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u/BA1969 · 2 pointsr/ColoredPencils

While all of the options here are great, some of them are pretty expensive. Scrap Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer, any of the Derwent ones and especially Caran D'ache Museum, too expensive. At the moment I'm working on a watercolor pencil review, reviewing all kinds of brands and while these 3 brands are good, they're all overpriced.

As mentioned Koh-I-Noor Mondelux is great and affordable. This one can easily keep up with the more expensive ones. Another good choice could be Faber-Castell Goldfaber, more affordable, but still good.

I personally haven't tried Prismacolor, would love to add them to my review, but they're simply impossible to get here. I'm sure they're fine, but I'm also sure they suffer the same issue as the colored pencils by Prismacolor.....

Which is lightfastness and that's something you may want to keep in mind when buying watercolor pencils. If you buy the wrong ones, they're going to fade sooner then you'd like. Having studied many tests in this area, adding quite some experience as well, I came to a few conclusions. Scrap Derwent, none of their watersoluble stuff is lightfast, even if the claim so, it isn't. According to tests Prismacolors suffer the same fate, along with many of the cheaper brands. Shockingly, you can also add the famous Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer to this list..... if you expose your work in light, especially when sunlight is involved, Albrecht Dürer watercolor will fade much soon then you'd expect.

If lightfastness is an issue, only 3 watercolor pencils will stand the test of time. Bruynzeel Design Aquarel, Caran D'ache Museum and Van Gogh Water Colour Pencils. As mentioned, Caran D'ache is very expensive. Bruynzeel Design Aquarel is good, but.... they're hard to use. Great for detailed work, bad for quick work.

In my experience the Royal Talens Van Gogh Water Colour Pencils are simply the best out there. Pricewise quite cheap, very pigmented, easy to use and simply the best lightfastness on the market. Yes, in that respect they're not equal to the Caran D'ache Museum, no they're superior.

Simple said.... if you want to stay to true to Montessori go with Prismacolor, but you will not get the best and run the risk of faded work in time. You want the best? Try to get your hands on a full set of 60 Royal Talens Van Gogh Water Colour Pencils. Amazon has them, https://www.amazon.com/GOGH-Pencil-colored-pencil-Metal/dp/B0016GMQ0E They're something different. (Oh and ignore that 3 star rating someone gives claiming these are hard, they're definitely not hard at all, they're medium soft, allowing rought and detailed work).

u/ragred · 2 pointsr/drawing

I'm no pro by any means but I have a lot of fun drawing after work and certainly I'd love my SO surprised me with something like:

u/Sammichface · 5 pointsr/thewalkingdead

I was just looking at amazon after I commented and the prices have changed a little since I purchased my sets. One set went up in price and one set went down.

I paid about $26 including shipping for a set of 60 pencils and a sharpener. It was the Scholar set. They are good quality and includes a nice variety of colors and shades. Right now that same set has gone up to $29.99 and the sharpener is still under $2 . I think the Scholar set was about $20 when I bought it.

I noticed there is a set of 48 Premiers for like $35 right now so you could always go that route. I had a set of premiers in HS and they are a better pencil than the Scholars, but I still think less money for more colors is worth it.

I paid about $18 including shipping for a set of 36 Verithin pencils which are great for fine details. They have a harder "lead" or whatever you want to call it. I know it's not actually lead so I hope you get what I mean. They are great for hard lines and accents. I wouldn't use these for shading or gradation. I love them. I use them for all kinds of different techniques that the softer pencils don't work as well for. Right now a set of 24 is like $12 before shipping so jump on it.

Edited to add links and change some stuff that I got wrong.

Edit to OP: Prismacolor is a great option for what you're looking to do because they work well on different types of surfaces. I'm assuming your comic collection has glossy pages, right? Regular, less expensive pencils won't work as well and you might not be able to fill in and shade everything without leaving lines and white space. I hope you show us some of the pages when you get started.

u/Locke217 · 4 pointsr/Re_Zero

I used Touchnew markers.
Numbers; 64,76,182,CG8,83,143,84,132,145,75, white deleter for the eyes, I overlapped # 76 on 182. # 64 is used to shade for the blue. # 145 is for the shade for the white on the dress. CG8 is for the dress and shoes. #84 is the ribbon. # 83 is for the shade for the dress. For the black I used whatever but make the lines thick haha rem is thick lulz. I used a color pencil for the blush. For the skin I used #132. TBH I would go fairer. Like #26 or #131. I used a micron pen for some of the black I have a black Copic marker so I used that to fill in some stuff I would not use the Copic cuz the brush is hard to control for me now. I would recommend drawing her before you even start to color her. Here is the sauce for the markers I used. And the rest of the art supplies I used. I would not suggest the paper I used.

