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8. efluky 3 Speeds Mini Desk Fan, Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with LED Light and 2200mAh Battery, Portable USB Fan Quiet for Home, Office, Travel, Camping, Outdoor, Indoor Fan, 4.9-Inch, Black

  • 【USB Powered & Battery Powered Fan】This rechargeable fan can be powered by battery or USB. As a battery powered fan, you can handheld use it anywhere, anytime. As a USB fan, you can plug into all USB ports like laptops, power banks and other USB-enabled power supplies . Suitable for various places such as home, office, outdoor or other places.
  • 【3 Speed Level Adjustable】: This small desk fan provides you low/medium/high 3 speed levels to choose. Select the appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly. The maximum speed of efluky mini desk fan is up to 3200 rpm to transfer you instant cool feeling.
  • 【Flashlight & Blue Atmosphere Light】: This personal fan is equipped with side flashlight and blue atmosphere light fuction. Pressing the power botton 4 times will turn on the side flashlight. It can be used in the dark when you are outdoors or camping. A long press the power botton you will turn on the blue LED, brings you a beautiful atmosphere. We believe this desktop fan would also be a great gift choice.
  • 【Portable Size & Exquisite Design】: This rechargeable fan enalbed with mini size: 4.9 x 5.6 x 1.4 inches. It's easy to put into a bag and is perfect for travel or camping. Also an handheld fan for kids, women and men outdoor use in hot summer.
  • 【Fast Charge & Long Battery Life】This usb mini fan also operated with 2200mAh premium rechargeable battery. Full charge takes only 2.5-3 hours and offers you up to 9 hours of continuous working time on low speed setting.
efluky 3 Speeds Mini Desk Fan, Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with LED Light and 2200mAh Battery, Portable USB Fan Quiet for Home, Office, Travel, Camping, Outdoor, Indoor Fan, 4.9-Inch, Black
Height1.7 Inches
Length4.9 Inches
Weight0.48722159902 Pounds
Width5.6 Inches
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15. USB LED RGB Programmable Fan, SAYTAY Mini Flexible USB Gooseneck Programmable Fan for PC Laptop Notebook Desktops (New RGB Version) (RGB)

  • 【LED Fan】Using the industry's high-end computer editing technology, the highlight LED chip will display your edited message on the fan through the rotation of the fan blade, which is very cool.
  • 【DIY Message】Connect the RGB fan to the computer via the USB port, Use the software to freely edit the colors of the messages and words you want. Message can be kept permanently even when the power is removed, 20 messages, 20 letters per message.(the software is not compatible with the MAC system).
  • 【Funny USB Gadget】USB Fan is made of high quality materials, small size, easy to save and carry. A Funny toy, when you feel tired and bring you happiness. Perfect for office, school, family, party or travel.
  • 【Easy To Use】Powered by USB port, it works with laptops, computers, power banks and other USB-enabled devices. Soft fan blades for safe use, flexible neck,Gently adjust the flexible neck to position the cool breeze any direction you wish.
  • 【QUICK ACTION】Keep cool and display cool messages at your office or on the go with the USB LED Message Fan. It's our responsibility to guarantee the quality of products. Just feel free to contact us if you have any problem with the USB LED FAN.
USB LED RGB Programmable Fan, SAYTAY Mini Flexible USB Gooseneck Programmable Fan for PC Laptop Notebook Desktops (New RGB Version) (RGB)
Height0.1 Inches
Length15.75 Inches
Weight0.22 Pounds
Width3.46 Inches
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u/Fwob · 2 pointsr/Shoestring

You won't be able to spend much time in it during the day without it running because of the heat. I bet it would be tolerable at night though.

I have a usb battery pack that would be great to charge during the day and used to power a small fan at night. You can run those fans just about all night with that 10a block. The power block has so many uses too, power a flash light, charge your phone, power a portable router to set up wifi, etc.

The next most important thing is privacy. Even with very dark tint, with it being dark outside anyone using any sort of light inside will be detectable. Stealth is pretty important for urban car camping. It might not always be illegal, but in the US at least if cops see someone just sitting in their car late at night outside a business or in a residential area they might come snooping around. Residents might be equally suspicious. It's best if no one knows anyone is in the car. A reflective windshield insert is great for the front window, but you'll have to make your own for every other window. You won't want it to be reflective either, because it's obvious the windows are covered that way.

An easy way to deal with this is to cut cardboard pieces for every window, including the back glass. Then cover one side with a glue stick or spray adhesive and cover it with any sort of black cloth. Pop the window covers in and make sure there's no light leakage. The black cloth makes it look like super dark tint, and no one suspects a thing.

As for where to park, I'm from the US and aren't sure if all of these will be useful where you are. Just about any business that's 24 hours with a good number of cars in front of it is fair game. Big retail chains are common in the US and have enough people even in the latest hours of the night to not draw attention to a car sitting all night. We also have truck stops on just about every major highway. These are big gas stations made for long distance truckers, they typically have showers and bathrooms for a fee, and plenty of areas to park free of charge. I've had a lot of luck with hotels too. The more cars the better, just make sure they don't have any sort of parking pass on them. Residential areas work in a pinch. Nobody suspects someone is sleeping in a car as long as you've made a minimal attempt at staying stealthy. You can even get away with it in very urban areas.

My fiance and I went to New York City last weekend in our minivan. We were lucky enough to find an open parking space and set up camp. We have a blow up mattress we throw in the back and spent all day in downtown Manhattan. We slept like babies and had plenty of room to stretch out. It's actually the entire reason we got the minivan, we don't even have kids. People always look at us funny when we tell them that. This allowed us to save $400 since we didn't need a hotel for 2 nights, and we have a gym membership with a gym in just about every city. We were set up in one of the biggest, most urban, and expensive areas in the world and didn't have to spend a dime on lodging the whole weekend.

I hope this helps someone, please ask if you have any questions!

u/MaeveTheBrave · 4 pointsr/AmazonUnder5

Yes! There are certainly lots of options for buying tech/electronics under $5 on Amazon. But the products might not always be very quality... Anyways, here's a couple of my cheapest finds for tech under $5:

1. 16GB SanDisk Flash Drive - $4.99 - Add-On Item - Free Prime Shipping

2. 10-Pack of Colorful USB Charger Car Adapters - $4.95 - Free Shipping

3. 10-Pack of 3ft USB Charging Cords for iPhone 4 & 4s - $4.50 - Free Prime Shipping

4. 5-Pack of 3ft USB Charging Cords for iPhone 5 & 5s - $3.99 - Free Shipping

5. 5-Pack of Black Retractable USB to Micro USB Charging Cords - $3.05 - Free Shipping

6. Rechargable Portable Speaker in Blue - $4.98 - Free Prime Shipping

7. In-Ear Earbuds with Mic - $2.99 - Free Prime Shipping

.8 Mini LED USB-Powered Flexible Lamp Light - $1.92 - Free Shipping

9. 2-Pack of Mini USB-Powered Flexible Fans - $4.99 - Free Prime Shipping

10. 10-Pack of 700MB Blank Recordable CDs - $1.89 - Add-On Item - Free Prime Shipping

BONUS ROUND: Here are a few more under-$5-tech suggestions from other users:

1. Orange Macbook Keyboard Skin Cover - $0.88 + $0.99 Shipping - Courtesy of /u/Mrrobogavin

2. Colorful LED Mushroom Lamp - $2.11 - Free Shipping - Courtesy of /u/magicpony13

3. Electronic Flameless Rechargeable Lighter - $3.28 - Free Shipping - Original Post/Idea Courtesy of /u/mrmhm

u/addocd · 3 pointsr/Hyperhidrosis

I've said this here several times because it is the one thing that has been the most helpful of anything to me. It only solves one problem, but it's a big one for me and will be for you. Get a small desk fan like This. It's a few bucks more but I have this one. It's rechargeable via USB. I keep it plugged in at my main desk most of the time. I have 2 setups at 90 degrees on my desk and I just turn it to blow on whichever one I'm using. Then, since it's battery operated, I can unplug it and point it at my hands or paper or project, whatever I'm doing anywhere else. I've even set it up to point at my hands when I'm using my phone. I work from home most of the time, but when I have to go to the office, its small enough to throw in my laptop bag and the battery will last the whole day on low (which is usually enough to keep me completely dry. My hands do get cold often, but it's worth it and it tends to cool my whole body. I'm grateful to work from home because most days I have to have (1) the ceiling fan on (2) socks on (3) my desk fan (4) a space heater (5) a hoodie and (6) a blanket...which has to be cotton because we all know what happens with a fuzzy blanket.

If you don't already, get some clinical strength deodorant. It's worth every extra penny to me.

As for the other options, you'll probably just have to try them one by one, trial & error starting at the easiest, least costly and least invasive. You can order glyco online (oral and wipes) and iontophoresis without a doctor. If one of those doesn't do it, see a doctor. If that doctor tries to tell you it's not a big deal, something you'll grow out of, or just doesn't seem to get it (it's pretty common), find another doctor. Has a lot of resources and suggestions and explains all of the treatments. So far, the only thing that has worked for me is Botox. But it is expensive if you don't have insurance that will cover it. You may have to fill out some forms to ask them to. Botox also has some mild side effects that cause some temporary weakness in your hands. Depending on your job, that's something important to consider. It's also painful, but for me, only during injections.

If you browse around this sub, there is some good info on special tshirts and socks that people tend to find are helpful, especially for that underarm sweat. Wear black when you can, most of us do. If you're going somewhere you know you'll have to shake hands, put a papertowel in each pocket. If appropriate, it's better to go in for the fist bump if you can.

