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u/CommanderBlingBling · 2 pointsr/keto

Completely unscientific, but this is what I've found:

1- It's not like you're done and all keto is blown away by eating a bite of cake,or some carbs in something. As long as you keep steady day by day at very low carb you'll be fine. Compensate, if you had higher carbs in the morning then swap it in the afternoon.

2- Canned Tuna. Cheap, lasts forever, and can be cooked with some tomato sauce, spicy sauce. Also works without cooking out of the can with mayo, or lime juice, or salsa. My cheap lunch for the extra busy times: tupperware with a can of tuna, brocolli, half lime and a handful of almonds. Also for the cheap: cream cheese and raw almonds.

3- Portion control: use your hand...1 portion of almonds = 1 handful. Don't cheat on yourself be trying to expand your hand as big as possible. Once you really are in keto mode small and regular portions will fill you up, so food lasts forever.

4- Doing low carb one day, carb some others won't get you into keto mode, It'll only make you feel like crap(so if you feel like that don't falter). You do need 2 or 3 full weeks of very low carb for brain fog and overall crap feeling to go away. For me it was about a month, a bit more for brain fog to fully go away. Once this happens seriously you can go for a whole day without hunger, you fill up after eating normal portions, energy is good. So 3 days of keto then 2 days of carbs, starch etc won't cut it. Try to keep keto for 3 weeks, it's easy after that.

5- I'm not a morning person and I optimize for time, so my more or less cheap 30 second breakfast is: cheap generic protein w no sugar/carbs blended in water. The bodybuilding stuff packed with supplements is quite expensive but some vegan rice protein is very cheap and some have no carbs. I also mix it with flaxseed for the nutty flavor which I love. I got a BUNCH of super cheap flaxseed (4 - 1 pound bags for like 10 bucks ) meal from amazon. Then a I've a black coffee or tea with heavy cream for fat, like 2 spoonfuls. Like this: mind that 3 pounds are 90 servings...

6- Don't weight yourself or measure yourself for a while. Just wait for it... One day you'll notice your pants are loose, tops fit better,and you feel good. Keto is good but it ain't magic. Think that you're fixing YEARS of accumulated problems in 2-3 months with a relatively little effort.

7- Veggies and water. I've found some super cheap almonds, brocolli , limes, and spinach in costco. Whenever hungry: 1 cup of raw brocolli w/ spinach with a dash of lime and salt. I keep the almonds stashed in my office so I don't have to fall back into pizza or some non-keto food. BEWARE! nuts are so tasty is easy to keep eating them all day long. And drink, a lot, of water. Hungry? drink 2 glasses of water. If after 10 minutes you feel hungry again then you're really hungry and should it. I drink 6 1 liter bottles a day.

8- Super cheap and fast soups: Boil water with chicken bullion, add some veggies. Add enough bullion to make it tasty. I mix some chicken and tomato in the same ratio, and add a bit of lime, parsley, and raw onion which makes it a mexican garden soup.

hope that helps!

u/bread-and-roses · 4 pointsr/vegan

I'm not a weightlifter so I don't really worry about protein because a normal person can get enough on a vegan diet, but I occasionally add rice protein powder to smoothies if I haven't been eating enough in general. There are lots of vegan protein powders that you can find on Amazon, I know other people like pea protein for example.

Also, stealing this from YourVeganFallacyIs, some info/tips for new vegans:

u/GinsengT · 1 pointr/vegetarian

A couple powders I like to use are Rice and Soy proteins:

Pea protein is also pretty good but the texture is God-awful in my opinion. The taste isn't awesome either, but I just mix it with other stuff in small quantities to finish the container.
All three of the above are generally cheaper than whey protein. Also many whey powders are not vegetarian because of their processing methods. So look into any whey brands you might get.

To help put on weight I like to add finely ground oats to my shakes. To grind them I just use a coffee grinder, but if you have a blender with a flat blade that should do the same. Oats are a great way to add complex carbs to your shake, and carbs are essential in putting on weight.