168 Set Color TOUCHNEW Graphic Drawing Painting Alcohol Art Dual Tip Sketch Pen Twin Marker Design Coloring Highlighting Set with Carry Bag +A4 Drawing Book + Parblo Glove https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MS46KVT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_zW2DCbMSACQY0
And the deleter
Deleter Manga Ink - White 2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UF3IUE?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

The Copic marker I mentioned:
Copic Marker Copic Sketch... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001QWZUE2?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

The skin colors I used most of them I believe: come with the 168 set haven't checked
24 Colors Skin Tone Pens TOUCHNEW... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B8LS519?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

The pencils I used:
Zebra DelGuard 0.5mm Lead... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NN3Z4EI?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000093L6M?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

The micron markers I mentioned:
3M Rugged Comfort Quick Latch... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0798HYDYL?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

And lastly for the color pencils:
Castle Art Supplies 72 Colored... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZNF7GS?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I used #34 of ^ the color pencils I used my finger to rub it in and make it look like a blush.

Paper I used:
Bellofy 100-Sheet Sketchpad... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FB6G81C?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Yeah sorry for the overkill response and wall of text. Have fun drawing her.

P.S please respond if you read it I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day :3

u/anon_smithsonian · 1 pointr/Coloring

> I do hope I'll get something I can use on skin though!

I think it will really depend on how much depth/complexity you want in your skin tones. The Polychromos set does have colors that work for skin tones, but Prismacolor just has a much greater range of colors in that area.

The Polychromos set just doesn't really have as many choices when it comes to neutral tints/tones/shades (like browns/beige). But this can be easily supplemented with the Prismacolor 24-color Portrait set, which pretty much comes with all of the colors you would want or need for creating more complex skin tones. (And, depending on which Prismacolor set you already have, you might already have all of those colors.) It looks like the Koh-I-Noor only goes up to 72 colors, but it looks like it has some good skin tones colors in there (from what I can tell from the image on the product page).

All in all, though, I think you'll enjoy using oil-based colored pencils. I found the oil-based ones seem to handle layering a lot better and can be built up a lot more without just starting to smear (like with the Prismacolor and other wax-based). The oil-based pencils also have a harder core, which can be good and bad: it's good when you are doing finer details and layering, and also because you're less likely to have to sharpen the pencil nearly as often. The downside is it can make filling in larger sections with a single color (like in backgrounds) more tedious... in which case I will often revert to my Prismacolors to lay in the base layers of color.

So there will be a little bit of a learning curve as you start to familiarize yourself with the oil-based pencils and learn the different strengths/weaknesses of them, but it shouldn't really take very long. I'm guessing you'll probably prefer using the oil-based for most things but will still occasionally pull out the Prismacolor for certain things, as I have.

So once you've gotten them and have had a chance to use them for a bit, you'll have to let me know what you think!

u/justarandomcommenter · 5 pointsr/raisedbyborderlines

Edit: yaaaaa, so serves me right for trying to use Swype :) I'm totally leaving it in hopes it triggers additional smiles, like the one I got after hitting the "submit" button and noticing the glaring typo :)

I just wanted to poop in and hopefully help you and /u/my2kidsmom reframe this feeling slightly...

I'm not going to pretend I'm am expert, or even past my trauma - but I noticed the way you guys are talking is so similar to what I used to do! Then one day, after we finally went NC with my "mom", my husband noticed me sitting at the end of "her bed". I was bawling my eyes out, not even sure if I was upset I'd lost my mother, or if I was mad at myself for letting her abuse me for 36 years of my life.

