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u/Dexter_Jettster · 2 pointsr/Chameleons

Just an FYI, Vick's makes a humidifier, meant for humans, yes, HOWEVER, if you check out the ones by Zoo Med, and so on, it's basically the same thing but getting the Vick's might be a bit cheaper. I'm going to share a link with you, HTH's. :)

Vick's humidifier, just for reference, here is a link to some I found on Amazon, it does look like some prices have changed since I last looked, but just trying to help you out here so you don't bust your budget, chameleon husbandry can be pricey. ;)

u/Pistollpiet · 1 pointr/Chameleons

OK so this is my plan. I intend to have my led strip in the back with the uvb bar facing the middle of the tank so uvb will be accessible to my chams from everywhere, then heat lamp toward the front with different levels of grapevine wood for thermo-regulating. 1 photos plant in the back under the led in each side, with https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002DJ0QA/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I8VFJK2Z4Z68G&colid=1YYL895WRD22R for moisture on the plants and hopefully enough water to drink, this will be connected to a hygrotherm controller https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0019IHK9Q/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I3OKFSUVNZ1GZW&colid=1YYL895WRD22R. I was planning on having a normal basking light (daytime) in a double light housing and a red night time basking light also connected to the controller for night. After reading some of the info in the side bar i may just do a normal household bulb, no day and night but im worried about it being too cold at night and not using my controller feels scary. I live in NV so summers are warm winters are cold(snow) i keep my house at 74 pretty much year round but my ac does point in the direction of the enclosure though its across a large room it does concern me a little. Also i want to feed roaches but the wife insist there will be no roaches in her house, I work at a petstore so crickets are always available but im willing to feed what ever is best (outside of roaches) whats the next best choice.

u/ArchPlatypus · 1 pointr/snakes

HM! I didn't think about it being time for her to shed.


I've had some bad luck with them (other brands), but i found these work the best. My friend that breeds royals uses them.

u/Girlpirate · 7 pointsr/snakes

Awesome shot! He looks so chill.

Please allow me to recommend a digital thermometer over that analog one you're using... you'll get a much more reliable temp reading with it. :)

u/lunatic36 · 1 pointr/ballpython

Thank you for the reply, I'm using this thermometer and the probe is inside the hot side hide burried in the bedding https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017Z7Y6FK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I also just purchased an IR thermometer gun and it got delivered today
Do you think i should buy a stronger heat pad? like 8 W for example with the thermostat? or should I use both of the lamp and the pad i currently have with the thermostat?
I appreciate the response, I will start reading the articles you provided

u/raella69 · 2 pointsr/reptiles

Using a mixture of coconut fiber and this moss I can't recall the name of. Begins with an Sphagnum moss. Anyway, you can't see it but in the cave there I have a dish of water for him to soak in that I will change daily. I need to get a spray bottle to mist the enclosure, though I have been considering a fog machine to keep the humidity high. But what I am wondering is what should I get for monitoring the temps and humidity in the tank? I am familiar with aquarium stuff but not really terrarium stuff. I was looking on amazon at stuff to buy, and wondering if I should go digital or not. Any recommendations?

u/DOV3R · 1 pointr/snakes

I use a mixed substrate of plantation soil and wet forest moss to hold most of the humidity, keep a giant tub of water in the hot end, and have a damp towel over the entire top of the enclosure (the front has vents).

For the first 4-5 years I used an ultrasonic humidifier that I hooked to the top with tubes, but that thing died. I've recently equipped an Exo-Terra misting system that seems to do the trick, but I'm cautious as I've read mixed reviews.

Edit: There are products like this and this that would probably be for small enclosures.

This is the one I have for my 100 gallon.