My weight gain shakes generally consist of a 2 cups of milk (depending if you are lacto-veg or not), a banana (chilled in the fridge for texture/temp), 2ish Tbsp Peanut butter, half cup of ground oats, 3-5 frozen strawberries, 2 servings of protein (mixed kinds but about 50ish g of protein), and a few grams of creatine.

These are shakes that help put on mass, and I drink them after getting home from the gym. If you aren't doing heavy lifting then these are probably too much, but its just an example. I recommend adding a few fruits to your shakes as it really improves the flavor.
Also to help put on mass I like to try and throw some fruit (usually a banana or apple) and a big glass of milk right before getting ready for bed

If anyone sees any issues or has some constructive criticism Id be glad to hear it, just thought Id give my two cents.

u/poppetrocket · 2 pointsr/veganfitness

No problem :)
Ah yes the stomach fat.... the hardest to get rid off no joke. Sugar is the main culprit to be honest and if you're serious about getting rid off the belly fat you'll need to say bye bye to the white stuff. Having said that a bit of maple syrup or a few dates if you're craving sweets are fine.
The other reason for feeling bloated may be in wheat. If you eat bread and pasta try swapping for wholegrain versions like rye bread, brown rice and swap pasta for vegetable alternative like courgetti.
Try include foods that are high in soluble Fiber - flaxseeds, brussel sprouts, blackberries, legumes and... avocados - the avocado would work in your salad today too. Try to avoid foods with trans fats like margarine.
Your salad sounds lovely. I'd add some avocado and a dressing made of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper on top and voila! delish. Hummus is also a great option just be carefull as the store bought options have really high fat and salt content. Tahini is a great thing too as is miso paste if you can get ahold of it.

The protein powder looks quite good except that it has cane sugar in it which can contribute to you feeling bloated. Ideally you'd want a powder that doesn't. But don't stress yourself about the one you have too much - finish it and then get one that doesn't. I personally love Sunwarrior as it tastes delicious and is completely natural
they also do vanilla and berry flavours
Protein shake before working out is absolutely fine especially if you're feeling hungry. Try having it about an hour before though as otherwise you might find liquid sloshing in your belly and that's never nice when you're working out

u/Z3US_94 · 1 pointr/Huntingtons

Sounds great! Id recommend sticking to vegan proteins, e.g. brown rice protein. Its far healthier & cleaner as it doesn't have lactose/milk in it. Heres what I use, it tastes great. But make sure you get enough exersize to use it properly, or youll have farts like a space rocket:
Absolutely recommending Huel to everyone, whether you have it or not. I wish I could give out discount vouchers or something to get everyone some, I will contact them and see if theyd be up for that, Il let people know on this thread.
Thanks :) I hope it helps

u/kaidomac · 13 pointsr/fitmeals

If the powdered Vega didn't work for you, you may want to try their pre-mixed shake:

u/sonofstannis · 3 pointsr/loseit

Greetings fellow vegan! I don't know whether or not it's necessary for a protein supplement but I really like having it in the pantry. I use sunwarrior vanilla protein powder personally. It's almost always in a morning smoothie and I also like it just as a quick shake with unsweetened coconut milk.

If you want other protein suggestions, my favorites are boca burger patties (90 calories 17g protein/patty) and tempeh (140 calories and 16g protein/3oz). Tofu is great too, there's always a bit in nuts and beans and the beyond meat beast burger is really good but expensive. Been meaning to try cooking with seitan since it's supposed to be the highest concentration of protein in a plant-based food but haven't gotten around to it yet.

u/Carmack · 1 pointr/nutrition

Pea/Rice blend (7:3 ratio). Complete amino acid profile, just as effective for building muscle as whey protein. (video that convinced me to switch: Eliminating the whey improves your carbon footprint, and after making the switch my body fat went way down.

Pea Protein I use:

Brown rice brand I use:

For flavoring, you can add your own vanilla or cocoa powder. For sweetener, I use Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener.