My absolutely amazing husband say beside my snot-bubble dripping nosed self, handed me a box of Kleenex, started rubbing my back while I cleaned myself up, and just told me "You're the most durable woman I've ever met, and this will only make you more durable." Then he held me for what felt like forever (but was absolutely perfect), and then we went and ate Whataburger for dinner.

Not only does that durability sustain me in my personal life, but I've also been able to leverage it into an incredibly lucrative career, where I get to make money helping people. I often forget, especially on days like this, how incredibly lucky I am to be able to say that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we have all lost a lot of our happy times and our childhoods. We've lost our ability to imagine a better future (or even just play make believe). But not only did we make it out of this abhorrent cycle of abuse we've all suffered, but we did it with dignity. We came out the other side battered and bruised, either emotionally or physically (or if you're lucky like me, both), and we fucking nailed it! We are durable, we are successful, and we are finally free of the insanity that used to be our mothers (or fathers).

Life pro tip, if you ever find yourself bawling your eyes out like I was - or even if one of those thoughts just randomly gets stuck in your head - pull out a nice pad of blank paper, and some epic pencil crayons - then write out the words "I'M FUCKING DURABLE!" on the first page, followed by "MY LIFE IS AMAZING BECAUSE I'M AMAZING!!!". Then turn them into bubble letters, and completely fill them in with any colours, patterns, or images that you're mother loathed the most on this planet.

I used to LOVE the colour teal. If placed beside a dark purple, I could easily see myself in love with a rat painted those colours. Mom hated teal. She actually spit on me when I put on the amazing Charlotte Hornets jacket. My father bought it for me on one of his work trips, because Charlotte's main colour was teal and he actually knows something about his daughter. Mom was furious, not only because he got me a jacket and "only" bought her a new necklace - but because his gift was thoughtful. You could literally see the jealousy boiling up in her eyeballs - jealous of her own 14yr old daughter, over her husband and that daughter's father. I was terrified to put on the jacket (or even take it out of the fucking bag!!), cause I could see the hatred oozing from her fucking eyeballs. I knew what was going to happen, but every time she looked at Dad or he looked at her, she'd be smiling - so Dad had no idea and was just excited for me to try on the amazingly thoughtful gift that he got his daughter! I couldn't disappoint him, and honestly I was hoping that since he was there then she couldn't do anything overt (this was two years after the first time he threatened to leave my mother unless she went to therapy to learn how to stop hating me - very long story about how he found out she was BPD theogony to her attempting to use therapy to prove I was a bitch and that I deserved her hatred...). So I put it on, Dad is absolutely beaming he's so proud of his little girl, and I don't even think there's a word in English that could describe the hatred seething from my mother... It had the potential to be a great family bonding moment - Dad just got back from a two week long business trip, had just gifted both daughters and his wife awesomely thoughtful presents - but of course these things meant that Mom wasn't the center of attention... So that's problematic. Mom started pretending to cough, like she had something stuck in her throat. Dad, being the oblivious oaf, turned his head and started walking to the kitchen to get her a cup of water. Then she opened my coat like she was interested in checking out the available pockets or something, but then all of that cough was expelled directly into the armpit of my brand new gift. Then the bitch closed the coat as Dad returned with her water, and did that "pat pat it's all good" thing, right on the armpit part she spit into.

So now the colour teal, in any relation to my "mother", is a sign of war as far as I'm concerned. I begged for clothes and accessories in that colour for years throughout my childhood, denied at every turn. I finally get something that colour and she immediately tries to ruin the moment with her nasty smoker's hork. Later, when I was able to get my own income at 16 by working for Nortel through a high school intern program, I bought a "bed in a bag" set that was dark purple and teal, I was so fucking excited!!!! Bitch insisted it needed to be washed before using it, cause "it might have been used by someone with lice or bedbugs before I got it home - and the cunt poured an entire bottle of bleach into the wash with it!!!! Literally tells Dad "oops", and that's ok? That wasn't a fucking oops. That bitch NEVER uses bleach, even for things that SHOULD be bleached!!!!!

So ya, I've taken back my teal and the dark purple, through my new awesomeness plan - I've entitled the entire project "I'm awesomely durable!"

