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Reddit mentions of Digital Foci Picture Porter 35

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Digital Foci Picture Porter 35
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  • Backup securely from memory cards with direct support for CF, MMC, SD/HC, miniSD, MS/MS Pro/Duo, and xD
  • Note that some high-speed UDMA CF cards are not compatible. Typically, cards rated as 200x or 30MB/s or higher will not be compatible. These cards can be copied through a card reader using the USB connection
  • View images full screen or browse thumbnails; zoom, pan, rotate, view EXIF information and histogram
  • File management features include - copy, rename, delete files, sort files by name
  • PhotoMemo record and playback feature lets you record notes for photos while ideas are fresh in your mind
Height1.2 Inches
Length5.4 Inches
Weight2.3 Pounds
Width3.8 Inches

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Found 4 comments on Digital Foci Picture Porter 35:

u/nicky7 · 2 pointsr/photography


I've been "googling" since the mid-90's and had spent a fair amount of time searching for something that'll work, but didn't find any of your suggestions. Either my search-foo is horribly failing, or my impatience has grown exponentially with age.

Digital Foci Picture Porter 35 PPR-350 250 GB Digital Photo Manager with 3.5-Inch LCD Display looked perfect except it only supports 15MB/s CF cards.

The canon would seem mildly appropriate as he has a canon 40d, but 80G is on the low end. 100G+ is preferred.

At any rate, thanks for a good shove in the right direction, those were helpful suggestions. :)

u/Strmtrper6 · 2 pointsr/gadgets

They exist. The trick would be to find one that is up to date and has good storage

Something along these lines

*edit - Here's a better one though I'm sure there has to be a more recent design out there...

Maybe some kind of Archos Media Player would fit the bill. Some models had sd card I believe and pretty large internal storage.

One last link. 500GB storage

And finally, you could always just get a shitty netbook and put the largest 2.5 hdd in it for dirt cheap.

u/kickstand · 1 pointr/photography