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Reddit mentions of New Life Spectrum Betta 70g Fish Food

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Reddit mentions: 2

We found 2 Reddit mentions of New Life Spectrum Betta 70g Fish Food. Here are the top ones.

Natural Color Enhancing 1mm Semi-Floating Pellets - 70g (Naturox series)Hormone-Free Color Enhancing Food. Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's colorNew life spectrum is made from quality natural ingredientsExtreme color enhancement and vitality in your fishMade in the USA

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Found 2 comments on New Life Spectrum Betta 70g Fish Food:

u/Dd7990 ยท 15 pointsr/bettafish

Hey that's cool trick (my Raiku can do jumps through hoops too!) however, I would recommend getting a lid on that tank asap, especially since you taught him to jump. Bettas can and do jump out of the tank for any reason, and it's pretty risky to leave the tank open w/out a lid like that especially if you taught your betta to jump. There's many sad posts on reddit about a betta that jumped out of its tank to its death or if the owner was able to rescue the betta it still ended up quite injured from going out of the tank. https://www.reddit.com/r/bettafish/search/?q=betta%20jumped%20out&restrict_sr=1

Another thing I wanna bring up, it looks like you're feeding the betta with flake food?

Unfortunately, flake food is among the worst quality of foods for a betta (tons of junk fillers). I'd recommend a high quality betta pellet like NorthFin Betta Bits, New Life Spectrum betta, or Fluval/Nutrafin bug bites. You should also consider adding other variety of treat foods to give the betta a varied diet rather than them eating only the same thing for every meal day in and day out.

- https://www.amazon.com/Northfin-Food-Betta-Pellet-Package/dp/B00M4Q5DQ4/ <-- my favorite go-to betta pellet

- https://www.amazon.com/New-Life-Spectrum-Betta-70g/dp/B077MG4JR2/

- https://www.amazon.com/Fluval-A6577-Tropical-Granules-Medium/dp/B07194GD1F/

- Bloodworms with vitamins added: https://www.amazon.com/Hikari-Bio-Pure-Freeze-Dried-0-42-Ounce/dp/B00025K1GQ/

- ZooMed Betta Dial-A-Treat is a decent 3-in-1 treat wheel container which has 3 different treats for betta diet variety. https://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-Laboratories-AZMBP5-0-12-Ounce/dp/B003ZWCTZO/

- You can also try adding a vitamin drops to the food AND tank water - VitaChem Freshwater - Vitamin drops for aquatic animals - REFRIGERATION needed after first use/opening, to keep the liquid vitamin drops fresh. https://www.amazon.com/Boyd-Enterprises-ABE16708-Freshwater-Vitachem/dp/B00BS96V78

Beware of overfeeding, which is equally bad for bettas as underfeeding (they are gluttons and would eat till they burst if given the chance) https://i.imgur.com/4RR2LZ9.jpg. (save this pic for reference, feed betta as much as makes his belly match between 1st and 2nd photo, then let him digest back down to a normal belly before feed again.)

u/roboto6 ยท 5 pointsr/bettafish

Of course! Oh! I'd also feed pellets over flakes, flakes are messy and hard to portion out. New Life Spectrum, Fluval Bug Bites and Northfin Betta Bits are all good foods, I personally feed my fish a mix of all 3 but the betta bits are probably my favorite of the bunch.