Happy mixing. :)

u/sgt_beaver · 1 pointr/vegan

Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder, Chocolate Is by far the best protein I have ever tried when it comes to nutritional content, easy digestion and taste/texture. Rice protein tends to be on the gritty side and this one is not completely exempt but it's a lot better than any others I've tried. I like to do 8oz unsweetened almond milk and 8oz water to smooth it out a bit.

u/SenoraSies · 1 pointr/vegetarian

Whey protein is going to be the cheapest (BodyFortress at wal-mart is only like 15 bucks), BUT you did say you want to transition from ova-lacto to vegan, so unless you want to spend a ton more, be prepared to sacrifice taste in your protein.

Now personally, I use this and this together (since neither are complete proteins by themselves). They lasted me close to 1 1/2 - 2 months, but I'd be lying if I said it tasted good.

Checking amazon, I found Life's Basics on sale for about $15. I've used it before, and it's awesome.

u/Chullachaqui · 1 pointr/bjj

I haven't been doing BJJ that long, but I did Muay Thai for a good while while on a vegan diet. The key is to get a lot of protein and to get it from a lot of different sources. Animal protein is "complete" protein (contains sufficient quantities of every single one of the amino acids that your body needs) while plant protein tends to be deficient in one amino acid or the other. However, if you combine different foods (rice and beans, etc) then you can get a complete mix of amino acids without a problem. For me, it's really that simple. Eat a lot of good, high-protein stuff (lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, rice, peanut butter, almonds, whatever) and eat a wide variety of things throughout the day.

Also, to supplement, try this and this. I mix a scoop of each of those with some soymilk and water and it makes me feel awesome.

Edit: fucked up the links

u/sacca7 · 3 pointsr/vegan

Soy protein sources are excellent. Tofu, soy milk, etc.

I like protein powder drinks, and these are the two I've used for years:

I've really gotten a lot from this soy protein powder.

I also like this Rice Protein Powder. I like this and the plain and make my own recovery drinks from it.

u/BurtonTrench · 1 pointr/veganfitness

I don't know about amino acids but this stuff is great value: [Nutrisport 90+ Protein Vegan Unflavoured 908g] (

Less than £10 for 1kg. Pure protein from rice, peas and soya.

Be warned though, it's unflavoured so tastes like chalk. It's fine once you get used to it though!

Edit: Disclaimer - I only started working out a couple of months ago so this product may be total crap, but as far as I can tell as a beginner it's good.

u/thatkells · 1 pointr/vegan

NUTRIBIOTIC VEGAN RICE PROTEIN is my favorite it blends well in protein shakes and goes great in my baked goods. It's also the cheapest vegan protein at my local health food store. It's also available on amazon

u/llieaay · 3 pointsr/vegan

I like the rice ones. They sometimes have a slightly grainy texture that I actually like. It comes in plain (& chocolate & berry) - but the vanilla is amazing in smoothies.

u/[deleted] · 24 pointsr/IAmA

Bee pollen a) isn't vegan, and b) has about 6 grams of protein per oz., so you'd need about a pound of it per day.

I don't know where you got your "bee pollen has the most protein per weight of any food" facts, but it's simply not true, as rice protein powder has over 20g of protein per oz.

Berries have a vanishingly small amount of protein, and while nuts have some protein, it's typically half the amount of fat.

Seriously, if you're considering yourself a "health freak", you might want to up the protein intake. and other sites make it easy to ensure that your diet is actually healthy, as the laws of physics and biology and nutrition still apply to vegans.

u/nankerjphelge · 1 pointr/fitmeals

Growing Naturals Chocolate Power Rice Protein is my go to. 24g of protein per serving, blends up well and awesome taste.

u/CivilBrocedure · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Blend 50% NOW Sprouted Brown Rice Protein and 50% Pea Protein. No gas, no bloat, full amino acid profile, BCAAs, iron rich, and super cheap. Plus, it's a more eco-friendly source of protein than dairy. If you get the large tubs from Amazon, they'll last for months and come in at around 40 cents per scoop. I will drink it as a shake, make oat bars with it, mix it into falafel mix, and blend it into hot cereals. Plenty of ways you can use it since it is very neutral in flavor.

u/Banaankoekje · 1 pointr/amiugly

Whey protein powder!! Or if you are allergic to lactose like me, go for some good vegan protein powder. Protein powder from peas really smell and taste like ass. Try to get the one from brown rice, it has a pretty neutral taste in smoothies and it's one of the best one overall for non vegans. I personally like this brand but idk what's your price range


Edit: hyperlink

u/proteindeathfarts666 · 1 pointr/gainit

This is the only vegan protein powder I've found that doesn't taste disgusting:

I'd love to hear if anyone has found another powder that's drinkable.

u/john-h · 1 pointr/nutrition

You've got a few options: soy, rice, hemp, and pea.

