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6. Fifth Sun Nasa Logo, Athletic Heather, Large

  • Shirt
  • Mexico
Fifth Sun Nasa Logo, Athletic Heather, Large
Height1.8 Inches
Length9.3 Inches
Number of items1
Weight0.1 Pounds
Width6 Inches
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8. WWE Shinsuke Nakamura Strong Style Vintage T-Shirt Black Large

WWE Shinsuke Nakamura Strong Style Vintage T-Shirt Black Large
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9. Next Level N6210 T-Shirt, Black + Midnight Navy (2 Pack), Medium

Next Level N6210 T-Shirt, Black + Midnight Navy (2 Pack), Medium
ColorBlack + Ice Blue 2 Shirts
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11. Next Level Mens Premium Fitted CVC Crew Tee (N6210) White l

  • 60% Cotton, 40% Blend
Next Level Mens Premium Fitted CVC Crew Tee (N6210) White l
Height1 Inches
Length8 Inches
Number of items1
Weight0.38 Pounds
Width12 Inches
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13. Next Level Mens Premium Fitted CVC Crew Tee (N6210) White m

  • 60% Cotton, 40% Blend
Next Level Mens Premium Fitted CVC Crew Tee (N6210) White m
Height1 Inches
Length8 Inches
Number of items1
Weight0.330693393 Pounds
Width12 Inches
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Top Reddit comments about Men's T-Shirts:

u/mastersnake44 · 8 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I'll go ahead and give you examples of those items that I enjoy:

Jeans) Many options to choose from, but I really like my American Eagle slims, although there are tons of decent quality and affordable jeans out there (Levi's, Hollister, Gap, Old Navy, etc.). Don't get hung up on the fit designations, instead try on many different fits and see what works best for your legs. I think most people here would say that pants should follow the contours of your thighs without being tight (I like to make sure I can grab at least a little fabric behind my thighs, otherwise the fit might be too tight). As for your lower legs I think that there should be at least a little bit of a taper, definitely avoid anything with a wide leg opening.

Tees) Next Level tees are awesome. As a tip, it seems that tees made from cotton/polyester blends tend to fit better than straight cotton, and cotton/polyester/elastane tees can be very nice as well. You can sometimes identify these shirts if "stretch" is in the item title.

Sneakers) You simply cannot go wrong with Vans. A minimal sneaker that looks good with so many pants, be them shorts or jeans. Be aware that Vans are not the best shoes to walk long distances in, so you should also have a stylish athletic shoe in your wardrobe. I'd recommend something like Nike Lunarglide 8s or Zoom Vomero 12s since they look fairly fashionable but offer great cushion and support. For a kind of hybrid between running shoe and purely casual shoe, something like Nike Roshes can be nice.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other specific questions!

u/rogun64 · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Funny, because I was just looking for cheap, white t-shirts before I saw this thread. Didn't find much I didn't already know, but I still have a few ideas for you. My problem is that the sleeves are usually too big for my scrawny arms, for reference.

Hanes makes some basic, slim tees that can be found on Amazon and their online store, but they're a little too slim for me. Also, the ones I bought use a blended material that's really thin, but I believe they have some that are 100% cotton today.

Hanes Classics Power Slim Crew Neck T-Shirt

I much prefer the Hanes Nano tee, though. It's a little slimmer then I'd like, but the sleeves are perfect and most colors are 100% cotton, I believe. They're nice enough to wear alone, but still thin enough to wear as an undershirt. These are probably my favorite, but I like the one below a lot, also.

Hanes Nano-T T-Shirt

Next Level makes one that's very similar to the Nano and it's pretty popular around here. Both the Hanes and the Next Level Tees can be had for around $5-6 a piece, which isn't as cheap as Walmart, but still not bad.

Next Level Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Crew

Those are the best I have, but I'd love to hear about more brands, as well.

u/ZerrisX · 1 pointr/ModernMagic
  1. My favorite card is the card that I played in the most decks in Magic Duels back when it was still current and never stopped loving; [[Nissa, Vastwood Seer]]. She helms my one and only commander deck (which needs updating), and I'm trying to make her work in Pioneer, where she's just barely above the bar. I also have a shirt with her image.