You may never be cured, but there are options and one may work really great for you. And when you find it, you'll know and you'll be equipped to support & help your kids through it (if you decide on them and) if they even get it. I'm pretty sure one of mine did, although not yet as bad as me. The other didn't at all. I've dealt with it for 42 years. It's still exhausting and enraging when I'm not full of Botox, but it does get a little easier as you learn that people don't notice as often as you think. I've said this before too. If someone is really put off and grossed out by it, they're probably not someone you want in your life or who's opinion should even matter to you. It's impossible to ignore, but don't let it define you.

u/LaboratoryRat · 1 pointr/DartFrog

Yup! That's great advice. Springtails and isopods are also super easy to keep a colony of and grow on your own too. Just a slice of raw potato for the isopods and some grains of rice/brewers yeast/fish food for the springtails and they take care of the rest. I keep separate colonies of the isopods and springtails in separate plastic containers (1 to 2 cups in size) and will add them to my terrariums when ever I see the population in the container has a lot in it.

Josh's frogs is a darn good website too in my opinion. Not the cheapest but what I've gotten has been good quality and his informational videos are good too.

You may want a small circulation fan in there too. Depending on the type of frogs it helps with the airflow and if you aim the air stream at the front of the glass it helps get rid of the condensation on the viewing glass side.

I'm not an expert by any means but you want to make sure the roots on the bromeliads aren't buried in the substrate. I've killed all the ones I've "planted". Mine just like to be set on the top of the ground or tied to the back wall with the roots exposed.

Good luck and take lots of pictures and thank you for sharing!

Heres a link for some in expensive fans you can use in the terrarium. Just maybe glue some mesh over the uncovered side of the fan (just so no froggy accidentally gets nicked). I used hot glue or magnets to hold it to the top of my terrariums. Also you should have a way to measure the % humidity and temperature in there. (I'd avoid the cheapest ones since they are usually not very accurate from what I've found).

u/JustPandering · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I built this for about $20 (not including the erlenmeyer and the stir bar).

I got the cigar box a while back at a second hand store.

Here's the USB powered PC fan I used:

I chose a usb fan so that I could power it with an android usb phone charger and not screw around with splicing wires.

Here's the magnets I used (just needed one though):

Aside from that it just took a few odd nuts, washers, and a bit of superglue. I had to bore the hole in top of the cigar box because the box turned out to be a bit too thick (sorry Pepin Garcia!) to get enough attraction between the magnet and the stir bar. I think I might have had better luck with stronger magnets or a different stir bar but oh well.

As someone suggested I first glued a washer to the fan so that I could move the magnet around a but to find the sweet spot where it didn't shake too bad then I glued the washer in place.

I used the long bolts/nuts that came with the fan to attach it to the lid (you can see the bolts in the first picture). Between the top of the fan and the lid I had to add washers to keep the fan from rubbing on the cigar box.

That's pretty much it. The fan has a variable speed control but I get a small vortex on the lowest setting, and higher settings throws the bar off the magnet.

Now I just need to wait for my soda preforms to show up so I can start saving a bit more yeast after I use the stir plate!

I got the idea for using the soda preforms from here:


u/SurfaceDockGuy · 4 pointsr/Surface


We always encourage customers to try getting the most out of their machines before buying new stuff. However there comes a point when attempting to restore old equipment can lead to major frustration. The following steps can help and certainly worth a shot:

  • To free SSD space try this:
  • To improve performance, you can try downloading the latest Intel GPU driver from rather than using the Microsoft provided one. IIRC, the HD 4400 driver had about 9 months of extra development on it. You may need to manually uninstall your current driver via device manager in order to install the Intel one since it will complain that it is not designed for your computer. There is a risk of unintended side-effects, but it is 100% reversible.
  • Does the CPU fan spin often? If so, it could be clogged with dust reducing its effectiveness. You can try getting a can of compressed air and blowing it into the slats - don't worry, you're not going to ruin the fan by over-spinning it or moving dust around the machine with this technique. It is unlikely to have a major effect but worth a shot.
  • If the system is getting rather hot and throttling the CPU, you can add an auxiliary USB-powered fan and point it towards the hot area. Its surprising how effective this is:



    P.S. The newer Surface Pro 2017 or Pro 6 with Core i5/8GB ram would be an excellent upgrade for you if you choose to go in that direction.

u/chrisjbrooks · 2 pointsr/Surface

If you want to play games, or do more intensive stuff, I highly recommend getting a usb fan and angling it towards the back of it.

I have this one:

I use my surface every day as my main work device and with this little fan pointed at the back of it, I never ever hear the internal fan spin up to an audible level. This little fan is near silent as well. So that should help with throttling issues while gaming.

I also recommend using IE. The touch version is seriously the best thing since sliced bread when I am just casually browsing. I use regular IE for work. I just decided to never install chrome since getting the surface and haven't looked back yet.

I would also recommend getting familiar with onenote. It is a great program and if you make the initial commitment to use it for a bunch of stuff and create an organization scheme that works from the start, you will thank yourself later when you are trying to remember your thoughts on Harvard's 19th century curriculum choices two years down the line.

I'm sure others have more advice.

u/AtomicFlx · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Number one trick to drying your paint. NEVER USE RUSTOLEM. God I hate that crap. It never dries. I have a shelf going on 4-5 years that I painted with basic eggshell black rustolem from home deopt and its still tacky. Things like books and glass candle holders still stick to it. Krylon is good but valspar is also kinda crap. I threw out all my valspar and rustolem paints about a month ago. Just said fuck it, its not work the headache.

As for an airbrush. I've never had problems with model paint drying. Even artist and craft acrylics dry just fine. I have on occasion put things in the oven on the lowest setting.

I think my most valuable device I have for drying is a [small USB powered desk fan] ( This is seriously the best thing ever. I can run it off a USB battery pack for about 8-10 hours or just plug it into the wall. I have a mini drying fan anywhere I need it. I have actually used one so much it wore out and I got another 2 just to replace it.

Wash a part before paint, put it in front of this fan, paint a part, in front of the fan. Glue drying, get the fan. Shoes got wet, put the fan on top. Clean the Vacuum filter, use the fan. Spill water in the car, grab the battery pack and the fan. Shampoo a spot of cat barf on the carpet, grab the fan. WiFi router overheating in the summer, get the fan. I know it seems like such a silly tiny fan but I use it at least once a week for something.

u/B4K5c7N · 1 pointr/Surface

I have the pro 4 8gb i7 and I play a lot of games on mine. Lego games play the best, especially both of the Harry Potter Lego games. On those, I get very high frame rates at max settings, max resolution. I also have played Tomb Raider 2013 at 1080p on ultra settings (ultra for detail and textures but the rest on high) and got low to mid 20s fps. However I also use a USB fan that I got off Amazon and that gives me double frame rates so I can play that game even in the mid 40s fps with those settings. The fan also allows me to get in the low 20s at 720p for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Assassins Creed games I also play. I don't play #2 or #3 at max resolution because there is black boxing, but I do play those at 1080p and they are playable. Black Flag I play as well but at 720p. Mind you on these games I am not getting super high frame rates, but at least in the 20s-30s which is fine for me and basically similar to what you would get on a gaming console.

When you get your device, make sure to get this fan from Amazon to help with your gaming. You will get about twice the performance. It's also helpful just in general to keep the device extra cool and have sustained performance for longer periods of time.

u/ruthgrace · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

hi, just happened upon this post while searching for other stuff in this subreddit.

If you're interested in cheap quiet USB fans I did a comparison between these in order from loudest to quietest:

bendable stem 2 blade fan -- $6.50 for a 5 pack (unbearably buzzy and really annoying to mount)

IMBAPrice plastic fan -- $7

Generic brand metal USB fan -- $7 (surprisingly quieter than the plastic one)

Summer Fruits plastic Fun Fun Fan -- $11.50 (most quiet by far)

These will all sit nicely in a hole 12cm diameter except for the hard-to-mount bendable stem fan (you can unscrew the stand for the IMBA and metal fan). I can't say exactly what makes a fan quiet, but if it's the number of blades (which it might be based on my study) then the arctic breeze fan you linked might be OK, but it would also be hard to mount.

And you can get a cheapo USB adaptor on Amazon. Don't worry about the higher amperage on the adaptors -- the fan only draws as much as it needs (0.5A is what the Fun Fun Fan says).

u/tmotom · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Ohh, jeez, you can buy the Bitmain Antminer here.

The smaller ones in between the Antminers are these, but for $10 more, you can get like 5 times the Mh/s with the Antminers. The Antminers are a lot more worth it; I just wanted something to fill in my empty spaces.

The cooling fan is this, but I've got a bigger clamp fan blowing on it so the whole rig doesn't burn my house down. Though, I haven't had much problem with heat. The cooling fan does enough to keep them cool, but when I had no cooling fan, it was hot enough to burn my skin and I found that out the hard way. The clamp fan is just there for insurance.

The Pi is gonna need a 4GB SD card, so make sure you've got a reader for that.

And you're correct. This is the least profitable thing you can do, my setup cost me roughly $150 a month and a half ago, and they've made me $2 worth of Bitcoins (.004 Bitcoin) that haven't even been transferred to me because Slush's pool send threshold is .01 Bitcoin. Though, the whole setup barely puts any strain on my electric bill.

It was fun putting it together and making it work, and it's a great conversation starter, but it has yet to prove me any monetary worth at all. Maybe I can buy something cheap on Overstock in a couple months, or I'll get really really lucky and mine a block.

u/Changoleo · 3 pointsr/PS4Pro

I'd be especially wary of any add-on fans that pull power from the system. Plugging a third party fan into the usb outlet of your system will make the system work harder and most likely do more harm than good. If you're concerned about your system heating up, don't put it in a place in which the heat will be trapped such as an enclosed cabinet or entertainment center.

I used one of the Nyko Intercoolers on my PS3 Slim for a while. It didn't pull power from the console and it was designed so well that it looked like it was part of the console, but in the end, the same thing happened to it that most of the reviews of all of the third party cooling systems mention. The fans got really loud after a couple of months. Great design. Low quality components. I just ended up buying a mini desktop fan and aiming the airflow across the back of my console. Works great.

