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u/SGRainz · 2 pointsr/reptiles

So I don’t know exactly how much I’ve spent on my beardie since he was given to me with almost everything I needed to care for him, but I can give you the basics.

First off, for the flooring you can use paper towels to start, or contact cabinet paper that can be found at a dollar tree. I don’t think tile is that expensive, but if you’re unable to get some at the moment those work just fine. I also suggest covering the back and sides of the tank so the beardie doesn’t see its reflection and get stressed

You’ll need at least one hide on the cooler side, which can be made from something as simple as a small cardboard box with a hole cut in it or some bricks that are arranged into a cave-like hide

A basking area can be made from bricks purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot, or if you choose to use any driftwood/rocks you find just make sure you clean them properly

Calcium powder is also extremely important to help your beardie not develop MBD. I’m part of a Facebook bearded dragon group that suggests this brand sprinkled over greens/bugs three times a week: I poke some holes in the paper lid with a toothpick to create a shaker-type deal so I’m not wasting any calcium

I think one of the most expensive parts is the UVB light since they can get pretty pricey, and since they need to be changed every six months. Here’s an 18”, along with a fixture that could be used, but obviously with a longer tank you’ll need a longer size: again, I usually stay away from reptile brands for things such as fixtures because the cheaper version works better and lasts longer. The T8 bulb needs to be hooked into the tank, which I use zip ties to the lid but Velcro to the side also works, as long as it’s 12” away from the basking area

Heat lamp with dimmer:

Pack of 90w flood lights (make sure they’re halogen, not LED):

Digital temp gun:

Light timer for both lights:

Vet bills and fecal tests can be pricey as well, depending on where you live. My last vet appointment with mine, which did include a test for parasites, cost around $300

While I don’t know how much I’ve spent on my beardie, I can safely estimate it’s $700+, give or take a bit. One of the most expensive is buying the greens and bugs for him. I’m growing a garden to feed him but since it’s not ready yet, I have to constantly buy him collards, turnip and mustard greens, along with various fruits and veggies which can go bad very quickly. I’m in the process of looking into buying his superworms online where you can get a better deal, but at the moment I’m paying 100 for $10 at my local exotic pet shop, which he goes through quickly.

I don’t know how old you are, but if you say you’re not old enough to properly take care of a reptile I would wait a few years or so until you get another. Bearded dragons, while more of a beginner reptile than others, still require a lot of time and effort to make sure they stay healthy. I would recommend doing a lot research throughout the next few months (look at multiple sources, don’t just listen to people at a pet store because often they don’t know what they’re talking about), and if possible, perhaps slowly start gathering the needed supplies in order to properly care for one

I hope I covered everything since reddit refreshed and deleted my first response before I finished, but if you have any more questions you can always message me (:

u/versus_mode · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Welcome to the club! I just started about a year ago, with Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Witch, but got super into it when the Venom wave came out. Focusing mostly on X-Men, Spiderverse, and core MCU stuff. So in case it was in question, these last couple of weeks have been pretty damn amazing for me, and many others.

As far as display ideas, one of the most affordable and widely used display shelves for figures is IKEA's Detolf display cabinet for $60.

I came pretty close to getting it myself, but the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I'd want to display my figures along a longer lineup rather than the more compact squared space provided by the Detolf. Instead, I went with a traditional Billy/Morliden Bookcase, which goes for $140. But you can get it as just a Billy bookshelf without doors for much cheaper, $70.

I just went with the doors option because I only planned on having figures on the top 3 shelves, and wanted to store random books or boxes of incomplete bafs/other unused figures

The last thing I'm looking into is shelf lighting. I want my figures to really stand out, and light kits go for about $25-$30 online. Considering something like this, though a small handful of reviews don't think this specific set is bright enough.


A final tip before I go; in addition to ebay, sites like Mercari, Letgo, OfferUp, and even Craigslist have occasionally helped me get figures for cheap.

Good luck out there! And please share your collection whenever you set it up. :)

u/gothic_potato · 3 pointsr/NavyBlazer

Here's how I organize my closet. Hope it helps with some inspiration!