I hope you guys have an awesome week!!

u/LTpotatoes · 2 pointsr/ColoredPencils

Alright this answer will vary depending on quality/quantity so I've got some options here and how seriously this artist takes their work matters too I guess. And price is dependent on what stores you have available to you.

First and cheapest option: Artist's Loft
Michaels: http://www.michaels.com/10124971.html

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Artists-Loft-Fundamentals-Colored-Pencils/dp/B00OQJYTZI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1501257744&sr=8-2&keywords=artist+loft+colored+pencils

I've used plenty of artist loft products and generally they work pretty well for their price. They are not the fanciest in the business but they are good starter tools and can hold someone over until they decide if they want to pursue that medium or not.

Best price for quality: Reeves

Michaels 24pc: http://www.michaels.com/reeves-colored-pencilsset-of-24/D016855S.html

Joann's 24pc: http://www.joann.com/reeves-colored-pencils-24%2Fpkg/15184609.html

Amazon 36pc: https://www.amazon.com/Reeves-Colored-Pencils-Set-36/dp/B0044SH0GG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501257287&sr=8-1&keywords=reeves%2B36%2Bcolored%2Bpencils&th=1

Personally, I have never used a Reeve's product but I have a couple of artist friends who said this is a good brand for budgets. One of the people who said this was an art student in college and the reviews in general had positive things to say about them. If you're willing to deal with the shipping/wait time then Amazon has you covered.

Most Expensive (outside of the budget) but Highest Quality: Prismacolor

Michael's: http://www.michaels.com/prismacolor-scholar-colored-pencils/M10115539.html?dwvar_M10115539_color=Assorted

Joann's: http://www.joann.com/prismacolor-24-colored-pencil-set/3544582.html

Staples: https://www.staples.com/Prismacolor-Premier-Colored-Pencils-Soft-Core-24-Pack/product_859829

These are the colored pencils most people swear by and once they buy them they don't want to go back. However, they are outside of your budget range unless you get them from Michael's on their little sale they've got going or in-store at Staples. ($20 in store at my local Staples). The prices vary but generally Michael's is the most expensive with these. I'd say these would probably be better for an older more experienced art student but you should know about the brand. Great thing to keep in mind if they want to really step up their art game in the future.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congratulations! Well done on pushing through so many obstacles on your way to success :)

I am an art student, currently studying a degree in illustration, so what would be immensely useful to me right now is this set of coloured pencils because I don't currently own a full set. And coloured pencils are pretty important for an artist :')

I learnt (the hard way) through my time at university that life doesn't wait for you. The world doesn't stop turning because I'm having a depressive episode, or because I feel overwhelmed by work, etc etc. Sometimes I felt like I needed to just hide under the covers of my bed and when I decided to get out again everything would be ok and I could pick up where I left off. Obviously this isn't the case, life goes on with or without you participating, so I learnt to buckle up and take it head on, and be sure to use my time wisely and responsibly.

I was schooled! Thank you for this contest.

u/Varasque · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh my Gosh I ADORE the Alice in Wonderland one ♥ Lovely! How talented you are!

If I could have anything off my wishlist without worrying about price, it'd be this art set. I'd be in art supply heaven! ^^//fatchance

To be honest I'd be happy just taking this, let alone £700 worth!!

Is there a raffle phrase? :3

u/chemmissed · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Thanks for the compliment and question! I teach, so I strive to have neat handwriting for whiteboard work. :)

I love the Staedler triplus fineliners so far! They didn't arrive until a couple of days after my notebook, though, and I was eager to get started. :) Many of the earlier pages were done using one or more of the following:

u/mimafo · 1 pointr/notebooks

Do you like to draw? I have gotten back into sketching (I'm not very good at it but I really enjoy it!) and like doing the prompts at /r/SketchDaily/. It's also gotten me, a fountain pen person, into pencils including fun colored pencils like the Koh-I-Noor Tri Tone pencils. Again, I'm not an artist... I just find it really fun to play with all these toys, er tools!