I'm considering picking up this laptop fan to provide some extra cooling for my system during the summer months, but I'll definitely be picking up an extended usb cable so that I can power it from a power strip. Good luck OP!

u/BKoster98 · 355 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Specs: Raspberry Pi Zero W running Raspbian. I have a generic case that I found at Microcenter that came with a heat sync. Samba is installed for windows file sharing. Pi VPN is also installed for access from anywhere. Two hard drive enclosures form amazon with a few hard drives I had lying around: 1TB (left) and a 320GB (right). The fan is an Arctic Breeze Mobile and I also have a USB to Ethernet adapter. Everything is connected to a 7 hub Anker powered USB hub. The fan is probably overkill but whatever, it looks cool.


Guides I followed to get it all up and running:

How To Geek: How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Low-Power Network Storage Device

Combining the two different hard drives to appear as one

Setting up OpenVPN with PiVPN


Edit: Added Amazon links - I didn't buy everything from amazon but this is easiest. Some things aren't the exact ones shown but close enough.


Edit Edit: Added links to the guides I followed


Edit\^3: Thank you all for the support and my first Gold! I didn't think this would get as much support as it has gotten! :)


Last Edit hopefully: I apologize I called it a "Cloud" Server. It has stirred up some debate on whether or not it is. I called it a "cloud" server because I can access it from anywhere.

u/zackiedude · 1 pointr/ffxiv

I use my SP2 and it's actually gone pretty well for me. A few notes:

  1. I got the 8GB memory model
  2. I changed settings to low.
  3. I changed the settings to "High Performance"
  4. I got a fan that plus into the USB port and cools it off. After getting this, I haven't been throttled at all. It's also super quiet.
  5. I use a Bluetooth mouse and Wi-Fi, and still haven't had any issues.
  6. I generally get ~30 FPS--up to 60 in 4-man dungeons, and lower if there are hundreds of people around me (just Odin or in Revenant's Troll, but RT isn't too slow).

    The thing you'll want to consider when using an SP is that you need cooling. It's not designed for sustained high-graphics work. But honestly, the device overall is the best computer I could have ever asked for. I love it.
u/collierar · 3 pointsr/onebag

I really like this fan.

Efluky Mini USB 3 Speeds Rechargeable Portable Table Fan, 4.5-Inch, Black

The thing is you kind of have to make the jump to 18650 rechargeable batteries. I am a flashlight junkie so that helped when I decided to buy this fan. The battery that came with it is "OK" but there are better one out there. R/flashlights has a ton of info on 18650 batteries. 18650 batteries can also be used as power banks for charging your phone. I use the charger that came with this headlamp as a travel charger/power bank. I'm sure you can find it by itself. Make sure to buy quality batteries though.

Nitecore HC60 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp with 2x Nitecore 3400 mAh 18650 batteries, Nitecore USB Charger and LumenTac Car AC USB Adapters (White Light)

Good luck!

u/beericane · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I suppose you could.

Honestly, stir plates are dead easy to make though - a few bucks in parts and 15 minutes worth of time and you are set.

Here's the shopping list:


USB Fan:

Project box:

Misc: A washer roughly the size of the middle of the USB fan, super glue, 3/4 inch to 1 inch stir bar, maybe a few small nuts and bolts. You'll also need a spare usb to power adapter, which you likely have 7 spare ones lying around from past phone purchases.


  1. Take the metal grills and such off the fan that are obstructive.
  2. glue down the washer to as dead center of the fan as possible (turn on the fan to make sure it doesn't wobble, adjust while glue is still pliable)
  3. Add magnets to opposite sides of the washer, make sure your stir bar "snaps" to the magnets, ideally touching the tips of both magnets. This is both to double check your magnets are oriented properly and to make sure the spacing is correct. Then glue them down.
  4. put your fan on the project box lid and mark where you need to drill 4 holes to put the bolts to mount your fan.
  5. Mount the fan using bolts/nuts. You want the magnets as close to the bottom of the lid as possible without touching. Make sure the stir bar still snaps to the magnets through the lid.
  6. drill a hole for the usb cord to pass through then seal it up with the screws the box came with.
  7. Attach the power adapter to the usb.

    Done. Now you have a variable speed stir plate in a nice box that plugs directly into the wall.
u/Arab81253 · 1 pointr/PS4

Link, I keep them plugged onto the front of my PS4, I bought one of those USB extender things to give me a few more ports. They're really great, have a few speeds and run very quiet. I keep my PS4 in an entertainment center thing and have one fan pulling in cool air to push it through the system by the front and the other one is set up to pull the hot air out the back. I haven't heard the PS4's fan turn on since I bought these in September. They're great too, between my gaming and my wife's Netflix and Hulu addictions my PS4 spends a ton of time being on and these fans are going to whole time. Sorry for the lengthy impromptu review, I just really like this product.

u/calligraphy_dick · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

For personal reasons, I am leaving the hobby. It was fun while it lasted but now my lackluster hardly-used equipment needs to go. This community is so positive and helpful for the up-and-coming homebrewer so I'll feed into it. If you want any of the equipment below all I ask is for you to pay for shipping (or pick-up if local), and if you want to shoot me a few more bucks feel free. Just put it to good use and don't let it collect dust like I did. Most of this stuff is probably not even worth the shipping but here's the list:

  • 3G glass carboy
  • 16oz Star-San
  • 2x 1G glass carboys
  • 2x airlocks and bungs
  • hydrometer
  • refractometer (Brix/SG)
  • 5G plastic bottling bucket (no lid) (Northern Brewer)
  • Parts for a MLT cooler conversion (minus bazooka filter)
  • Crowns (silver metallic/black 'B')
  • 5L Erlenmeyer flask and .5" stir bar
  • This fan
  • Cheap (but effective) vinator
  • Buttloads of unlabeled brown bottles (12oz, bombers, some with branded glass)
  • ~1# Irish Moss (not sure about viability, ~1y/o)
u/justsomeguy_youknow · 1 pointr/pics

So other than style, what differentiates your product from the myriad other USB powered fans on the market? It looks cool, but at the end of the day it looks like it's just a case fan inside an enclosure with an adapter for USB power. What makes your product better than something like this or like this?

u/Snackie56 · 2 pointsr/SurfaceGaming

This shouldnt happen if you're using an external fan. I use a usb fan plugged into the surface and I never experience throttling, while playing any of my games- whether it be cs:go, civ 5, overwatch, rocket league. I do not even undervolt.

You must either have a defective unit, or you're using your fan incorrectly. I use the arctic breeze usb gooseneck fan, and I point it at the upper right hand corner of my surface. The surface blows hot air out the left side. Do not point it at the left side.

If you wanted a laptop for gaming, you should've gotten a regular laptop in the first place, or at best- a gaming laptop. This could all be made extremely easy through using this simple 7$ fan,

u/dptt · 2 pointsr/axolotls

I had my little guy in a 5g when I got him and used these to keep it cool. (linking directly to usa amazon just so you know what I got but you'd probably be better off finding the same/similar on a more appropriate site for your location!)

USB Fans (x2) - these are SUPER quiet - could barely hear them when running!

USB Hub - I covered up the two remaining ports with tape so water didn't get in it, but you could also just get a hub with two ports instead of four!

Extension cable to plug in the hub to my power strip that had usb outlets. If your power strip doesn't have a usb port then you'll need to get a brick as well.


In the North Carolina summer at 90-110 degrees F, this kept my tank at about 62-65 F

u/J33Pair · 1 pointr/BBQ

Been following the iQue since its development and release. I too would love to hear about anyone with experience with one.. I have to admit that I have the Stoker (best Christmas present ever). Stoker kills the BBQ Guru. Love the reporting ability the Stoker has, allows for smarter cooks. I needed a bigger fan as well, the 5 cfm didn't supply enough air... so I got this fan.

u/Piffles · 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

I'll give you my amazon build. It's $10 less than a comparable one from StirStarters, and only requires you to have a wall-outlet to USB adapter (Or for you to plug it into a computer when running.)




Stir Bar

The fan has a speed controller, you just need an adhesive to secure the magnets to the fan, and some way to shim the fan up in the box so the magnets are closer to the top of the stir plate. I just used cardboard.

If you have a powerful enough magnet, that cuts off about $5 in costs. Or if you can create your own enclosure you may be able to save.

u/Manzocumerlanzo · 2 pointsr/vive_vr

Hi there, I was experiencing this issue a lot but and I haven't heard of a single wireless user who hasn't to me the problem was definitely overheating.

I have purchased a 40MM ELUTENG fan , which will cost you 10-15$ tops, and attached it to the adapter like this. I have used bi adhesive tape to secure the cables to the side and the switch to the back, and a cable clamp strip to secure the fan to the adapter because I didn't feel like hot gluing it and damaging the adapter. I used the spare USB port in the front to power up the fan.

It is not a difficult operation and it did wonders to me reducing grey screens by 80% at least. Hope this helps!

u/cheebs_ · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

What you're wanting does make sense and it would be pretty cool if there were more keyboards out there mechanical volume control. However.. You want a smaller keyboard because you live in a small apartment? Unless your apartment is the size of a closet, surely you have a better reason than that.. Full-size keyboards are typically 10cm longer. Is your desk just very small? Perhaps you find it more comfortable? If you really want to save space fuck a ten keyless, just get a 60% and one of those USB volume knobs.

u/TastesLikeBurning · 3 pointsr/hardware

Here's how I cool my modem/router. Many routers have at least one powered USB port on them these days.

I bought one of these USB cooling fans to cool an old laptop I had. I think I paid about ten bucks at Frys for it. Used some nuts to put some space between the box/router/modem to give it some airflow and plugged the fan into the routers USB port. Stays nice and cool. I thought I might need to drill some holes on boths sides of the router to get effective airflow over the chipset, but that hasn't been necessary. The small vents on the sides and bottom of the router have been enough.

I'm with most of the other commenters here in wondering why most networking equipment doesn't include even the smallest of fans from the factory to help improve the performance of the device under load and increase its longevity.

u/Holop_dolop · 2 pointsr/SurfaceGaming

With my surface book, I've had far more success getting one of those USB fans and angling it towards the back of the tablet portion. It's far more portable, cheaper, quieter, and cools just as well if not better because you can direct the air flow exactly to where you need it.

