Don't get me wrong, they help you workout and I take one every morning, but purely because they have caffeine. I've been hooked on caffeine since high school and majorly missed it when I marched. I take Six Star because it's high in caffeine and zero carbs, but any cheap one will work. You can even do instant coffee. But being able to start your day with the ground running will just lead to more results.

If you're thinking about a fat burner, you don't need it. Drum corps in general will take care of that for you, and most add in a level of (slight) risk to the heart, which you want to keep as healthy clean as possible during the summer. The best thing you can do to burn fat is increase muscle mass, which creatine and protein will do. Caloric burn rate is a formula that's predominantly impacted by the amount of lean muscle, so increasing that muscle amount will increase your daily burn and your elevated-cardio burn rates automatically.

Note: pay super close attention to your health the whole time. I'm no doctor, I'm no expert, just a fitness enthusiast who also marched. And make sure at least one staff member knows exactly what you're taking (don't ask their permission, it's your life and health fitness plan, but if anything ever goes wrong it's important for at least some authoritative figure to know what you've been putting in your body).

Now if you REALLY want to burn some fat and try out an experiment I wish I'd known about when I marched, look up ketogenic-based diets v. glycogenic-based diets. The latter is what drum corps traditionally use, but my own personal research makes me believe that every drum corps and member would benefit from operating all summer on the former. You'd look better and have significantly more energy with a lot less crashing. But if a corps as a whole didn't adopt it, you'd need to supplement your meals with some additional supplements.

Anyways, this was a long answer, so sorry about that. Whatever you decide, be safe and let us know your results!

u/Colywin · 2 pointsr/HerbalRVA

Typically for me white Borneo is one of the stronger whites. It's a level or two above WMD. If you enjoyed WMD you should love White Borneo. I would cut your dose down the first time you try it to find your sweet spot. Because Kratom works differently for each person, I feel it is a good practice to start low with a new strain that you haven't tried before. You can easily add 1-2g more after an hour or so.

About the Agmatine since you seemed interested, I wrote you a book lol.

I got the least expensive agmatine on Amazon. Per recommendation from someone who posted about it a while back. 100g size I believe is $15. Linked below for you.

The powder is great because it has a little scoop cup inside. Half of that is 500mg where I think the capsules start at 1000mg making it harder to take 500mg in the morning and 500mg around 5pm if you wanted to try it that way. You can certainly take 1000mg in the morning per the once a day directions. I rotate every other day doing 1000mg once a day in the morning and splitting twice a day. I have read some people who take 500mg three times per day. Split it up how ever you want. Also I'm sure it can be located cheaper somewhere else.

My own research seemed to indicate three main reactions. Feel free to research it yourself.

  1. After 3-5 days of taking it daily, user would notice a better euphoric feeling, Kratom dose would last longer, became stronger forcing them to reduce the dose by a few grams. Reduced cravings to dose multiple times per day which apparently resulted in them dosing less times per day. This seemed to be the ideal result thus making it easier for people taking high amounts to taper down. Likewise, helps you keep your dose steady by helping reduce tolerance build up. Or at least mitigate it somewhat.

  2. After taking for 3-5 days they noticed most of what I mentioned above however, the Agmatine removed partly or all euphoria from Kratom. For users mainly seeking that euphoria feeling this isn't ideal. But most wrote that they got more energy which that part at least helped them taper down easier because taking their normal dose was too much. Wobbles etc. So this group seems to use it mainly to aid in resetting their dosing levels back down to original levels then they stop taking Agmatine until they need to reduce their dose again. Even if you get this result, good to have this stuff around if your dose ever gets too high, you'll want to taper to prevent any withdraw symptoms.

  3. Didn't do anything for them or it upset their stomach/headache.

    I have only been using it for about 2 weeks now and I really like it. The Agmatine on it's own (I mix it in a glass of water and chug it down) gives me a nice focused feeling in the morning within about 10-15mins. I've taken a lot of supplements and rarely does one produce such a quick result for me. It sort of feels similar to Wild White but weaker. That is why I like taking 2-3g of that strain after or with my agmatine.

    On with some other rant...