  2. My second favorite card - that I'm sad is not good enough for Modern and will never be in Pioneer - is [[Abyssal Persecutor]]. It's such a glorious Timmy/Johnny/Spike mix-up; I love every part of it. I've used the art as my desktop background multiple times. It is a masterful example of extremely complex game-play from (relatively) simple design.

  3. My third favorite card is harder, since it's a long drop past the first two. I think I have to go with [[Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger]]. I loved the Eldrazi ever since I first saw Legacy Twelve-Post decks trying to cast them off Candelabra of Tawnos back in 2012-2014. I'm a fan of Eldritch Horror, and I like being able to go absurdly over the top of people; the idea of hard casting Emrakul seemed delightful. Unfortunately, I'm also a Spike, and that's not really a viable thing in most formats.
    Cheating it into play just doesn't feel the same. But Ulamog was an Eldrazi that you could reasonably hardcast, still felt absurdly huge, and came around in a set while I was playing in paper. In fact, in my very first pre-release (after having played online for a few years) I went 3-1 with BW Fliers (on the back of a Drana, Liberator of Malakir who easily won every game I cast her in). Rather than draft with my three reward packs, I decided to open them, because they felt special to me. One of them had an Ulamog, and I'm pretty sure it's still the most valuable card in my (tiny) paper collection.
u/adav218 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1. something blue

2. summer vibes

3. unusual food, avocado hugger

4. this for my mom. shes the ultimate beach planner, and it would be such a good gift because it has the insulated bottom that she could bring snacks and drinks in!

5. girl in cabin 10 its a suspense, and Ruth Ware has quickly become one of my fav authors.

six- hmm coming back.

7. dog bed for burrow types

8. this useless gift is pretty funny though

9. inception because its just a giant mind fuck and its awesome

10. first aid kit for zombies just seems like you might need a band-aid or something.

11. DSM 5 pocket version im currently studying for my license to become a counselor, and this one be so helpful when I have to diagnose my clients. it's absolutely vital for a therapist, and it would change my life!

12. add- on

13. harry potter fandom

14. this painting is 235,000 HOLY CRAP

15. unicorn cupcake topper

16. bourbon vanilla candle

17. barbie dream house was EVERYTHING

18. writers block

19. makeup vanity I cant afford one right now, but I will save up and get one!!! Im obsessed with makeup and having a good place to sit while doing it.

20. bacon survival kit. for the true bacon lovers lmao

Edit: I literally give up on editing the numbers. But this was such a fun scavenger hunt! Thank you adoptee!

u/iamacrazycatlady · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.) Something that is grey.

2.) Something reminiscent of rain. (It sprinkles all over you!)

3.) I've heard these are delicious

4.) For my best friend because birthdays! Also he loves superheroes!

5.) You must read this because I mean... V for Vendetta. The movie was fantastic, this will blow you away

6.) Well, it can be... ;)

7.) I am the crazy cat lady, so...

8.) I mean... It's beautiful

9.) Not the actual movie
But seriously, everyone needs to see this movie. It changed my life, really. I mean, it changes how you perceive things. Even your littlest actions. Not to mention, fantastic movie score... 10/10 would recommend.

10.) May not be real, but it still shoots...

11.) Definitely this or this but they're wicked expensive. The lens would absolutely change my photography career so much because photography is a lot more about equipment than people like to admit. The Macbook would help me with my photo editing, music mixing, and even my coding and programming. These things would open up so many possibilities for me...

12.) Ugh, stupid add-on... I just want to cure my chapped lips! :(

13.) This is the most expensive and I'd love it for photography... The MacBook, my second dream item, is only $100 less...

14.) Definitely bigger than a bread box...

15.) Earring are small.

16.) This smells glorious

17.) Because neurology <3

18.) This would be extremely helpful!

19.) I CAN'T STOP. I also may or may not have already finished the second volume...