Shirts and coats are all hung up in order of color. Nothing fancy or special with the hangers; originally I was going to pick up some wooden hangers, but ultimately decided against it when I determined that I would need to decrease my wardrobe size to accommodate the increased width of the hangers.

All my shoes are distributed in Ikea Bissa Shoe Cabinets. The quality is what is to be expected with Ikea, but since they're basically the only major company that makes something like this it has to be accepted. You can fit 4 pairs of shoes per section, so with 6 sections available that's a total of 24 shoes that can be stored - more than enough for most men. I don't own any boots, so I haven't developed a storage method for those, but I have seen others place their boots on top of the cabinet. If you don't like that you might be able to make/order a boot box and slide that into the cabinet.

Ties are on a tie hanger. I don't love this thing, but since it does the job well enough it has yet to be replaced.

Work bag goes on the right wall. My watch travel boxes, cufflinks, shirt stays, and other miscellaneous things go on top of the right cabinet.

Baseball cap(s) go above the door on little hooks. I also installed an automatic light since the closet did not have anything wired up. The OxyLED T-02S has motion tracing, an automatic timer, and is rechargeable - which is basically everything needed for a closet. I'm definitely a fan of this little guy, especially considering the price.

I know you only asked for a closet shot, but I decided to include my dresser so you can get a full idea of my clothing organization. Surprise, surprise, everything has a group and is organized according to its space needs.

u/primowang · 2 pointsr/succulents

I've used different types of lights like LEDs, fluorescents and HPSs but the cheapest ones that I've gotten that worked are these

At my local walmart I picked them up at 10.97 each. They're easy to mount and work well as long as the plants are within a foot of the light. Also taking off the plastic covering over the lights helps the brightness a lot, just be careful about plants touching the bulb.

If you have the money to spend on a nice LED panel it's totally worth it because of how efficient and powerful they are in comparison to fluorescent lights, but these cheap lights from walmart are capable of getting the job done at a fraction of the price.

u/MelodramaticMe · 1 pointr/BeardedDragons

I see you got the paper up! Hopefully that will help. :)

I don't know if that particular fixture has a feature that you need, but if you are just looking for a fixture to use with the 18 inch Reptisun, here are some cheaper options: Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe's.

Thank you for reminding me about the Petco sale! I need to pick up some tanks while it's going on.

Please confirm for me that you are using this calcium supplement, and not this multivitamin in a calcium base.

It's possible that some of Ryuu's issues are due to a vitamin deficiency. This article touches on the subject. In addition to the calcium w/D3 five times per week (a pinch once a day), you should start giving him a multivitamin (as soon as possible). He should get the multivitamin twice a week (a pinch once a day). I recommend Herptivite as it uses a safe form of vitamin A. Petsmart carries it in stores (as least around here).

u/drebot_l · 1 pointr/succulents

I'm looking at getting [grow lights from amazon] ( as suggested multiple times in this thread and on this sub. If I attach them to a shelving unit, say 2 lights per shelf on four shelves, how bright will this be? Could I set this up in my home office and still sit in there and work during the day, or will it be much too bright for me?

Also, can I set up a shelving unit like that with grow lights in a spot that gets minimal natural light? Right now my succs are spread out on windowsills throughout my house, but I'm running out of room and even my brightest southern window does not get much bright light in zone 4b. The only spot I have to put a shelf like this is in the back of a room that gets some evening (west) light.


u/brutimus · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

Thanks! It's a Birch butcher block countertop I picked up from IKEA. My counter sizes worked out (purely luck) so that I cut the countertop to fit each side and only had about 3in leftover.

Overhead cabinets are mounted via plusnuts in the roof ribs and along the wall. I selected some holes I thought looks good for mounting, installed the plusnuts, templated out the hole locations on cardboard, then applied that to a piece of wood that I could start framing the cabinets from. All my wood joinery is done with a Kreg jig.