Arctic ABACO-BZG00-010000 ARCTIC Breeze Mobile - Mini USB Desktop Fan with Flexible Neck and Adjustable Fan Speed I Portable Desk Fan for Home, Office I Silent USB Fan I Fan Speed 1700 RPM - White

u/Octoplow · 2 pointsr/Vive

I'm skeptical after trying a similar "forehead fan" on my DK2:

I found it better to have an oscillating fan blowing across the whole playspace. Has any reviewer compared to a regular home fan?

I'd love to cooling or a little airflow inside the HMD somehow. But, the next best thing for me is cooling the sides of my neck using an "ice bandana" full of small frozen gel packs.

u/FLAMESOFURY · 1 pointr/gpdwin

I sometimes use a couple of different USB fans: - I use this one if I'm using the GPD on a external screen or handheld WHILE it's charging (the fan uses a bit of power so expect 1-1.5 HR battery life with fan on) - Or I use this one when I'm exclusively on battery power as it has 2 mode settings, low and high and while on Low I can still maintain good battery life.

The first fan is longer and can extend and bend directly over the intake which is why it's a great little cooling gadget, really helps with the temps (at least 3-5 degrees Celsius difference - depending on game).

The second Xiaomi fan is shorter but the dual mode makes it ideal for battery use. In both cases, there is a risk of your fingers getting jammed up in the blades but if you bend the fans properly, you should be good.

u/Trazac · 1304 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I spent way too much time on this, but let's see how your claim plays out.

2. Akai MPK249 $400
2. Yamaha P71 $415
3. 21.5 inch iMac $1100 (although this is the base model, probably a good estimate)
3. Edifier R1280T Near Field Monitors $99
5. Asus 24" monitor $130x5=$650
4. Logitech G27 I'm going to say around $300, even though Amazon has it listed for nearly $1000. Seems like the MSRP a few years ago was $300-$400.

  1. Logitech G Saitek X52 Flight Control System $150
  2. Logitech C600 $30
  3. Opolar F401 $12
  4. Logitech G610 $90, although some versions on amazon are closer to $60
  5. (I couldn't figure out what the other keyboard is, but it's probably junk that the OP didn't spend a lot of money on.)
  6. Logitech Z623 $100 (I think these are right)
  7. HTC Vive $500
  8. Logitech Z-2300 $180 MSRP, I'm fairly certain that I'm wrong about this one though
  9. Wireless Xbox Controller $42

    Add in like $1000 for each desk and $2000 for each computer we don't see (assuming there are two), that gets us to a total of $11,068.

    There is a laptop bag stashed on the left side of the frame, so maybe it's a $9000 laptop.
u/2ndGapFromPinky · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Here's what I did (sounds super weird but it works) I bought an on-the-go phone charger 3000 MAH < along with a 6 port USB hub and 6 USB fans that can be stood up on their own. Works like a charm and the fans are surprisingly powerful and last about day and I plug the battery in to charge overnight. Products used:

Battery pack:

USB Hub:

u/Tollboy · 4 pointsr/photography

I have always wanted to have something like this. I have not looked into it much honestly, but I was curious if you could not use some sort of usb jog wheel like this, and assign hot keys to the different lightroom options. That way you hold down the hot key for temperature, and then turn the wheel as desired. Do you think something like that would be possible?

u/FrancisPants · 4 pointsr/reptiles

It is an adjustable near silent fan that doesn't buffet. My cresties terrs smell like old bananas and jungle sometimes. I decided to do something about it. I keep their stuff very clean and these fans clean up the air for us. Here's the link on amazon if you buy 2 you can get super saver shipping....

u/jcar117 · 1 pointr/Surface

I use this fan for my Surface Pro (2017). Plug it in, flex it so air blows into the small vent just above the USB port. Helps reduce throttling but takes up the USB port.

ARCTIC Breeze Mobile - Mini USB Desktop Fan with Flexible Neck I Portable Desk Fan for Home, Office I Silent USB Fan I Fan Speed 1700 RPM - White

u/TheSentencer · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Similar to what /u/omnibot5000 said, but I just use one of these much cheaper AC infinity fans. Where my AVR is isn't even open in the back, but this fan does the job quite easily on the lowest speed setting. I just have it laying on top of the AVR and powered off usb and the way mine looks you can't even see the fan or hear it.

The only downside is that with my denon, if you have network always on (so spotify remote works right), it also powers the USB ports all the time. So even when my AVR is off, the fan is running. But it's been like 2 years and it hasn't died so I guess it works good.

u/__matta · 1 pointr/OffGrid

I really like coffee so a french press and this little hand grinder make me really happy every morning:

It's really hot and I don't have enough power for AC so I like this little usb rechargeable fan:

When it's cold I'm really happy I have a wood stove. Not just for heat but also to stop it from getting too damp inside, let me dry my boots, and give me an easy way to make hot water for tea.

Before I setup pressure water I used the Whale Gusher Galley pump and it always worked really well. I'm definitely glad I upgraded to pressure water though (I'm using the seaflo 33 series 12v pump now).

Oh and my USB rechargeable electric toothbrush:

u/SnapHook · 2 pointsr/gamingpc

Specs: i5 3570k, Gigabyte 7970 xfire w/ Sapphire 7950, 128 gb Samsun 840 ssd, 1tb WD HD. A shit ton of corsair fan's I bought off my buddy for a 24 pack of beer. The Hyper 212 makes a comeback cuz my Zalman lq320with its really fat radiator wouldn't fit in the top intake fan spot. It hit the 140mm mounted on the roof. And I didn't like how it crowded the Gpu's in the other two spots.

Like I said in the imgur comments, there are still a lot of small upgrades I'm planning on doing. The big gaping holes under the two hd bays are very annoying. Does anyone have any experience with Demciflex? they sell a dust filter kit specifically for the 540.

Also, any one have a suggestion to better light this guy? I bought these Antec led lighting strips but they're usb powered and I didn't realize the 540 doesn't have water cooling holes in the back. I was looking at the NZXT Hue earlier today, they seem really interesting.

And I need a fan controller that fits in a single 5.25 bay and looks decent mounted sideways.

Edit: just wanted to add that I was very happy with the quality of this product. I've always been a sub $100 cheap case user and using this corsair case was an eye opener. My only complaint is that I actually would have spent a little bit more for just a few small additions. (Air filters for all the vents comes to mind)

u/terminal_veracity · 4 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

I've become a real fan of cold packs. For a much longer lasting effect, try the black ones from Chattanooga. They have a clay-like consistency when cold. They're much more durable than the drug store variety too.

The same company also makes these rubberized velcro straps that hold the cold packs in place perfectly, for maximum effect:

Also, if you don't mind the smell, Bengay cream can have a rapid cooling effect. It also amplifies the cooling sensation from fans.

And for a super handy fan, try this battery powered one. It can put out a surprising amount of air from such a small package:

u/Sierrasclimber · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Do you have a 12V dual battery system in the CRV? This is why you don't typically see them. You'll probably need a minimum of 100 Ah (1200 Watts) to make it worth while. I forget exactly but I think the fans run around 50 watts (4 amps) so for a 10 hr evening it can take like 40 Ah (500 watts). That's just one night.

Or you could try an USB fan. This one uses 2.5 watts (0.2 amps). Easy to get a system to run 2 of these all night. Needs like 50 watts. You can get that out of a simple GoalZero type power pack.

u/exileonmainst · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I bought these ones from Amazon. They're currently $5.60 and Prime eligible. I stacked 3 on either side and they work really well. Word of advice: wear gloves when supergluing them. These little suckers are super strong and when you're trying to neatly glue them together into a stack, they fly out of your fingers and glue smears everywhere.

Also, if you want to make things even easier on yourself, get this fan from Amazon for $10.99. It's cheap, USB powered, and has an adjustable power setting already, so you don't need to do any wiring. Just remove the grill and glue on the magnets. You can then make a box, or just stick it between 2 big books or something.

u/mrpink57 · 1 pointr/WireGuard

As for heat I use a 3b+ as a seedbox and it does generally just get hot. I use some heatsinks and a standard black pi case. But it is always running warm, so I can only imagine the RPi 4.

I also run a 8devices Jalapeno as my Openwrt router that runs Wireguard (with NEON support). For cooling I use artic cool fan connected to a usb port and it does a really good job and is super quiet. Plus I can bend it pretty far so it does not sit too high.

u/dottiestzulu987 · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

My LED clock fan is one of favorite things that I use. It's a fan that has LED's on it that light up when you turn it on. Then those lights turn into a fan. It looks really cool in person and is one of my favorite Christmas gifts

Edit: link to the fan

Edit 2: link to my steam profile

u/MoldyCat · 1 pointr/Switch

I too just bought a switch the other day (finally found one).

Here is what I have bought (so far):

[A Stand]
( needed? Maybe not, but I won't always have my screen with me to tote around.

Charge grip The grip that currently comes with the switch does not charge. I am ok with the switch's controllers, but do not like the idea of sliding it down on the screen every time they needed charged. I can't see me getting a "pro controller" but that is an option.

[This cable] ( I played all day Sunday, and noticed the switch was over heating. This cable allows for the switch not need to dock. Needed? No, but teaming this up with the stand and this means I should not have over heating issues.

And then I got these grips because the match my controllers, and I wanted that "back" hump for better grip.

Why grips and charge grip? Well I modded the charge grip already, are removed the plastic built-around.

I also bought a screen protector, the tampered glass one, for the screen, but I got that at a store.

To many case options out there, I got lucky a found a Zelda BotW special edition when they came out, so I have that. As for mobile charging, no help there.

u/BigAlligatorPears · 3 pointsr/GearVR

I purchased [this fan] ( based off another user's review and it works great. I have a S7 edge which never really overheats, but I still like to use it. My friend has a S6 that overheats constantly and this fan fixed that. We've played minecraft for close to 2 hours before with out any issues

u/thelovelamp · 4 pointsr/vandwellers

I think ventilation and insulation are really the only things you can do, esp. in a car. A Prius can do AC as generator-style, but there's no way to get enough solar to do AC in a car. Make sure you are blocking out the heat from the windows using reflectix, that part is mandatory. I believe there is good heat-blocking tint as well, but I think it's expesnive.

