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20. SSA 21.5 Inch Large Digital Picture Frame with Hu Motion Sensor LCD Advertising Player with 1080P High Resolution LCD AV HDMI Input VESA with Wall Mount (Include 32GB USB Stick)

  • 【21.5-Inch Large Screen Display ( IPS)】High Resolution 1920*1080 pixels IPS LED Backlit Display, Support 1080P Full HD resolution video playing with a 16:9 aspect ratio, Multiple Photo/Video/Audio format compatibility. NOTE: The photo frame supports slideshow, you can debug in the settings,The photo frame does not support U disk and SD card larger than 32GB.
  • 【Motion Sensor】The energy-saving motion sensor feature helps sense light and motion, so it will go on or off automatically when you enter or leave the room without consuming too much power. The trigger distance to a maximum of 2.5 meters.
  • 【Versatile Interface】Digital photo frame has USB, SD and 3.5 mm Earphone slot. The device supports USB drive and SD Card up to 32G, supports multiple file formats(Included 32GB USB Stick). Comes with a intuitive remote control. Big Screen,LED backlight display, Premium glossy surface Finish,HDMI input and AV input, VESA wall Mountable.✅ Adjustable slideshow speed.
  • 【Multiple Functions】SSA 21.5 Inch digital frame features multiple functions including Clock, Calendar, Image Slideshow, Image Zoom, Rotate, Built-in speaker, etc., Convenient auto power on/off feature with versatile scheduling,perfect for use in the office or as automated digital signage display making it more than just a frame.
  • 【QUALITY & WARRANTY】Our factory has strict standards for raw materials to ensure the quality of these smart frames. Before shipment, all WIFI frames will be subjected to 200 hours of machine aging test, ensuring that each picture frame runs well before delivery. Also, we provide lifetime support, one year warranty, prompt response within 24 hours.
SSA 21.5 Inch Large Digital Picture Frame with Hu Motion Sensor LCD Advertising Player with 1080P High Resolution LCD AV HDMI Input VESA with Wall Mount (Include 32GB USB Stick)
Height11.34 Inches
Length18.43 Inches
Size21.5 inch
Weight6.61 Pounds
Width14.96 Inches
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u/daphoenix720 · 1 pointr/daphoenix
  • 8' Posters are a sign of expression for me. I never was allowed to decorate my wall spaces, so this is a sign of freedom and one of the ways I started accepting myself for who I truly am. Like my transgender friend, she started painting her nails as a sign of the first steps to change from male to female. Its not that much different. I denied myself putting shit on my walls for ages because my parents did not let me to do, and its a small step towards achieving a large goal - publishing a book and TED talks. In many ways, this mundane poster, is r/motivational to me, not those shallow quotes.

  • 9' Not only that, paper holds meaning to me. Its small, it doesn't take up so much space, easily portable. Its everything describing me - LEAN and minimalistic. Just well done infographic posters in general remind me that technology is great and all, but nothing beats good ol' paper sometimes. Like I'm not a big fan of, I rely too much on my PC as it is and run 15 programs, that shit would give me PTSD of seeing too many digital goods. I need a balance of old school shit

    EDIT: Also, I associate monitors with getting shit done not appreciating the artwork. Its why I don't bother /r/rainmeter my shit on my PC, setting backgrounds, etc. Dead silence has always kept me focused, so has minimalism

    My point is, to an unobserved eye, it looks like a piece of shit diagram that cost $9. Yes I am aware of what the true cost of making that poster is, its about $1, shipping is indeed about $3 from what I remember from USPS. Whoever printing poster makes about $4, after Amazon takes its cut. For me, its much more than that. One mans trash is another mans treasure [QUOTE1], an old proverb. That's what it is. Nothings trash in my mind, I see the value of notes, because all my notes were shit growing up, and I regret my handwriting is awful as hell too, and I wish I took better notes

    So, when you say "Oh why would you waste so much money, stop hoarding" you are looking at the shallowest level possible. Its why, you should never argue with people in relationships with your S.O. about spending hobby-related shit. You don't understand crafting, fashion design, sewing like they do. Or beer making, and buying a $2000 machine, that shit is beyond you, you wouldn't understand the thrills of making beer unless you yourself made some. You have to understand, that people have different VALUE = PERCEIVED BENEFITS (mostly this)/ PERCEIVED COST. This goes back to marketing, it goes back to lots of things

    This goes all the way back to everything I taught myself in guild wars 1. I realize that I have much more metrics than your average person which means I also have more spending habits for useless shit in general, because, I NEED to pool my thoughts into objects (amazon remembers my order history too, so that helps if i lose shit - granted double edge sword, now they know everything about me, w.e).

