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1. AdirMed Universal Drinking Cup Holder - for Any Kind of Strollers, Walkers, Bicycles, Wheelchairs, Rollator, Cane & Crutch (Black)

AdirMed Universal Drinking Cup Holder - for Any Kind of Strollers, Walkers, Bicycles, Wheelchairs, Rollator, Cane & Crutch (Black)
  • UNIVERSAL CUP HOLDER. When you’re out for a stroll, riding your bike or simply enjoying the fresh air, it’s convenient to always have a drink at hand. This cup holder mounts onto a 1-inch tube frame, easily clipping onto most walkers, wheelchairs, bicycles, transport chairs and bed rails so you can enjoy your beverage whether you’re indoors or out.
  • COMPACT SIZE. Measuring 4.5” x 8” x 1” and weighing less than half a pound, the AdirMed won’t add cumbersome weight or bulk to the product it’s attached to. Despite it’s lightweight, compact design, the universal holder is expertly crafted using molded plastic to provide long-lasting strength and use.
  • ADJUSTABLE CONVENIENCE. Whether you drink coffee, water, soda or juice, this universal holder can accommodate your beverage of choice. The grip adjusts to any sized beverage from 2.35" to 3.95" in diameter, making it suitable for holding a cup, bottle, thermos or can.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN. Once attached, you don’t need to continuously remove and re-attach this accessory when it’s not needed. It conveniently folds down to 3.75" x 3.90" x 1.40" when not in use, allowing you to easily navigate your wheelchair or other mobility device through doorways and other narrow, tight spaces.
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u/ember3pines · 1 pointr/ehlersdanlos

In general I think that people aren't paying attention when walking around, so it's always a bit frustrating for me. The good news is that most people will get out of the way anddddd let you get closer since you have to be sitting down and generally can navigate if you're willing to speak up. I tend to be the person yelling excuse meeeeee at the airport so 🤷‍♀️ Another thing to remember is that you can stand up if you are in a crowd and just can't handle it, or you can't see something - I get a bit self conscious that people around me would be weird about me standing but with my cane and going slow, they generally left me alone when I switched between the two. In crowds, it's also important to have good communication with your pusher (if you need one) on how you want to enter spaces/doorways and where you wanna go (eg entering doors without an auto button backwards is easier imo). It kinda sucks having them behind you bc chatting random observations has to be much louder, but it's alllllll definitely worth cutting down on the pain. Basically, the less standing and waiting that I did and the less time spent on my feet, the better I felt. I also bought a few accessories to hang on the back of the chair and under the chair so that saved me a ton of shoulder/neck/arm pain. Sorry, I'm sure my writing isn't the most linear train of thought tonight but I hope that clarifies things.

Edit: here's are a few accessories I mentioned: under seat bag , cup holder (more set up for this one) , and a good back of the chair bag but I can't find mine online rn