Lights are these: I bought a lot of puck lights and returned a lot of puck lights before finally settling on these. They're super thin, surface mount, 12v and dimmable. They put out a nice warmish light. I put a couple in my last build as sort of a test and was really happy with them and am planning to use these primarily in the new build.

u/gkd720 · 3 pointsr/DIY

Yeah, I think this general method is what you should do. I just used a similar scheme using these:

This set came with a collection of flat ribbon extensions, but I wasn't using it under cabinets. I was lighting the top shelf of 3 shelving units, similar to an entertainment center. I came into the top of each unit and hid the lights on the back of the front top trim piece. No way the provided extensions would have reached, or been invisible.

My solution was to use small gauge wire twisted into a pair. From the power pack, underneath the base unit under the shelf units, I cut the output of the power pack, spliced some wires on it, and ran up to the top of one of the units. I then connected this to the 3 sets of wires, each going to a shelf unit. To make the final expected connection, I cut off the connectors from some supplied ribbon extensions, which made each wire pair able to connect to an LED strip as originally expected. The only hard part was the soldering, since it was kind of small. But tinning the wire ends allows them to be tacked onto the connectors. It worked out pretty good, and is still unconnectable, in case any repairs or modifications.

u/PM_Me_Your_Grain · 1 pointr/DIY

Hi, I have a small work shop in a shipping container but it's off the grid. I'd like to wire it for basic light/electric heat just at the work bench so I can keep working during the winter. My only power option is a Honda eu2000i generator. This is for work, but I'm a biologist with this task assigned to me and don't know my arse from a hole in the ground when it comes to electrical. Google has turned up a lot of options to run a shop off a backup generator but I don't understand all the switches/whatnot. I just need a lightbulb and a heater setup for under 2000 watts. I'd appreciate any help!

Edit: Thanks. I'm going with these 2 items and a beefy extension cord.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/BeardedDragons

Here is a thread that describes how to set up the lighting.

Is the 82F the basking spot or just the ambient temp on that side of the cage? You want the basking spot to be 105-110F for a baby. You can getting a higher wattage bulb - you can buy regular incandescent bulbs instead of the reptile ones if cost is an issue, just make sure it is not coated with any color like the Reveal bulbs.

Actually, I'm a little confused. The UVB is normally a fluorescent coil (which is bad) or a tube (only some brands are ideal for beardies). If you are using a regular CFL bulb for heat, you won't get very far as they don't put off much heat. You want this UVB bulb, this fixture works with it and can be found at Walmart for about $8 in the lightbulb aisle, and you need a bulb for heat as described above.

Let me know if you need more assistance. You might want to read the Care Guide in the side bar that merlyn wrote - it is very good.

u/__Why · 2 pointsr/quilting

For workspace lighting, I use these led lights - they are very bright, you can get more of them and add them on, and their low profile means you have a lot of possible options for positioning them. I find that 3 + the room's overhead light really lights up my work area well.

Sometimes if I really need light right in front of me, I will wear a headlamp like this. It is super dorky, but super effective.

u/Midniteoyl · 6 pointsr/guns

This is the set I bought. Looks like I got them on sale as they are $52 now. Still a good price. They do have a 4 light kit that is cheaper too though.

The sticky tape has been holding onto the carpet lining pretty good so far, but I plan on using a screw per light to hold them permanently. Just haven't got back to it yet :)

I also have a pack of these ties that I used to organize and hold the wires to the carpet lining. Just wrap your wires course side out, trim the excess and stick it right to the lining. Holds really good. Upper corner.. Lower corner..

u/NBPaintballer · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I got this; however, it's not motion activated. Needs infrared so I need to wave my hand in front of it. Overall, pretty happy with it.. magnetic, bright, and rechargeable using the same cord as my phone.

u/marcorbito · 2 pointsr/cade

Sure thing!

The side art I actually printed at Costco on a poster sized print (20x30). I sprayed it with a sealant to protect it from running and fading, cut it, and used a max strength spray adhesive to mount it. I've found that you have to really coat it on (about 4 layers) to prevent edge peeling.

The light behind the marquee is off Amazon:
I wanted an LED solution but I couldn't find one small and cheap enough. To get the light looking brighter and even across the marquee, I surrounded the light enclosure with reflective foil tape.

Hope this helps!

u/thefirstjoe · 8 pointsr/BeardedDragons

This one!