u/Zebirdsandzebats · 4 pointsr/ColoredPencils


Technically, I like faber castells a bit better, but Prismas are great and you can easily find individual colors when you run out of one (unlike fabers). They're what I use. Protip: pair them when a paintbrush of rubbing alcohol for a super smooth effect :)

u/popomcpumpkins · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Seriously great! Also, speaking as a colored pencil person, buy these pencils! They give colored pencil work so much life and will make your already fantastic drawing even better. You just "color" over your picture to blend everything and make it more even. Again though, nice work (and I love Zuko :))!

u/MacabreChaos · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Mario Collectible 12 piece figure set
NES Keychain
Blue sketch pencils - I read your intro and saw you liked to draw? I use these to get a good sketch before using darker lead or pen since my sketches are soooo messy. Art supplies are always nice!
18 piece sketch set
Pencils with case
21 piece sketch set

Slightly over $10 by a couple dollars stuff, but I thought they were super cool!
Cute Mario soap dispenser omg
Zelda 2015 Calendar
Ultimate History of Video Games Book - this is a fantastic read for any video game fan!
Zelda wallet

Anything from my <$10 or <$5 wishlist is fine!

u/Nerdy_Goat · 3 pointsr/learnart

great foundation of the sketch

For the values i think for batman you need a lot of heavy 8b/10b darks, or even better a polychromos black


or charcoal or ink

to be honest ive been watching a lot of Jim Lee and ZHC on youtube doing comic stuff lol

u/Syzeki · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I see you like cooking, could you be interested in trying to make some Japanese Dishes? Or perhaps we could try colouring a book each with Watercolour Pencils?


Maybe I could interest you in Pocahontas (Amazon is out of stock ATM but you can still order from them).


Anyway- GOOD MORNING. :)

u/zebrathon · 1 pointr/pencils

Caran d'Ache are my favorite pencils!

check these out: https://www.amazon.com/Caran-dAche-Pencils-Limited-Scented/dp/B01N3M33FP pricey, but wonderful.

also, quality paper is key....this is a great sketching journal (link is to graphed pages, you may want to find blank pages from the same brand):

u/DaMangaka · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What I like more is this because I can use it for my works. I do like the Pikachu pijama-thing but I don't think they'd let me parade it in the house ;v ;

As for what I want, I'd like this

I love Kevin !

u/juiceboxing · 6 pointsr/secretsanta

I am constantly drawing, and the best product I ever bought is a 12-pack of Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencils. They're the most amazing erasable colored pencils ever, and they're cheap! I can't recommend them enough. They're cheapest from Blick Art Supplies, but they're also available at Amazon.

Hope this helps a bit! :)

u/TinanotDina · 2 pointsr/drawing

If she wants colored pencils to sketch and erase [colerase] (https://www.amazon.com/Prismacolor-Col-Erase-Erasable-Colored-24-Count/dp/B000089DCH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485630853&sr=8-1&keywords=colerase+pencils) are great. I personally think [polychromos] (https://www.amazon.com/Faber-Castel-Piece-Polychromous-Colored-Pencil/dp/B0007OECK8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1485630586&sr=8-4&keywords=Polychromos) are the best colored pencils for coloring. For basic sketching graphite pencils I don't think there's a huge difference in brand but I'm sure other people will have a different opinion. I think it's more personal preference. :)

u/Skelthy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd love these blending pencils to help blend my colored pencil drawings. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

u/HowardWCampbell_Jr · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So I think you would like this! It glows in the dark! ...I think

Here's something I would enjoy! Just in time for school next week.

don't worry be happy! Feel Better!

u/Simplerdayz · 1 pointr/anime

The actual pencils they are concerned about are the Hard Type Pencils and they are all but gone except for Red, which you can find here. They are not to be confused with the Mitsubishi Uni Color Pencils which can be found in 100-, 72-, & 36-color sets on Amazon.

The key visual difference you'll notice is the Hard-type pencils are hexagonal shaped like normal pencils and are labeled "Hard" and the Uni pencils are round like a normal colored pencil and labeled "Uni".

Edit: And I believe you're correct that it's the 7700 Series 12-color set.

u/lemonsky · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love add-on multi giftings!! I plan on doing one soon myself :)

Here's something from my list!

u/randspoint · 1 pointr/drawing

I also usually using a Blue Col-Erase Pencil. For me the best for that kind of work. It's true they really don’t smudge at all.

u/thirtytwoounces · 2 pointsr/pens

I've had the same experience with the 207's, that and the clip/top part breaking off. Tried out the 307 and my first pen leaked all over after a couple hours of intermittent use.

