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u/Kaye_PMP · 1 pointr/pmp


PMI has released the new PMBOK based on the 6th edition on March 26th. So what you are studying is outdated. Here is what changed:
ind the following updates in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition:

-A new chapter on the role of the project manager that focuses on effective leadership — including necessary competencies, experience and skills.
-Two renamed Knowledge Areas that more accurately reflect which elements can be managed and which cannot:
-Schedule Management (formerly known as Time Management)
-Resource Management (formerly known as Human Resource Management)
Every Knowledge Area now features four new sections:
-Key Concepts
-Trends and Emerging Practices
-Tailoring Considerations
-Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments

Another Reddit comment said review the ITTOs. Very true and you should concentrate on that. The PMP Notebook will help you with this.

Don’t freak out. If you study the ITTOs, equations, and treat the PMBOK as the only answer to PMP questions, then you’ll be fine. Good luck!

u/swizzaroni · 12 pointsr/FreeEBOOKS

Thanks for checking out this post! I've put a great deal of effort into this project, and I feel that this could be helpful to any college students here. There aren't a lot of books about college success, and I wanted to share my own unique perspective on college study and lifestyle. I Have no email list and nothing to upsell you. Just a book I put a lot of effort into.

Free Until October 3rd.

Some links for my foreign friends...











u/QuickLits · 2 pointsr/GCSE

Hi there. Yes, I really hope this will help you out! Please send an email over to with your full name and age. I will then send the revision guide to you as a PDF.
This is the guide I've created:

Many thanks :)

u/FantasticallyFemale · 11 pointsr/uofm

Make sure to go to Supplemental Instruction sessions! They’re weekly sessions open to everyone in CoE hosted by the Engineering Learning Center (ELC). You’ll have an SI leader there every week that picks a set of problems for you guys to work through and explain in detail, and I’ve found that consistently going helps me tremendously. They also host practice exams that are different than the ones you’ll find online. Here’s the schedule:

Also, I HIGHLY recommend buying the following book. One of my friends recently wrote it before graduation and he was the best tutor/SI leader I’ve ever had. This book is basically a collection of all his note/teaching material:

u/Reddit2Learn · 2 pointsr/college

I use Evernote application on Macbook and my Droid a lot.
its free to try forever or you can buy a premium and students get a discount on this also.

I really recomend this book called "accelerated learning for students

so many great tips in the book to learn faster and more efficent. I've read most every book on the market that has the title of accelerated learning and this book is the best so far. Enjoy =]

u/amazon-converter-bot · 1 pointr/FreeEBOOKS

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u/cabdirazzaq · 2 pointsr/islam

It's for the kindle and paperback versions. If you want the pdf version for free, just send me a PM. Salam.

u/santibr001 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

I need the following textbooks:

u/flatfocus · 1 pointr/Guitar

I actually have a science-based answer for this. I read a book (actually 1.5 books on the same topic) that talked about different studies that have been done on learning, and one of the main thing it talked about is that you will progress the fastest at learning something if you mix in a few different subjects, like if you are practicing guitar you'll learn better to do a few songs at once. It's because you notice things in one song that apply to another song.

I'm explaining it bad but the books I read are these 2:

Shorter succinct cheap ebook

Longer more sciencey book

u/Kanye-is-alt-right · 0 pointsr/pcgaming

Why are ok with literal Spyware being installed on your computer? I'm not going to support some anti-consumer bullshit with poor security and no modern feature a game launcher a supposed to have.

If you really think that supporting epic has some well thought out opinion, you should pick this thing out it will really help you out.

u/Khal-nayak · 1 pointr/Entrepreneur

What's so sweet about it ?

Timothy Kenny (Author) is selling hardopy of the book on Amazon for $28 [Amazon link](

The ebook is going for $2.99 Amazon ebook

I think OP is some kinda hustler