I mounted it with a bunch of adhesive strips from leftover command hooks, worked like a charm! The bulb shield/cover was super easy to remove, too.

u/user_543210 · 2 pointsr/Hue

I just finished doing my under the cabinet lights last night. I used these per the suggestion of someone else here and they worked great: The diffusion they add is nice, though with your countertop material you probably don't have to worry too much about individual LED reflection. But per other comments, because you don't have a lip on the bottom of your cabinets, you could use something like these to create one and run them along the front most part of the cabinet. I don't think it'd look too bad at all - you can cut the channels I linked with a hack saw and and the plastic diffusers easily with a strong pair of scissors.

u/dvanderbeek · 13 pointsr/DIY

They did come with frosted covers, and one is pretty much hidden by the cabinet drawer, but I'll definitely see if I need to do something about the other two. So far they do not seem to bother the dogs, but I appreciate the advice. @cubistninja the amazon link is

u/echeveria_laui · 6 pointsr/succulents

I have these lights with this shelf and it's been working well so far! You should/can spend more money on the growlights, they're a bit cheap feeling so idk if they'll last. But it's a pretty good setup for <$100 for a cheap college student like me!

u/Titus142 · 1 pointr/woodworking

Im going to repeat some of the other comments for emphasis. LED shop lights. Cheap, super bight, and the right color tone. Also <40W each. You cant go wrong.

I have 4 of these in the garage and they are just fantastic. Also full brightness even when cold.

u/TheLittleKicks · 5 pointsr/succulents

It depends on which red/blue lights you got. A lot of the ones sold on amazon aren’t very strong. Some of them work ok.

The white lights you’re seeing are probably a brand of T5s. Here is an example. The specs that work best for succulents are a light temperature of 6500k, and around 2000 lumens per square foot.

u/SavnetSinn · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Really sorry that I've only noticed your reply just now. Hopefully you've figured it all out, but if not, see below for the items I use:

Light Fixture:

ReptiSun 10.0 24":

3mm Mounting Tape:

Remove the plastic shroud and included bulb from the light fixture. Affix a full-length strip of the mounting tape along the back, and place the fixture inside the tank, centered and near the top. You'll have to snake its power cord through the tank's lid. Then pop in the ReptiSun bulb and switch it on. You're good to go, just be sure to replace the bulb roughly every 8-9 months.

I don't have many front-on images of my beardies' tanks, so here's an image of my crafty escape artist using his log and the light fixture to break out.

u/Liquidretro · 1 pointr/flashlight

I have one of these that I attach with magnets to my washer . I use it as I enter the house from the garage into the mud room since the switch is on the far side. It works super well. USB rechargeable and I charge about twice a year. It stays on for less then 5 minutes but you could always wave your hand and boom. I have some others (Warm white) that are from Eufy that run off AAA that I use like how you are planning.

u/fun_director · 3 pointsr/DIY

Ask and you shall receive! Get the Amazon warehouse used versions to save $. Mine were in perfect condition. The lights also come in a 3 variety package.

B-right Set of 6 LED Puck Lights, Under Cabinet Lighting, 1020lm, Total of 12W, DC 12V, 3000K Warm White, All Accessories Included, LED Closet Lights, Under Counter Lighting

Westek MLC12BC-4 Indoor Plug-In Corded Motion Activated Light Control

u/I_eat_insects · 1 pointr/DIY

Thanks for all your help! After considering all this, I found a smaller version of this product (here) that uses a single LED to diffuse light. I was thinking about using something like these because they run on regular rechargeable AAs and have the added convenience of a remote.

I'm looking for either one that is larger and brighter or considering arranging 6 of these into a circle. Only concern with the later approach is making sure the light diffuses evenly, but as you mentioned before, we could achieve that by using a strip of plexiglass to wrap around the circumference and adjusting the opacity by lightly sanding it.

