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u/winter83 · 3 pointsr/AskWomenOver30

Keep a selection of different pads and tampons so she can figure out what she likes. When I started I used pads because my mom only used pads but at summer camp I wanted to swim so bad so I borrowed a tampon from my friend and figured it out. The instructions in the box are helpful because they have a graphics but a video explaining how to use a tampon would be better probably.

If shes really into sports especially swimming she will want to use tampons.
I usually had a light flow so tampons for heavier flow would hurt especially trying to take them out.

When a tampon is used it will easily come out.
If the tampon is to light it will leak so she will probably have to figure out which tampons to use on what day of her period. A panty liner and a tampon are great till she can figure out her needs.
A multi-pack box is the best for this. But look for boxes that have light, regular, and super not regular, super, and extra super. I have a hard time lately finding light ones so I order on Amazon. That might be a good option to start with so you can look at what's offered at home and not in store.

Also don't accidentally buy pads for incontinence instead of periods. I accidentally did that once but it may embarrass a young person. Always is a popular pad brand and they make both.

If you buy overnight pads they are like a foot long. But they are good for night especially for a heavy flow.

This is what I buy for pads. These are like the latest if pad technology. I really like them, I just buy the regular ones.

Always Infinity Feminine Pads for Women, Size 1, Regular Absorbency, with Wings, Unscented, 36 Count - Pack of 3 (108 Count Total) (Packaging May Vary)

This is tampon multi pack I would suggest. These are like Costco size so maybe not these but something similar.

Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons, Mutlipack, Light/Regular/Super Absorbency, Unscented, 50 Count (Packaging May Vary)

For tampons I would start with a plastic applicator. They are easier to use than cardboard. When she's used some for awhile she can figure out what she likes. They also have tampons that have to applicator which a lot go women like but I would not have been comfortable to use them when I was young.

u/myinkheart · 9 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I get super heavy periods so let me tell you how I handle it usually.

First, since you had a bad experience with tampons previously, you might want to try organic tampons. I love the organic tampons from Emerita, but 7th Generation also has good ones. I never knew how uncomfortable regular tampons were until I tried organic tampons. They don't bleach the cotton so it's much more comfortable, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals. Here's a link:

Also, depending on how heavy your periods usually are, I'd suggest going up a level or two in absorbency levels. I have super heavy periods because of endometriosis so I have to have the highest level of absorbency and then change it about every hour. Hopefully you aren't as heavy flow as I am.

For the cramps, many people find drinking milk helps. Otherwise, bring your favorite pain relief with you. You'll need to bring along a small bag or something for typical water park necessities, along with tampons.

My final thing I have to say is you know how often you have to change your pads-- I assume you use pads. Tampons will probably last you a little bit longer. You can figure this out a bit on your light days.

And finally, if you have it, wear a dark bathing suit bottom. People are less likely to notice in case you do leak. I have black bathing suit bottoms just for this purpose.

u/mellistu · 8 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Welcome to the world of tampons! It gets easier.

It shouldn't hurt to put in OR take out a tampon. If it does, it's probably the wrong absorbency.

PLASTIC APPLICATORS FOREVER. The cardboard ones, as several other users have mentioned, are awful and painful and the WORST. Plastic all the way.

They do make light tampons - I used to buy variety packs and never knew what to do with the light tampons (my uterus is nothing if not enthusiastic). You can get them on Amazon if you can't find them anywhere around you (I know it's not particularly convenient for right now but hey, it's good to plan).

Brand preference is ultimately up to you - find ones you like and stick with them.

Good luck! :)

u/RoseHelene · 26 pointsr/MtF

Menstruating cis woman here!

Plastic applicator, regular size, unscented. Some brands have "click compact" types, which are even more compact so easier to carry in your purse. For example:

Cardboard applicators can be uncomfortable since it's basically the dry raw cotton against the vaginal opening. Avoid tampons without applicators (e.g., OB) since those require a bit more skill and comfort with one's own vagina. Most menstruating women can use a regular -- if it's heavy flow, she'll just have to change it earlier.

For pads, aim for unscented and moderate flow. With or without wings is really up to personal preference of the cis woman in question, and you won't be able to predict. Avoid the overnight pads, they can really feel like diapers. Again - NO SCENTS. Example:

If you have a menstruating cis woman friend, see if you can bum a few off of her to share with others and help pass. I would totally give supplies to a trans woman friend.

Also a note: If you look post menopausal I would be much less likely to ask. So it's less crucial for older lookin' ladies.

Hope this helps! This was my own strategy when getting communal menstrual supplies for my workplace :)

u/flyingmountain · 1 pointr/asktransgender

Yes, testosterone makes your cycle stop. One of the best effects, in my opinion.

Until then, you could use tampons with flushable applicators or, what I personally used, tampons without applicators. A Moon Cup or Diva Cup could also be an option, but I never tried because I was kind of grossed out by the idea. Lots of people think they're great, though.

