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u/moolah_dollar_cash · 4 pointsr/LegalAdviceUK

Ok so I've never been on legaladviceuk before and I am by no means an expert but I don't know how long it takes for people to get good advice or if everyone does so here's my advice of steps you can take right away while you get better advice.

So my first piece of advice is don't panic. This man might be crazy but there are lots of things a landlord can't do and evict you just because he feels like it is one of them. You have lots of rights as a tenant and he can't force you to leave the property without a court order. Any attempts he makes to do so without one are very much in the domain of illegal. So don't let him get to you or your family. Chillax. Have a cup of tea and smugly sit on your sofa knowing he needs a judge to agree you're going before he kicks you out and that takes months.

You do not have to leave in two weeks if you don't want to. So do not panic.

And you are not going anywhere just because your Mum said she'd move out in a heated argument. That doesn't mean squat.

So you're just going to want to get a note pad that you can use as a diary and you're going to want to make the first entry the date of you calling the CO number and then coming over. The second entry about your interaction with your landlord and a summary of what he said while it's still fresh in your mind. Doesn't have to be anything complicated just a date and maybe a time and a brief description.

So it sounds like you've got a recording of him being crazy which is great because you're going to want to record everything and keep copies of everything. You're going to want a few plastic folders the ones with the button fronts that look like this.

Then you're going to want to get all the stuff you have to do with you renting which I don't know what you might have but a tenancy agreement, just any letters to do with you renting and put them in one of the folders. You can organize them later but just good to have them in one place. Then you're going to want one folder for any new stuff but we'll get to that but just have an empty folder you can keep stuff in.

For your photo evidence and this recording it would be a good idea to back it up to your computer if you have one or make a free google account and then put copies of them on there. Just so there somewhere easy to get to. Even just sending the photos over facebook messenger so that they're backed up there could be a good idea.

So yeah you're going to want to get more advice but until then just record everything. Type up a letter just saying in plain English how you'd like to deal with the problem with the gas and the threat of eviction in writing and not over the phone. How not to call your Mum but to write. Put the date on the top, then to: your landlords full name and address, then from: your name and address. Make TWO copies of it and put them in your folder. Don't give it to your landlord unless he gets in contact with you first by coming round the house or calling. If he calls say you would like to deal with this matter in writing and you'll be sending him a letter. Then buy an envelope stick one of them letters in it and put it in the post. Write copy at the bottom the other letter. If he calls or comes round the house make a note of it in your diary. If he comes round the house give him the letter in person and ask him to leave.

So now on to getting more advice. https://england.shelter.org.uk/ has loads of good advice and a free helpline. They will hopefully be able to tell you what to do and sign post you for resources in your area.

You can also go to your local citizens advice to get signposted to resources https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/how-we-provide-advice/advice/search-for-your-local-citizens-advice/

There are lots of people out there who want to help people in the exact situation your in. So don't panic. You also likely qualify for legal aid.

Obviously you'll want to get your gas on as soon as possible which your landlord definitely has a duty to do and then you can decide what you want to do in terms of your living arrangements on your terms in your own time. Not because this man bullies you.

Also you really did a great job of explaining what's going on in this post so why not print this out so that if you go to a meeting with anyone you can use it as a guide to make sure you say everything you want or have them read it.

Good luck getting things sorted! Sorry your gas got turned off! Don't let this horrible man bully you! And make your Mum and cup of tea and reassure her you're gonna get help to sort this stuff out :)

u/pekalicious · 2 pointsr/bujo

For what it's worth, I think the LT1917 has become a standard because the original Bullet Journal web page sells them under their brand.

As mentioned here, LT1917 is 80gsm, which is relatively thin and makes a lot of pens bleed through and ghost. For more information about bleeding, ghosting, and general comparison between notebooks I recommend watching Which Notebook is the Best for Bullet Journaling?! (skip to 11:00 to see the comparison chart). I prefer Scribbles That Matter which is thicker (100gsm) and feels smoother to write on. My next purchase will probably be a Midori with 120gsm or a Rhodia to try them out.

One of the core principals of Bullet Journalism is that there are no hard rules. While it comes with some guidelines, you are free to use it however you see fit. Which means that there are no predefined pages. So for the most part you are going to be drawing the layouts. And this is why a Dotted paper helps because you can use the dots to draw your own layouts. You can checkout Pinterest for inspiration. The community uses the term "spreads" to signify two-page layouts used for all sorts of things.