    I also have problems focusing. My brain likes thinking of several other things at once while I'm trying to focus on what I'm doing. Scattered brained as I call it.

    I always remembered being told that our brain is a muscle. I figured one way to train focus would be to eliminate as much multi-tasking that I could,(No such thing as MT anyways) checking my phone a lot, ditching social media for the most part and started reading books. Reading was hard a first but each day/week I found I was able to read more pages while staying focused. Now I can read faster and much longer and finally get to enjoy books!

    Sorry for casting Wall of Text VII, almost out of mana brah! Unless Kratom completely resolves your ADHD, attack it on all fronts. Diet, rest, and try removing as many "quick action distractions" as you can from your daily routine not just when you are at work. If you think about it, we may have helped train our brains to operate very quickly in short bursts of attention so that we could attempt achieving more faster. Don't think it works for long if at all and for me, the price was as if my focus kept getting worse.

    I'm best focused when I'm mentally and physically calm. So for me, I have added more relaxing activities to my daily routine like reading. Taking a brief walk. Anything that forces you to stop thinking and instead absorb the moment you are in vs racing from one objective to the next.

    I hope this helps. You know your own best focused state of mind. Find new ways to slow down if like me, you focus better when calm. It's addictive thinking fast but you miss a lot more than you may realize.

    Dr. Phil is out! LOL
u/westcoastgeek · 8 pointsr/Nootropics

I’m taking 750 mg 3 days on, 1 day off according to the directions on the brand I bought which is this one: BulkSupplements Agmatine Sulfate Powder (250 Grams)

Honestly, I’ve tried 4 or 5 prescription anti-depressants with mixed results and a number of nootropic supplements. For me the most effective for me would probably be Effexor, magnesium citrate, cbd oil, NAC, inositol and now agmatine. The Effexor felt really positive in the beginning but I felt like it diminished somewhat over time. My integrative doctor recommended inositol to help sustain the positive benefits of the Effexor and I read about agmatine on here so I gave it a try. Apparently agmatine can “potentiate” and regulate other things you take so maybe that has contributed to the positive effects I’ve received. One thing that made me especially interested is that I’ve always had a positive response to ibuprofen and would take it morning and night if it wasn’t for the side effects and agmatine provides the same anti-depressant effects of ibuprofen supposedly without the long term side effects. For me the first time I had agmatine I felt really good almost immediately. It was almost like a body high. Now that I’ve been taking it for a few weeks, I generally just feel good overall. We’ll see if that continues.

Hope that helps.

u/FastRedPonyCar · 3 pointsr/Fitness

No the supplements listed in his program are all safe and (in my opinion) largely unnecessary.

I changed the supplements that I started taking my 2nd time through his program because I thought that the ones he recommends are expensive and I didn't notice any benefit to be honest.

Here is what I would suggest (and bear in mind that everyone's body is different so for some guys, they may feel more or less effectiveness out of various supplements)

  • AST Multipro 32x multivitamin

  • Top Secret brand Fish oil & CLA

  • Bio X whey protein


  • Machine Whey protein

  • Tier 1 pre workout - Cheaper than other preworkouts and only contains a few key, proven to work ingredients. I really like the stuff.

    That really should be it. There are numerous other similar products from other companies that are probably just as good but those are the ones I have been using for quite a while now.

    The only other thing that you may benefit from would be a fatburner/thermogenic like BPI's roxylean or MTS Drop Factor. Both are essentially glorified caffeine's with a few other things but assuming your diet is in check and you're lifting 5 days a week, your body will be burning calories naturally without having to use that stuff. Basic old caffeine pills are DIRT cheap and work just as effective too.. basically like downing a cup of coffee.

    Thermogenic fatburning supplements DO work to a degree but how well they will actually work kinda depends on the individual's body and how well it responds and it's meant to essentially elevate your heart rate and metabolism so if you have heart issues or adverse reactions to caffeine, I would stay away.

    I don't really feel like my body reacts that well in terms of actually burning fat (hard to quantify actual fat loss results from JUST the pills since I'm eating at a caloric deficit - which will yield weight loss in an of itself) but I do feel like the caffeine boost gives me a nice mental pick me up in the afternoon whereas coffee has largely proven ineffective.