And, FYI, testosterone is surprisingly cheap, like less than $10 a month, even without insurance. The doctor's appointments can get expensive if you don't have insurance, but testosterone itself is way more affordable than many people think.

u/danger_nooble · 4 pointsr/Ultralight

Diva Cups are actually pretty renowned for being a really kick ass alternative to tampons. You'll see /r/AskWomen rave about them here and there. They hold much more than a tampon can absorb, but that said you do need to be able to clean them so I can see how that could get annoying. Not to mention it's a cup of stuff, and I'm not sure how easy it would be to remove without spilling when you have to resort to squatting.

Alternatively, they make teeny tiny little tampons as well. She could probably fit an entire trip's worth in her fist. I've always loved these for festivals and activities where you're out all day and don't have much more than a small pack with you.

u/Silver_kitty · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

I think you'd probably do well getting a variety set. Like this Tampax Pearl set. If you don't want to look like you put too much time into thinking about it, I think that just getting a package of "regular" tampons and "regular" pads is fine. I'd probably go with the Kotex ones in the black boxes since they carry both tampons and pads that are pretty good so you have the same brand (again, it doesn't look like you stood and agonized in the feminine product aisle too long).

I would also suggest a pack of baby wipes since they work reasonably well for makeup removal and "freshening up" which is much appreciated.

EDIT: Added links to Kotex products.

u/SoupAndSocks · 1 pointr/Wishlist

Thank you for this contest, super fun.

Intro: Artist, Business Owner, mom - but the kids are all grown up. So I spend a lot of time trying to help people in our neighborhood. The items on my wishlist are for other people in need. I included three essential items we mostly take for granted.


protein granola bars

women’s products


I’m going to guess avocado toast for a favorite snack.

u/girlwithabluebox · 2 pointsr/MtF

I keep some of these pads and these tampons on hand for friends or those in emergency. Like a good Eagle Scout, I'm always prepared. :)

u/the-chloe-experience · 1 pointr/SexWorkersOnly

I used these for years. My local sex store used to sell them but has since stopped. They’re the only ones that have never leaked for me, and I’m pretty heavy in the first few days lol! Now, I use the today sponge.

Sea sponges are good, too. Make sure you dampen it before putting it up there. Personally, I wouldn’t use a makeup sponge. They’re covered in chemicals and stuff that’s just not meant to go up let alone near there. A lot of girls still use them tho!

u/Mimimagblumen · 7 pointsr/Parenting

I really like O.B.

They have very small ones (O.B. Mini, the pink ones) that are made for very light periods or young women. They also have a silky surface so they slide in easily without drying the tissue and causing friction/pain. I think it's called SilkTouch. They don't have an applicator (who needs that anyway??) so you put them in with your index finger which gives you much more control regarding angle the angle and how deep you put them in. You get a very good feeling for your anatomy and can place them at the right spot. The manual that comes with them is also very good and helps understanding how it works and where to put the tampon so it's comfortable.

I don't know if they have them in the US if that's where you are because you guys are all about applicators (at least that was my impression when I bought tampons when on a trip to New York) but I'm sure you can order them online.

Edit: here is the amazon link.

u/rainbowmoonheartache · 50 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Having both pads and tampons would be super. Go for the "multi-pack" on the tampons (like this one, though there're tons of other options), the "regular" on the pads, and make sure they are unscented.

Honestly, imx, the brand doesn't matter too much -- every woman will have her own favourite, which may or may not match up with what you bought, but will be grateful for whatever's there if she's in need!

u/sparklyunicornspawn · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Girl, you need to treat yourself to some Beppy's!

Or Beppy Dry is the cheaper option available from what I see - but I would definitely recommend smooshing a little dollop KY into it.

u/deme9872 · 4 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I found a couple options when I searched Amazon. If you type in "o.b. light tampons" I found these results, though I'm sure just typing in "light tampons" would work fine.

Here are the o.b. tampons:

o.b. Pro Comfort LIGHT DAYS Tampons - 48 Count

Here is another brand I found:

Veeda Natural All-Cotton Tampons, Lite/Light, Compact Applicator, 3 Boxes of 16 Count Each

u/mysteron2112 · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I put up a thread awhile ago.

There's a few more from eplaya and tribe.

I would be careful with tampons. Some people said they were fine with it and some weren't. I was one of the unlucky few who weren't. I would suggest bring a supply of both pads/tampons.
Scensibles are great. They are made espicially for women periods. There are small enough to store in your traveling bag. They have a pleasant scent so you don't have worry about your period/trash smelling bad during the week.

I would suggest to put a mini flashlight on your moon bag, so you can see your supplies in the night.

u/velveteenpusheen · 1 pointr/vaginismus

"Lite" size really made a difference for me. Also some tampons expand into a circle and some expand into a rectangle, but I can't remember which :/ I found the circle much better.

u/FairyVagina · 2 pointsr/AskTrollX

Since nobody mentioned it: try period sponges! I have used them for years, less messy and we have had a great time with them. Maybe this is an option for you? Depending on the flow, you both won't notice that you are on your period. Multiple times my partner was amazed that I was on my period, since he did not notice the sponge at all.

u/excelzombie · 1 pointr/childfree

Dude, they seem so cool, they SAY you can go to the spa and swim AND other stuff with no strings (dont think i would do swimming but exciting). So like a sea sponge (I have my squick issues with thissss) but more like a Today sponge without spermicide (NOT A BC on its own) but synthetic and one time use.

u/sidus_3 · 17 pointsr/sex

Yes! All this.