I just recently got this 9 inch usb fan by OPOLAR and it pushes a lot of air for it's size! Only uses 1 watt on low and like 4 watts on high, 5v because it's usb. I've ordered a second one =D

u/shiner_bock · 4 pointsr/geek

FYI, for amazon links, you only need the following:

The "OnetwoUSB-Display-Function-Silver-warranty" part can be useful for you to keep track of what each link is to, but the rest of the stuff is tracking and other meta information that's mainly useful only for amazon's data crunching purposes. There can be other info in there, too, like if someone refers you to a product, they can get a referral credit (if they're set up for it), which you may or may not want to support.

u/WhattheNorris · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've found a number of items but I'd only want the pens. If anyone wants to take the nail tape or glue or light for their own I don't mind :) All true prices with free shipping

u/DocNYz · -1 pointsr/xboxone

I agree, and there's no way a ~$7 USB fan from amazon could hurt ;)

I have several of these they're very versatile and great for the price!

ARCTIC Breeze Mobile USB-Powered 92mm Portable Fan, Portable Cooling Solution, Quiet Fan - White

u/Grummond · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

Before buying a cooling platform, test if it actually makes any difference by pointing a box fan right towards it. Lift it up a little so the air can flow freely under the bottom and cool the area most likely to get hot (the CPU/GPU area).

You could also get something like this.

Here's someone getting a 62% performance improvement (FPS) on a Surface Pro 3:

u/Nyjn · 1 pointr/Surface

I remember reading somewhere that the outside temperature affects the SP3 negatively, I'll try and find it tomorrow if I get a chance.

The surface starts the fan/throttles at around 70°C. Was this in chrome? Does the temperature rise the same in IE/FF?

You could also consider buying a small USB fan and point it at the top right corner of the device, it'll help it stay cool. Something like this

u/praxworx · 1 pointr/PS4Pro

I know it’s not about replacing the internal fan. But this is what I ordered this past week and connected to one of my Pro ports; it was easy and does the job very nicely.

Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12 External USB Cooling Fan 120mm AF0007

u/MSUBREW · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Here is a photo of mine.

I used:

  • 12v pc fan
  • 2 rare earth magnets
  • 6v power supply with ends stripped
  • wood box from hobby lobby
  • 1 large washer
  • 1 stir bar (smallest at LHBS so I think 3/4")
  • 1 large (1.5L) wine bottle

    I used "mighty mend it" to glue the large washer to the pc fan center, and glued the magnets on the washer with different poles facing up. I spliced the power wires and attached them to the wiring of the pc fan. I used screws to attach the pc fan to the wood box.

    If you are looking for a simple, cheap way to do it, buy this fan on Amazon for like $11 and use a usb charger from an old cell.
u/johnc94 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Little late and I don't know if it's the same one but here, USB LED Fan Clock.

edit: thanks for the gold :)

u/Tankbot85 · 25 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

If there is a USB port on the switch, get this.

These fans are amazing. 1 of them keep my network equipment cool. Works like a champ.

u/FuzzyRocket · 3 pointsr/cosplay

In multiple cosplays I have used computer case fans like this and even larger ones like this as well as USB fans.

Computer fans have the advantage of being more conducive to being hard mounted. USB Fans have the advantage of lower operating voltage (5 volts vs 12 volts for a case fan) so the batteries are easier to manage and you could even opt for a rechargable usb battery pack.

Keep your hair in mind, as either fan can get tangled up in it quick.

u/sillybandland · 1 pointr/techsupportgore

Not a dead-on answer but, maybe something like this? It would certainly look better

u/Doug2590 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I just finished mine today actually. Crazy easy man- Just get a computer fan and some magnets. I bought a fan that already had a potentiometer, used gorilla glue to stick a washer on the fan, and the magnets are attracted to the washer enough to not budge.

Here's the fan:

u/the_resident_skeptic · 2 pointsr/GearVR

They certainly do but weight might be an issue I think. The lightest solution I can think of is a small 5v fan like this pulled from an old video card or something wired to a battery pack (2 or 3 AAs). A few aluminium L brackets and some velcro should do it. Could even wire in a switch or a potentiometer to control it. I have a 1.5"x1.5" 5v fan here and it weighs 26g. Won't spin at 3v though :(.

USB fans would be quite a bit heavier. This one is 90g There's already half a kilo (1.1 lbs) hanging off my face and it's already pretty uncomfortable for me due to my "roman nose". Need to sew a thicker pad methinks.

u/onsit · 8 pointsr/subaru

I originally did this install back in the day when these were first popping up and down, major credit goes to /u/zedix as I'm pretty sure he was the first one on Nasioc to start this whole trend for Subarus.

My first installation used a head unit that was tucked away behind everything. However the weak pre-amp, and the constant loss of settings (disconnecting battery), and lack on Steering Wheel controls really got annoying. So I set out on this Version 2 project.

*96svx.dc - David was an amazing resource with getting the required harnesses for an 08+, as my car came with a 24pin + 12pin adapter (premium nav) it was very hard to find 2 reverse harnesses that would make this install doable.**

  • 2012 Nexus 7 - 1st gen
  • Timur's USB ROM - in FI mode
  • Typical Apps...

  • Joycon CPJexr(CarPc Joycon Exr), converts steering wheel input into Keyboard strokes recognizable by the tablet. LINK
  • Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 - 300watt amp with Molex input/output LINK
  • USB Dual 80mm Fans with protective grill - LINK
  • 3.5mm inline to RCA (dual channel) - LINK
  • Amazon USB hubs, cheap and easy to hack into - LINK
  • Monoprice USB Extension Cables - LINK
  • SanDisk Cruzer Fit 32GB - Stores Music - LINK
  • Monoprice Micro USB OTG Adapter - LINK
  • USB Y-Power adapter
  • JDM 2-tone AV panel
  • 12v to 5v DC/DC converters (You will need a couple of these, as they are from China they might be DoA)
  • Other various adapters, and 14 ga wire for all of this to work..

    I created a double din sized Acrylic box from 1/4" sheets cut to size by a local shop... Here are the outer dimensions if you are interested in making a similar box to hold all of this.

  • [OD] - 4" x 7" x 5.75"
  • [x 1] - 4" x 7"
  • [x 2] - 6.5" x 5.5"
  • [x 2] - 4" x 5.5"

    Hardest part out of the whole install was coming up with the wiring scheme, as all of this is fed off of 12v ignition. The tablet needed to be able to charge, and the USB hub needed to receive power separate from the OTG y-splitter. I simply spliced into the cheap-o USB hubs and made my own DIY 5v USB hubs.

u/teemotrippin · 2 pointsr/shrooms


Youll need:

  1. wide but short sterilite tub

  2. fan - ELUTENG 40mm USB Fan with 3 Speed...

  3. fogger / atomizer

  4. Hose - up to u , u can use water hose.

  5. drill really small holes for the fan , up to u where u wanna put it.

  6. drill hole for fogger to go thru. drill from the top.

  7. drill hole fo hose. up to u how many holes u need for hose. I got 4 atm.
u/Incursus · 1 pointr/hometheater

I've got a set of these and they work great. Should be exactly what you're looking for. My old Yamaha receiver would get so hot that it would burn my hand if I touched the top. These fans keep it cool to the touch and they're silent when running. Just make them both blow down into the receiver vents.

u/TheWoodchuck · 1 pointr/vandwellers

A USB powered fan should do the trick nicely. I used to power one off of a solar battery charger when I went tent-camping to keep my tent from getting stuffy in warmer times.

You can run it off of a 12V charger or if you have a laptop like mine that keeps a USB port active for charging, there's that too.

u/TableTopFarmer · 3 pointsr/camping

I have a Walmart brand solar lantern similar to this one. I keep it collapsed, in one of the center cupholders, so that it is always handy and charged for the times when we are setting up camp after dark.

A gear net that stretches across the inside roof of the UTE is good for stashing a wallet, phone, eyeglasses, slippers, and a change of clothes for the morning.

If you want privacy or the ability to sleep in after the sun rises, strip magnets and black cloth will suffice to cover your windows.

If you like to cook, rather than pack a passel of spice bottles, transfer your favorites into daily medication organizers. If you are road tripping and will be out for a while, look for organizers with larger compartments.

If you will be camping in the desert in the summer, get a spray water bottle to dampen your top sheet before you go to sleep. That will keep you cool until you do and the sheet will be dry again by morning.

If you will be camping in hot and humid areas, a small rechargeable usb fan set to blow on your face and neck will make you feel much cooler.

u/AgntDiggler · 2 pointsr/PUBGXboxOne

Personally I use my own external 120mm External Fans. AC Infinity Dual fans these are quiet and plug directly into USB on xbox or you can use a a usb brick. I realize you shouldn't be forced to fix this yourself but I use these on my router, modem, AV Receiver and desktop amps. Well worth the price. I've had some success with cheaper fans also w/ rgb but would say these have been the most reliable.

u/whyisalltherumgone_ · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Definitely for me. I'm not sure how difficult it would be on your part to offer it with and without, but that would probably be a good option to provide also.

If this helps you this is the fan that I used and seems to be the most often recommended one for builds.

So at $16 without the magnets and the precision that your product would offer, you can see why a $20 price point would be appealing. Let me know if you need any more feedback from a consumer point of view.

u/Bultreys · 1 pointr/Surface

I've also been considering this issue over the last day or so and will be trying a slightly different approach. Rather than blow air into the vents I'm going to apply an 80mm variable speed USB powered fan to the rear top right (where the case heats up significantly) using suction cups, blowing a decent volume of air directly onto the area.