    The main thing you need to take away from this is that supplements should never make or break your weight loss success.

    If your results hinge on supps, you are doing something wrong in the kitchen. Countless guys and girls have gotten great results without the need of supplements. Good supplements though, simply make hitting your goals a bit easier.
u/Moobyghost · 3 pointsr/bipolar2


Late diagnosed BPII when I was 29. The next 8 years on lithium so I was stable and not trying to kill myself. Cannabis to try to increase mood enough to not weep all day long. Everything was hard. Everything was a struggle. Everything that went wrong was a tragedy. I learned about the effects of Adderall to bipolar brains after doing my own research. Then I provided all that to my pill shrink who said, "I don't feel like changing your meds and if i did i wouldn't try that." I asked him when he stopped being a real pill shrink and just became a script signer for a pay check. I took the ADHD test and it said I had ADHD. Found a new pill shrink and got put on 10mg x2 daily Adderall. That med has changed my life.

I am about to suck adderalls proverbial dick here for a second, but there are several issues with the drug that anyone on it needs to know, and if you are a man there can be some other scary symptoms too, but there are ways around everything i have learned and will be glad to share that info later if needed.

So everything is different. The first two months i got the euphoria. I was floating through the air. Hovering over the ground. No longer did I slog through oatmeal just to move or think. Now I was graceful.

I catch myself smiling all the time now. I sing in the car. I am social again. All the toxic negative shit my brain would do or say to me all day long to beat me, berate me, and stifle me is gone. Suicidal thoughts all day long are gone.

Thinking is clear. Actions are leveled. Energy is up. Food consumption is down. 22 pounds lost in 4 months on adderall.

I am a better me in every single way, but that is because I reigned it in. Adderall helped me to control my life, nay, LIVE my life now, but I had to get a handle on it too.

After feeling that euphoria that first month, I abused it a little too like some do. Take more than i needed. I parachuted it once. I ground it and tipped a joint with it. I was consuming it every way possible to see how it hit the brain.

It made me want to up the strength. DON'T. Make the adderall work for you, don't be a slave to it.

You may need to take some supplements on it. I recommend one to all, and the other if you are male and having... issues on it. Or female and just feel like your blood circulation is poor.

First: N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) Powder When Adderall is working it's basically burning up these two chemicals in your brain. You deplete yourself and you get low mood and irritability. Little bit of this one or twice a day in yogurt or water keeps mood up and irritability down. Works wonders.

Second: Nitric Oxide Supplement with L Arginine, Citrulline Malate, AAKG and Beet Root. Are you a male on Adderall who was suddenly shocked to find you got coke dick? Do you have minor ED symptoms now? Male or female do you have blue tinges of color around toes, fingers, and dick (if a lady, i don't know if any part of your privates will tinge blue, we need a females story to know), but what this is poor blood circulation. Adderal, for whatever fucking reason, slows down or tells the body you don't need as much Nitric Oxide in the body as you do. Low Nitric Oxide, bad blood for doing anything physical from working out, sex, sports, etc. You can get the three ingredients you need as powder supplements too, but I find it easier to take this one in the capsule form. That was the last thing added and so far has fixed the worst of the negative side effects. Everything is now functionally very close to normal and i will take it. lol. It is fascinating stuff really.

I have done sooooo much gorram research on this drug, these supplements, why and how adderall does what it does, etc. It is a miracle drug for bipolar and ADHD. Just know you have to stay in charge of it. Don't abuse it, take breaks when you can, or drop your second pill out of the day when you are good. I have many days where I take 20mg in morning and only 10 or less in afternoon using a pill splitter. Some days I never take the second pill.

I am happy your are going to at least try it and see what it can do for you. It saved my life. I was stable, but so low all the time, never did anything less i was dragged out by friends. I closed myself off from everyone and everything. Now.. I am a social butterfly, sort of, at least compared to old me.