As for pens, many recommend the Sakura Pigma Micron for good reason. While I use them for more "serious" work, when it comes to EDC I would highly recommend the Muji 0.38mm Fine Point Gel Pens. Unlike the Microns, they are not felt tip (which is why I wouldn't use them for EDC) but very sharp ball point pen with great consistency. A lot of people swear by the Pilot G2 0.38mm Ultra Fine Point but personally I wasn't pleased with them.

Finally, regarding the things you want to track, as I mentioned earlier, you can simply define the layouts of each page and track whatever you wish. A lot of the spreads you see from the community are really intricate. You can find a variety of them from very crazy daily layouts to minimal ones. It's all up to you.

Having said that, if drawing your own layouts daily seems like a lot of work (a lot of people actually spend a few hours planning them beforehand), then you might want to consider a more traditional Planner instead. As mentioned ITT, the Nomadic Planner has good paper (125gsm), weekly and monthly pages as well as lined and blanks for notes and the rest.

There is a whole universe of things to consider (and I'm more than happy to geek out about it), but I'd say just start with whatever. Don't think about it too much. Most of the negatives are personal, so while LT1917 doesn't work for some, it might for you. You'll figure things out as you go.

u/witeowl · 24 pointsr/Teachers

Congratulations! I teach middle-school ELA, and here are some of my systems:

  • I invested in some two-tone folders last year, like these. I got a different color for each period, and I set up a system so that when the dark color is on the outside, the papers are ungraded. When the light color is on the outside, the papers are graded, the scores are entered, and the papers are ready to be handed out. A tip I found somewhere on the internet also suggests matching of the color of the pen you use for correcting/grading to the color you assign to each class, but I'm not quite anal enough for that.

  • For make-up work, I have an expanding file like this. (When I taught multiple grades, I had a file per grade.) I just put each set of extra handouts in each pocket, put in the "wrong way", so that the papers stick up out of the organizer. (If you do it the other way, students always think the pockets are empty.) No worrying about labeling file folders; it's purely chronological. I got the idea from a teacher who actually filed them by date (things handed out on the 25th of a given month went into pocket 25, things handed out on the 3rd went into pocket 3, etc.), but that was somehow unworkable for me. I don't remember what the issue was, and YMMV.

  • I also store copies of all my handouts online in public dropbox folders, linked from my website. (You can see it here, but I've barely started setting up for first quarter, so there's not much there) I only make a few extras and then students need to print out their own papers if they're not quick enough for an extra. This saves me from having to make more copies of assignments when I run out of extras. (I swear, some students go through five copies of an assignment before they actually get it completed and turned in!)

  • For receiving late/make-up work, I have a drawer for each period. I know some teachers use just one or two bins (one for late, one for absent), but it takes too long to switch between periods in our gradebook program (Infinite Campus), so I'd prefer to have the assignments already separated by period. Also, we use late/absent/redo tags. They're three different colors, and students complete the tags and attach them when they turn in their work. When I'm running behind in grades, I'll sometimes prioritize grading absent or redo work over late work.

  • A trick I learned from a colleague and love, but somehow forget to use way too often, is taking the time THAT DAY to note absences in the score box for any assignments that are either passed out or collected. If the student is absent when the assignment is handed out, I type in a lowercase "ab". If they're absent when the assignment is collected, I type in an uppercase AB. (If they're absent both days, I go with AB.) This makes it SO much easier to confirm full-credit absent work versus partial-credit late work.

  • Finally, I suggest having a clear system for collecting papers not only for speed in collection, but for efficiency in handing out. My seating fluctuates between groups and rows (and a few other setups). I either have them pass their papers across (it's better than passing forward because they can make eye contact) or have them pile them up in groups. If you're fast enough in grading, you can then pass the papers back in their groups or pass them across in rows for students to pick out their papers. (I discuss the importance of looking only at names, not at grades, and the grades are not always/often on the front of assignments.)

    Whew! I think that's enough for today. I hope you find something useful in that verbal dump. ;) If there's anything you want clarification on, just let me know!
u/ebooksgirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This Rilakkuma folder is adorable AND useful!

And my favorite dinosaur is and will always be the ankylosaurus.

Thanks for the fun contest!

u/bonerfalcon · 1 pointr/minimalism

That's a gorgeous pen and I can vouch for the quality of Lamy pens, as well. I'm a fan of the 0.38mm MUJI pen, myself. 10-pack for ~$15 and they write wonderfully. Just as good as the 0.38mm Pilot G-2 pens I used to use.

u/Crossbeau · 1 pointr/Teachers

http://www.amazon.com/Days-Week-Folder-Knock/dp/1601064497 I ordered Her these for organizing her work in her bag, she is a bit OCD haha.

