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u/amoliski · 1 pointr/Vive

Cheap tripods are great for traveling, and I've given over a hundred demos with them, but they kinda get in the way, and the larger you make the footprint (to improve stability) -the more they encroach in your play space.

I use these tripods with these swivel adapter things for my on-the-road show. As long as they don't get bumped, you're good to go.

For home, I use This tension rod and this rod mount - you may need a longer rod- I run it from the top of my dresser to the ceiling and the top of my computer desk to the ceiling. The 87 inch one isn't long enough to go from floor to ceiling for me.

As far as other essentials, two of these help with plugging the lighthouses in. An HDMI Extender, Power extender, and a USB 3.0 Extender (those three work perfectly for me) will make your life 100x more easy, especially if your computer isn't directly next to your play space. The extra 10 feet makes a world of difference for reducing tangles, reducing the number of times you have to stop and untwist your cord, and making you not worry about yanking on your computer when you get to the far corner.

Lastly, this wireless keyboard thing will save you from running back and forth from your desktop.


As far as sweatyness, I got over the ickyness pretty quickly. My friends have mastered basic hygiene, and face sweat doesn't smell all gross or anything. After each demo, I run the foam under the sink to rinse it off, then dab it with a paper towel and set it on a box fan to dry. It's good to go as soon as the next person is done and I repeat the process. I ended up buying a set of new face foams from the HTC website after I lost my narrow face foam though :(

u/MMfuryroad · 5 pointsr/hometheater

Respectfully, it's a complete waste of time and money. You're better off using your B speaker setup like I use mine as a way to run a different type of speaker for different content not in an AB configuration. That can create its own issues.

Bi wiring / bi amping

McGurk effect video

Better things to do than bi- wiring and bi-amping speakers to improve your audio experience:

  1. Experiment with your speaker placements i.e. distance from boundaries, angle of speaker, distance from speaker and height of the tweeter lining up with your ear height at the MLP.

  2. Get fully familiar with your receivers room correction type and setup procedures. If there are 6 or 8 different mic positions available at setup use them and rerun the room correction anytime you change what's in the room, your seating position , the speakers themselves or the speakers positions in the room and invest in a boom mic stand and camera mount adapter to keep the audio mic away from reflection points and try to reduce your rooms noise floor as much as possible before running the correction i.e. AC system, ceiling fans , screaming kids or wife.😏

  3. Learn more about passive room treatments. You don't have to go crazy and there are several companies that offer free online modeling programs to determine the type and number of treatments your room might need at affordable prices. GIK Acoustics and ATS Acoustics are 2 good ones that spring to mind.

    ATS Acoustics online acoustic analyzer

    GIK Acoustics analyzer

  4. Use good quality cables and connectors. Again you don't have to go crazy but getting good affordable cabling and connectors usually helps eliminate or reduce many minor troubleshooting issues to something other than the connectors and cables. Again Blue Jeans Cable and Mediabridge comes to mind but there are others.

  5. Download the freeware program REW and just play with it a bit. You'll need a calibrated audio mic with an HDMI cable or stereo RCA connector to fulfill its full potential but there is a built in room modeling program that anyone with a sealed rectangular room can get some good benefits from using without a mic or cable and it gives you time to get more comfortable with what is a fully equipped acoustical software program and did I mention that it's free.?

    Room Equalization Wizard

    There's more. Like learn speaker specifications and what they mean with regards to efficiency and power requirements but these are the major things that came to my mind ahead of bi- anything.
u/xx2000xx · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Well kind of the same deal, but my point still stands. I meant a boom mic with the adapter which is basically the same damn thing but a longer arm. The thing folds up and I haven't used mine in a while and I always think it's a tripod which it basically is.

I still think I'd win in court because it's logistics and tangible difference is putting it mildly, more like, after reading all the nuances of how to actually run audyssey, and no you don't pick up whatever shitty thing they give you and plop it in 8 different spots and think it'll be fine, you probably made it even worse actually because it's crazy precise and beyond amazing. The Judge would make you eat your hat unless you have a great lawyer.

Denon actually pays them to let them use it and it's the best in the world and you don't know how lucky you are to actually have the top of the line too. Take a pic or let me see your distance levels between the speakers and then just the Audyssey specs on the levels.

Here is what to get:

https://www.amazon.com/Stage-Stands-MS7701B-Tripod-Microphone/dp/B000978D58 - Boom/Tripod

https://www.amazon.com/CM01-Camera-Digital-Recorder-Adapter/dp/B001GWCC4I/ -- mic mount

The adapter that goes in the end and you screw in the mic perfectly and then you are ready to rock and roll to set it at perfect ear level, swivel it in 3 different positions so you don't have to go crazy by making sure all the positions are equal. Plus if you have a couch or recliner or something you can kind of work around it as best you can. So when you read the forums that is what they'll tell you to get too, although they are crazy over on AVS so I bet they will tell you to get some $200 boom mic/Tripod but that is just fine and what we've (people on avs) have been using for years, although I haven't been keeping up with the latest info the past few years. There are a few vids on youtube that I saw a year or two a go using a boom mic, which is how you do it, but I can only imagine the finer points of your setting.

I have a 4k TV that my 7.1 Denon doesn't display a picture at all, but that's not a problem for me because I remember ever single little setting on the receiver by heart so it's not even an issue for me and running it just fine through HDMI from computer to receiver then back to TV while still keeping all the bitstreaming and lossless formats which makes me think I can hold off even though I'm starring at the $500 3400H in my cart right now and it's a hell of a deal but with the new models coming out I'm sure we'll see it again.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/Vive

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The obligatory "just got my Vive" post by ncviver

Damn. God damn. It's really, really good. I had some ordering issues (because I used PayPal Credit and didn't create an HTC account I couldn't check the order status on my own) but it arrived quickly and works so so well. I got two of these tripods plus two of these brackets since I wanted some mobility. So far I've used it in the living room with two tripods and in my bedroom with one of the included wall mounts and a tripod. It works great, though I do plan on installing the other wall mount (plus these two in the living room) soon.

My only complaint at this time (after maybe 3 hours of usage) is that it seems like a major oversight that there's not much instruction on how to adjust it to fit your head. Initially, I was actually pretty disappointed-- the FOV sucked and apart from a narrow sweet spot it was quite blurry. But after finding this guide it's working fine.

but yeah, right now I'm really impressed. I've only really played around with The Lab so far since my wallet is a bit too sore to start buying tons of games, but I'm guessing that'll happen pretty soon.




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u/osajustin · 1 pointr/NewTubers

I'm glad you enjoyed the video! It's my favorite one that I've made so far and hope to continue it.

To answer your questions:

  1. I used Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition for my software. Adobe Premiere Pro is just the main program that just pieces all the clips and audio together. I used After Effects for the text outlining the specs of the phone (I'll explain later), and Audition to edit my voice to the right sound level and to remove the background noise and any other unwanted sounds.

  2. I used an After Effects template called "Ultimate Call-Out Titles," it costs $17 but I got it at a "discount," shoot me a pm for more info on it, as well as the Adobe software I used.