In four short months I have gone from sitting in the dark all day everyday, to going out and about. I have gone to parties without panic attacks or leaving early. I have gone back to loud bars and enjoyed myself. I started putting myself out there sexually again (after adding the Nitric Oxide Supplement) and had the first hook up in a long, long time. I make plans now. I look forward to things. I forgot, before the pill, what it was like to have a brain without suicidal thoughts. (That comes at a cost if you are a gamer, but that is a whole 'nother story). I forgot what it was like to live. Every year i reluctantly lived was agony, and now, I got a match under me. Life is worth living and I am going to fucking enjoy some of it for a change.

As long as you control the adderall and not the other way round, it is a a miracle drug. It can also be a cold hearted mistress if you ignore any warning signs.

I wish you all the best and if you need to talk about anything while on it, let me know. I am here for you.

u/Upvote_Shenanigans · 2 pointsr/progresspics

Sure! I posted a reply about my diet up a little bit, so I'll just copy paste it. I honestly don't count calories at this point. When I was trying to shed the weight I watched what I ate pretty closely, around 2500 calories a day. I get around 3500 or so a day now, and that is with me staying lean. Usually that would be a bulking amount of calories, but as much as I work outside, workout and run. I need all the calories I can get to even maintain.

DISCLAMER: Fat Burning Products like Oxyelite, Fireball, Cellucor Super HD, Shred Matrix and Hydroxycut, DO NO WORK. I wanted to do everything i could when i first started, and wasted money on a product or 2 like those above. Good Ol' Exercise and good eating is all you need!

As far as supplements go I'm taking the following. These are all my favorites after taking dozens of things. I'm not too sure on the creatine though, it's my favorite brand and such, but honestly I personally couldnt tell much of a difference, i've since cycled off of it and am just taking protein and a PWO. But i'm going to give it another shot in a week or so. A PWO in my eyes is essential. And White flood is my favorite after trying about 10 different PWO's. I've also tried things like fish oil, multivitamins, BCAA's Omega 3-6-9, and amino's. And frankly not gotten a thing off of it. You might like a multi or fish oil, as that would be my second recommendation after this list. Because i've heard alot of people praise them. But my body resists alot of things, like pain medication , anti biotics and other things i found out the hard way.

ON Whey Protein

White Flood PWO

Green MAGnitude Creatine

7am - Protein shake

9:45am - Natural peanut butter wrap, almonds

12:00am - Chicken breast, brown rice, greek yogurt

3pm protein bar, almonds , peanut butter

5pm nada, cant eat pre workout

7pm more chicken breast and more brown rice with a protein shake and
greek yogurt

9pm cottage cheese / more greek yogurt.

u/kratbegone · 1 pointr/ketogains

Maybe addressed in comments below, but I am 51 and did both last year and had great success. Here are my tips:

Never start while still in keto transition phase. It will be awful. It sounds like you are past that.

Do not do more than 500-750 deficit. period! Anymore and you will not get much gains and your body will hate you.

Keep the electrolytes up. I suggest chicken broth but, even doses of 1/4 teaspoon of lite salt as needed.

Optional: I love this Pre workout keto supp, has caffeine, BHB, and tastes great. Once you take it also forced to leave the house since you will be a bundle of energy that needs a workout to feel whole :)

Supps i take are joint juice, ZMA, curcermin, Fish oil, and other nootrpics not related to this. As you notice, all of these help joints which as you get older need more help.

I did stonglifts to start and it was great, taught me fundamentals, how to warm up properly, and great app (but pay to get the warm ups). I did stay on it too long as i pushed until i hit 2 plates on Squats amd 3 plates on DL's. Not bad for an old guy on a keto deficit who never really did weights before. Going back on keto in a few weeks to cut again.

u/dza76wutang · 1 pointr/weightroom

Did first workout using Dr. Jeckyl.

Why I Bought Dr. J:

I like PWO's that emphasize pumps (big doses of arginine / citruline and the like) over stimulants (big doses of caffeine). This is what Dr. J promises. I discovered it via Mr. Hyde, which is the high caffeine version of Dr. J. (Kudos for the brilliant naming). 100mg caffeine and promises of pumps had me curious.

Flavor Purchased:

Mango ( It's delicious. Easily the best tasting PWO I've ever had. Would drink on its own.