I just figured that these solutions would be a bit more convenient and potentially less expensive.

u/leanstotheleftabit · 5 pointsr/malelivingspace

Motion sensing, battery-operated LED lights with a stick-on backing. I bought these for under my kitchen cabinets and they're great. It only turns on when it's 1) it's dark and 2) when I'm close by, and it shuts off almost as soon as I walk away. This one runs off AAA batteries, so there's no electrical bill. It looks like OP bought a few of the longer strips and stuck them under the railing (out of sight until turned on).

I use them as under cabinet lighting. However, if you want something more task-oriented Mr Beams is bright as shit.

u/lastname1015 · 2 pointsr/DIY

I'm looking to get some of these for the same application. I'll have to add a some wire to get some to where they need to be but they will work great.

LE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 1020lm Puck Lights, 2700K, Warm White, All Accessories Included, Kitchen, Closet Lights, Set of 6

u/thebananza · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

These “puck” lights are a great option with remote. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote Control

u/dewhite04 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

If you want something a little nicer and more durable, consider mounting those LED strips into aluminum channel with diffusing lenses, like these.

I used these for over/under cabinet lighting in my kitchen and found they made mounting easier...

Good luck, and be patient with your wiring. Remember to double-check that the colors are consistent from controller to wiring to strip connections...

u/mirandartv · 2 pointsr/airplants

I've got bakers racks that are 4 feet wide and 18 inches deep. I've got two of these super cheap lights on the ceiling and three of them on the under side of every shelf. Some shelves have nursery flats on the whole shelf, so some have more light from the shelves above than others. Put them on with zip ties. They are super cheap and weigh nothing. They are on a timer I adjust every week to go off at sunset and come on at sunrise. This sits on a shelf, right on the rack in front. A couple inchs back, the wires are closer together, so it sits up higher. I moved it forward for the picture.

u/Caphiera · 1 pointr/succulents

I just got my first set myself. I'm going to get these to try though. They have good reviews.

(Pack of 8) Kihung Under Cabinet Light 2ft,10W,1100lm,6500K (Super Bright White),Utility led Shop Light, LED Ceiling Light and T5 LED Tube Light Fixture, Corded Electric with Built-in ON/Off Switch

u/ImYourHuckleberry_78 · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

I dig that above cabinet lighting. Now I have another project lol. I saw some battery LED's on Amazon that look pretty good and control via a remote but I was thinking I'd like to be able to automate them.

Here's what I'm leaning towards just because it looks so easy:

u/long0pig · 2 pointsr/reptiles

Go light on the spinach, this is a good place to start I keep a list of foods in my phone for shopping cause my memory is terrible. Its not a big deal if they miss a day of eating, just don't make it a habit. You need the correct kind of UV lamp iguana needs are different than a lot of other reptiles. with was the cheapest I found, change them about once a year. If you get this lamp remove the clear plastic covering the light. I use blended berry tums as a calcium supplement (vet recommended) no phosphorus, vit A and D3, this is what you want for iguanas. collared greens and dandelion greens are great staples so if you in an area where gardening is easy and have a yard order some seeds, they are cheap and dandelions take very little care. Organic soils and not insecticide or chemicals. It will help with money. If and when you need a vet you might have trouble finding a reptile vet (or exotics vet). This site is wonderful for health issues,, this way you go to the vet having a good idea of what is going on already. Its a lot of information but once you have it down its not hard.

u/KRAZYPOTAT0 · 5 pointsr/FortNiteBR

haha I admit my answer was pretty vague. What I did was I took off the glass lid that came with the jar and replaced it with a puck light that I bought off amazon:

u/chazde3 · 3 pointsr/guns

I run this set in my safe and as under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. They have a motion sensor, so everytime I open the door they turn on automatically.

Edit: This is what my safe looks like with the lights on.

u/AtomicFlx · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Of course LED strips or rope will work, but what about colored spotlights instead? Just throw a few around the yard pointed at the house in various Christmas colors and you are done.

If you do install LED strips, I would consider installing them in LED tracks to keep them safer so you dont have as much maintenance (the glue on LED strips sucks donkey balls) and they will look cleaner.

They come in flat

and corner that would work really nicely under rain gutters.

u/tamu_nerd · 1 pointr/homeassistant

I've not done this but have a few thoughts.