    Also I don't buy shit right away. I put it on my wishlist and have it sit in my mind for at least a month to decide whether I Really want it or not, whether I am impulsive buying or not. Sometimes I impulsive buy regardless out of sheer convenience of not having to remember to buy it later. Its like how when you make emotional relationship decisions, people on reddit say rub one off. Same shit.

    More often times I'll go "I wish I bought that wishlist item" so now it just reinforces me to go buy it even more, strengthening that PMT. Same reason I bought a polaroid printer, I wanted to appreciate all the changes I made to my monsterdesk^2 over time. Its important to reward yourself
    and take breaks for everything you do. I went a tad bit overboard playing OVERWATCH for 6 hours yesterday, fuck me, I should be really tired but this post gives me energy

    My point is seek to understand before opening your mouth. Don't assume you know anything about anything. [QUOTE1]. To the unobserved eye , it seems like I am exhibiting hoarding/poor control over my purchasing behavior, but you do not see the instrinsic value of what I do. You don't understand how long denied my thought processes were, and the effects of merging two giant large identities together and its effect on my brain,I CANNOT STOP THINKING, sometimes, so even a mundane poster, like whitespace in catalogs, helps clear my thoughts. I treat my purchases all as long term investments, not short term

    Also , this is why the app is so popular. Same concept. "Breath of fresh air" people say. I don't like it though. Not 4 me.

    START 9:30 AM,

    Hypnosis - Its effect on the brains + Sleeping

  • I think my idea rate is churning off a bit, probably cause I slept like shit this whole week. For some odd reason, I don't know if its null data, I've been getting a significantly spike in the number of dreams I normally get upon writing this post. I do not understand this phenonem yet

  • Upon my theory I believe that VMT's unexhausted are what form dreams, but do not consist of the dream state at all. Weird. I also looked up dream theories, just now, on and Just a brief look through indicates there's no conclusive well vetted theory out there upon dreams, some of goes back to Freudian. I could look further, but I have a suspicion that wikipedia is right on this topic and do not want to look further. For now, there's something interesting about mem and my case study, because I underwent such large merging on social identities these past 10 weeks, that I can analyze myself a bit deeper than other people. Probably

  • Also, dreams do last seconds apparently and under 30 minutes . I can attest to some of those. Should that be true, why is it I feel like my dreams are near the time I wake up? Why do some dreams feel rather short, but are really long duration in reality? Not sure. There's also 5 sleeping stage cycles as well, I'll cover that another time

  • HYPNOSIS. I don't really quite understand this phenonem. Actually I do think I can tie this back into VMT and PMT analysis. The thing is, [PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT] (reddit UI, boring lecture) doesn't really drive as much VMT processes as [UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT][QUOTE1] (Reddit frontpage content, fun physics professor demos). In many ways, stale boring content[PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT] drives you to sleep, because its too predictable but [UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT] makes you tired because it takes more energy to keep up with

    Hypnosis - 7 hours of OVERWATCH

  • In many ways, me browsing reddit at night is essentially what HYPNOSIS IS, but HYPNOSIS occurs much more quicker than what I do on reddit. Some people do this by watching TV to fall asleep, and there have been studies here, its a double edged sword and shouldn't be used like sleeping pills / caffeine - use it when you really need it

  • This is how I fell asleep yesterday after playing 7 hours of OVERWATCH yesterday. When I play for such long streams of time at a time, it has a profound effect on my mind. More in a bit

  • That video, it exhibits both [PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT] and [UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT]. In this sense, what happens is that , in optical illusions, our brain is trying to fill in information that's not there. Like this example from INCEPTION (I mentioned this movie a lot, go watch it, its how I named a lot of my terms too , such as RAPID FEEDBACK-CEPTION because its more descriptive than "ultralearning" from scotth young). Anyways,shit. Okay. Back to that video in question What happens with optical illusions like these, is that your brain is constantly applying VMT on this PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT [you know what the content is already] but UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT, sort of? in the sense that your brain is trying to fill in the gaps. I may have to revisit my descriptions, this is one specific example where its too difficult to explain PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT vs UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT

  • OR is it? Videos by default are DYNAMIC STATIC PMT, but what about generally Boring youtube videos, such as

  • Revisiting everything I wrote. I wrote down that UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT can drive learning very well, but STATIC PREDICTABLE PMT can drive you into boredom and lull you into sleep. That much people can agree on. But, what the fuck is an hypnotic illusion then? OVerall, its PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT...... BUT its DYNAMIC PMT isn't it?

  • What would happen exactly, if you turned off the audio on that video? I said that learning, there's always one primary sense, and I have strong logical conclusions to indicate this is correct. Would it have the same effect?