I'll be travelling for four months and think this will be easy to carry and apply when I feel like "Steaming it up" (edit: I deserve to be shot for that pun) and am optimistic that when combined with OS optimization (process culling) and CPU undervolting that the throttling can be contained.

u/shattasma · 1 pointr/SurfaceGaming

i got a ~10$ usb fan from amazon. one with a bendy neck so you can point it directly at the back of surface.

its cheap, effective, hardly takes up space and makes a big difference in frame-rate. i can play hours without stutters, while before my surface would go ~20min before having to undervolt and cool down.

found the exact one i bought

u/Indefinita · 1 pointr/MSILaptops (point it at the laptop, blowing over the surface)

But again, there SHOULD NOT be screen flickering. I'd suggest asking some folks at r/pcmasterrace or r/nvidia about that because it sounds more like a hardware problem...? What temps are you getting to when this starts to happen? I traditionally don't get any higher than 75-90 C at worst, and but my game room is in the basement so it's naturally quite a cool environment. If it's a warm day and I know I'll be gaming for a while I use a laptop cooling pad (Notepal X3) and then diy'd a USB fan-heatsink combo that I put on top of the laptop where the metal gets hot. This normally allows for sub 75 C temps which is more than safe. It's also noisy but I sit away from my laptop (big screen gamer) so that doesn't cause an issue.

u/SangestheLurker · 1 pointr/xboxinsiders

I have the fans that are cooling my console plugged into one of the tv's USB ports so when the Xbox boots and eventually turns the tv on, it also powers the fans. This won't help with the Xbox when it's updating in standby, but the rest of the time it works pretty well. When I upgraded to an X from an S model, I couldn't believe how much more heat the X was generating.

(For reference, I'm using this big guy in the back of the cabinet to pull the hot air out - AC Infinity AIRPLATE S5, Quiet Cooling Fan System 8" with Speed Control, for Home Theater AV Cabinets
And several fans of varying sizes along the side of the console at an angle to push the heat towards the exhaust fan -
Coolerguys Dual 80mm USB Cooling Fans )

u/Dont_Panic-42 · 48 pointsr/legaladvice

This is the advanced protection program (sorry for the shit links, on mobile):

These are the keys needed to become part of the program:

Feitian MultiPass FIDO Security Key

FIDO U2F Security Key, Thetis [Aluminum Folding Design] Universal Two Factor Authentication USB (Type A) for Extra Protection in Windows/Linux/Mac OS, Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, SalesForce, GitHub

u/Chaaru_ · 1 pointr/PS3

This is the exact one I'm using. I got it in-store at Fry's Electronics, and it was on sale at the time.

Amazon has it for a tad cheaper atm

Basically any USB powered fan should be fine. I have the PS3 placed vertically, with the USB fan resting on top to help blow hot air out.

u/Fenix159 · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Already posted this, but it's part of this fan.

I'm not OP, but I also used that fan for it. Awesome thing.

u/CrossedZebra · 2 pointsr/techsupport

You can splice it to a 12v adapter with sufficient amps, or you can splice it to a cut USB cable and try and run it at 5V. Some case fans start and work fine at 5V, some won't. And the fan will perform lower as well at 12V vs 5V. You can get a converter cable like this as well if you don't want to splice - - And again ymmw depending on what case fan you're using and it's specs.

Or you can just make your life easier and get an actual 5V cooling fan, and run it off USB. Like this -

u/brennanfee · 1 pointr/Bitwarden

> Would it still be just as (if not just a little less) secure to put your TOTP's on Bitwarden, and use a separate TOTP for actually logging into Bitwarden stored only on your phone on, say, Aegis Authenticator?

Sure, that would work too. Or using a service such as Duo or something. I think a key (YubiKey) is your best bet for auth into Bitwarden. But the other methods would be fine as well.

One of the things you should consider is the loss of your phone. What happens in that case and make sure you have a way to recover. You could lose your phone, it could become "compromised", or even just break.

Lastly, I would say though that YubiKeys aren't as expensive as you might think. Here is one on Amazon for $20.

u/PenPenGuin · 2 pointsr/DIY

Very neat, I might have to try this out.

Might I suggest looking into the Thermaltake USB Fan as well? As a plus, once fruit fly season is done, it's actually a nice desktop fan.

u/TheManThatWasnt · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I bought this fan when I bought my switch. I plug it in every time I play Mario kart or Zelda. After a couple hours of four player MK8 it was still pretty cool to the touch. Peace of mind for me. Maybe it's bullshit but I'm happy to have it.

u/ePHDiSK · 3 pointsr/BitcoinMining

This is my previous step.

Flexible USB Fan -

USB L Connector -

7 Port Powered Rosewill USB Hub -

The fan is quiet and does its job. 5 successful eruptors on one usb 2.0 hub.

u/pinktarts · 5 pointsr/VRchat

So if you get the adapter,

  1. you’ll need another battery, I bought 2 extra but that because I’m crazy

    An ankler 10,000 watt is the same size and weight as the included battery but lasts about 3-4 hours (around twice as long as the htc once) an Ankler 20,000 is more expensive and double the weight but lasts between 7-8 hours on a single charge (actually I’ve never run out of battery life while using that one) you can also hotswap them if one runs out of battery life as long as you do it quickly

  2. you need a USB 40mm fan, w/o this the adapter is gonna overheat and run at 90c constantly.. with the fan set on low it stays around 40-50c for me which should limit disconnects.

    I’m using this one

    Just plug it into the spare usb slot on the vive and have the fans facing down. You can attach it anyway you want but I used Velcro tape

  3. run the wireless vive software as administrator and in preferences disable full screen optimizations.

    One of the cavets of wireless is occasional disconnects or gray/black screens.. but it’s not enough to make me want to go back teathered... and doing the steps above should limit when it happens by a significant amount.. you also usually fix most problems by just reseating the battery or unplugging and plugging in the usb cord.. but sometimes you might need to restart SteamVR or the wireless tech.

    It’s not perfect.. but when it works, IT WORKS and it’s freaking amazing and the same as wired

    Oh yeah make sure your chaperone/playspace is set slightly smaller then you normally keep it, also keep it at beginner settings. You’re not going to know where you are in your placespace until you get used to cordless
u/crazyrawkr · 1 pointr/cigars

Basically what I did was got this fan and connected it to this timer

I didn't use the cord that came with the fan, instead I got a DC cord from Radioshack (you can probably find something cheaper online). I cut the DC plug off the end of the cord, ran that through the drain hole and connected the wires to the fan and taped everything up with electrical tape.

I sealed the drain hole with insulation foam and then covered that with electrical tape for good measure!

I hope that makes sense!

u/esoogkcudkcud · 8 pointsr/buildapc

I just got a Thermaltake desk fan off of Amazon. I feel like it's a PCMasterrace badge of pride to have a case fan sitting on my work desk.

u/MrEpixauce · 1 pointr/Surface

Please do, my solution to the heat throttling has always been an external fan, with that I am able to achieve pretty close to maximum performance. Though undervolting would mean I wouldn't have to carry around a usb dock and fan for gaming away from home...

u/afsanulr · 9 pointsr/Hyperhidrosis

ARCTIC Breeze Mobile - Mini USB Desktop Fan with Flexible Neck I Portable Desk Fan for Home, Office I Silent USB Fan I Fan Speed 1700 RPM - White

u/pineapplite · 4 pointsr/Stadia

I noticed mine was warm while my TV was off when I went to check it.

Testing now but I don't have anything to reliably measure temps.

I might use my USB fan on it if I notice it getting hot. I have one of these that's pretty quiet and portable:

u/technomancy · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Same, but I've found that analog input is actually pretty nice for scrolling around on web pages. So I got one of these:

u/travistravels247 · 4 pointsr/onebag

Ok, so here's the items I often pack, and they have served me well so far:

[Redcross Flashlight] ( that handcranks to charge itself and small devices. Because of this, it's my top suggestion. I've used it to recharge my Kobo ereader, [my headset] ( (which I've been very happy with, and will order again if/when it breaks), and a small Bluetooth speaker for playing music in my room. I tried to charge my smartphone with the flashlight crank, but it's not advisable, it will take forever.

Other lighting includes [a headlamp] ( and when fighting the heat, I found this fan. For those into vaping, I suggest looking at Vapium Summit, I gave that as a gift, and it's nice for the price.

I tried to find a real sturdy USB hub, but just went with a cheap one with decent reviews.

And finally my portable powerhouse for when there's no outlets nearby: Orange Joos and i will agree that any solar panel will do, but this has a built in battery that holds a charge. It's not flimsy, but also not ultralight. I'm happy with it.

u/beninato · 1 pointr/UWMadison

You can buy your own security key and register it if you really need one. There are plenty on Amazon for around $20, like this. Make sure you don't pay extra for one with NFC if you don't have a phone.

Or have a friend who doesn't want a token/fob give you their free one.

u/komala_ak · 1 pointr/hometheater

I heard the same thing which is why I bought these fans from Amazon for a good price. Super quiet and keep it really cool. I have to keep it on low bc it was too cold with it higher.

u/nickmv5 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Another great option, if you don't feel like going through the effort of a fully-DIY, is this Thermaltake fan.

I use it on my setup (let me see if I can find a link to it), and it simplified the build a good bit, for minimal price. You can find em on eBay w/free shipping too.

Edit: Here is my build using the Thermaltake fan.

u/Bargoss · 2 pointsr/hermitcrabs

As Spizam said, there seems to be a sweet spot, and if I keep my humidity below 85% the glass is always clear. I also have this small computer fan suspended inside my tank with suction cups and fishing line, which gives the crabs a slight breeze and also helps with glass fogging and keeping mold growth on my wood parts inhibited.

u/NerdGirl5 · 1 pointr/Surface

I agree with mlbobs first two points, second two points are up to you. If you are gaming, you might want to get this.

Point it at the top right of the back of the SP4, or top left if you are looking at the back.

I wouldn't bother with a screen protector if you use the type cover. But to answer your question, the pen will work fine with it. The pen resistance or feel will be different and the touch feel will be different, and the reflections from the screen will be different.