  1. LEDs will need to be waterproof (this should be obvious)
  2. Depending on how far the steps are from your home you may want to consider having your DC supply in a waterproof box next to the steps.
  3. Probably want to put the strips in a channel with a diffuser

    Personally I would go with an open-source build (not sure of current state of non-cloud hue support) using and RGBW 2.4Ghz strip controller.

    Whatever you decide, make sure you post a build here or on the forums!
u/stevedoingwork · 3 pointsr/homeautomation

You could always use cheap extruded aluminum. I know its not really that cheap, but it allows for the 45 degree surface to have lights on with a protective lens, and a back hole to feed power through to boost brightness every ~20ft.

u/FoxxinRoxxin · 1 pointr/funkopop

I use these in my detlof cases and really like them. They're wireless and have a remote control with dim and timer settings!

Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote Control - Operates On 3 AA Batteries - Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

u/capnjack78 · 2 pointsr/MAME

Rope lights and light strips are great options. For my bartop cab, I got something like this at Home Depot for $10. The light hasn't burned out in 5 years. I even wired a power switch to the outside of the cabinet to turn it on and off.

u/XtothemoonX · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

I bought this and just placed it toward the back and center. 3m adhesive seems to hold on the roof. The Light has a strong magnet and can be removed to recharge. I leave it on AUTO and it comes on at night when it senses movement. Very easy install.

u/Kavzilla · 5 pointsr/BeardedDragons This is the one I use since I use the 24 in bulbs to cover more of my tank. Just attach it inside the tank with command strips or hooks or industrial strength sticky Velcro for easy removal

u/Dekipi · 3 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Go to Amazon and get this Good Earth Lighting Fluorescent 36-inch Plug in Under Cabinet Light Bar - 25W - Equivalent to (2) 60W Incandescent Bulbs - 3000K Soft White - White
It's a great mount and it's cheap. Just take out the bulb it comes with and get a reptisun 18" bulb

u/chaoseggs · 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

These under cabinet lights from Amazon: Link. They’ve been great so far.

u/TheRealBigLou · 3 pointsr/DIY

The biggest key is to use glass, not plexi. Plexi will scratch very easily. Find a pane of glass you want to use, build a simple frame, install a series of fluorescent bulbs, and then use something as a diffuser. You can get special light diffusing vinyl that will cling to the glass or you can use etched glass.

u/joshuamnr · 1 pointr/pics

If the soil is dry obviously water it. If the soil is water logged and looks like this then I would re pot it. If you have windows, give it some sun. If not buy a florescent lamp and give it 8-10 hours of light a day. You may see some improvement you may not. the plant looks in rough shape..

u/litrickmadthicc · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Good Earth Lighting 36-inch Plug In Under Cabinet Light Bar this is the one I’m using for a 36 inch reptisun 10.0 T8 and yeah I struggled for a bit myself lol basically had to settle for this

u/pixelpedant · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

I just used these on the underside of my shelves, on my rather monstrous five level console tower. Worked pretty well.

u/td62199 · 5 pointsr/succulents

I am in zone 5b so not a lot of sunlight for me as well! Grow lights are an absolute necessity for me. (Pack of 8) Kihung Under Cabinet

u/LittleElectric · 2 pointsr/succulents

Look at the specs of the light. You need 6500k for color temperature and at least 2000 lumens. You can use any light it doesn't have to say it's a grow light. Bulbs can works but will probably need a deflector to focus the light on the plants.

Here's some i can recommend:

Bulbs 1

bulbs 2

LED light

4 foot long lights

2 foot long lights

another 2ft-er

u/HisNameWasSethGreen · 8 pointsr/guns

I've got these LED lights and they're awesome.

u/thegrizz51 · 2 pointsr/DIY

I'd recommend getting an LED light bar. Something like this.

u/xe0s · 3 pointsr/microgreens

These will work brilliantly. I use very similar lights in a commercial grow setup with absolutely stellar results.

u/wruwtrix · 4 pointsr/succulents

I ended up going with these. I hate the purple glow of the red/blue combo panels, and these seemed like a good option. Easy to assemble anyway!