One workout down and it seemed to deliver on its promises. The pump was real. I did shoulders and ab wheel and felt like I was going to blow out of my shirt. Not too much caffeine, I was able to go to sleep relatively soon after. Last night's workout started around 8:30pm and went to about 10pm. Was asleep by 11:30pm.

Net Promoter Score

I would recommend this to anyone who wants what Dr. J says it will deliver, a low-caff, pump-centric PWO. I like it enough to try Mr. Hyde for an AM workout (3x the caffeine of Dr. J).

u/rielynn · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Probably a repeat of everyone else, but needless to say, you are not alone.

I leave my house at 6:15 a.m. to be at work by 7 a.m. I work out at night - mostly because I see a trainer 2x a week, and he's not willing to meet me at 5 a.m. :)

The lack of energy in the evenings is real and can be very hard to overcome.

I started taking a prework out, on my trainer's advice. I unfortunately don't feel that it helps me very much, but YMMV. (I have this one, but there are many.)

Things that definitely do help:

  • Going straight from work to the gym, as others have said. I pack my gym bag in the morning and leave it in my trunk.

  • I also measure out protein powder and put it in a shaker bottle for an after-workout shake. I keep boxes of individual serving shelf-stable almond milk in my trunk to mix with. (Usually Silk dark chocolate almond milk.) These are more expensive than buying regular milk, but they do not need to be refrigerated - so they can safely sit in my car all day until my p.m. workout.

  • Eating a snack before your workout. When I get to the gym, it has been 5-6 hours since I ate lunch. I like to have an apple ~an hour before my workout.

  • Planning your workout in advance, so you know exactly what exercises/weights/reps you need to do.

  • I give myself 15-30 minutes to stretch and warm up before my workout. A longer warmup helps me get into the right frame of mind for lifting, and is a brief "break" to replenish energy. I drink my pre-workout during this time, as well.
u/dredull · 1 pointr/Supplements

I take Pure Cane Natural Pre Workout. It not only has beet root powder, it has creatine and citrulline. The Tropical Fruit Smoothie flavor is the one with beet root powder. You can buy it on Amazon and contains the necessary natural ingredients to not only give you a nice pump but increase your energy throughout your workout. I think it tastes great and doesn’t require a ton of water that’ll leave you sloshing it around in your stomach like a bloated whale. Give it a try, it’s good stuff and highly recommended.

Pure Cane Natural Pre Workout

u/Schenectadye · 1 pointr/Brogress

I alternate different ones based on recommendations and price. I think C4 was good just had to stick to the 2 scoops, face itched a bit though.

Currently using GAT preworkout mostly because it was on sale and I was entertaining the Vitamin Shoppe guy with his rhetoric about the testosterone building riff raff he talked about.

To me, it's just stronger coffee that tastes sweet. Gives me a boost for my workouts when I feel sluggish. No super human strength or better lifts.

As for protein, I've been using it less when i was cutting, i realized that I felt fuller eating solid food. I may crack open the ON Double Chocolate during this bulk if my weight doesn't increase fast enough.

u/0perator00 · 0 pointsr/vancouver

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Instantized BCAA 5000 Powder, Unflavored
OPTIMUM NUTRITION Instantized Bcaa Powder, Fruit Punch

BCAAs help muscle recovery and add very few calories, it tends to give you an energy boost as well. My wife prefers the unflavoured one mixed with fresh lemon juice. I'll take a scoop or two of the second one in my first liter of water of the day. They're also good for while you work out.

When working out I also like Optimum Nutrition Natural Amino Energy Naturally Flavoured as it also has caffeine.

I'm no good at it, and haven't ever successfully got into the habit, but from reading about it, paying attention to your macro nutrients is also very important. Personally for me, to break any current plateaus it's my next step.

Check your history, good on ya for what you've already accomplished!

u/Punk4Hire · 2 pointsr/AngieVaronaLegal

I've never tried the pre-workout mix, but the canned energy drinks are pretty good. Sour heads is my personal favorite. It's made by the same company that makes Redline energy. It's a pretty swift kick in the ass when you can't get motivated, unless you just have a high tolerance to caffeine.