I've found pea protein to be absolutely disgusting to the point of being intolerable, no matter what I tried to hide it with.

I used to use soy protein but after much research learned unfermented soy is not good for you, so I stopped that.

I love hemp and rice protein and Garden of Life RAW Meal. Check them out here:

u/dreiter · 3 pointsr/soylent

There are many rice options that are low sodium. I think Naked Pea is a low sodium pea option, but most pea proteins have quite a bit. If you are exercising (sweating) then the higher sodium intake shouldn't be a problem.

I personally use this rice protein. The arsenic isn't as much of a concern since I contacted the company and they don't source their rice from the southern US, which is the only location with very high levels of arsenic in the soil. I also bought a bottle of lysine to add to the protein in order to balance out the amino acid profile a bit more, but you could also just mix the rice protein with a pea protein and get a similar result. True Nutrition sells blends that are popular, but I haven't personally tried them.

u/friendnamedboxcar · 2 pointsr/OrthodoxChristianity

No problem. My wife is a vegan and she uses these proteins btw, so I'm planning on using them for Lent this year for the same reason you're posting.

Pea Protein

Rice Protein

It takes both kinds to get the complete set of proteins necessary to stay healthy. She also adds flax and chia to her smoothies. I recommend doing the same. Buy whole seeds, not milled seeds, as the milled ones oxidize pretty quickly.

u/AKR44 · 3 pointsr/worldnews

I use all three of the ones I mentioned. The hemp is a complete protein and has fiber. It's gross unless you have about 2 cups of water, and even then, I usually mix a little rice protein powder (you can get plain, vanilla or chocolate) with it. The rice protein tastes relatively good, The pea is sorta bleh but it's definitely not as bad as plain hemp. If I recall, they're all around the same price per gram of protein.

I'm having trouble finding the Nutiva hemp 3lb bag of 50% protein on Amazon, but if you can't find it there, it can be found elsewhere.

u/jevanses · 1 pointr/Fitness

Vega is fucking expensive and is just a glorified mix of pea, rice, and hemp proteins. I buy pea (now $17.92) and rice (now $28.95) protein separately and mix them in my shakes. I don't bother with hemp because I get enough omega-3's elsewhere and since I'm on a cut right now it's not as calorie-effective as the other two.

Total cost for 5 lbs total = $46.87. I use 63 g/day, so it works out to last 36 days. That being said, I usually run out of the pea first (smaller container and I do a 33:30 pea:rice mix) so I am often cycling with them. If you can no longer get it at a special price for $25, this alternative is way cheaper than Vega retail and basically the same shit. Neither of these taste particularly good (Vega doesn't taste any better) so that's not really a huge issue. If you can, go for it, it's fine.

EDIT: I should mention that 63 g of powder = 52 g of protein the way I've mixed them (33:30 pea:rice). If you use less than that daily, the cost per day obviously decreases.

u/knellotron · 1 pointr/bikepacking
u/snowpeech · 1 pointr/veganfitness

A protein shake :) This one's my favorite: 24g protein, 110 cal, no fat.

u/Kurros_ · 1 pointr/running

I suspect you may not be eating enough or replenishing electrolytes, but here's a basic run down of what I eat throughout the week. High carb, plant based diet.

Short Run Day (Less than 10 miles):

  • Breakfast - 30g Wheat Square Cereal, 30g of Uncle Sams Bran Cereal, 14g Walnuts, 13g Milled Flax, Banana, 20g Golden Raisins, 6oz Almond Milk
  • Lunch - 300g Brown Rice, Mixed Frozen Veggies
  • Dinner - Whole Wheat Spaghetti with No Sodium Added Diced Tomatoes and Garlic, Spinach or Kale Salad with Avocado and Nutritional Yeast

    Mid Run Day (10-18 miles):

  • Same as above, but I'll add in a snack of fruit or a Clif bar. Skratch or Gatorade if needed.