u/catchthemagicdragon · 3 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Yup, that CHE will work. But honestly how cold does it get in your house at night? I don't run any kind of night heat and my guy is good, it naturally gets pretty damn cold at night where they naturally live. Doesn't get below 68 really at night. And I would recommend something more like this You can find under cabinet light fixtures like these at Walmart, Home Depot, anywhere really. They're much slimmer, actually allowing it to be mounted inside the tank, and much cheaper. With that particular one I linked you would have to remove the plastic cover, but no big. The fixture you linked is a hood that sits over the screen, and the screen filters out most of the UBV which you absolutely do not want. That's really all they sell with pet branded stuff.

u/UberBarrett · 2 pointsr/starwarscollecting

Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote Control - Operates On 3 AA Batteries - Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

u/Keepersofthearcane · 2 pointsr/sailing

Under Cabinet LED lighting kit, 6 PCS LED Strip lights with Remote Control Dimmer and Adapter, Dimmable for Kitchen Cabinet,Counter,Shelf,TV Back,Showcase 2700K Warm White, Bright, Timing

u/Relevant_User-Name · 1 pointr/ActionFigures

These are the ones I have the most of, I recommend those more than the others I have since you can screw them into place easily. The other ones are from Ikea and they are harder to get to stay in place. They're all about the same price tho.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 4 pointsr/HomeImprovement

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u/Varcova · 2 pointsr/lightingdesign

These produce a diffuse cast light, but hotspots are visible on the diffuser surface. Keep this in mind if mounting them somewhere where you will be able to see the diffuser surface.
Get two of something like this so you have two strip controllers. Mount the diffusers parallel and run a strip and controller on each side.

u/elljobellnackle · 2 pointsr/succulents
I used a few of them on each shelf to increase the lumens. This is a brand new setup so I can't attest to how well they'll work yet though

u/Kupkaked · 6 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Going inside closets? Just grab some basic Light-Sensor LED lights off amazon, stick them in the closet. Door open - Light comes on, door closes light goes off. Done.

Here is one I would recommend. LED, Rechargeable, Tool-less, cheap.

u/AlexaPlayDespacitoes · 2 pointsr/4Runner

Here's the link if anyone is interested: Wardrobe Light, OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights, 20 LED Under-Cabinet Lightening, USB Rechargeable Stick-on Stairs Step Light Bar, LED Night Light, Gun Safe Light with Magnetic Strip, 1-pack, T-02U

u/squishybloo · 1 pointr/snakes

Although corns don't need UVB, I imagine a full spectrum light like used for beardies etc (like ReptiSun) should be able to provide the light for any plants you'd want in your viv. All you'd need to do would be to buy a cheap bulb fixture and swap out the bulb for a an 18" ReptiSun! Then you can either set it to a timer or turn it on/off yourself every day.

u/Praxis8 · 1 pointr/homeoffice

Something like this would probably be easy:


Obviously, you don't need a pack of them, but the remote is simple. It's an avenue you might try looking down.

u/zippychick · 1 pointr/succulents

Would something like this work for a grow light? How far away should it be from my plants?

u/theadj123 · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Home Depot or Lowes have lighting departments, you're looking for an under the counter fluorescent fixture. You can also order one from Amazon, for example here's one for 25 bucks I found including the keyword search (and I have this same fixture myself) The fixtures for these lights aren't special so any fluorescent fixture will work, only the bulb output is special.

u/poldim · 12 pointsr/homeautomation

I’d recommend you use these aluminum channels for the cabinets otherwise you will get the LED lights in your eyes. Place them at the front of the cabinet facing the rear, with the cables running on the side of the cabinet.

you’re most likely going to want to split up your power supplies so that you don’t have to run the cables all over the place.

If I were you, I'd consider individually addressable LEDs:

u/MagicalDrop · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I have one of these and it works great! It's motion activated so it only comes on when you open the door. It goes off after 12 seconds of no motion. It comes with a magnetic panel that you stick to the inside top of the door frame (or wherever). Then you stick the light to the panel via magnet, so you can pull it down and charge it easily (microUSB).