  3. I used this [tripod head] (https://www.amazon.com/YT-950-Tripod-Action-Shooting-Filming/dp/B00K81FI8A). The key to tripod heads that I recently discovered isn't the price of them, but it's whether it has a counter-balance system to get smooth pans. I bought both a Pro YT-950 ($35) and a Manfrotto 502HD ($210) and it's honestly better to get the Pro YT because it easily mimics the Manfrotto and it's over 4x cheaper.

  4. I didn't show myself in my video because I currently use a usb audio interface to do voice overs and I didn't want to go through the hassle of manually syncing the audio. I was planning on buying a microphone for my camera but it still hasn't released yet. I'll try my best to do it though.

    Thanks for your feedback :)
u/MikeBScott · 1 pointr/Vive

I pre-ordered the vive yesterday and just realised I do not have anywhere to mount the lighthouses, and cannot drill holes in the walls (rented accomodation). After a little bit of research I think I have found a relatively cost effective way to purchase two tripods and ball head brackets from Amazon.co.uk.

I have Amazon prime, so the items I chose included free one day delivery (I am not sure what the non-prime delivery charges will be)

The tripods I have purchased extend up to 2M (78") are being sold as a pair for £18.88:

I purchased two of these 1/4" tripod ball brackets for £6.99 each:

Total cost: £32.86

The description of the tripod does not specify what the thread size is, but these are the best price I could find. Someone mentioned they have a 1/4" thread size in the comments, but I cannot confirm this until I receive delivery on 3rd March. (Worst case will be the need to purchase a couple of adapters.)

Hope this helps others who are trying to find a cost effective way to mount the lighthouses.

The tripods and ball brackets arrived today. I can confirm the tripod uses the standard 1/4" connector and fit the ball sockets perfectly.
Also, they seem fairly study, so I expect no problems with the lighthouses attached.
I can recommend these to others who are considering a tripod solution to the lighthouse mounting.

u/dasbacon · 1 pointr/pinball

i'm also looking to start getting in to taking some top down angle game play videos.

I'm thinking about using tall mic stands for tri pods so can position them behind the machines:


papa looks like they've built their own which are much larger and i'm not sure how mobile they are but i would ideally like to make a good mobile solution.

comments on your videos would be the position of the top down camera angle could be better aligned, lighting could be better and the audio could be also better.

u/bluuit · 4 pointsr/Vive

Alright, here's a few simple things. Nothing very exciting, but I wouldn't go without them now.

The basestations are suppose to have like a 50k hour lifespan. Still, I had one of the rotors die and replaced under warranty. Now I use a remote switch like this one to conveniently shut down the lighthouses when not in use and extend their life. Also helpful if the IR interferes with anything.

Similarly, unplugging and plugging in the vive controllers to charge every use could eventually wear out the usb sockets. I use a pair of magnetic usb adapters similar to these which takes away that wear and tear, plus they are reversible and just snap in place super easy.

My basestations are screwed into the wall, but I also have a pair of these clamps which have been very useful and versatile when I've taken my Vive to demo at friends places, or the office. Makes it quick and easy to clamp them to a bookcase, curtain rod, door frame, drop ceiling grid, or whatever. Much better than the giant wobbly stands many people go for.

u/odd_affilliate_link · 2 pointsr/photography

I really like my Manfrotto 055XPROB. The amount of ways you can set it up are impressive. Legs lock at different angles, center post goes sideways (or 'under' the tripod), etc. This type of tripod needs a head in order to be complete. I've got a joystick grip head on mine which is a little expensive, but the ball head is pretty reasonable.

The thing seems bulletproof, I've even used a magic arm to clamp speedlights to it to get a quick and easy off-camera lighting setup.

I got a very good used deal (eBay) for the tripod, head, and bag (which I never would have sprung for if not in the set, but am VERY glad that I have).

u/Byshop303 · 1 pointr/teslamotors

Full details are in the video description but here's what it is:

Blackvue DR650S 2 Channel dashcam for primary video and rear video.


Canon Digital Elph 190.


Camera Clip Mount for the Canon:


Contrary to what I said in the video, I didn't end up using the audio from the phone but instead used the audio track from the Canon camera because it sounded clearer and had less noise than the earbud headset.

I also added in the rear channel from the Blackvue, although you may notice that the sync drifts a bit by the end of the video. The main video and the instrument display/audio should be in pretty good sync, though.

The various sources were stitched together in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and encoded into H.264 1080P video using the bundled Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017. I'm not an expert in this area by any means, but I was able to put all this together in a short amount of time and without having to go outside the apps to figure out how to do any of it. It was all pretty intuitive.

I'm not sure if I'll add in the rear channel video on the next one. Blackvue doesn't do a great job of recording in perfect sync between the two channels, it's extra work (especially to sync them), and I'm not sure it adds much value but I'm curious to hear feedback.

u/GingerMess · 1 pointr/Vive

Because I'm in the process of clearing stuff out of my house in preparation for moving, I opted to use camera tripods for the tracking stations. Here's a picture of one.

The tripods that I bought were these ones from Amazon UK. At the time they had a 2x 3m option for £22, but that seems to have disappeared now. I also grabbed two of these to allow angling of the tracking stations, otherwise they're fixed facing parallel to the floor.

Some notes after setting up the Vive and using them for a 4 hour session of Audioshield:

  • Tracking is perfect without jitter.
  • Mounting them is easy with the items I linked above, although I suggest you mount before extending the tripod otherwise you're manhandling a 7-foot pole (ooer).
  • The tripods wobble a bit on carpet after you're done mounting, this is fine. They'll stop wobbling and to be honest given the top-heavy setup, I'm surprised how little they wobble. I haven't noticed any wobbling while I've been using the Vive.
  • It might well be the case that having carpet dampens the shocks from moving around in the room - having tripods on a wooden floor would probably result in them vibrating to every footstep. I can't be certain of this though.

    Overall I recommend tripods unless you're ok with wall mounting. They work well. Just get decent quality ones!
u/iamgreenbag · 1 pointr/oculus

I have 4 sensors, each mounted on top of 7'6" DIY stands made out of cheap 5'9" Ikea floor lamps..2 lamps per stand, each in it's own corner. The 8' long stock cables of the sensors only have a few inches worth left over when mounted on the stands, so extensions are a must no matter where you position them. I use the 'Monoprice 15-Feet USB 3.0 Extension Cables' from Amazon, with the sensor in the far corner needing 2 cables to reach the stand. This gives me a 10'x10' area, with an actual playspace of 7'x7'. I also shelled out for a Startech 4 port USB3.0 PCI card recommended on the Oculus blog. The sensors on USB3.0 use a lot of power, so you'll need to connect either a SATA power adapter or a molex power adapter to the PCI card...if you go that route. I haven't had any issues whatsoever, completely glitch free. I used the Sensor Bounds app in Oculus to make sure the sensor beams covered my play area high enough, as well as covering the corners closest to the stands. The beams aren't 90 degrees, so the higher the top of the beam, the less the corner gets covered by the lower part of the beam. It takes a few minutes, but it helps to completely cover the entire play area.


Btw...the best part of my DIY stands...they only take up 10" squared. Tripods are at least 2' squared. I considered microphone stands, but they only extend 5' or so. Nowhere near tall enough.






u/not1frak · 2 pointsr/gh4

I did see a video comparing low light GH4 vs GH5 and the results were impressive (in favor of the GH5). There are several compelling features... I don't/won't need it though.

