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u/WeAreAllBroken · 2 pointsr/Christianity

That makes me happy. He's one of the few Christians I want to be like. I've appreciated more of his work than I have any other artist's.

Some of the lyrics are so real and raw, like Hard to Get or Hold Me, Jesus, and others are just beautiful like The Color Green or bittersweet like The River or Elijah. Others like Boy Like Me, Man Like You or First Family are just heart warming. So much good stuff. And if you haven't already, listen to some of his live concerts. He does a lot of talking between songs and it's highly quotable stuff. I use some of it on the sub from time to time.

Because I respect him so much, I'm hesitant to see the movie. I think I'll be content with the biography An Arrow Pointing to Heaven and his collection of writings, The World as I Remember It.