  • Am I not defining a terminology that needs to be defined at the subconcious level? s-PMT? I defined s-VMT compared to VMT, what about s-PMT and PMT?

  • What the fuck would that even be? Aren't I defining something missing..? What is PMT? PMT is physical memory tags, essentially sort of like tags in evernote, tagging peoples faces on facebook, its essentially how you correlate things into your head using the 5 senses (for most people its mostly visual). VMT is random thought process, s-VMT is INSTINCTS essentially (ANIMAL+HUMAN), what's s-PMT?
u/riverduck · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

If you have no idea what you want for yourself, consider buying gifts for family or friends. Remember how huge and awesome it was to get a 'big' gift like a video game as a child, and buy one or two for the kids in your social sphere. Or buy something good for your mum. Get her this digital photo frame -- fill it up with family photos in chronological order, starting with her childhood photos/her grandparents, her school photos, her wedding, your birth, your childhood, graduation, right up to a photo of you putting photos on the frame, and then photoshop in some "future" photos of her with a robot butler after that. Slap a note on it that says "Got a great bargain on this because the salesman said it had spooky powers" and give her a nice gift and a laugh.

u/wartwyndhaven · 1 pointr/TheGreatAmazonPurge

Huge email today. Came from the address . Have fun;

“Hi there,

How are you?

This is Jessica and I’m glad to know that you are top and qualified testers and I’d like to keep long-term cooperation with you, we currently have some items need testing, pls check the following to see if there is anything you preferred?

Let me know which one you interested and I will show you the way to order.

Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to your reply.


u/Qu1nlan · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

I've gone wild on my desk ever since I got it a couple months ago. It's absolutely laden with Star Wars funko pops, pez dispensers, Kingdom Hearts toys... but my favorite thing on it by far is a digital photo frame. It's so fantastic and I really can't recommend it highly enough. It always brightens up my workday to look over and see pictures of my dogs, past vacations, and loved ones.

u/im_at0m · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

There are commercial products that can do that:
which are probably a better option as it will look much nicer.

But if I were to do something you've described I would setup an apache server ->fetch image attachments from an email and save to local folder -> create a webpage to fetch all images from folder and insert info slideshow -> modify Pi boot to run chromium and to start webpage with slideshow.

u/smoochface · 1 pointr/NewParents

Lots of good services as people in the comments have mentioned. One thing I'd like to add is this little guy.

Sent it to my parents as an Early Christmas Present.

My parents are super tech-illiterate and don't use smart phones. I generally send them emails with the baby photos, they see them in the email and then can never bring them up again.

This picture frame sits on their desk and I can control which photos it displays from a thousand miles away. Its synced to a dropbox folder so I just change the photos in that folder and voila their picture frame slide show updates. Really nice.

u/nicky7 · 2 pointsr/photography


I've been "googling" since the mid-90's and had spent a fair amount of time searching for something that'll work, but didn't find any of your suggestions. Either my search-foo is horribly failing, or my impatience has grown exponentially with age.

Digital Foci Picture Porter 35 PPR-350 250 GB Digital Photo Manager with 3.5-Inch LCD Display looked perfect except it only supports 15MB/s CF cards.

The canon would seem mildly appropriate as he has a canon 40d, but 80G is on the low end. 100G+ is preferred.

At any rate, thanks for a good shove in the right direction, those were helpful suggestions. :)

u/snazyfuuu · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

I have always thought this has always been a fantastic idea, and it might help preserve memories for awhile.

Friends and family faces, she wont be so concerned by not recognizing someone.

u/KeepInKitchen · 6 pointsr/Parenting

Maybe try getting him one of the digital picture frames to put on his wall so he always has access to the pictures on a screen (which might be a big disconnect between the printed pics and the computer/phone pics). You get to choose what pics go in, or maybe once a week pick them together, and I think some allow for videos.

I also think finding a kids digital camera for him to use would be a great idea. Although it might mean that you get a million pictures of a toddler with a camera for a face.

Another, less fun, option would be to completely limit his ability to go through the pictures and having a stern talk every time he tries to muscle in and see them before getting a picture. Maybe set up a rule that he can't look at the pictures until he takes a picture and deal with the initial tantrums that will happen the first handful of times you enforce the new rule.

u/AbunaiXD · 1 pointr/AskPhotography

Not sure about the captions but I got this one for my wife. It works quite well and is large enough to proudly display our photos.

u/tooslo · 1 pointr/photography

I'm not sure about the Eye-Fi cards. I have the 4GB model and although it copies images to the PC (or cloud), it doesn't seem to have a mechanism to delete them following a successful transfer. So eventually the card fills up anyway.