I like the extension bracket idea. After realizing where the threaded mount hole is for the H1, I'll probably want to have some sort of extension to get the H1 away from the viewfinder.

I've added that Takstar mic to my Amazon wishlist. Looks like a decent bit of kit. Thanks for the tip!

I also did pickup a Benro "flexpod", model C-298n6 and a Manfrotto 496RC2 ball head
from Craigslist. (not my post, just linking for pics and review) I wanted a small, light travel tripod that was also good for Macro duties. Very pleased so far!

u/HybridCamRev · 2 pointsr/Filmmakers

u/Andrewproduction - you can get a used Manfrotto XPRO head with an 8.8 lb. max payload for $93.55, but a brand new $58.99 Cayer K3 is probably the best fluid head in this price class (13.2 lbs. max payload, pre-set counterbalance for heavier cameras).

Hope this is helpful and good luck finding the right fluid head for your needs!

u/rickyli99 · 2 pointsr/Hawaii

First thanks for watching! I used a camalapse 4 that I got used on Amazon for about $15, it only supports cameras that weigh less than 5lbs (4lb was pushing it). It is a gloified egg timer, but by buying it I saved the headache of trying to mod something myself. My only two quibbles with it is that you can't change rotation speed or rotation direction, but for $15 I can live with those issues. BTW full price is $30, it's a great buy at $15 but at $30 I can't give my whole hearted recco because of the two issues. It is a fun toy however. http://smile.amazon.com/camarush-1004-camalapse-4/dp/B00LV5LBE2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415637406&sr=8-1&keywords=camalapse+4

Sort of pic of my setup, different camera (the one in the pic turned out to be too heavy) and different trigger (before I bought the triggertrap dongle). http://instagram.com/p/si3NEYvTBp

u/ph0tosh00ter · 1 pointr/photography

What do you guys think of this tripod?

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4 Section Aluminum Tripod Legs

I have only ever owned carbon fiber legs in the past (sold them), but this model seems to be really good. They seem more appealing than the 055's due to size and weight.

Also, how about this ballhead?

Manfrotto 496RC2

I used to own a Markins Q3 Email ($289) and absolutely loved it! Looking for a decent budget ballhead for now, and this one seems really popular.

At most, the tripod would hold maybe a DX Nikon with 70-200 VR. This setup seems like overkill for that light weight.

Any input is appreciated!

u/randombuilds · 1 pointr/Vive

Mine are mounted on my wall but I recently took my Vive to a mates house. I bought these stands and these ballhead bracket things so I can swivel the lighthouse to the correct angle. They worked great. They were stable enough to have me and a bunch of mates jumping around in VR without them falling over.

Somebody else in this post recommended using the floor to ceiling support. If I was using the stands in my own home and they were a permanent support system rather then something I want to be able to fold up and shove in my car then I would probably go with them.

u/Bambambm · 1 pointr/Vive

So I only know a few of these.

  1. I'm not sure. I only use hdmi to hdmi

  2. If you don't want to cause too much damage, my best suggestion would be to get 2 tripods with heads that can angle downward. In my own room I had to re-position the lighthouses multiple times, which meant multiple holes in the walls.
    Are just the tripods I use now.

  3. 2m x 2m is enough for roomscale, however I don't know if I would consider it a decent roomscale experience, I myself run a 3.8m x 3m space and I even feel like that is pretty small. I also cleared out all the furniture possibly blocking lighthouses, so idk about that.

  4. Your computer monitor/TV will always display the view that you see as well, even if a game does not open a separate window, steam VR has a setting to 'show mirror' so other people can see what you see.

    Other than that, hope you get the answers you want. Cheers! (The Vive is awesome though!)
u/nonsensepoem · 2 pointsr/Vive

So far I've had perfect success with this light stand and this attachment. I extend the legs completely which then take up a relatively small area, and I secure the legs with the two strong rubber bands that came with the attachments. The footprint is a triangle of about 1' (30.48 cm) per side.

u/okachobii · 2 pointsr/Vive

This likely doesn't apply to you, but if you're a musician and you have boom mic stands sitting around, they are made to fold up and be portable and work great as lighthouse stands if you buy a mic stand camera adapter from Amazon. Why buy dedicated light house stands!

I recommend this one: https://www.amazon.com/CM01-Camera-Digital-Recorder-Adapter/dp/B001GWCC4I

...but there are cheaper options down to $4.

u/ViciousMoth · 1 pointr/Vive

Please note that I do not have my Vive yet (still waiting) but I have been addicted to this reddit and my advice is just from what I've read on here.

The stands will help. Is it a tripod? Keep in mind you might also need to buy a ballhead adapter for the top so that you can angle them downward as much as you want. You'll just want them to be 1/4" like this one: http://www.amazon.com/EXMAX-Tripod-Camera-Camcorder-Bracket/dp/B012FTXOW4

Regarding sweat, I ordered one of these, but haven't received it yet. You'll be waiting for a month or so to have it shipped: https://vrcover.com/product/htc-vive-pre-vr-cover-waterproof-for-exhibitions-sport/

As for watching 360 videos, I believe you need a program that can handle it. Virtual Desktop (on Steam) has a way to do it. If you visit their Steam store page, their video is kinda long (but worth it to see all the features), but in the second half they demo being able to copy and paste a youtube URL of a 360 video directly into it.

Besides Steam directly, the Humble Bundle store is a good place to get some more games. Their Spring sale is going on now and literally ends in less than a day so check out this reddit post for some games you may be interested in before it's too late: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4jw21f/humble_spring_sale_vive_compatible_games/

So overall, connecting it and getting up and ready went pretty smooth? There seem to be so many posts for errors, need of help, etc. it makes me worry what kind of trouble to expect once it gets here.

My other question was, you said for Audioshield "no lag at all, even when streaming". What part was streaming? I don't have the game yet so I just wanted to clarify if it wasn't a locally downloaded game or what.

Also, my gf is also always the cold one. Especially her damn feet. She will put them up against me in the bed and damn those initial 10 seconds of helping warm her up suck. She's lucky I love her :P

u/MegadetH_44 · 1 pointr/oculus

Thanks /u/jadfrog /u/pgh2atl and /u/NukedCranium for your answers, I think I found a pretty good solution yesterday with my old mic stand, I just need a 10$ adapter and I should be good :-) I'll also move the screen back a bit when my CV1 arrives...

u/traveler19395 · 2 pointsr/timelapse

Yes, I'm all about packing light and even the best sliders are still quite big (and expensive). A rotating head adds a very dynamic look with very little added bulk, one like this or a cheaper mechanical one like this.

How are you processing your stills into a video file? If you're using Lightroom, there's a very powerful plugin called LR Timelapse that can do pans and zooms from the still photos, as well as changing any of the color/exposure settings over the course of the shot.

u/aaronguitarguy · 1 pointr/videography

Thanks for your reply! I have a pretty solid Manfrotto tripod and fluid head, I hope that's good enough. Would you say 400mm is enough reach or should I go for a 150-600mm?

u/BeeBeedh1 · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

Non Drilling solutions as I'm not in a situation where i can drill mounts into the walls:

Personally (UK) i have used these two products, work a charm, a bit of a wide base so not ideal for smaller areas.

