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u/t3brews · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I just made a double keg setup out of two corny kegs, a Danby mini fridge, and a 5lb CO2 cylender. I'm using a single gauge regulator for now with a manual splitter so I can alter the CO2 and force carb one keg when I need to - but I wish I had a dual gauge/barb regulator to adjust both air lines.

Not sure what a temperature controller is? And please buy a decent regulator. It's like the power supply for your computer - you skimp and the whole thing shits the bed.

Also, buying something like this clamp kit will save a ton of time if something breaks or you want to fully swap out lines.

My biggest understanding item building it was the disconnect systems on the kegs. Most corny home brew systems are in/out post connections. Commercial kegs are sankey-type, which are completely incompatible with your ball-lock in/out post connections, so you'll need to swap ends to use a commercial.

u/UrbanEngineer · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Hose clamps aren't even the best at doing their jobs. Most of the time you hear of someone losing a coolant hose it's because it popped off!

The IDEAL clamp is a stainless T bolt clamp like linked here.