Have you thought about back ups? External monitor? Adaptor to use TV? Bigger speakers, headphones?

u/Curtisbeef · 1 pointr/hardware

Just get this:
Griffin Powermate

I use mine alot and love it. Software is pretty customization too.

u/Delanakatrella · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

Our kit consists of this portable fan that runs off USB power/a backup battery, and on very very hot day we usually carry along a cooler with 3-4 pre-frozen/cold ice packs to set the phones on to cool them rapidly. So far the fan is doing the trick at keeping things cool enough to operate.

u/masfenix · 1 pointr/Surface

This subreddit is highly fond of the arctic breeze:

It actually does pretty well. I can be programming/running code/running matlab and it'll hover around 45 - 50, maybe 60 if I go at it. It's just not covered though so if it hits your surface, it will leave a scratch. its a possibility if you use an external usb hub and move the surface around

u/TimeTravellerSmith · 4 pointsr/buildapc

There are a few options for easy lighting:

  • LED fans (example)
  • LED strips (example)
  • NZXT HUE (if it ever comes back in stock)

    Those are all pretty straightforward. Fans just install where you've got fans, strips either go on the monitor, keyboard, or outside/inside the edges of the case. Hue is similar to the strips but is powered internally.

    You can get a little more complex with things like Cold Cathode tubes.
u/lordfili · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

How are you looking to power it - wall wort or USB?

If you want to avoid any hassle you can skip wiring it entirely and use one of these:
Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan - Us

That's what mine uses, and it works perfectly!

u/HaddonH · 1 pointr/monoprice

These sell for more than 30 dollars so there must be a ton of profit that you can get out of this. If you would please.


u/ImNotPanicking · 17 pointsr/GooglePixel

Consider this: Your CPUs are rendering or displaying two 3d views at 60hz minimal, streaming at 4k or near 4k for 360 video, and doing all of this on a battery and no fans.

Realistically this is going to equate to heat. Mobile VR isn't for long experiences yet. Try to appreciate it for what it is and will become. If you want a long VR experience without PC or console VR, you'll need to figure out a cooling system.

GearVR users have done everything from ice packs to heatsinks to 3d printed fan attachments. The Galaxy S7 has heat spreaders, but check /r/GearVR and you'll find there is still an overheating issue in particular situations.

Give it time and we'll start seeing the same ingenuity in this community that GearVR has.

Edit: A cooler like this may help, but I think you'll need to enable the Daydream developer options to run with the NFC chip being so far away. Don't know if it would still fit in the viewer like that though. Hopefully a 3rd party Daydream headset will come along with cooling. Whenever my Verizon rebate comes through I might tear my headset down and see about adding a fan onto the NFC back plate.

u/seamus333 · 7 pointsr/Charcuterie

Temp Controller

Humidity Controller



Small Fan (on a timer, runs for 30 minutes every 2 hours or so)


I got an old fridge on Craigslist for $25 that I thought was a small personal fridge but turned out to be about 6 cubic feet (perfect for hanging). I’m not sure of the brand actually (maybe Kenmore). So far I’ve done a Bresaola and a Copa, both have turned out great!

u/burtnayd · 1 pointr/succulents

if the tub is kept close to the fan, yes. Otherwise it’ll act like a greenhouse (likely regardless of the holes) and cause your beebs to rot. A small fan (something like [this](Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12 External USB Cooling 120mm Fan with One-Touch Retractable USB Power Cable Box for Notebook Laptop Desktop. AF0007 could work mounted to the sides of the tub with the cable running out.

I had plants in an cabinet that had cracks between the doors and the sides that I thought would be enough circulation but many many things I kept in there rotted when I was out of town.

u/Suspendedskinnykid · 1 pointr/camping

Get a hammock but if not then plan B. Get an external battery bank. Get a couple of these. People say they move air pretty well.

u/paidhima · 4 pointsr/homelab

Unless it's a very warm environment, I don't think so. I had mine in an unconditioned room during a NY summer. It gets quite toasty, but I haven't had any problems. That being said, I didn't like the temp and purchased a USB-powered single 80mm fan (thermaltake I think). It's a neat little thing and even on low (completely silent until you're within a foot of the fan) it cooled the device until it was barely warm to the touch.

EDIT: this is what I use

u/musictheorist · 1 pointr/hometheater

I used a very similar fan in my setup for a while. The one I linked has adjustable speed, so you can prioritize sound and necessary airflow. I plugged it into the front USB port on my Denon and just wrapped the cord underneath so that it was barely visible. If the receiver was on, it powered the fan automatically, so it worked really seamlessly.

As for cooling two levels, I'm pretty sure it would not work well for that without a large opening between the two levels for airflow. Maybe show us a pic/sketch of the shelf setup?

u/Agingcarnivore · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I used this computer fan,

Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan - Us

And this box, the lid is a little flimsy so I left the fan's mounting screws long enough to support the weight of a full 5 liter flask.

Darice 9180-06 Unfinished Cigar Box, 8.375"x8.125"x1.75"

And this is what I ended up with...

Edit: if you're in the U.S. and would like I could send you the magnets I used and a stir bar. The magnets I used came in a 10 pack.

u/CUBICALwARFARE · 49 pointsr/starcraft

I used two of these:

I bought Quartz Fairy Crystal Clusters, which sometimes come with very opaque bases, so I bought a decent amount more than I needed to make sure I'd got enough good, clear ones.

Then, I just went to a craft shop and constructed a trough out of Balsa wood.

Edit: Forgot a word...

u/mdt2 · 1 pointr/Vive

Thanks OP. I'm currently using the arctic breeze one.

Top tip - with some careful dremeling you can cut out the corner of the strap attachment so you can re-fit the headset band with the fan still attached.

See ->

u/albinoyoungn · 2 pointsr/Surface

ARCTIC Breeze Mobile USB-Powered 92mm Portable Fan, Portable Cooling Solution, Quiet Fan - White

One of these and point it at the top right (left if you are looking at it) corner in the back.

u/Mark_M01 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Well I let the receiver cool down and now it seems everything works again. So I'm going to purchase small fans like these to place on top to remove the hot air from the receiver.

u/Bug42 · 1 pointr/PS3

Mine was doing the same thing as well. I sent it in for repair, and a year later it started happening again. I tried everything. The thing that finally worked was this. It is a USB fan. My PS3 was getting to hot where it seats in my entertainment center. I have not had any random shut downs since putting this behind my ps3, and letting it run.

This may not fix your issue, but it may help, and it is a lot cheaper then sending it in for repair.

u/_tranceState_ · 5 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Haha you would think right! I had only 2 fans last year. It was June and it was hot as balls... for everyone else! I was a solid 30 degrees cooler in my own hoodie than anyone else around me. I kept them on at full blast at 1300 rpms(both fans were daisy chained) powered of a 2200 mAh battery pack also I had a small water reservoir in my camelbak that i can pump from my pocket to mist my back.

I had to leave the battery charging till the last minute though to make sure i had enough charge to last from dusk to dawn. This year I'm bringing two and rotating them out every other day.

u/wormwired · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

I go to lots of LAN parties. Things that pc gamers like are Keyboard cleaners

and Compressed air as getting rid of dust is essential to a gaming pc. USB lights are fun Like this
or This

I would suggest avoiding gaming mouse or headphones as those can depend greatly on a persons prefrence. Some people prefer over the head some people prefer buds. Some prefer Claw mouse some prefer palm. A keyboard is a keyboard.

u/eight- · 1 pointr/Trackballs

The best way I found to scroll on the marble (the best meaning, a way which doesn't cause you massive discomfort [something you left mice for trackballs in the first place] the way all the other alternatives do) is

u/Thetomas · 1 pointr/hotas

Interesting. I saw references to UCR when I was working on getting my warthog throttle working with star citizen.

These are the ones I'm interested in (especially the Griffin one), but they don't say anything about MIDI. Do you think one might be able to be turned into a virtual joystick slider using UCR?

Edit: Actually I just realized the griffin is discontinued and sold out or overpriced most places... I guess the other one is ok too.

u/Tonio50 · 1 pointr/GearVR

I think if you use it in a warm room it can heat up fast. I had the overheating recently when staying in a hotel. Nothing since apart from heavy use.
I got one of these

It has a very powerful fan and sticks onto the back of your phone...I haven't had to use it yet lol....

u/lostnprocrastination · 2 pointsr/headphones

> The tea towel is the safety net.

You must have fallen asleep in school when they were teaching you how condensation works :p

Seriously, if you are unaware of how condensation forms, please take the ice pack off. I am going to think about some solutions for you while I play some Insurgency and chill out for a while :)

edit- pick one of these up, plug it into the back of your monitor and set it up blowing over or in the back of your amp. The fan has fully adjustable fans, I use two of them for my entertainment center and they've been working with no problems for years.

u/ThatNakedGuy7 · 2 pointsr/macmini

Mine runs hot when I'm using Photoshop. I've read elsewhere that the heat is within Intel specs.
Regardless, I bought a USB fan that I point at the Mini, and it cools it down great.

u/3johny3 · 1 pointr/xboxone

you can remedy the situation by buying a cheap usb fan at your favorite online retailer. newegg, amazon, monoprice all have them. i run these fans by even my most ventilated xboxes, router, computer. etc.


for example

u/Boss_McAwesome · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

After the line fills with beer is it leaving the tube? Is it leaking everywhere? A big possibility is that the tube is warmer than the keg, and that will cause the co2 to leave solution, and then you'd have co2 pockets in the tube (causing foaming). Your kegerator might have really stratified temperatures, so you could get something like this if you've narrowed down temperature as the cause.

u/T0dd_Flanders · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

This might not be the most helpful reply but if things don't work out you might consider this Thermaltake USB Fan. It has a built in speed control and uses a USB for power so no wiring necessary. I used this to build my stir plate and it has done the job and ran me about ~$20 to assemble (Although it does spin pretty fast so you might be able to get by using the 80mm version.....)

u/Diabeticon · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

It looks like it might be the USB to 3-pin that comes with this fan.