I then moved house and switched to these, these are great, one fits on the curtain rail, and the other fits on the banister uprights. Clamp goes pretty wide.


u/Adultophobe · 1 pointr/photography

So, by way of followup, I've pretty much decided to follow your advice and pull the trigger on a 190XPROB. Its versatility makes me believe that it will cover many of my needs in one go.

One thing I didn't mention earlier (because I'd been looking in a tabletop direction) is that I currently have a $110 Oben tripod/head combo, which has done rather well for me so far, particular insofar as being light and compact. But clearly the Manfrotto beats it in versatility, and, I imagine, stability.

Upgrading the Oben to a Manfrotto would also get me away from Oben's mediocre ball head (whose tightening mechanism annoys me).

I also happen to have recently purchased a Sirui carbon monopod and a Manfrotto 234RC swivel head, so it would be nice to be able to leave my RC2 quickplates on my camera and lens foot.

If you don't mind, this brings me to a question about heads. I'm not a fan of Oben's tightening mechanism, which looks an awful lot like the one found on the 498. So, what's the consensus on grip or tilt/pan heads?

I particularly like the look of the 322RC2 Short Joystick Head.

And I could also see a case being made for the 804RC2 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head.

Anyway, curious what your thoughts are. Sorry for the long-windedness!

u/_kr_art_ · 1 pointr/Vive

I got these:
They're perfect for the job, even on carpet. Footprint hasn't been an issue either. Keep in mind you would also need a ball bracket to angle them down:
Hope this helps - enjoy the vive when it arrives!

u/Zheryn · 2 pointsr/space

Tripods are generally not that cheap, and the cheapest ones are not very good for stargazing from what I've read since you don't want small wobbles. I myself have Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro together with Manfrotto 498RC2 Ball Head, but as you can see that's very expensive. If you want any decent tripod + head I think you'll have to pay atleast $100.

If you're going to buy a tripod and cheap binos I think you'll be better off buying just a cheap pair of 8x50s and then try it out for a while and then spend the money you would have spent on a tripod on a cheap telescope or use them to save up to a good telescope.

u/Sqorck · 6 pointsr/videography

This is an awesome one, good quality for the price. If you want even something cheaper but still good check out this one. I have owned both and still use them, if you want value then these are the two you should look into.

u/The_Middleman · 3 pointsr/Vive

Great! Do note that you'll need to buy ball joint tops like these to allow for downward-facing Lighthouses!

u/nestechs · 2 pointsr/Vive

I needed the exact same thing. This is what I went with from amazon. They work great. One is the set of the tripods and the other is the mini ball head you will need for each lighthouse with the tripod.

I would also recommend extending the triple cable an extra 10 feet. You won't be able to keep the cable and HMD in the box after adding the cables, but it doesn't get tangled as easy and just works better when having other people try it for the first time.

u/Grammaton_Tyr · 2 pointsr/Vive

I have pretty much these same poles for my setup. You'll need to angle them down as many have said already so you need something like this too: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eggsnow-Tripod-Bracket-Ballhead-Camera-2pcs/dp/B01ESJ7754/ref=pd_bxgy_421_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=NTFJ2QSNHZ22KBW4AWWE

Works fine for me in my basement. They are far enough away I don't touch them while playing and I don't get any vibration from them. I found takes a little tweaking and some serious tightening and re-tightening to get it right though.

I like the shower rod idea too but wouldn't work well in my space but probably easier to deal with and easy to setup.

u/jkostans · 2 pointsr/Vive

BESTEAM Tripod Camera Clip Clamp Flash Reflector Holder Mount for Studio Backdrop Camera https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Y4FVLYG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_S4wEybAQ56470

These are super strong are work great if you have places to clamp up high

u/crazykoala · -1 pointsr/Filmmakers

It is interesting how he keeps his hand so steady and unmoving within the frame. I would guess that he has some sort of arm rest connected to the same fluid head that the camera is attached to. If not an arm rest then perhaps a smaller guide that pushes his arm along at the same rate that the fluid head is being panned. Notice that he does not operate the phone during these pans.

Watching it again more carefully I see at 3:25 a move that really looks like a fluid head tripod. Probably something like this Manfrotto head.

u/dunwich666 · 1 pointr/PSVR

This looks like a perfect and cheap solution! Is the "mounting head" also included? (sorry dont know the right name)? Like this one:

Could you maybe be so kind as to take a picture of how you've mounted the camera to the tripod?

u/FrightenedPanda · 0 pointsr/HTCVive

If you haven't ordered yet I would recommend these light stands. I had my vive in the dorms downstairs for a couple of hours and they seemed stable enough to support the vibration of the lighthouses. Also, surprisingly, the bag it came with is incredibly good quality. I use these mounts on my tripods to angle down the lighthouses. Cant use the floor to ceiling mounts all places. Where I was yesterday the ceilings are 15' or more.

u/TheDukeOfMemes · 1 pointr/Vive

Hey guys! I'm moving to college dorm in about a month, and I'm thinking about how to mount my lighthouses (obviously can't drill in a dorm). Right now I'm using one of these tripod clamps for each lighthouse, clamped onto shelves on opposite corners of my room, which has worked very well!

However, I won't have anything for these clamps to clamp onto, so I was thinking of a workaround of sorts: to use the clamps I currently have, clamping onto a few of those sticky wall hooks which say they should hold the weight (up to 6.6 pounds which is immense). Do you think this would work? If not, is there a potentially less-ghetto solution which leaves a very little footprint?

TL;DR: Will sticky wall hooks support tripod clamps for a nice lighthouse setup in a college dorm?

u/iserane · 2 pointsr/photography

Despite what the other comment says, it is not ARCA, those plates won't fit.

For most consumer tripods, there are two plate systems that are very common. Arca-Swiss which is used by a ton of brands and has a lot of accessories, all based on a clamp from the sides design. Manfrotto uses a 200PL/RC-2 system for most of their tripods.

Basically everything else, including the one you picked up, uses it's own proprietary mounting. A lot of times it's semi-generic like with yours. This might work too, you basically need it slopped on at least two sides to fit into the hinge side as well as the locking lever size.

This is basically the Amazon branded version of what you have, or similar in Sunpak. Something like this or this would be a substantial step up.

u/Gc13psj · 2 pointsr/oculus

Get something like this cheap mounting head and glue it or 3M tape it to the top of the pole.

The swivel means you can easily point it up/down, and the added height will mean the actual camera should sit just above your monitors, which will help the monitors not occlude the camera :)

u/audioscience · 2 pointsr/PanasonicG7

I was in your spot recently and thankfully the Crane V2 was on sale last week for $499, so I jumped on it. I would like the smaller Crane M with lower weight for traveling which is 90% of what I shoot. That said, I couldn't find enough data that it would work okay with one of the heavier lenses on the G7. For that reason, and knowing the G7 works well with the Crane, I went with that.