    Long Run Day (18+ miles):

  • Two days out from a long run and up until the night before, I eat similar foods, but up the portion sizes.
  • The day before I'll cut back on leafy greens, fat and protein. Basically, anything that might make me feel bloated.
  • I do my long runs in the morning, so I like to get up 3 hours prior to the run and get some food in and give it some time to digest. Usually a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana. I'll also drink an 8oz glass of Green Machine and another 8-12oz of water.
  • During the run, I'll consume a handful of gels and some water.
  • Post run, I try to get 15-20g of protein in within the first 20-30 minutes. Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein are good vegan friendly alternatives to the whey based products. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll mix it in with some Green Machine, otherwise, I'll grab some Kale, Frozen Pineapple, Spirulina and Water and blend it all together.
  • If you're feeling a little crummy afterwards try drinking a little bit of Coke. It's not exactly a health food, but it's got carbs, sugar and calories.
u/punching_kids · 1 pointr/veganfitness

I just go for Nutrisports £10 powder. Be careful only the 90+ is vegan.

Doesn't taste the best but I blend it with soya milk a banana peanut butter and a drizzle of Agave syrup (makes a big difference) and it goes down fine.

u/ceeface · 3 pointsr/stilltrying

I've tried pretty much every vegan protein powder out there, and my top favorites are Garden of Life Greens & Protein and Orgain Organic Protein-- both in chocolate. I've tried Aloha recently and was not thrilled with the flavor or texture at all, so I'd skip that brand. Vega is okay but is more expensive than the rest and is not organic, so I just crossed it out on my list.

If you need to add more protein and require a vegetarian option, I'd just suggest quinoa, beans, legumes, eggs, and nuts. I've been a vegetarian for more than half of my life, and those have always been my go-to's. But if having issues eating in general is hard, just do a double serving of protein powder a day (in a green smoothie for extra calories/nutrition) to meet those goals.

u/Bellgard · 1 pointr/soylent

Yeah I agree, I'm a little unsure about what actually happened. But I've also learned long ago that the doctor is almost always right. He was a very experienced ER doctor, and he told me he is sure that I passed a kidney stone. That's what the official diagnosis was, printed on my release form.

Regarding calcium, the doctor said that contrary to popular belief, extra calcium intake actually does not increase the risk of kidney stones, even though they're most commonly formed from calcium deposits (and actually has been linked with reduced risk for kidney stones). That said, my current DIY uses: 10g / day of the "NOW Foods Calcium/magnesium 1000/500 mg," for a net total of 1.4g of calcium (recommended min 1g, no max). I listed the rest of the micros in a reply to /u/chrisbair above.

As for protein, I'm using this vanilla rice protein, which is the same stuff that anyone eating schmoylent or a variant has been using, without (to my knowledge) any negative side-effects.

u/illprobablyaskyouaQ · 1 pointr/vegan

> the sheer amount of brown rice you would have to eat to equal the amount of protein in 1 cup of beef? Over 15 cups of rice to equal the amount of protein in one cup of beef.

What about rice protein powder?

u/hydrogenbound · 3 pointsr/gainit

I am also lactose intolerant (can't do whey or soy either)and I drink rice protein mixed with coconut milk.

u/c0matosed · 1 pointr/leangains

You can get Rice or Pea protein, for ~$15 per 2 lbs. It is hard to find any protein cheaper than that unless you go Whey. As for proper food at least here in Sweden minced meat or frozen chicken is the cheapest choices I've found and then add rice or potatoes and some veg.

u/JohnSheir · 1 pointr/vegan

This is one I've only just gotten so I'm not 100% sure about recommending it:

There are cheaper options if you don't care about organic.

Unfortunately spirulina is even more expensive and most of it is from China. The only one I found that wasn't was this:
And it's a big investment if you've never tried it. (it tastes like concentrated seaweed)