The best comparable pen I've found is the Papermate InkJoy gel pens. They are my go to at the moment, super smooth and dry very fast.

These ones https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0725P6LMH/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_8B2fAbSZ3FBR5

u/fanciful-giraffe · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Maybe some [colored pencils?] (http://www.amazon.com/Prismacolor-Verithin-Colored-Pencils-Assorted/dp/B000MK9YWI/ref=sr_1_40?ie=UTF8&qid=1422674119&sr=8-40&keywords=colored+pencils)
I know I'm not doing anything this weekend except relaxing. Take a long bath or watch a movie this weekend, just unwind and relax!

u/Cosmic-AC · 1 pointr/pokemon


This is what I use for most of my blending, it pushes the pigment around without changing the colours. Yeah once there's too much wax on the paper you'll struggle to get much of a blend, especially with lighter colours. Dark colours tend to go over fine for me though even at that stage, I work in very light lines until I've got an idea of the shading down, blending as I go along, then add more on top to give it more saturation.

I've also heard good things about using Gamsol, and paint thinner added over the top to blend the colours and give a more painted feel

u/Rokujin · 2 pointsr/learnart

Have you tried a black colored pencil? I have a black Polychromos one and it layers well on graphite. Also keeps a sharp point which is great for thin lines. Not sure how it would behave with charcoal though.


u/dannii-chan · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

Colorless blender~ It's basically a colored pencil with wax that has no pigment in it. A lot of people use it to help with blending but I kinda hate them haha. The colors are much richer if you blend with the actual pencils.

Here's the amazon link:

u/caektiems · 2 pointsr/zelda

Thanks so much! Character design is one of my weak points, so this is a good challenge to help me work on it.

And no problem at all! I start off the drawing with a Col-Erase pencil sketch. For the outlines I've been using a Pentel Pocket Brush, and for the colouring, Copic Markers in various colours. Sometimes I'll use a white Prismacolour pencil to add in some spot highlights, and that's it!

Hope that helps!

u/JimDraws · 2 pointsr/drawing

The pencil I’m using for this is a Blue Col-Erase Pencil . I like them a lot because they really don’t smudge at all and I find them to be very satisfying to work with.

u/juliet1484 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

As someone whose favorite color is green, I fully approve of this contest :)

I could really use these and there's definitely green in them.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Coloring

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to smile.amazon.com instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

blending pencil



^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/mynthe · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

For those who loves colour pencils as much as I do, you really should get this. I bought the 72 count box in the past for the same price!

u/MessyPainter · 1 pointr/copic

I find that the Prismacolor ColErase work very well. I like that they are erasable and the marker glides over it. Not wax based:) The Prismacolor premier pencils are wax based so they do not work well for markers.

u/AnotherSoulessGinger · 5 pointsr/rupaulsdragrace

They are just really good ones. And they are BLENDABLE !

u/trimi75 · 2 pointsr/Coloring

There are lots of YouTube videos that give excellent tips. Peta Hewitt is very popular.

I use a blending pencil or Gamsol to help get a smooth blending of color. Some people use baby oil or Vaseline, but that was too messy for me.

u/inventimark · 0 pointsr/learnart

This is probably the set she would want if she primarily sketches people. Otherwise, she would need the set of 96 to get these colors which is about $80-95.

u/DigitalPaintist · 3 pointsr/learnart

I know different companies will have pencil sets in "flesh-colour" or more commonly, "portrait sets".

Here is a portrait set of 24

Here's the Prismacolour one

If you can't find the set at the store, and don't wish to buy it online, here's the colour codes for the Prismas:
PC914 PC1012 PC942 PC1034 PC940 PC929 PC928 PC1018 PC927 PC1001 PC997 PC939 PC1019 PC1017 PC901 PC941 943 PC945 PC944 PC1031 PC937 PC947 PC946 PC938

From what I notice of in the sets, you'll usually be looking for ranges of white-yellow, pink-red-brown, blues, purples, and greens