Nutritional Facts for the mix, confirming that /u/beatlesbright is correct in that the drinks do not contain sugar. Pulled that directly from Amazon.

u/daidi0t · 1 pointr/Supplements

I drink coffee throughout the day so I usually use stun- free preworkouts.( Plus caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and is counterproductive when it comes to pumps. ) Usually targeted for increased pumps. Jack3d was my favorite before it got discontinued. These are a few that I use now that give me similar effects.

I try to cycle things I like to try to stop my body from getting used to it. Hopefully this helps

GAT PMP (Peak Muscle Performance), Next Generation Pre Workout Powder for Intense Performance Gains, Stimulant Free Blue Raspberry, 30 Servings

PEScience High Volume Caffeine Free Pump Pre Workout, Raspberry Lemonade, 252 Gram

H vol 30 Serv Green Apple Martini, 10.1 oz - 285G

Betancourt Nutrition Pump'd Pre Workout Supplement, Strawberry Kiwi, 210 Gram

u/carbycat · 1 pointr/keto

This stuff is great:

I drink it before/during my workout and it makes me feel like not a complete zombie. Its only 1g per 2 scoops (I usually use only 1 scoop for an entire blender bottle with ice and it tastes perfect to me). If you do decide to try it, I'd recommend blueberry mojito!

u/ShesTyping · 1 pointr/kratom

Oh that is good for you :) It's like the bitterest lime juice you can think of, for me anyway. And I could taste that sharpness in everything I mixed it with.

I haven't tried either of the things you mentioned, but hopefully my description gives you an idea.

This is the one I get - - I know you can get it cheaper, but I'm lazy :) I've bought nutricost supplements in the past and were pleased with the quality as well.

u/SupaSaiyanPig69 · 3 pointsr/workout

I was in the same boat. Try this stuff. Its effective, and I can use it before going to the gym at night and still have no problem falling asleep :) plus, it's not very expensive! The fruit punch is super yummy

Six Star Explosion Pre Workout, Powerful Pre Workout Powder with Extreme Energy, Focus and Intensity, Fruit Punch, 30 Servings

u/livinglovinlaughing · 2 pointsr/QuittingTianeptine

Very interesting to hear /u/r/KratomDaily.Were you able to find this at a local store like GNC or did order online?
I mean..if the Agmatine works with potentiating tia, then obviously this might be a helpful tool in tapering?
I saw this on Amazon:

and if you read the reviews, there are 2 reasons why people use this and that's either (a) to help their body recover from a workout or weightlifting session or (b) to use it for potention and pain relief purposes. One reviewer uses it with his kratom while another uses it strictly for nerve pain and yet another says it's "calming, pain reducing and potentiates many other meds"

Even though I have tried and researched every possible tia potentiator that is out there with no luck, I will probably give this a try.

u/Drew11427 · 1 pointr/Fitness
Legion athletics pulse. I really really like it. I have used C4, super pump maxx, NO-Explode, and others. I like this cause it's not just a caffeine bomb and it's all natural, no proprietary blend of mystery ingredients. Check it out, they are a solid company. They had a bad shipment that had an issue with clumping so they sent me another tub free of charge.

u/Freedomeofchoice · 1 pointr/ketogains

give it time it will get better since just 3 weeks. You might also look at a new per workout for keto, I have used it 3 times and am happy with it, seems to help and do not have hunger near end of workout (sl5X5 with accessories). As a side note , it is like creamy watermelon, tastes so good i have to hold myself from making more when not working out, lol.

u/Imjustthepoolguy · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you're worried about your pre workouts content, try one called tier 1 nutrition. Each scoop has 200mg of caffeine, 5g of creatine, and 3 other amino acids and that's it - the company is known for having safe ingredients and giving exactly what they advertised. It also has a ton of really good reviews and for 30 bucks (30 servings) the price isn't too bad for what you're getting. Here's a link if you're interested:

u/eddy159357 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Preworkout is usually just caffeine plus some other amino acids for energy. Beta-alanine is common ingredient as well and has studies showing it increases blood flow and vascularity. I love using preworkout, it's helped me be more consistent and hit new PR's. Also, once you drink it you pretty much have to go workout or else you waste it and just have a ton of energy for nothing haha.