I do agree that tethered shooting might be a good option. You could use the Canon EOS Utility to shoot a time-lapse directly to a connected PC.

If you don't have a PC handy, the cheapest solution might be to pick up an extra memory card and one of these:

u/ttoteno · 4 pointsr/funny

There’s this one on Amazon. I looked into these for a gift for Christmas but they are a little steep. Pretty cool idea though.

u/Daisy387 · 2 pointsr/ECEProfessionals

Heard good things about this one: Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email, Online Providers, iPhone & Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black)

You just use the app or email them to the frame.

u/Rankkikotka · 1 pointr/Suomi

Mites vaikka tämä?

>Connected Entertainment - Movies, TV Shows and your favorite internet clips from top services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu+ and more

u/CynicallySane · 0 pointsr/smarthome

Well I bet you could combine IFTTT and a smart picture frame.

I'm somewhat certain that there are some picture frames out there that you can email with photos and it will load them because it's connected to WiFI.

In theory you could create an IFTTT task that you can initiate with Alexa that would then deliver the photo to you frame.

Here is a PhotoFrame that takes photo's by email.

u/baezizbae · 2 pointsr/CHICubs

LOL holy schnike, take in ALL the glory and cheers man, that was a hell of a snag! You should buy one of those animated picture frames and put it on your desk at work. Dominance asserted in the office.

u/Pi_Maker · 6 pointsr/Parenting

Came to suggest this.

Also to add, have her pick out a photo album or something like that to keep her creations "forever"! The important thing is to have her pick out how/where to store her photos.

u/rtechie1 · 1 pointr/gadgets

The ones that I've seen that are nice tend to be really expensive, like this $370 frame from SSA.

u/pheen · 1 pointr/htpc

There are frames out there that can grab a Flickr stream. IFTTT supports Flickr, so you could automatically add all photos to your Flickr stream and they frame would display them.

Edit: or get something like this, which has dropbox integration.

u/CottonCandyLollipops · 4 pointsr/2meirl4meirl

One second google search lead me to this one which plays gifs. Looks like there are more/better options if you want it.

u/Strmtrper6 · 2 pointsr/gadgets

They exist. The trick would be to find one that is up to date and has good storage

Something along these lines

*edit - Here's a better one though I'm sure there has to be a more recent design out there...

Maybe some kind of Archos Media Player would fit the bill. Some models had sd card I believe and pretty large internal storage.

One last link. 500GB storage

And finally, you could always just get a shitty netbook and put the largest 2.5 hdd in it for dirt cheap.

u/GonnaSin · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Kodak makes a digital picture frame that gets an email address. Give the email address to your guests, have them email the pics to the address... profit?

u/FlyingBeefTaco · 6 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

What about those digital picture frames with built in wifi? Something like this

u/PCGCentipede · 3 pointsr/gadgets

The Kodak Pulse line of frames are Wi-Fi equipped and come with an email address you can just send the picture to. The frame will periodically check the Kodak servers for new pictures and download them on its own. This way you can update his frame from wherever you are.

The smaller one is about $100, but you can get them used cheaper if that's ok.

u/LauraVi · 1 pointr/funny

found this on amazon NIXPLAY Seed Digital Photo Frame WiFi 10 inch Widescreen W10B. Show Pictures on Your Frame Via Mobile App or Email. Smart Electronic Frame with Motion Sensor. Remote Control Included

u/redsoxbabe77 · 3 pointsr/asiantwoX

This was the frame I just got her for Mother's Day. The person who makes it on Etsy made and shipped it pretty quickly!

The digital photo frame I got her was this one on Amazon, it's a bit pricy but I thought it was worth it since it's the only frame I could find that you could set up an email address and send pics directly to the frame. She is not the best with technology so it's nice that she doesn't have to load the pictures on by herself, everyone in the family has the email address and just sends photos directly to the frame.

u/wonderfritz · 1 pointr/santashelpers

Looks like they make digital frames you connect to wifi and can upload photos from anywhere

u/toth42 · 1 pointr/DIY

You're right, I don't think I've seen them with touch screen. If you found this one in a smaller size, I guess it would be nearing $100-$120. Has an app at least.

u/Pandatotheface · 12 pointsr/funny

On a budget. (just convert the gif to mpeg4)

u/Gypsyarados · 2 pointsr/DIY

Why does it need to be android? Admittedly, this is a bit more than $50, at what $100? $120? Same basic idea, but not android, just has a wifi connection.

u/trytryagainn · 0 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

If you have children and grandchildren- a digital photoframe that can be added to via email by family (if you give them the address):

u/kickstand · 1 pointr/photography