20.) THIS COMIC OMFG but seriously, it is one of the best comics ever (according to statistics)

Thank you for the contest! :) <3

EDIT: Bonuses

  1. I'm sorry, this is hilarious.

  2. Hm, this sounds good!

    fear cuts deeper than swords.... muahahahahaa!
u/rapishorrid · 30 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

These are the best T shirts I've found for tall and/or athletic men. I'm 6'4" 180lb and the Large fits perfectly. The shoulder seams line up with the edge of my shoulders, the sleeves & body are slim without being too tight and the overall length is mid fly.

That said I think a large would also fit someone who is my height and an athletic 20lbs heavier than me. The shirt would be tighter, but in a flattering way.

They are thin (which I prefer) but for less than $10 each they are an incredibly good value. They also make a cotton/poly blend in the same cut.

Measurements for Large:

  • Body Length = 30"
  • Chest (1" below arm) = 22"

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that the white poly blend version I ordered (supplied by Under Moments) was unfortunately not the same as the colored ones. It was shorter in body length and had huge billowing sleeves. Just ordered a white 100% cotton one (the version this thread links to) in hopes that it fits properly.
u/rdgwrtr · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi, and welcome!

What’s your favorite audiobook? I’m really enjoying Michael C. Hall’s reading of Pet Sematary.

I kiiiind of fell into the black hole of Amazon, so I have lots of choices for you. I’m both sorry and excited about it. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤦🏻‍♀️

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14

u/Begonewithye · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I feel like it's not well known enough how fantastic Next Level Apparel plain T's are. So soft, cheap, awesome fit, especially if you're in ok to good shape. Check them out on Amazon.

u/xandarg · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I wear exclusively Next Level tees. They'r thick enough to wear as a t-shirt, soft and tight enough to be worn as an undershirt, and they're long. I'm 5'10", 150lbs, average build, with a long torso and narrow shoulders and the Small fits me well in the shoulder, quite slim in the body (I'd probably prefer a Medium, but I always prioritize shoulder fit and don't mind my base layer tight), and the bottom hits two inches below my belt. If you have normal width shoulders, you'd probably be Medium or Large, and you'd have all the length you need in a slim fit shirt.

Oh, they're also cheap as hell, because they're sold to companies for silk screening. Definitely worth a try. Grab a few on Amazon to try out a few sizes (I like the all cotton, but the blends are really nice too). Then, if you want to replace your whole shirt drawer, go with tshirtwholesaler for a better price.

u/StabilizeAndVaporize · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

"No cotton as it gets too hot" seems interesting. UnderArmor-type wicking materials made of synthetics (or natural alternatives like merino wool, linen, or ramie) tend to keep you cooler until you start sweating. But once you're sweating, you actually stay coolest by letting the sweat stick around for a bit before evaporating; thus, cotton is actually pretty good at that (if you're okay with sweat showing obviously).

Either way, here's a couple recommendations of cheap V-necks I like and wear with a variety of fabric compositions:

u/VannaVictorian · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

challenge accepted
I want Jessica to make me a hat
1- 2 -3 - 4 - 5 6 - 7 -8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 -21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 -33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49 - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 70 - 71- 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79

i realize i got a bit carried away.. but it was an almost 2 hours well spent. i hope you have a great day!

u/e39 · 5 pointsr/SquaredCircle

I'm a huge fan of the WWE's "vintage" collection. The designs are simple and get the point across without obnoxious graphics. I have 3 of those (Nakamura, AJ Styles,and The New Day).

The only other shirt I have is from MITB2011 (CM Punk's "Best in The World" design).

u/Hephaestus81k · 36 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I posted this as a thread a few weeks ago and it got flagged by a bot, but here goes:

I was skeptical when I got my first RPM West shirt that it fit and felt exactly like a Bella + Canvas shirt. I just received another and this time they didn't do such a great job removing the tag:

This is the exact width of wholesalers Bella + Canvas and Next Level Apparel's tags. I went to my closet, grabbed a Bella + Canvas tri-blend to compare and sure enough the unique shoulder to collar stitching is exactly the same (shown in right photo). Obviously, there would be no other reason for anyone to sew a piece of fabric there.
RPM West has a site that gives a premium feel and constantly runs promos that make their $18 shirts roughly $8+ shipping. In the end, these shirts are definitely worth that, but I just wanted to point out that you can get them for $3.70 on Amazon Prime:

u/rockpile4268 · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I recommend the [Hanes Men's Classics Lightweight Slim Fit]( I wear shirts size Large but size down to mediums on these and they are long enough. Check the reviews first, of course, but I love them.

u/yeetus_said_fetus · 2 pointsr/pcparts

jesus christ- this one has more or less the same specs (I think it's a bit better actually) and it's at a reasonable price point

hope it helps

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Flight of the Conchords!