Source: I used that fan in my stir plate and it looks like that, too.

u/immortalreddit · 1 pointr/Surface

I know it may look silly, but I've read a few people suggest using a USB powered fan like this and pointing it at the back of the SP3 where it gets hottest:

u/emoney23 · 1 pointr/xboxone

With more graphically demanding games the fan will need to kick in to keep the system cool especially with RDR2. If you have your Xbox in a closed entertainment center that has the back blocked so air can't go out like mine, I'd suggest purchasing some external fans like these:

Before when playing RDR2 my fans would kick in so much that it was almost hard to here the audio from the game. Since using these the Xbox fans barely make any noise.

u/moggd · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Here you go:

There is a 120mm one as well if you want that. I found some info on forums online, seems like a lot of beer brewers have made a magnetic mixer with it before. You could probably find a tutorial. Seems legit.

Cool thing about this is that you can use any USB phone charger you have laying around to power it.

u/FFLink · 1 pointr/hotas

Something like this, but it seems expensive...

I would personally just build my own with a Pro Micro or Arduino. Would be a fun project ^^

Edit: Or this?

u/SearingPhoenix · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

How about just physical knobs for a ton of different things

Yeah, that exists. I hear it's actually pretty awesome and has some good uses in AV editing and whatnot (scrub timelines in Premiere/Audition/Ableton, contact sheets in Lightroom, etc.)

There are also more specialty devices such as the Contour (Basically the same, but with programmable buttons) or 3 dimensional mice which have a niche market in CAD applications.

u/britjh22 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I built mine, and that was part of what made it fun. This fan + a hard drive magnet + a cigar box from a friend + some wood + extra usb phone charger I had sitting around.

u/wizzard21 · 1 pointr/cigars

Thanks everyone. I had some wire laying around, so I emptied the wineador and tested out running the wire through the drain hole and it was actually really easy. I went ahead and ordered two fans and an outlet timer.

u/bmooreskier · 1 pointr/laptops

great idea! i've got an oddly placed usb port that i was going to close off anyway. Also found this:

If I only have fans on one side, I want them blowing out right? Not in?

u/bowman088 · 7 pointsr/Homebrewing

Too expensive? All you need is a computer fan, a pair of magnets, and some glue. I used this fan ( I just removed the metal guard from the back side and glued the magnet to it. The ends of the screws hold the flask the right height above the fan for everything to work perfectly. It's not the prettiest stir plate but it works just as well.

u/Chalmun · 1 pointr/PS3

If it's in some sort of cubby and feels warm, you can get a decent and cheap USB fan to circulate air. I have this one and it works great.

u/Unlucky_Situation · 1 pointr/PS4

Rather than a box fan I use a USB powered fan that can plug into any device with usb ports. My TV has USB inputs, so that's where the fan stays plugged in rather than taking up my Ps4 or Xbox USB slots. Example

u/BitcoinAllBot · 1 pointr/BitcoinAll

Author: SteelbiteGaming


>I'm heavily considering taking up BTC mining as a hobby. I know that this will most likely never break even, but it'd be a fun venture into mining.

>Budget of $100

> USB powered BTC miner
> USB powered fan
> 3 port USB hub

>What do you guys think for a budget of $100? Remember that this is a hobby and not for profit.

>Thanks for any and all suggestions!

u/theorhettical · 3 pointsr/EDC

You have a power bank, why not just get a small usb fan. There are hundreds of models on amazon that are small and either run off any usb port or are rechargeable.

Like this: usb flexible fan

Or even this fancy neck one: fancy neck fan

u/estydees · 3 pointsr/Surface


I have a surface S3 with I7 for over a year now and I love it. Most of your bugs I've experienced at some point or other. Windows 10 originally had a pretty rough start on minor bugs but Microsoft has started releasing patches at a faster rate which helped a lot of these.

  1. Keep updating windows.. This use to be a common problem for more then just surface, (my gf has a lenovo laptop with touch and it would break there too) but it went away sometime ago. (Use to be a weekly problem but I haven't experienced it in a few months)

  2. I had to disable windows defender for similar issues. Not sure if updating or what helped but ya the overheating is a real issue. I bought a usb small fan on amazon for about $7 to plug into my computer to blow air on the top right corner of the computer. This helps a lot with overheating, (especially when gaming). For the process being stuck, it sounds like a bug =/. I use to see this issue but it went away. For me it was this "app module installer". Very annoying but I haven't had an issue like this in months.

  3. Sorry, haven't hit this.

  4. Try letting update run for a long period of time. I had the same problem and learned that the % isn't accurate. If you don't have the windows anniversary version it might be downloading a very large update and could be stuck there for a long time.

    I donno if I was very helpful but try to plug into a solid internet and download all the updates, the Surface has come a long way in terms of reliability. Microsoft redesigned a lot of code with windows 8+ and it came at a cost.
u/xyrgh · 1 pointr/keyboards

What about something like the Griffin Powermate?

Separate but can be used in any setup. I used one of these with my mechanical keyboards for ages before I ended up getting a dedicated headphone amp which already has a volume knob.

u/Aquifel · 1 pointr/woweconomy

I bought one of these:

It was only bought partially for things like salvage crates but, damn is it useful for them. I bound the key to open the salvage crates to mousewheel up which is also what triggers when you rotate the knob. I just absent-mindedly rotate it while watching TV and, slowly make progress.

u/El_Smakk · 1 pointr/gadgets

I'm looking for something like this, but actually programmable, as in writing my own code to send instructions to the fan, or load custom software to the fan, not just 'programming' in lines of text to cycle through. I have a very hard time googling it, since all of them are called 'programmable'.

u/prajaybasu · 16 pointsr/yubikey

> Google Titan

They suck:

  • The Titan hardware is the same as Feitian MultiPass K13 and Feitian ePass NFC bundle

  • The rebranded MultiPass that they're selling sucks, it uses Micro USB which is a weak and outdated connector.

  • The keys are made in China by a Chinese company. If you care about this, then you're better off with Yubico or some open source vendor. I don't have a problem with Feitian though, they've been in this business for a long time.

  • The MultiPass key isn't waterproof and can be popped open. The non BLE versions are sealed using epoxy and really impossible to break, just like a YubiKey. I wouldn't trust a MultiPass key as a backup. See the Amazon reviews for yourself.

  • There's lots of issues with BLE, OSes even had to block pairing with insecure security keys that Google/Feitian was forced to recall.

  • It's another damn device that requires charging.

  • Can only be used for Google Accounts on iOS with the Smart Lock app installed. While YubiKey has made active efforts to support the 5Ci on iOS.

    For $50-$70, I'd probably get one of these options as a backup:

  • 50-70$ -1 x YubiKey 5 series, preferably the 5Ci or another 5 NFC.
  • 60$ - 5 x Feitian HyperFIDO Mini, to hide them in bank lockers/backpacks
  • 60$ - 3 x Yubico Security Key, because they support FIDO2 for Azure AD/Microsoft Acccounts
  • 60$ - 1 x Feitian BioPass, since biometrics is more secure than typing a PIN on a software keypad. Wouldn't trust it in an airport though, legally a grey area.

    I also tried GoTrustID (paid) and Krypton which are app based U2F authenticators with push notifications for verification. They act as a decent wireless software backup that works for all accounts. GoTrustID is BLE based while Krypton uses push notifications.

    Google currently doesn't allow using an Android phone as a BLE security key except for Google accounts (uses a proprietary protocol called CaBLE that only works on Chrome Desktop right now).

    I've personally found USB-C to be the most robust method on Android phones and newer laptops, it's really quick and easy. Windows 10 doesn't even show me an option to pair a Bluetooth U2F authenticator on 1903, only Chromium browser has implemented it, not the OS itself. With the YubiKey 5Ci, it should be easy to authenticate on literally any device from the last 10 years with minimal dongles, so it will be my first choice as a backup. USB-C is better than NFC for me.
u/JJIS · 1 pointr/1Password

Could you please support not only Yubikey but also the Yubico security key, the Thetis key, and Feitian?

u/lepermessiah57 · 1 pointr/cigars

I've been using in my wineador for awhile now. It works great. I have it hooked up to a mechanical timer to run for 30mins every 2 hours. I almost never have to mess with the humidity.

u/mikemiller-esq · 3 pointsr/Dell
  1. get fed up of the constant restarts.
  2. we bought a dual usb 80mm fan set from here
  3. opened up the dock, remove the rubber mat at the bottom,it's only glued, removed the metal heat sink
  4. used a whole saw to cut the main hole and mounted the fan
  5. drilled smaller holes to make it go faster
  6. plugged in the usb cable to the front jacks.

u/Sho_nuff_ · 2 pointsr/DJs

(New RGB version) USB LED RGB Programmable Fan for PC Laptop Notebook Desktops Flexible Gooseneck Mini USB Programmable Fan

u/danielmiller19 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I bought this and put it in there. Just need to add a USB to standard plug adapter and it works great to get air circulating.


u/Randomhkkid · 2 pointsr/Surface

I use a small usb fan pointed at the top right to completely eliminate thermal throttling, the bigger issue is actually power limit throttling, this caps the package at ~25watts (IIRC) which limits scenarios where the CPU and GPU are being pushed simultaneously (Like gaming).

The fan I use

u/cmiller1 · 5 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

This is a USB powered "fan clock", a google search for usb fan clock should give you lots of results, for example:

Not sure what brand/model is in the gif, so you may want to research on if that's a decent one to buy if you really want one.

u/leadwateocean · 4 pointsr/functionalprint

On Amazon. Its a little pricier than I could have accomplished given more time, but for plug and play it'll do!

u/NevaDoWatItDo · 1 pointr/cigars

That's what I have. Pretty simple design, and worked well when I've used it.

u/Tchnclly · 1 pointr/Surface

SP3 "mod" Buy a gooseneck USB fan. Plug it into the USB port and point it at the hot-spot on the back of the tablet where the proc is.

The ARCTIC Breeze here is my favorite out of a few I tried:

u/diarh34 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I like the volume knob. They should just leave it up to you what you want to do with the other one. Like a PowerMate