I really like this one. It tastes amazing and doesn't make me too jittery like C4 and I scale how much caffeine I want by changing how many scoops. Also has beta-alanine. No creatine but I add creatine myself if I want it.

u/sassytaters · 1 pointr/keto

For sure practice ahead of time to see where you're at. I love this stuff for pre-workout; makes me feel like a beast.

u/collector_red · 1 pointr/kratom

I'm in the states XD

I'm just worried about wasting money on a product and it not working because it's not quality.

I tried turmeric or curcumin/piperine:

.. and didn't notice any difference in my burn.

Then I tried agmatine:

... and didn't notice much change in tolerance or potentiation but I did notice it was affecting my SSRI antidepressant almost boosting it so I stopped taking it.

I'm just trying to find something to give my burns that little extra kick when I need it. The only other supplements I've found are BSO and Cats Claw. Just wary of wasting more money but BSO seems promising based on the reviews I've read. I'm not worried about the taste I use to take oregano oil and that stuff was harsh lol.

Thanks again for the insight. I may just try the 1 oz version for $8.49 as a add on item next time I purchase something

u/Animum_Rege · 2 pointsr/veganfitness

Here's what I'm thinking of putting together:

BCAAs (Edit: Just realized this is not vegan friendly)

L-Arginine a-Ketoglutarate

L-Citrulline DL-Malate

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Beta Alanine

Creatine Monohydrate

Alpha Lipoic Acid


Waxy Maize

I'm currently using a mix very similar to the above listed ingredients and it works very well!

I would like to just take a pre-mixed powder, but it seems like they all have caffeine, which I'm not a fan of for working out in the evening.

I'm also somewhat interested in Agmatine Sulfate and Phenylethylamine. Anyone have any opinions on those two chemicals?

u/darthluiggi · 8 pointsr/ketogains

Any supplement, and in this case, pre-workout needs a purpose and correct dose.

Don’t take something just because someone “likes it” or “it works for me” - that usually means they don’t have a real idea.

Lit is uderdosed in many, many of the ingredients and you can get much better value from other brands, such as Amazon’s Own Pre-Workout.

Compare all the ingredients:

OWN PWR Elite Series Pre Workout Powder, Blue Raspberry, 25 Servings, Keto Friendly, 5G Creatine, 2G Beta Alanine (as CarnoSyn), 300mg Caffeine & more

We have a very thorough guide with suggested compounds and proven ingredients: you can make your own or choose a pre-made formula that meets our suggestions.

Check the guide here:

u/aj0220 · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

When you're ready for it, I recommend Legion Pulse.

All the ingredients are appropriately dosed and there's no fucking meth/pcp/ketamine like stimulants in there that could fuck you up (and this is coming from someone who used to take the original jack3d).

You get what you Pay for, definitely recommend it.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

This is the best you are going to find thats premade, its pricy but really does give you "clinically effective dosages" of each ingredient and theres no bullshit in its ingredients list.

If you want to actually have the cheapest and best preworkout, research different preworkout compounds and order them in bulk yourself from amazon and bulk supplements. I do the second option and it saves me a ton of money.

u/ButExercisingIsHard · 0 pointsr/bodybuilding

Check out pulse. It's got great reviews and I really like it. The guy seems to listen to feedback too.

u/amoore2600 · 1 pointr/keto

I really like to take a pre-workout powder. The Caffeine helps me dial in and focus and push harder during my workouts.