The G7 does fit on the Crane V2 well, but the light body weight means you need to move everything forward when balancing it. With the 14-140 mm lens I didn't have any issues balancing it on its own. However with a light lens you will likely need a sliding acra-swiss type QR plate. That will allow you to extend the weight forward even more than on the stock rails. I'm using one of these and it works well so far: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TB09SKS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

In short, if you want to have full functionality with larger lenses (especially DSLR lenses with a speedbooster) go with the Crane V2.

u/King_Piggums · 1 pointr/HTCVive

stands and mounts

They've come up a hair but still under 50 bucks. A great value in my opinion especially if you need to move your lighthouses around for any reason or can't or choose not to mount them to your wall. Also apologies on being a bit late to reply. Only just now saw this for some reason.

u/DocSarcasmo · 0 pointsr/Vive

Use light stands. I'm a renter and don't want to drill into the walls. I've used light stands since I got my Vive and they work perfectly. You also need a small camera adapter on the top so you can angle the lighthouses. Here is an Amazon link:



Hope this helps you.

u/nerdmania · 2 pointsr/videography

I shoot live bands all the time. There's 3 methods I use to get audio:

  • Internal camera mic. This is the easiest and worst sounding.
  • I recently got a Shure MV88 stereo mic that records to an iPhone. I really like it. Here's an example of something I used it on: https://youtu.be/-8aJRWuUkf4
  • Some venues will give me a multi-track recording from the soundboard. This is the raw tracks, not a final mix. I have a friend who mixes it for me. Some venues will do this for free, some charge $50 - $100 for it. Example: https://youtu.be/zCGLiwMkoNA

    Notice the audience talking in the background of the recording with the Shure MV88 stereo mic, and notice how it's not there in the multi-track recording show.

    That said, in your situation, a stereo mic in the room is probably your best bet. Someone suggested a Zoom. Just make sure its on a mic stand or tripod, not on your camera. If its on your camera, the sound will change as you move around. You can use something like this to put a zoom (or anything with a 1/4-20 screw hole) on a mic stand: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001GWCC4I/
u/Nostrathomas99 · 1 pointr/Vive

When it's all said and done you can be up and running in under an hour. The hardest part is figuring out where to put the lighthouses. I recommend picking up some cheap photography lightstands on amazon:



Makes things nice and easy to setup and you don't have to worry about drilling holes in your walls.

u/javaJake · 1 pointr/Vive

These work really well for me in hours long sessions. They're cheap but very much sturdy enough: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001WB02Z4/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (comes in a set of two so buy one)

I use these to mount the Lighthouses:
https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00VAH3KWC/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (buy two as they're individually packaged)

You know what's funny, too, is these ended up being better than the bookshelf method as my shelves would vibrate with any activity in the room.

u/Thekid579 · 2 pointsr/Vive

I found it easier to just get two tripods from Amazon, and a rotating mount for the top. Yours looks way cooler though...

I saw someone looking for one, so here's what I got:

Rotating mount: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012FTXOW4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_o-w5xbBGDVPHB

Tripods: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002T50SD8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Q.w5xb8T2MRYA

Works like a charm.

u/Bengquanman · 2 pointsr/Vive

I would say more space is better! But,

Get this

And this

You're welcome :)

u/OfficialGeorgeSoros · 1 pointr/Vive

For travel, i use these.



But for your own home, just attach em, its only two small holes and you can patch it easy. A little toothpaste will do the trick if you don't feel like going to Lowe's for the paste.

If paint matching is a concern, bring a chip and they can match for you whenever you go to move.

You're spending $800 on this. Tripods are great for traveling with the vive, but at home, don't risk knocking over your expensive sensitive lighthouses just to save $10 on plaster when you move.

u/CreepingCoins · 1 pointr/Vive

How much space do you have? When I first got my Vive I bought a couple of these lighting tripods and these ball-head adapters that somebody in the sub recommended and they worked great. Tripods designed for lights work better for base stations than ones designed for cameras because of the extra height, and they can also be easily folded up and stuck in a closet or wherever when not in use. You'll have to re-calibrate your area every time you set them up, though.

u/kabbage123 · 0 pointsr/videography

I use this one and I love it. I also use it on my slider. It's absolutely fantastic and I can use normal plates on it.

u/ipha · 1 pointr/Vive

I'm using these:



Obviously not as stable as a wall mount, but they're pretty good.

u/wescotte · 2 pointsr/Vive

Chances are you'll want to angle them down for optimal coverage. You can mount them directly into concrete/brick. Just drill with a masonry bit and use anchors.

However, as another user pointed out if you are putting up shelves and they are wood you could just attach the mounting bracket right to the shelving or purchase a clamp mount like this, this or this. The bolt size is a 1/4 20 which is the standard for consumer cameras tripod mounts so you can find tons of mounting options out there.

If you search a bit you can find tons of mounting alternative threads like this.

u/josephsrollins · 1 pointr/caseyneistat

I've heard of some tripods out there having a "boom arm" feature, but I searched B&H all day once looking for one, and couldn't find one. I don't even recall a Google search turning up much.

I do know, however, that adapters like this exist:
Mic Stand Adapter 1
Mic Stand Adapter 2

I am considering buying one of those and using it with my camera + one of many boom arm mic stands I have lying around.
If I use it with a standard mic stand, then I'll have to weigh down the legs with sandbags or some other kind of weight... However - if you want to go about using this method, I suggest you try to find a studio mic stand like this. I have one myself, and I can guarantee that it will definitely hold the weight. Picked up mine off of Craigslist for $60.

u/Ajedi32 · 2 pointsr/oculus

You could skip steps 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 and save ~$20 by just buying a couple tripod clamp mounts: https://www.amazon.com/BESTEAM-Tripod-Camera-Reflector-Backdrop/dp/B00Y4FVLYG/

Or if you're comfortable with putting screws in your wall you could save ~$30 by using a camera wall mount: https://www.amazon.com/FastSnail-Security-Adjustable-Interface-Standard/dp/B01M1CDI8G/

u/Cubeologist42 · 1 pointr/videography

Looks like the Manfrotto 128rc. It came on my tripod. Actually pretty good for the price.

u/Some_guitarist · 2 pointsr/Vive

Dug through my Amazon list from last year. Here is what I got:

Stands: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L4YR0BS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Head attachments: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017N6Y08Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Those worked great for me. Only downside is that the stands don't really collapse too much if you ever want to put them away.

u/keithian · 1 pointr/oculus

custom made sensors stands that were stained to match the furniture. You can do the same with parts at home depot. The base is 7" in diameter. The height is 6 feet and it has a whole for the sensor drilled in the top slightly diagonal as it goes in so its easier to tilt the sensor head down.


An alternative that a couple of others have mentioned is a microphone stand that musicians use with an adapter for the Sensor to be held in place. Though I don't have the parts for that, a few google searches and you should be able to find that in black and it will be very very stable. Here are some examples, though I am not endorsing any of them and I have not tried any of them. It's just to help your search.






u/AlwaysBeDoing · 2 pointsr/Filmmakers

Yeah! We bought it from Amazon here. Ours is the 39" version. Take note that this slider is heavy (or at least a bit heavier than we expected). We used it with this fluid head. To get the slanted shots I mounted one end of the slider in a tripod and put the other end on the ground. Happy shooting, mate!

u/danbert88 · 1 pointr/Vive

Those kinds of mounts will work, but the included mounts should be fine. I had one mount start to droop so I just torqued down the ball joint some more and it has been fine ever since. I added an additional ball joint (like this) to each of the included wall brackets for easier aiming.

u/akiratheoni · 2 pointsr/photography

Anyone have experience with a Manfrotto 498rc2 plus a Nikon D600 (or other full frame Nikon) + Nikon 70-200mm f/4 or Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8?

