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Top Reddit comments about Women's Tights:

u/Osiasya · 7 pointsr/Lolita

TL;DR Anything but dresses.

I have had great success with...

-Lolita Charm socks: BUY THOSE for real they are amazing.

-Hugme Skirts: Get one size up from what you think you need. DON'T buy the suspender skirts they are cute but too short! They say you can message them and tell them a custom length but I have not tried that.

-M4U Skirt: I love my Ice Cream print skirt I got from them, it is long enough and the bow detaches. The fabric is kinda odd, not shiny but it almost feels water proof/smooth like a synthetic fabric.

-These tights in the pastel pack! Get those when they come back into stock they are very comfortable and fit well.

-Purses: I got a great one from the U Like store but I also had one purse never show up from them due to customs. They gave me a refund.

-Shirts: This one Is really meh, I would avoid it unless you can sew details on the cuff sleeves. This one I like but I bought for my size and its too big so maybe order one size down.

u/hybridvenice · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

So I have these OTK socks. The material is thick so not good if you want to layer with pants. But it makes you feel sexy to pair with a skirt or to lounge around at home with panties and a shirt :) I ordered a size up so that they would reach the upper thighs and if they're too long, I can bunch them around my feet/tuck into my shoes. The band at the top is rather thick so it seems to stay in place pretty well. Haven't tried wearing them with rainboots, but I bet they'd look freaking adorable!

Knee high socks always reach up to under the knee, which is frustrating b/c the pictures indicate otherwise!

Might just be me, but I don't think many women wear headbands lol! For makeup, you could try going to /r/MakeupAddiction and look for advice!

These are the gloves I'm talking about. There's the knit glove and then this faux-fur lining. On the harshest days, I'll use this since they block out cold air. I also have cashmere fingerless gloves from Club Monaco from a few years ago and it wasn't too pricey b/c there wasn't much material. On super cold days, it's not warm enough, but it's usually good enough b/c it is cashmere after all. I think this kind of glove would be great for you since it does look slimming and hey! Long fingers are beautiful!

Side note: How you cut your fingernails affects how long and dainty your fingers look. Ever since I started clipping them into an almond shape, my fingers have looked so delicate. Youtube vid on how to file nails into almond shape. Example of acrylic almond nails. Even though my nails are shorter than in both examples and always natural, the almond shape definitely helps the look.

Oh! By padded, I meant push-up! Also, with all those layers and the extra winter fat, the push-up bra helps aesthetically too lol

I like using a stainless steel insulated water bottle since I can keep really hot liquids and not burn my hands.

u/chocosausonerythng · 8 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Hanes silk reflections are my favorites - i find their durability:cost to be pretty good at $8 each and an average of 5 wears. I haven't found true sheers at any price point that hold up for much longer than that. I prefer their sheer to waist because i find control top uncomfortable, but their thigh highs stay up really well, too. Pretty Polly is also good for sheers, if you can find them - they look a little better, come in more finishes (satin, gloss, etc), but are a few bucks more and last fewer wears.

Most of my dresses are patterned, plus i wear hose mostly for work, but these polka dot sheers from Hue are my favorite pattern of the moment; i do not love the control top, but it's endurable and slimming. These Pretty Polly secret socks tights are my favorite hosiery of all time, and are still going strong after 10+ wears! Might be a bit warm for summer, though. Once in a blue moon Modcloth will have these on sale with the rest of their socks/hosiery for 2/$20.

Edit: for clarification

u/LostInEuropeLand · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

A circle of lady friends is definitely always a bonus! The good news is you look amazing and have a lot to work with. Trying some new things is the only way you every find out what you really like.

I'm sure in a cooler temperture you can pull off those bow shoes with some knit patterned tights like these, a cute blazer with a bow like this but less shiny junk on it (I had a super cute jacket like that from a thrift store), a pencil skirt like the type ladies here have already suggested (I'd go black in this particular outfit) and personally I'd do a slightly metallic steel grey top of a flow-y fabric to keep it from being somber but you could do any color as long as you matched your accents to it!

Hope you get the job and some rad new (maybe up-cycled!) clothes to rock your fashion in.

u/MostlyHarmlessXO · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

So my first thought is that you look like you're dressing older than your age? I can't tell how old you are exactly since your face is blocked off, but you look like you're in your twenties, and a lot of your clothes seem like what an older woman might wear?

I'm certainly no fashionista but here's some ideas

A more casual look you might enjoy is wearing tights under shorts. It still has the coverage, but looks more summery due to the shorts.

I would also recommend colored tights in different colors, especially under lace tights.

You might try circle skirts/A-line skirts/more casual dresses.

An album I made of "younger"/more casual looks while retaining coverage

You also might want to look into some of the hijabi fashion! They often have wonderful styles while keeping very covered.

Some of the tights in the album are also two toned, to appear as though there is a thigh high sock over tights

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A couple of things you may like are this necklace, this necklace, these leggings. And if you have an iphone you might like this case or if you want to spend a little extra you may want to get this bracelet because its absolutely adorable. If I win I'd love a gift card but if it has to be a physical item then surprise me :D Hope you have a great birthday!

u/space-feel · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have these socks in black. They don't give me any muffin-top thigh action, but they stay up really well! I have pretty muscular thighs, and these thigh-highs are by far the most flattering I've tried. The material is pretty thick too which is nice. They're not pricey either, highly recommended!

u/stellabrites · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

Super late but I have a fancy work event in two nights and would love some advice! I'm seriously fashion stupid so any help appreciated. (Sorry for horrible computer quality.)

With this dress, my friend suggested some sort of tights. What color/type of tights should I go for? I'd love to wear them for other outfits too since I don't own any at all and it's getting really cold.