It's rechargeable and the battery lasts freaking forever because it's not on very much. I have it in a coat closet since May 2018 and I've charged it twice.

u/killin1a4 · 1 pointr/NZXT

RGB strip diffuser covers would help with the individual leds having that Christmas light look.

StarlandLed 10-Pack LED Aluminum Channel V Shape with Milky PC Cover for Strip Lights Installation,Easy to Cut,Professional Look LED Strip Diffuser Cover Track with Complete Mounting Accessories

u/wolfjsm · 1 pointr/electricians

So the bulb that is in it right now states it's a 125 Volts/30 Watts bulb. I know the size has a base E17. I'm looking to buy this There is not a lot information on the microwave itself. It's made by Magic chef and it's an old model which they don't support anymore. The microwave works great. Just that the undercarriage light was horribly designed and no matter how bright I make the light bulbs in the current position it won't cast light over the entire range unless I add lights in the appropriate area. So can I buy those 3 pucks and then just splice the main wire into where the current bulb sockets are? Worst case scenario I just run all the wires as designed to connect to a normal outlet but I thought it would be nice to come how have the microwave still control the light instead of using the toggle switch that come with the lighting package.

u/kelvicious · 1 pointr/IKEA

We just installed an ikea kitchen and found their under-cabinet lighting options to be surprisingly pricey. My husband found these on amazon.

The price is right, the reviews are good. Haven’t put them in yet yet but plan to in the coming weeks...

u/seibermaki · 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

I’m think somebody recommended these puck lights to me before: on Amazon

u/dankmuffen · 1 pointr/Gunpla

They are battery powered led lighting pucks I bought off amazon.

These aren't the exact same ones, mine are rgb and these are solid white, but they are the same brand I believe.

u/bpoch73 · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

I bought this one off Amazon.

I tried Home Depot but they didn't have 24" ones.

u/dieabetic · 5 pointsr/teslamotors

From my limited knowledge (ie dash cam install, LED lights install), you either need to use an existing source like just upgrading the lights that are already there, OR find an existing 12v in the car to plug into. Depending on the year of the car, there are 12v connections near rear view mirror, below the center screen right side (so by passenger's left foot), in the glove box (older models), and by rear lift gate. Probably others somewhere but I dont know all of them.

I have not done the work myself, but my dash cam was hooked into the passenger footwell 12v (which is NOT an "always on" 12v), and a switch was routed hidden in the small storage area under the screen.

Some people also just buy lighting kits from Evannex or others to install into existing areas.

Others use battery-powered motion sensor LED strips like this one.

u/CaptRon25 · 5 pointsr/flashlight

Not possible to have an electrician wire a light fixture in your closet? Perhaps you wouldn't be asking if it were possible.

There are these, but you have to charge them with via usb. They are on magnetic strips, but maybe you could hook up a usb powerbank along side it so you wouldn't have to pull it off the ceiling once a week to recharge it.

u/RichardBLine · 1 pointr/HomeKit

My kitchen cabinets have puck lights inside of them. The cabinets doors have glass panes. The puck lights are similar to these:

These lights were controlled by a regular light switch. I changed the light switch to a Lutron Caseta switch. I placed a vibration sensor on the inside of the door. So now, when I open the door, the light in the cabinet will come on, if there is not enough light in the room. There is a Hue motion sensor in the kitchen, and I use the light sensor, in the Hue product, to determine if there is enough light in the room.

u/skylights1 · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

It's an Ikea Detolf. Had to drive out to an Ikea to get one cause shipping to my area was enormous. Shortly afterwards, I added some puck lighting. The TV stand it's sitting on is also from Ikea.

u/TheNerdyGamer360 · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

I use this one:

Lights of America 7020 24" Fluorescent Light Stick

I've had to replace it twice, but it's only ~$8 at Walmart.

u/squeakqueg · 1 pointr/BeardedDragons

I have my UVB in one of these, stuck to the inside corner of the tank with a bunch of heavy-duty velcro 3M strips.

u/mhatt · 36 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Our closet hallway had no internal light. We've used it somehow that way for over six years. I just bought one of these and mounted it on the inside door frame and it has been so nice to be able to see in there.