I ask because currently I have the Manfrotto 496rc2 which came with my tripod and I've noticed with the 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/4 that the ballhead sags a little bit. I was hoping to buy a new ballhead for hopefully around $100 or stretching it at $150 that doesn't sag at all with this setup. Also the panning feature on the 498rc2 would be cool.

u/schwiing · 2 pointsr/Vive

I used these for the tripods and these for mounts. Perfect height, cheap, and works great. No issues at all.

u/alpacaluva · 1 pointr/Ultralight

This is the one I purchased. Haven't put it through it's paces, but it seems well made! Better than previous ones I've purchased.


u/gamerrebuilt · 2 pointsr/Vive

Well...hopefully you can place them on something high as the recommendations are what... 6ft?
To that I use StudioPRO Set of Two 7'6" Photography Light Stands with Carrying Bag for Photo & Video Studio https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HNZJLG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_n45fybQ4J0NYQ


EXMAX Tripod Mini Ball Head for DSLR Camera Camcorder Light Bracket Swivel 1/4" Screw https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012FTXOW4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_l55fybBWW0C6G

Which works extremely well as I've moved my stations multiple times. The providers of the stand send them in a carry bag (further protected in boxes within). Easy to setup. Minimal space impact

u/chauncey205 · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

Nice pics! It was our first time hiking up, nice little workout.

We used a Shouldered S1 mount attached to a Camalapse panning timer on a tripod.


It was really windy when we went so that's why the video is a little shaky. I was filming with my iPhone 6+ and its so big it kept acting like a sail and moving the tripod :P

u/Sir_Honytawk · 1 pointr/Vive

Get some clamps like these for the sensors:


Much cheaper and they work perfectly.

u/PikaPuff · 3 pointsr/Vive

I'm still using the super cheap suggestion. Working fine since April 5th when I got the vive. Two homes, one workplace, one convention center (next to walls because bass from concerts shaking the floor), one outdoors area under a gazeebo (against a support beam because wind).

$22 for 2 tripods:


$5 each for a mount you can swivel (buy two):


u/OwThatHertz · 1 pointr/oculus

> You could skip steps 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 and save ~$20 by just buying a couple tripod clamp mounts: https://www.amazon.com/BESTEAM-Tripod-Camera-Reflector-Backdrop/dp/B00Y4FVLYG/

You could indeed! However, the gripping pressure of those is far less and they won't open up as wide as the ones I mentioned. Although the steps I listed sound complex, actual assembly takes literally about 2 minutes for both clamps.

> Or if you're comfortable with putting screws in your wall you could save ~$30 by using a camera wall mount: https://www.amazon.com/FastSnail-Security-Adjustable-Interface-Standard/dp/B01M1CDI8G/

Correct! however, the mini ball heads present in those mounts are very poor quality and will wear out over time. I have had those Giottos mini ball heads for half a decade and they're still as flexible and grippy as when I bought them.

I mentioned this earlier, but you can definitely get cheaper parts than the ones I listed. However, they will also definitely be inferior.

u/smushkan · 3 pointsr/videography

If you've already got a tripod, you can get fluid head attachments that you can screw on the top.

There are a few off-brand alternatives that are a bit cheaper, but honestly it's worth paying a bit more for a better unit from a known brand.

Big disadvantage to those is that you don't have a ball head so leveling them out might be a bit of a challenge depending on what tripod you attach them to.

Don't go cheaper than Rode, their low-end video mics really are as cheap as you should risk if you want usable audio.

u/jello3d · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

Just so I understand - You prefer a lever-lock system rather than an arca-swiss system? Both are considered quick release systems, but yes, a lever lock is a little quicker.


Just a thought - you could just attach a lever lock clamp on top of the arca plate... so you wouldn't need a whole new head. Here's an example - https://www.amazon.com/Foto4easy-Camera-Camcorder-Monopod-Release/dp/B00TB09SKS?keywords=quick+release+ball+head&qid=1537220460&s=Electronics&sr=1-19&ref=sr_1_19


u/SpiralShot · 1 pointr/oculus

If I understand what you are saying correctly, yes the tripod will provide you with much greater control over the orientation of the sensor because of its adjustable camera mount. The stand alone should allow you to rotate the sensor to face any direction, but does not provide for any tilt. The sensor itself has some tilt adjustment but not a whole lot. If you need more adjustment you would need one of these: https://www.amazon.com/EXMAX-Tripod-Camera-Camcorder-Bracket/dp/B012FTXOW4/ref=sr_1_6?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1481042371&sr=1-6&keywords=bracket+swivel
that would screw onto the top, and you would then screw the sensor onto it. Then you can put it at any angle you want, like the tripod allows.

u/grant622 · 1 pointr/videography

I've used these Velbon heads for a while. Not fluid or anything like that, but work fine. I got like three of them I use for backup and extra tripods. This is what I used for a while, $90 total:




u/my_best_friend · 2 pointsr/astrophotography

I'm using Velbon PH-368 Pan head


Very easy to aim and sturdy enough for the tracker and camera.

I would think it's much easier to aim with pan head than ball head

u/djgrahamj · 1 pointr/vive_vr

Great idea!

Here's an Amazon Canada link. Haven't tried it but can't go too wrong for $10 each:


Or if you want a brand name, Hyperkin looks to be selling basically the same thing and calling it a VR accessory for $15:


u/BuckleBean · 1 pointr/Vive

Thanks so much for the reply! Looks like there are a bunch of adapter options. I'll probably grab one of these because of the tilt capability: http://www.amazon.com/CM01-Camera-Digital-Recorder-Adapter/dp/B001GWCC4I

u/MrKazador · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I use this stand https://www.parts-express.com/talent-ms-2b-tripod-base-microphone-stand-with-telescopic-boom--233-006

Then I modified this clip by cutting some pieces off to fit the Denon mic because I'm cheap https://www.parts-express.com/talent-mc-2-1-to-1-1-4-microphone-clip-for-handheld-wireless-mics--233-042

I think that clip can also work for the UMIK mic but doesn't the mic come with a clip that you can detatch? Should be the same threads.

You can find some nice 1/4-20 mounts for the Denon mic on Amazon which are not too expensive like this one https://www.amazon.com/CM01-Camera-Digital-Recorder-Adapter/dp/B001GWCC4I

u/ambientcloud · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

Well, how much does the 2.0 version vibrate? Is it noisy? Can a clamp like this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y4FVLYG/ hold it well?

u/Someguywhomakething · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

If you want to use an l-bracket with Vanguards QR plate you need to mount an Arca-Swiss clamp like this: Andoer Arca-Swiss clamp

And then pick up something like this: MENGS L-bracket for a6000

It's a Frankenstein tripod now, but you have the ability to use an l-bracket. And when you move to a new tripod you'll already be set with the arca-swiss plates (we all started with those $30-50 tripods, but one way or another we find our way to a more expensive arca-swiss clamp or manfrotto clamp tripod). Whatever you do, don't buy a generic l-bracket. They don't hold properly and in the vertical position tend to pivot on the 1/4-20 screw.