I recommend

u/stealurface1 · 2 pointsr/Kratomm

Oblate discs will change your life friend as well as agmatine for tolerance mitigation. It will lower your dose and extend the duration of your burns. oblate discs here agmatine here

u/mortalcoil1 · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Cheap and it works. The 250 gram is especially cost effective. I usually take 500mg in the morning and another 500mg at some point in the day. Usually before a workout with my creatine. Sometimes I'll take 500mg before sex. If i'm potentiating a certain substance i'll take 500mg 20-30 minutes before taking the substance. For withdrawals i'll take it as needed.

u/marcus3485 · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you must take a PWO I would recommend Legion Pulse, it has clinically effective dosages. The creator (Mike Matthews) has a legit brand.

u/outsidetheboxthinkin · -3 pointsr/running

Is pre-workout a thing? I was thinking about using a preworkout ( ) for energy since I have it laying around not getting any use, but I'm concerned it's for weight lifting only ?? Do you guys use any preworkouts for more energy?

u/PizzaFlavoredAsshole · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

Own Pwr Elite. It's amazon's brand. On sale right for like 15 bucks. Great doses of everything. Slightly high on caffeine though. They have a non-elite version that's lower caffeine and is cheaper.

u/Xeroph · 1 pointr/crossfit

I've tried

  1. Pre-Jym - 300mg Caffeine

  2. Amino Energy - 160mg Caffeine

    I prefer Pre-Jym, but I found both make a difference: mentally I find I'm very focused, and less likely to want to take breaks.
u/groupPolitik · 1 pointr/quittingkratom

This is what I use.

I take a single scoop with water which is supposedly a gram. I've been taking agmatine as a potentiator and withdrawal aid for a long time now. It is the most effective such thing I've come across. Take it with an opioid or immediately before, it is rapidly absorbed. If you're withdrawing from an opiate, take it anytime. Note that it has a 2hr half life, so you'll want to redose every 4 hours or so. As far as I know you do not build a tolerance to it.

u/Governor556 · 2 pointsr/kratom

I bought mine on Amazon, brand name "bulk supplements". Hope this helps.

u/I_am_Jake_ · 2 pointsr/kratom

I'm not Op (obviously) but i may be able to help,

Nootropics Depot: Powder |

Bulk Supplements: Powder

u/JustinTime78 · 1 pointr/crossfit

I love Pulse. It works without giving you a flush, or itchy heat feeling.

u/CaseAub12 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Good man, my suggestion is if you’re not using preworkout give it a shot.

If you are, try a different brand. I’ve been using “Prime” I believe it’s called and it’s been doing wonders.

Edit: Pulse not prime

u/notmyworkcomputer · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Lately I've been trying to lift without any preworkout, but I use six star. It's generic brand, available at wal-mart, cheap, and I find it works just as well as C4

u/AzulKat · 3 pointsr/kratom

I get it from Bulk Supplements on Amazon. It's the most inexpensive source I've found. I'd start out with a smaller package to see if it works for you. 100g is around $14.

If it is something you are going to continue, a kilo of agmatine is around $44 and will last over a year.

BulkSupplements Agmatine Sulfate Powder (100 grams)

u/a2thej4 · 1 pointr/kratom

Amazon usually has this in stock.

u/CoachingAffair · 1 pointr/Supplements

Like this? BulkSupplements Agmatine Sulfate Powder (100 grams)

And no, I haven't tried.

u/Wphillips1 · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

Tier 1

Cheap and has most of what you need. Supplement 2-3g L - CITRULLINE if you feel so inclined.

u/acromion_pr0cess · 1 pointr/kratom

I use this stuff. I take 1 - 1.5g twice daily. I always try to dose it 30-45 mins before kratom. Really does seem to make a difference in terms of intensity and duration of effects.

u/og_sandiego · 1 pointr/kratom

i bought this one thru S&S. so it's a little less than twice as much vs. the cheap link you provided, but i only bought 1/10th

do you have a rec'mnd dose for a newbie that's never used it?

u/draxus99 · 6 pointsr/Nootropics

Is this the same Agmatine as in the study?

Why would the dosage be 1000mg per serving? If I try this should I be only using a tiny bit of the powder (~0.569mg?)

u/slayedit · 1 pointr/Fitness

I never really like pre workout powders, thought they were all crap and the ones i used didnt help convince me either, namely c4 and no xplode....but a buddy recommended this legion pulse one
and i swear its the only thing that works. The only other thing i use is gold standard for protein, i tend to keep it simple...the stuff thats proven to work. I stay away from those crazy test booster that have wild claims...or anything that sounds too good to be true.