  2. Breaking Bad? I dunno, I'm bad at guessing. D:

  3. This is one of my favourite pictures ever. :D

  4. I don't really know anything about phones. This one looks good though!

  5. I'm in love with this song right now. :D

  6. Deer with human teeth... :D

  7. I don't know anything about comics. D: Um. Um. Adventure Time?!

  8. MtG art. And I'm really digging this and this!

  9. This. I'd be part of E.V.I.L.

  10. I love love looove this movie.

  11. Ordinary Batman! :D And another that I love! One more.

  12. This flask is really cool! I also fancy this one.

  13. This sums me up I think.


  15. When I first saw this I was like, "HOLY HELL" because it's so un-Manson. No makeup?! What?!?! So. That's definitely something I wasn't expecting.

    Thank you for the contest!
u/voneahhh · 4 pointsr/SquaredCircle

This one is pretty dope

Shinsuke Nakamura "Strong Style" Vintage T-Shirt, L

u/jojewels92 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

There is nothing more patriotic than NASA. FREEDOM

Did you know New Mexico is a state?

u/MuffScruff · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

I've found these to be pretty good

u/Smilotron · 5 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Vineyard Vines is overpriced, overbranded garbage. You're paying for a brand and nothing else. Next Level tees are like $5 a shirt and probably the most comfortable t-shirts I own.

u/best_of_badgers · 6 pointsr/antiMLM

These are really comfortable and are nicely fitted. I've got like 10 of them in different colors.

u/J0hnnykarate · 0 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Amazon Next level basic tee's.. Very form fitting though a little tight on the arms (lifter bro). I find them to be great quality for a low price point

u/shenyt · 1 pointr/Outlier

I haven't had any experience with it but I've read decent reviews of it. Definitely the cheapest by far.

Woolly 190GSM

u/JohnnyNoCares · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Given Uniqlo a try? Of all the T shirts I've owned they've by far held up the best. There's also been a few posts about the Next Level shirts, which may be worth a shot for ~$7 but I haven't personally tried them.

u/kill-the-front-page · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

There is a Che Guevara wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt that you used to be able to get from The Onion, I had one years ago but it looks like they don't sell it anymore, but here's one:

u/eggoChicken · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

I have a few of these [Next Level] ( shirts. I'm 5'11" 246 the XL fits basically how I like it. The V in the neck is a little larger than I typically buy so a little chest fluff sticks out.

Note: I bought dark colors and like the snug fit, but if I decide to buy one of the lighter colors I think I may size up.

u/striker111 · 12 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Next Level makes great shirts at a low price point. The cotton is medium weight at 4.3 oz.

u/gen30 · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Wait for black friday which may include a motherboard or the Ryzen 3500 which is like $200-210 CAD (maybe cheaper) with zen2 and 65w.
Apparently this came out in the indian market already and waiting for it to launch in the west.
The 3600 has been the same price for months. Not really calling this a deal.

u/SnipeThemAll · 1 pointr/Amd

Seems like it has already been selling in my country for a while. Wonder why I never heard about it.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Price History

  • AMD RYZEN 5 3500 3RD Generation Desktop Processor (6 CORE,   ^PureLink
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]

    These savings aren't just Black and White.
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2Fbapcsalescanada%2Fcomments%2Fdp9t3f%2Fcpu_amd_ryzen_5_3600_6core_12threadsprocessor%2Ff5udm9j%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/THERAPISTS_for_200 · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

This is the RPM shirt I'm referring to.

The Olive shirt on B+C looks slightly darker.

u/JayChimichanga · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

It depends on what it is that you're looking for. In terms of basic tee shirts, I cannot recommend these enough. Cheap AF too.