u/UtilityPole · 0 pointsr/videography

The Manfrotto MHXPRO-2W. Yes, it's an affiliate link. It never leaves my Sirui P-324SR. I've tried the MVH500AH and ended up ditching it because it isn't very fluid and very unwieldy/clunky. The MHXPRO-2W is a lot more compact, has a tool-less plate that screws into the bottom of your camera, and seriously rocks my fucking socks off. Got it because Kraig Adams (Wedding Film School) recommended it. Very impressed with it.

u/isaacbly · 1 pointr/Vive

Ideally the lighthouses are supposed to be slightly angled down, but can work without the angle. Something like this should get you the angle suggested. http://www.amazon.com/EXMAX-Tripod-Camera-Camcorder-Bracket/dp/B012FTXOW4/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1457026520&sr=8-7&keywords=ball+swivel

u/InvisibleJiuJitsu · 2 pointsr/videography

for your budget i'd say the Benro S4 or the Benro S6 referral links. Both are great options in that price range

u/theJoosty1 · 2 pointsr/Vive

I ordered two of these and they have been working great.

u/the_piggy1 · 3 pointsr/Vive

light stands are generally cheaper as well :)

I got these ones:

with pair of these:

u/Jason-Perry · 1 pointr/onebag

I get what you're saying now. In that case I'd try something like this. I don't have one but it looks like it would work with the Ultrapod II without being bulky.

u/FurGam · 1 pointr/Vive

I tried finding the lighthouse ball mounts with no luck on HTC site.

These will work though from Amazon and they are cheap. They are ball mounts for camera equipment that will fit the Vive.


u/The_Real_Gilgongo · 1 pointr/Vive

>Are you likely to need additional fixings for the tripod to use them with the base stations.

Yes. With most tripods you will need the additional ball mount to be able to angle the lighthouses properly.

I'm using these tripods with these mounts. They work well but extending them to the full height does lessen stability and causes tracking wobble. If I keep them at around 7' everything works fine.

u/i_post_things · 1 pointr/Vive

Like others, I've had the best success about doorway-height. Maybe about 6-8ft looking downwards. I have a pair of flash stands from doing photography, but you could pick up a cheap set of those that are at least 6ft

I also have mini clamps that I attach to the top of the door or to the stairs balusters when I'm downstairs:

  • Clamps like this
  • Or like this

    If you are really tight on space and cant use the flash stands, look into a pair of these, they are heavy-duty tension rods that go up to 12'.
u/Raoh522 · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Pick up one of these. It's a set.


And two of those. This is my set up for when I want to bring my vive somewhere, and it works perfectly. No wobble or anything.

u/Toront01 · 1 pointr/Vive

They screw right on. I use these myself that's why I'm recommending. Also you can buy these to tilt the lighthouses downwards like they recommend, but it works fine without them.

u/diomark · 1 pointr/oculus

I'm using this on a curtain rod, but it would work fine on top of a monitor too -


u/Octoplow · 3 pointsr/vive_vr

$9 shipped. Strong enough to use vertical too (like sides of shelves.)

u/XanderHD · 1 pointr/Vive

I got these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VAH3KWC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

They are kinda pricey, but it seems like a lot of these mounts are selling out. I guess they are selling a bunch because of vive users

u/mjparker75 · 3 pointsr/oculus

Seems pretty sturdy... I used a simple vice grip on the stand I was using before to keep the sensor from wobbling. I suppose that same measure would work here. However, it hasn't moved at all, even if I bang on the wall.

My other sensor is one of these (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y4FVLYG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and it's clamped to a mounted TV. it's no more or less stable than the guitar hanger.

u/Professor_L · 1 pointr/Vive

Pretty much. I use these mounted on a couple of light stand tripods.

u/Solomon_Gunn · 2 pointsr/Vive

I bought tripods as well for mobile setup. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012FTXOW4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

These go on top of the tripods and can then angle the base station.

u/WillPill_ · 1 pointr/videography

I use this setup with the 502 fluid head: MT055XPRO3. The 502 is huge though, so you may want to check out the MVH500AH as an alternative.

u/Bigsam411 · 2 pointsr/Vive

Yeah I hope it's not an issue either. Looking at your link though that is for a single stand. You should get this one instead. Same company but two are included.

Edit: also get two of these if you do not want the pink ones linked above.

u/Jahmay · 2 pointsr/videography

I have the Konova K2 slider and THIS is the head I use for it. I really like the combo.

u/colecovizion · 1 pointr/photography

I use manfrotto. I've also fallen in love with this lovely joystick head

u/LouPoh · 5 pointsr/Vive

Yes, you need also these here to aim the lighthouses slightly down. (about 35°)

Here are some other ideas on how to mount lighthouses without drilling, because the footprint of these light stands is very large and they are not very sturdy. One sligh touch can send them swinging and while in VR this can result in some heavy nausea.


I would suggest looking into the "contractor pole mount" or the "extension rod setup". You can also use shower cutrain rods and then use clamps to mount the lighthouses on them.

u/thinkscotty · 5 pointsr/cinematography


[Tripod ](Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 3 Section Aluminum Tripod Legs with Q90 Column (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G36G7WU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Y4GMybSSGR8KQ)

[Head](Manfrotto MHXPRO-2W XPRO Fluid Head with Fluidity Selector (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LEWPMXI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_E5GMybEECV9J8)

u/MrRizzMan · 2 pointsr/Vive

I use these stands:
Fovitec StudioPRO - 2x 7'6" Classic Light Stand Kit - [Classic][For Photo and Video][Includes Carrying Bag] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HNZJLG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_RqfDybS6P2MCN

...and these mounts:
EXMAX Tripod Mini Ball Head for DSLR Camera Camcorder Light Bracket Swivel 1/4" Screw https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012FTXOW4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_5rfDyb6KA2HPQ

They work extremely well for the lighthouses - you can't go wrong.

u/jamesoloughlin · 3 pointsr/Vive

Recommend light tripods (as in tripods for lights for photography) for the base stations. Plus mounts to rotate them for each.

Like this

And this

Don’t have these exact products so I can’t vouch for them.

Oh and you may want to consider some cleaning wipes and maybe disposable VR covers. Sweaty headset is gross.

u/sprint113 · 3 pointsr/photography

It seems like this combination of legs and tripod head was sold as the Benro A572TMS6 (A572TM legs + S6 head). For whatever reason, most of the hits from a search come up Vietnamese. However, there is this Italian Amazon page: https://www.amazon.it/Benro-A572TMS6-treppiedi-videocamera-sistema/dp/B00FZUPUOG

Here is the head by itself.

u/JoeSTM · 1 pointr/telescopes

Maybe adding a ball head mount to the monopod could make it a bit more usable with binoculars, like one of these: https://amzn.com/B017N6Y08Q

u/StarManta · 1 pointr/Vive

I have these plus two of these which are cheaper if you need two stands. That said, anytime these are bumped, your whole world will shake around (and I suspect bumpings will be commonplace if your dorm is a typical on), so if possible, you should probably use shower-rod-style stands like what /u/Decapper linked, or one of these to set on top of a bookshelf or something, or clamps something along the lines of this.

u/bluehabit · 1 pointr/DSLR

Thanks again Ioncontrol. I am still new and learning all of this, would a head such as this Manfrotto 128 lp have pan / tilt? It says it does in the description, but just by looking at it I am assuming the handle bars on it are the giveaway that it has tilt / pan.


u/photogrammetry-junky · 2 pointsr/Vive

Im using stand similar to these for the lighthouses.

