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The First Years First Keys Infant and Baby Toy
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Lightweight and easy to grasp for little hands, promotes fine motor skillsMultiple textures for baby to exploreEach key is numbered, great for teaching basic countingBright colors and delightful click clack sound for auditory and visual stimulationIncludes a bonus on-the-go linkFive brightly colored keysLively click-clack soundEach key is a different shape and colorUse them to teach colors, counting, and number recognitionDishwasher-safe

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u/DinkaAnimalLover ยท 10 pointsr/Rabbits

I can share with you a list of toys below some of which might be new too her... even with lots of toys bunnies get bored and it's a good idea to rotate them. :) Things like treat puzzles and pellet balls are fun.

Also try teaching her tricks like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke5N3tGLT_A.

Spend lots of time on the floor with her - floor time is really important to bunnies to be able to socialize with you. Watch TV on the floor for example so she can come up to you more often.

Consider adopting a bunny friend or give her a stuffed animal bunny for cuddles in the short term.



I recently discovered this awesome thing and test it already ... yup, still awesome https://www.chewy.com/living-world-teach-n-treat-small/dp/131458

More suggestions below:

  1. Bunnies like exporting type toys - tunnels, cardboard houses, willow and hay balls, chews, and treat puzzles . The two thread below have examples:

    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/comments/an8cut/rabbit_room_ideas/
    2. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/comments/ajf2vl/how_to_enrich_my_rabbits_life/
  2. Also a couple suggestions below that are my personal favorites and all buns tend to enjoy:

    1. Treat/pellets ball - feed pellets in it vs a bowl
    2. Nesting cups - hide little treat bits between stacked cups, I have not met a bun who doesn't love these
    3. Plastic slinky - most buns love these
    4. Baby plastic keys
    5. Play house
    6. Dig box
  3. Also try homemade things - the best I found was an empty egg carton stuffed wit favorite greens for him to figure out how to open. :)

    1. Or something like this https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/comments/be338f/diy_pellet_dispenser/
    2. Or a homemade castle like this person did https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/comments/bcl9p4/cardboard_castle/ - she has instructions on how to make one, send her a message.
  4. Chew toys specifically

    1. Willow and hay balls are great - good quality ones here https://shop.smallpetselect.com/collections/natural-toys-and-chews-for-rabbits
    2. They also have these logs where you can hide treats and pellets for fun - the bun would love to chew those I think and they last too. :)
    3. Great quality toys that are super fragrant and yummy to chew here https://www.farmerdavepetsupply.com/toys
    4. And thicker good chew sticks here https://www.farmerdavepetsupply.com/chew-sticks