I was thinking of these tights but is the pattern too much? Would a solid color be better?

u/Itsgingerbitch · 2 pointsr/FashionPlus

I ordered these over a year ago and they’re still serving me well. They’re cheap, stretchy, durable, and comfortable! I’m about a size 20 jeans and these fit perfectly and still could stretch more.

I played a roller derby bout in them and they survived.

I highly recommend them!!

u/penny_dreadful_mess · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

If I had thought about your post logically, I would have realized sheers weren't going to work, sorry! As you probably know, the issue with tights shopping online is that they rarely show the waistband in pictures unless it is control-top, which is the opposite of what you want.

Another suggestion, along with the wool tights, check out fleece lined tights. They're probably a little warm this end of fall but the waistbands are super comfortable (see these sock dreams ones). These lands end ones have a "comfort" waist that might work as well. I also found some on Amazon but as all the reviews are good I'm suspicious.

u/jevausie · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Aww yiss, black cats! I have tons of cat things in my wishlist but I think the "Yours, Mine, and Noir's" duvet cover (on my primary "Need = Want" wishlist) totally fills the bill with black cats GALORE! It's from ModCloth, not Amazon directly, but it's been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now!

On my "Want → Wear" wishlist, I have the Romwe Cat Face Dress and the CYTPrimeDesign cat face stockings, as well as a number of black cat tee-shirts from other sellers. My favourites are the "Cat hair is lonely people glitter" and "Cat hair is the new black", both from

On Amazon directly, I have both a BAMF rifle style umbrella (on my "Want > Need" wishlist) and the even-cooler Kikkerland saber umbrella (on my "Want > Wallet" wishlist), both of which I would so totally open inside. Mostly so people could see how cool they are.

Also, 13 is my lucky number! :)

u/pony_hawk · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dude. Where whatever the fuck you want. You're beautiful now, you're beautiful if you lose 20 lb, you're beautiful if you gain 100.

But if you are looking for a tip from other curvy ladies... anytime I wear a dress, I try to wear control top tights because they keep the dress from riding up, and that extra support keeps my butt from jigglin' when I'm gettin' down. And they're nice to have if your Halloween will be chilly, like mine always is.

And, speaking as a vegetarian, that bacon dress is ON POINT.

u/newaddress1997 · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

Oh yeah, for sure then! Maybe sweater dresses with thermal tights and whatever type of boots you like (uggs, riding, combats, actual snow boots) could be a cute winter outfit?

Also I don't know how you feel about your current winter gear, but I live in boston (cold and windy but not like Alberta) and I like to go with an infinity scarf that I can pull over my nose and mouth when walking in the wind (but otherwise looks like a cute accessory). Also cute winter hats :)

u/Shelli_and_Page · 2 pointsr/crossdressing

I'd agree you could use to be a little "hippier", it would balance out your breasts and shoulders a bit, giving a nice hourglass shape.

I'm not a super big fan of black tights, especially footless. If you're concerned about leg hair coverage (idk if you shave them or not) you might try a nude colored footed dancers tight. A pair will hold and smooth home made hip pads and two will completely obscure any ability to see leg hair. A nude pair covered with fun and classy fishnets can be a really fun look with a solid colored dress. They would even look very cute with your ballet flats.

u/FFARedditAcct · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

Have not bought them in years (because I've actually worn the same pairs for like 5 years, although they've worn unevenly so I should have bought new ones by now) but I had great luck with the Milk and Honey Not Too Tight Tights can't get their normal page to work for some reason but apparently Amazon sells them now. I think you have to be a certain size though, since they seem to insist that one size fits all and that's never really the case. They fit me but I think they're more opaque on me because I'm on the smaller side.

u/legoman2334 · -4 pointsr/teenagers

EDIT: since aparently everyone thinks I stole someones bank card. A debit GIFT CARD is something you buy at a dollar store and put money on at the register. It doesn't even have a name on it 9/10 it says "GIFT CARD" or "FOR YOU" it's just like a burger King card but for the internet.

Actually I did find $100 about a month ago. Found an old debit gift card in the street, decided "hey it might have a few dollars on it!" Took it home, checked online, "activated 2012, $100 deposited, no withdraws, expires 2019" so I bought a (video drone)[UDI RC U845 2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter with HD camera] for my YouTube videos (it was around $85 at the time) the. I bought my girlfriend like 4 pairs of those Japanese cat thigh high (tights)[Cradlebeauty Women Sexy Cat Tail Tattoo Knee High Hosiery Pantyhose Tights Socks] .

u/madisonw228 · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I’m looking for some opaque Capri leggings for the summer to wear with dresses

Looking to wear them in the office. I love dresses and wore them in the winter with tights. Now that winters over I need some leggings that are opaque but won’t cook me alive during the day.

I used to wear these to the office and they were great for winter but are too hot for summer.

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control Top Tight, Cobblestone Medium

u/eliza_cs · 2 pointsr/Eliza_cs
u/Allisinwonderland24 · 5 pointsr/drunk
u/302149 · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have these fleece lined tights from Amazon. I've recommended them before on FFA and I'll recommend them again! I'm 4'11" and they don't do that weird bunching at the feet you're talking about. Also they're warm enough for winter.

u/llama_delrey · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I bought these random ones off amazon. I've worn them a couple times, and they're nice and warm!

u/thankyou_sir · 2 pointsr/onmww

Not at all :) Amazon

u/K_H-_- · 2 pointsr/halloween

I just cut all the potentially identifiable crap out of that link:

(only this bit is needed to identify a product by amazon. The rest gives you eg. your search parameters. I have no clue what identifiers are in the last bit, and can't read it. Others might be able to, and amazon certainly can.)