These clips are also solid if you have something appropriate to clip them to.

Grats dude!

u/JasonGGorman · 1 pointr/Vive

Tripod kit:
I believe someone asked if the are 1/4 thread at top and the answer was yes, but check yourself. Also you will need these to be able to angle the tripods:

u/Drigr · 1 pointr/podcasting

Ah. Mines mounted on one of these because I'm use the tripod from the Knox and needed an adapter and wanted the angle. So I have the zoom mounted where the tab kinda supports and distributes the weight.

u/MattTreck · 3 pointsr/Vive

If you want portable this combination would probably work really well for you.
Combined with:

I really like these, Valve linked them in the Vive Dev Kit's manual. Just use a clamp mount in combination with them. http://www.amazon.com/FastCap-Support-System--144-Inches-3HAND5/dp/B000067S12
The only downside with those is the ceiling height limitation. They're also more expensive.

u/mehidontknow1 · 2 pointsr/Vive

Tripod light stands from Amazon that you can find for around $30 a pair. That coupled with $5.00/pair adjustable ball and socket type mounts that allow the lightboxes to be titled. See below.


Neewer® Set of Two 9 feet (260CM) Photo Studio Light Stands for Video, Portrait, and Product Photography https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L4YR0BS

And these:

EXMAX Tripod Mini Ball Head for DSLR Camera Camcorder Light Bracket Swivel 1/4" Screw https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012FTXOW4

u/CaptnSlow · 3 pointsr/oculus

Look into mounting them up high. The sensors can be removed from the base and are extremely light. Some people have been able to mount them on the wall using only push pins. If you have bookshelves or a shelf on the wall look into these. You can find them cheaper than that and they clamp on tight. I clamp them to the top shelf of a book shelf. Baby proofing will be the real challenge though.

u/SamCropper · 2 pointsr/Vive

Personally I'd steer away from those for several reasons:

  • May still leave a mark on the wall

  • May fail and drop, like you said

  • Difficult to position/reposition the lighthouses correctly.

    I use adjustable clamps like these which work great.
u/nalex66 · 1 pointr/oculus

I bought a couple of these. I clipped one onto a wall-mounted shelf above my desk, and the other onto the top of my window blinds mount.

u/Markc99 · 2 pointsr/hockeygoalies

I use these:


I also built a DIY suction cup mount off of a video I watched on YouTube using a Bondo dent puller from Walmart (around 8 bucks). If you wet the suction cup before you put it on the glass, you could probably hang off of it.

And one of these:


The camera kit at the top comes with all the rest of the parts you would need.

u/NoGod4MeInNYC · 0 pointsr/Vive

If you have shelves or anything clampable in the room you want to use for VR, check these out - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y4FVLYG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I've had my base stations clamped with those to sheleves for a year now and haven't had to touch them or re run room setup once.

u/DuHerroPrease · 2 pointsr/videography

I bought this exact one right here (a few of them actually)


and mounted it to the gimbal. It adds more weight, which was enough to balance my g85 and kit lens when I used that combo.

Now I have trouble balancing my gh5 and sigma 18-35 due to weight lol

u/DarklordAsmodeus · 1 pointr/Twitch

I use this to mount my webcam at times.

On Stage Stands MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000978D58

On Stage CM01 Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GWCC4I

u/ugadawg123 · 1 pointr/photography

Asking this again,

Does anyone know if this tripod will be compatible with this head? I'm looking for a new ball head with a quick release for this set of legs. Any suggestions?

u/provideocreator · 2 pointsr/videography

One option is to go with a tripod head that has an illuminated bubble level, but most of the small, lightweight heads don't have this feature.

Anyways, a setup that would work is the Benro S6 with carbon fiber legs. You'll have the illuminated level with an entire tripod weight of 5.6 pounds.

u/al_kohalik · 3 pointsr/AskPhotography

I just got this tripod and this video tripod head. Both will be right around half your budget and from what I can tell, decent quality.

u/GearWacz · 1 pointr/AskPhotography

I recently purchased one of these:


It works with an Arca type base, and it has a 1/4" thread, so you can attach it to the Manfrotto stud.

u/ProtonMurphy · 1 pointr/Vive

These are the stands and I got these pivoting mounts so I can angle the lighthouses down a bit.

u/aiiye · 2 pointsr/Vive

I bought some this week. Let me find what I have.


Neewer Set of Two 9 feet/260 centimeters Photo Studio Light Stands for HTC Vive VR, Video, Portrait, and Product Photography https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L4YR0BS

Eggsnow 2PCS 1/4" Mini Tripod Ball Head Bracket Holder Mount Ballhead for DSLR Camera https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ESJ7754

The stands are supposed to arrive tomorrow so I'll finally do the setup. (Controllers are plugged in at my desk though.)

u/BrendanBeckmann · 1 pointr/PSVR

I used these items from Amazon:

Tripod Mini Ball

Universal Smartphone Mount

Camera Extension Cable

8 ft. Lighting Rig Stand

The tripod mini ball attaches to the lighting rig stand, and the smartphone mount attaches to the ball. I expand the clip to fit the PSVR camera with its' plastic stand folded into a "]" shape and lock it into place. You can probably build something similar for cheaper but I didn't think this was too bad. The extension cable helps for more complex setups where being compact isn't necessary or isn't possible for whatever reason.

u/Tovora · 1 pointr/Vive



I can vouch for the Fovitec stands, however I can't vouch for the mount as I have a different brand.

Setup was easy, as per the other reply don't install any of the bullshit that HTC wants to install, just use SteamVR.

Get OpenVR advanced settings.

Get Chaperone Tweak.

When you're playing if you start to feel a little bit sick, do not push through it. Stop playing for a while until you feel OK. You cannot push through it, it'll just get worse and your second and third day will be like mine, outside of VR.

u/yeahBakes · 1 pointr/Vive

I also got my tripods yesterday! Ive never owned anything like it! Also got this: Eggsnow 1/4" Mini Tripod Ball Head Bracket Holder Mount Ballhead for DSLR Camera https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00L23XN9O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_Pfc4wbX442P32
To angle sensors.

The sensors have standard female mount hole don't they?

u/NumberVive · 1 pointr/SteamVR

I'm talking about these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CRDD6Y and coupled with these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DJ5XH4O

I guess I should have called it a support rod...

The alternative was a pair of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HNZJLG4/ and a set of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012FTXOW4/

I used the tripods at first and they worked ok, but any time I stepped too close to the legs, the carpet would dip down just enough to make the tip of the tripod sway and cause me to lose tracking.

u/DanTycoon · 3 pointsr/Vive

You also need something like these so that you can angle the lighthouses.

But to answer your question, no. You don't need anything else. But the lighthouses would be parallel to the floor, which can lead to bad tracking.

u/Treydoe · 2 pointsr/weddingvideography

My Shinobi 5 inch monitor has been one of my best purchases.

Not only does it let me see what I’m recording better and more accurately than the crappy LCD’s cameras have, but it lets me know that my colors are exposed and balanced. plus loading LUTS on the monitor has helped with Slog and HLG shooting a TON.

Edit: this is the fluid head I use. The baseplate fits on the ronin S no problem.