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Reddit mentions of ACME 0 Tufted Adjustable Back Sofa, Brown

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ACME 0 Tufted Adjustable Back Sofa, Brown
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Contemporary stylingEasy to clean Chocolate microfiber materialBack adjusts down to make a bedMeasures 66-inch l by 31-inch d by 32-inch h Flat L typeMeasures 66-inch l by 39-inch d by 16-inch h with back laying flat
Height32 Inches
Length66 Inches
Weight52.8 Pounds
Width31 Inches

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Found 1 comment on ACME 0 Tufted Adjustable Back Sofa, Brown:

u/littletreetrunk ยท 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

You're going to be hard pressed to find a comfortable futon in that price range. I would recommend trying craigslist, where you could probably find a higher quality item for less money. If you live in a college town, there will be lots of furniture turnover this time of year (and at the end of the semester/school year.)

If you're not into buying something used, ikea has a pull-out sofa bed that's close to your budget, but reviews say it's really bare minimum as far as sleeping comfort goes. You can always get a memory foam mattress pad to put over it when it's being slept on.

If you'd prefer an actual futon-type couch, I'd avoid the cheap ones where the back clicks down to create a sleeping area, like this. They're almost always too small to sleep on and have an uncomfortable bar down the middle. The ones where the frame clicks down but the mattress is one separate piece are better, but more expensive.

Good luck!