And she loves Cats so I ordered This to mark her books

I am loving the other ideas like clip board and binder clips.

u/jottermeow · 2 pointsr/notebooks

I use clear plastic sleeves (something like this) for that exact purpose. It doesn't add any bulk and easily slips inside my backpack or in a notebook, and easy to carry by itself (I often clip a pen on it too) while keeping papers neat.

u/makenoapologies · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on your own office!!

Here is my list of office essentials:

u/whosdamike · 2 pointsr/LearnJapanese

I use Muji .38 and I've been happy with them. If you can get them at an actual Muji store it's better; the Amazon markup is sort of absurd.

u/bcgm3 · 3 pointsr/ktane

Here's mine.

I got a set of plastic document folders like these on Amazon. 3-hole punched the manuals, and those are secured with the brass tabs. Loose paper in the front cover's pocket. Made some self-adhesive labels with the game's logo for the front of each folder. Cheap, basically indestructible, and all my experts can pick their favorite color. Somebody absconded with the blue one so they could study up.

u/Deedle_Deedle · 5 pointsr/USMCboot

Here's some things outside of the obvious JJDIDTIEBUCKLE stuff that will make your life a little easier.

  • Bring erasable black pens for essay writing.

  • Bring a pair of cheap black walmart flip-flops. You wont get issued shower shoes for a few days, and the walmart ones are better anyway.

  • Sharpie Magnum. Buy two, label both, one for you to mark your t-shirts and one to loan out to all the candidates jealous of your big ass marker.

  • At least in my platoon, the company letter stencils were always in short supply and falling apart because they were made of manila folders. Bring your orders in a plastic folder like this if you can find one. Once you are done with in-processing you can use it to make your own indestructible shirt stencil (you will need a small pair of scissors). Put your name on it so that you get it back when you loan it out.

  • Whatever cell phone you have, make sure you know how to turn it all the way off (not just sleep or standby). That way when you get it back on libo it will not be dead.

  • Assuming you are flying there use a backpack for your carry-on. It will be a lot better than a suitcase or duffel bag when you are on libo.

  • If/when you end up in a billet, delegate. If you are platoon sergeant, task your squad leaders and supervise. Make corrections and adjustments, but don't try to manage everything yourself. It is a lot easier to manage 3 squads than it is to manage 30-40 individuals. Similarly, as a squad leader task your fireteams.
u/mordenkainen · 1 pointr/dndnext

Just plastic Mead folders, with 3 braid binders. Here's an amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Five-Star-Stay-Put-Pocket-72113/dp/B003O3IUT8

I prefer hard-backed 3 ring binders, but the player that did the folders used these. I think it's because they have the pocket and because it's easier to punch the holes in the front for the rivets.

u/shelchang · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

You can get a 10 pack of them on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Moma-Muji-Point-0-38-mm-Black/dp/B00E391XXM/ They're my favorite pens right now!

u/GlockInTheRari · 1 pointr/pens

Surprised no one has mentioned Muji . They hit every requirement you ask for. My 0.38mm are great.


u/skunk-ray · 3 pointsr/sewing

I use these snap button document folders and puch holes in them to keep them in my binders. I have one for clothing and one for other projects like bags and quilts. What I like about these snap button folders is that they hold everything inside, even when I drop my binder (yes when, this will happen once a week or so). For every pattern I have the paper pieces and a copy of the instructions. I use pattern magazines almost exclusively and I store those in a magazine rack on the wall. The one or two pattern envelopes I have are stored in the binder next to the paper pieces.

u/_MusicJunkie · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

10 of these weigh 81,6 grams so one empty folder would be 8,16 grams. The dimensions would be lightly larger than A4, it says 245 x 318mm.

u/Burn_The_Ships · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Are you talking about these? If so, I'm going to get them to try.

u/craige1989 · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

An a4 sized Ziploc? you could add a sheet of cardboard or thin plastic either side to add rigidity if needed.

u/ithrow6s · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Not OP, but I also use a clipboard and take notes on loose paper.

I have a ton of manilla envelopes I use to archive notes in a cardboard box. If I refer to the notes often (say, once a week) I'll put them in a poly envelope.

EDIT: I also digitize my notes.