Sanitary napkins with wings

Tampon variety pack

Hair ties (get the ones with no metal joiner)

Makeup remover (get the individual packs)


Now here's what I think you should do: Take all of these things out of the original boxes and put them in a basket. No girl wants to see a pack of 20 makeup wipes with only two wipes left; we know you weren't a virgin when we met, but keep it classy.

u/jkvrieaunak · 0 pointsr/AskReddit

Why would I? Should men pay for makeup, highheels and nail polish as well? Just because it's a "women only" expense? Man need 500kcal a day more? Have any women provided for this expense ever? I don't think so.
If there is a mutal interest like with birthcontrol I totally get it and I think most men have an open ear about it but making a drama about a hygene product that is used 3-5 days per month and costs about 5 bugs for a 56 pack? You got to be fucking kidding!
Tampons for reference

u/chesterbubblegum · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Might as well just invest in a small carrier like this one or this one.

Keeps it a little more discrete for when you have to make a trip or if you have to pass them off to a friend in need. Also, the one I have has a plastic lining so if I'm somewhere with no trash (i.e. college apartment) I can just put the trash back in the bag without worrying about ruining a purse.

u/xzxzzx · 6 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

There's a whole range of incredible weirdness about those.

  • A boring medical-style one (which dutifully neglects to mention orgasms as a method of relief of cramps)
  • A 70s-style one complete with a woman who's about to go skiing (why does every 70s anything include skiing?)
  • Edit: And a fourth one! This one's also an ad, but without the "HEY BUY OUR STUFF" and with awesome diagrams and scary, scary photos... why do they have someone seemingly staring at me while I'm reading the "privacy" page?
u/libbykino · 4 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Get something like this. Most brands offer variety packs, and I'd say that "regular" and "super" are probably the most commonly used sizes (which varies depending on vaginal cavity size and flow rate for that given day).

Just watch out... tampons are not cheap. Though to be honest I find it highly unlikely that you'll ever need more than one box. Unless your friends make it a habit to not bring their own backups because they know you have some... which would be a total dick move.

u/flyinthesoup · 1 pointr/todayilearned

You could buy some of these to put on your bathroom, for disposal of feminine products. I used them for years and I can attest they mask odors really well and it's just better than to wrap the tampon/pad in tp and have it seep blood. And it makes it more obvious that you want them to put said things in the trash instead of down the pipes.

u/gimmeyourbadinage · 2 pointsr/sex

Lots of good advice, so here's some links for ease:

makeup wipes

tampon variety box

Yes you can buy a pack of hair ties and bobby pins and stuff but unless you're trying to open a convenience store for these ladies (and by all means if you want, go for it) these two things are plenty.

u/bagforthebadger · -38 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

That sounds awful. This should help Best of luck.

u/wtfaidhfr · 1 pointr/sex

There are variety packs of products

For pads, as long as you have an option with wings and an option without, ladies will be happy

u/BapcsBot · 9 pointsr/buildapcsales
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u/pius3nd · 2 pointsr/TrueReddit

I'm using prices from Germany in the following.


  • average use of 5 tampons a day during their period
  • average length 7 days per period
  • average of 12 periods per year
  • periods from age 10 to 50 (40 years)
    we get a number of 16800 tampons used over a woman's lifetime (numbers from here)

    Assuming name-brand tampons (choosing "o.b. Tampon Pro Comfort 56er" from with a subscription, we arrive at a price of 3.61 Euro per 56 tampons (choosing the subscription here since it's easy to plan ahead in this regard). Thus we get a lifetime use of 300 packs a 3.61, or 1083 Euro. Of this amount, 19 percent or 172 Euros are value-added tax, amounting to 4.3 Euro per year. I suspect the numbers for the US will be similar, although of course the sales tax would be about half the percentage/amount.
u/AvatarIII · 4 pointsr/todayilearned

they are probably called something less obvious like sanitary disposal bags

here are some on amazon

u/thatchersnipples · 12 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Oh my god, I just looked up tampax on amazon. I am never shopping in a brick-and-mortar store for supplies ever again.


u/LazyGrower · 2 pointsr/microgrowery - different sized for different filters? Don't know much about fish.

u/Bluewildebeest · 4 pointsr/sexover30

If the blood is what troubles you, you could ask her to use soft tampons during sex. They soke up most (if not all) of the mess and don't hurt during penetration.

u/MNREDR · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Review here

The thing that I'm uncertain about is that "light floral scent". Because I'm imagining that floral scent they put on some pads that is absolutely disgusting because whenever you smell it on someone that walks by, the only thing it reminds you of is periods. You know what smell I'm talking about.