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u/Edge_effect · 10 pointsr/Permaculture

I just came across this research on seawater greenhouses for a global water class.

My feeling is that it would be easier to focus on plants and animals that are native to that ecosystem. Look into halophytes. Other good crops could be kangkong or New Zealand spinach. Here is some research that was done on both of those crops under various saline concentrations. You will want to get an idea of the salt concentration you are dealing with. Might want to search for that info or order a salt test kit.

I would seriously reflect on non-traditional crops since the wont tolerate much imperfection in their environment. I feel that organisms that live in these saline environments have developed very good cellular machinery to regulate their homeostasis and should be looked at. Ions build up to toxic levels in many normal crops even at low concentrations of salts. Tossing in crops that are not adapted means that you will have to provide all of that energy to change their local environment. It could be done at a cost but its not really a permaculture way of doing it. It's easier to change the crops.

The idea is good though. Kristopher Hite posted an article on Scientific American on using plants to capture runoff nitrates from the Mississippi River. It would be useful if we could create something like a floating farm. Bill Mollison used to talk about how our city's are designs to dump nutrients out to sea, and future generations are going to have go out and bring it back.

u/stonecats · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

> run the water for a few seconds to get it to be clear.

then you should DEFINITELY get a 2 stage system (otherwise you'll burn threw expensive cartridges for nothing) one dedicated to particulates. to determine what unseen contaminants you may have, first buy a water test kit, then get the 2nd stage filter to address what it reveals. (if you are not good at following directions PRECISELY then have a friend come over and help you)

look, it really boils down to this - if you simply want a piece of mind placebo, then get the culligan your friends like. if you actually want to know what exactly is wrong with your drinking water, and filter precisely for it's now understood flaws, then listen to the voice of reason...

u/kmkm31 · 3 pointsr/ReefTank

Just make sure you get the one with the DI. The replacement cartridges are pretty reasonable as well, and my lps sells them as well as amazon. I have heard nothing bad about that system. My TDS from the tap is 144, and is zero after that system.

Here is the TDS monitor for cheap:

And a float valve if you need one:

u/lief101 · 2 pointsr/pools

You'll need one of these:

Also, any test kit that includes a CYA test should be good. The K2006 is a pretty standard kit that test all aspects of water chemistry (except for salt concentration) If you have a salt generator, you'll probably need to manually boost your CYA levels that would normally come from chlorine.

u/ithevoltroni · 1 pointr/swimmingpools

Does anyone have any experience with this?

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

I’m a first time pool owner and currently have a pool guy to maintain it over these first few months but will eventually be taken it over myself. I’ve read good things about it but ultimately I’m debating between that and the Taylor 2006c. On paper I like the LaMotte because I don’t want to sit there and match colors to a chart.

u/Rebootkid · 2 pointsr/pools

Dunno? Seems to be available

I mean, I'm not a fan of the Pentair test kit, but it's fine. I'd add CYA/Stabilizer test to that, but yeah, it's for sale.

Liquid chlorine seems to be available as well:

u/Solid716 · 1 pointr/swimmingpools

This is the salt tester I use it works great and is very accurate:

If I had the time I would always use the test kit for Salt which you can find here:

Also, if you are using strips you might want to consider going towards an actual test kit that is reliable such as this:

The cheapest option would be to purchase the test kit for salt and continue using the strips. I recommend no strips and using the salt test kit and a normal Taylor test kit.

u/__redruM · 1 pointr/pools

Just going through something similar only to learn each 3" Chlorine Tab raises the Cyanuric Acid 1 ppm each and it just builds up over time and the Chlorine becomes less effective until even at 5 ppm the Chlorine can't stop the Algae. From here Algaecide is needed to keep the algae at bay.

Sounds like you may be in the same boat. Get a test kit that measures CYA and see where it's at. Here's the kit I used:

u/crilen · 3 pointsr/CanadaPolitics

Yea, if you really want to be sure, just bring a testing kit everywhere you go.

u/whee3107 · 3 pointsr/pools

use this and refill it with red food coloring, when that dye runs out.
I had several leaks around my skimmers where the skimmer insert met the tile. Once identified any of the two part epoxies on amazon for underwater pool repair will plug the holes up in no time.

Check skimmers, light niches, tile line, main drain, return jets. Make sure the pumps are turned off. If you’ve already done all of this, then I’m not much help.

Good luck.

u/SteveKap_IATSE · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I've considered it, but given that the water report I received from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power states that while "most of the time" I'll receive water from one source, there is a chance that I'll receive water from two others, both of which have different mineral and chemical profiles. I was thinking about getting the LaMotte Basic Water Test Kit, but then wondered what it was going to cost to keep the reagents up to date.

u/arizona-lad · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Completely agree with /u/AbsolutelyPink. Listen to her. Girl knows her stuff.

Hire a company or do it yourself:

Once you can confirm that your home is in a mold-elevated status, you can seek to have the builder pay for remediation.

u/zagbag · 2 pointsr/ponds

You could try a home test:ecoli

But for a full spectrum test you may want to send a sample to a lab. example

u/istuntmanmike · 1 pointr/TheBrewery

Dunno how accurate/precise you need to be but this seems to work for me. I use this and BrunWater to do my water chemistry.